An Unexpected Beginning

Childhood Games

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Chapter 11: Childhood Games

It was a beautiful day in Konoha the sun was shining brightly and there was a cool breeze in the air. All was peaceful the children were at the academe learning, and the adults were working in their shops or other jobs. It was so serene you could hear the birds chipping—"NARUTO NAMIKAZE! STOP!" … so much for that.

A 6 year old Naruto was running across roof tops, and threw alley ways while being chased by 5 Chuunin and 3 ANBU. The whole time he was laughing madly. See how this all started was Naruto had been enrolled in the academe this year, and after a few months of being lectured by Iruka well… simply put Naruto got bored. And since Naruto is Naruto he decided the best way to deal with this was to revive one of his most famous pranks, with extras.

However this wasn't his first prank in his new life so all anyone had to do to figure out why 8 ninja were chasing the Hokage's son was to look up at the Hokage Mountain. Which had gotten a makeover; The 1st looked like a woman and had green eyes with red lip stick, eyeliner, blush the whole deal. The second basically looked like a clown white face, red nose, and a blue tear on the left side of his face. The 3rd (Old man Hokage) had a nose bleed, bugged out eyes, and his mouth hanging open like he'd just seen Naruto's Sexy Jutsu. The Fourth (Dad) had blue eyes, grey hair and a LOT of wrinkles.

Naruto was very proud of his masterpiece for many reasons but the main one was that he finally figured out how to enforce the paint with chakra. So the paint would not only stay there for days no matter what you tried to take it off, (only Naruto knew how) but it Glowed Brightly. The ANBU would never even have suspected him… except for his reputation, and if they didn't see him half covered in paint.

Yes Naruto was sure that was why they had started chasing him. Right now though he is a 6 year old kid successfully staying ahead of 8 wait now 10 fully trained adult shinobi, and he was having a lot of fun doing it.

Naruto sighed though it was fun it was time to ditch them before they came up with some plan to catch him. He jumped up to a roof and immediately jumped back down to an open street, made a shadow clone which ran as soon as it was made, and he transformed into a cat. Before any of the ninja following him saw. All the Chuunin and ANBU ran after his clone.

Once all the ninja were out of site Naruto changed back and started walking. BAM! Only to walk right into someone, Naruto fell on his butt and turned his head up to glare at who ever had knocked him down. Then he noticed it was his Father, who was looking down at him with a stern face and one raised eyebrow. Naruto gulp, rubbed the back of his head, and laughed nervously, "H-Hi Dad." Minato just let out his breath in a huff and picked Naruto up off the ground.

They were home in a flash and Minato put Naruto down on the couch, sitting down next to him at an angle to look at him. Minato broke the silence "Do you know why so many ninja were chasing you?" Naruto's mouth answered before his brain could save him "Because only a few couldn't catch me." Naruto grimaced realizing what he said when he was already in trouble. Minato mouth was twitching though, trying very hard not to smile at his son.

"I meant more why they started chasing you in the first place… and why are you covered in paint?" Minato moved on trying to get to the point. Naruto sighed "You haven't seen the Hokage Monument today have you?" Naruto asked. Minato blinked confused so Naruto just pointed at a window which had a good view on the mountain.

Minato raised an eyebrow at his son, but got up and looked out the window. What could the Monument have to do with—Holy shit! Minato thought as he looked out the window and his mouth dropped. He really wanted to laugh at the site, but knew that wouldn't be the most responsible thing to do (how did he make it glow like that?) so he focused on the part that annoyed him. "You made me old." He stated without turning around so Naruto wouldn't see the smirk on his face.

Naruto's face dropped to just look blank. I prank the whole village by defacing the monument, and all he can say it that I made him look old. He could hear Kyuubi on the inside laughing his ass off. Naruto tried to block him out so he wouldn't start laughing, but it was too late. He was already snickering. Minato heard his son muffle a laugh and turned around to see him almost doubled over.

Minato couldn't help but smirk at his son's antics "Naruto whats so funny, huh?" he asked still bemused. Naruto managed to laugh out "All you care about (ha) is I made you (ha) look old." Minato could hold it now and laughed with Naruto.

After a few minutes though… "You know you're still in trouble Naruto." Naruto started to pout at that. "But Dad, it was just a joke come on its funny." Naruto whined. Minato replied "Not for the one who has to wash it off." Naruto grumbled under his breath "They can try." low enough his father couldn't hear. "Besides you also skipped class, to do your… prank." Minato said.


Naruto ended up being the one forced to clean the paint off the Monument, and he wasn't allowed to have ramen for dinner. Naruto grumbled the whole time about not having any ramen, and that no one would get to know just how resilient his special paint was. He used the secret way to get it off when his ANBU guards weren't looking, the secret happen to be sake so he just pored some into the soapy water bucket he was given to clean the paint off with.

Minato showed up at sunset to bring Naruto home but he wasn't done yet. "Hey Naruto." Minato greeted him. Naruto looked up and gave him a bored look before grumbling "Hey Dad." Minato sighed, he didn't want Naruto upset with him but he had to punish him somehow, even though it was funny. Minato wanted to cheer him up now so, "Naruto if you get done quickly I'll teach you a cool Jutsu tomorrow." Naruto's head shot up his eyes shining, "Really, alright!" Naruto stood up, made a familiar seal with his hands and shouted "Kage Bushin no Jutsu!"

When the smoke cleared there where over 200 Narutos, they began running around the monument cleaning. It was like a hurricane but instead of leaving destruction in their wake the Narutos left a freshly cleaned Hokage Monument. Naruto was done in less than 10 minutes, and immediately turned back to his Dad "So what you gonna teach me?" Naruto asked with a smirk.

Minato laughed and flashed them home, "You'll find out tomorrow." He told Naruto ruffling his hair. "So just eat your dinner and get a good night sleep." Naruto just rolled his eyes at him, and started inhaling his non ramen dinner. It happened to be good. Chicken with rice and veggies, not bad. Naruto thought.

So there you go the next chapter will be on learning the Jutsu and what it is ;P

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