An Unexpected Beginning

Dads Jutsu and Gaara

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Chapter 12: Dad's Jutsu and Gaara

Naruto woke up the next day and started getting ready to go. He could hear his Father already up making breakfast, it was the weekend so Minato didn't have to work and Naruto didn't need to go to the academy. Sasuke was coming over for lunch though, so they'd have to be back by then.

Sasuke… The Uchiha Massacre is in a year and a half, they could already be planning it. I have to figure out what to do about that, and how. I need to start gathering more information; I might have already changed it by keeping my Dad the Yondamie alive. I still need to be sure though I'll wait till the date is a little closer before I start spying on them. It's a good thing I know the exact date, thanks to my times Sasuke.

But everything went well with the Hyuuga incident, Hinata never told anyone she saw me there. Though she did try to ask me about it a few times. It's a good thing she's young and I'm good at distraction. Hinata probably wouldn't ask again until someone brings it up. That I'll worry about then.

Otherwise there is one other thing I want to do at this point in time but I'm not sure how to do it. Naruto thought. What is it Kit? Kyuubi asked now listening to his thoughts. Gaara… he is alone right now. I know I can't do much or it would completely ruin any plans for the Chunnin exam, but there must be something I can do. I just want him to know he is not alone, but I can't just run over to Suna its too far and my Dad would know if I left a clone in my place.

Kit I might have an idea. What is it? We might be able to make a special clone combined of both of are chakra, if my calculations are right it would last for 7 days normally, or if it would be running to Suna it would last about 1 day after it arrived. That would give me enough time to find Garra. How do we do it? You will make it like a normal Kage Bushin but add denser chakra and use my chakra for a bit less than half. But not now you have to get going, we'll try tonight. Okay thanks Kyuu.

"Naruto breakfast is ready!" Naruto heard his Father yell from the kitchen. "Coming!" Naruto chirped as he ran down the stairs. Despite popular belief because of him and Minato always eating ramen, his Father was a fairly good cook. Naruto arrived in the kitchen to the smell of scrambled eggs and bacon. They had finished eating and were out the door quickly, heading for the training grounds.

They got to the training ground and Naruto just had to know now. "What Jutsu are you gonna teach me?!" Naruto half asked half yelled. Minato only grinned at him "My own personal Jutsu, Rasengan." Naruto deflated a little but then went back to excited. This time I'll learn it one handed! Plus I can show off how quick I learn it! Naruto thought. Minato showed him the Jutsu and Naruto play the perfect actor, letting his eyes practically glow at the Jutsu as if he were seeing it for the first time, and even let out an awed "oooo." Minato smiled at the reaction from his son. And the Best Actor of the year award goes to… Yes, Naruto Namikaze! Naruto thought as Kyuubi cheered in the background.

"Alright there are 3 steps to learning this Jutsu." Minato said as Naruto 'looked like' he was hanging on to every word. "The first is to pop this water balloon (Minato pulled out a bag filled with water balloons) with your chakra, by spinning it fast in all directions until. POP!" Minato lectured as he demonstrated popping the balloon he was holding.

Naruto took one of the balloons determined to only use one hand, and started rotating his chakra. Faster and faster… "Now don't get discouraged if you don't get it right" POP! Minato was cut off as Naruto's balloon burst. Naruto looked up at his Father with a proud grin on his face to see Minato just staring at him his mouth slightly hanging open. Naruto's grin widen into a fox-like grin and asked "Did I do it right?"

Minato snapped out of his freeze and let out a small laugh "Heh, yeah you did great." Minato said still sounding awed. "Alright step 2." Minato flashed away and was back in 2 second with a big bag of rubber balls. Pulling one out he explained, "Step 2 is power you have to use enough chakra to pop this rubber ball." then Minato popped one of them showing him how.

Naruto took one of the rubber balls and started pumping chakra in it this time he didn't get it on his first try and only made a small hole in it. Minato looked at it "Not bad, but you have to pop it like I did and make it explode. Keep trying." Minato went and sat down by a tree. Naruto was happy that his Father stayed with him as he trained, before his teachers would always tell him what to do then leave him to sort it out by himself.

Naruto was at it for about 10 minutes before Minato heard a BANG! Minato had wide eyes, then just laughed "Way to go Naruto!" Minato called over to the now laughing Naruto. Naruto ran over to him shouting "I did it!" Minato got up smiling at Naruto "You keep this up you'll shatter the record for learning this Jutsu." Naruto beamed at him. "Whats the next step?" Naruto asked excited.

"Well you have to combine what you've learned. You use the rotation you learned popping the balloons, and the power you used to pop the rubber ball. To make a sphere but this time you don't pop it you have to hold its shape to the ball." Minato explained the last step as easy as he could. This time Naruto really was listening hard. He wanted to be able to use the Rasengan with one hand and wanted to make his Father proud by actually learning something and not just showing what he already knew.

Naruto had been trying for hours and it was almost time to meet Sasuke. Minato was worried he was pushing Naruto too far too fast, when he saw that his son was trying so hard his hands were burned by the chakra. Minato told Naruto that he had done well and they could try tomorrow so he could take care of the burns but… Naruto just wouldn't give up. He was SIX for crying out loud, don't most year olds cry when they scrap their knee. Minato remember then he still had never seen Naruto cry, ever.

"Naruto we have to go and to meet Sasuke." Minato tried again to get Naruto to stop. Naruto didn't turn around but called out "Okay just one more try I almost got it!" And he did Minato could tell he was getting close. Naruto concentrated powering up the Rasengan slowly as he faced the tree in front of him. Then he snapped his eyes open and charged the unfortunate tree… and plowed right through it. Minato jumped up as he saw Naruto falling down from chakra exhaustion. He caught his son just before Naruto would have hit the ground.

Minato checked Naruto over, finding nothing but the burns and low chakra Minato sighed to himself. "He is just like his mother." Minato smiled though "Well done Naruto, you did it." Minato said to the unconscious Naruto his smile becoming full of pride.

Minato carried Naruto home in his arms. They still had an hour before Sasuke showed up. So Minato laid Naruto on the couch and started cleaning, healing, and bandaging his hands. Noticing that they were already healing by themselves, Minato thought of Kyuubi, "At least you're doing something useful for him." Minato got up after bandaging Naruto's hands and got a wash cloth.

Minato knew that Naruto wouldn't get up in time to get a bath before Sasuke came, so he wet the wash cloth and wiped the sweat off his son's face, and dirt off his arms, then brushed Naruto's shorts off. Minato sighed that was as good as he was going to get without a bath. But Minato couldn't help but to smile as he looked at his sleeping son, six years old and he has already mastered my Rasengan in one day, no one morning. Minato thought. Then turned around it was almost lunch time and Sasuke would be here soon.

An hour later Minato had just put ramen ready to eat on the table, when he heard a knock at the door. "Come on in Sasuke!" Minato called to the door. Sasuke walked it to see Naruto sleeping on the couch; he stopped near Naruto and called out to where he heard Minato yell from "Hello?" Minato walk in then "Hey Sasuke lunch is ready, don't worry about Naruto he is just a bit tired." Sasuke noticed Naruto's nose twitching, Minato saw Sasuke looking and followed his eyes smirking when he heard Naruto mumble "Ramen." Sasuke almost laughed at that, almost Uchihas Don't laugh after all.

Naruto got up zombie style passing them both, seeming to not notice them with his eyes still closed and followed his nose to the kitchen. Minato and Sasuke just stared at him as he began eating like that. Sasuke watched "Is he still sleeping?" he asked Minato. "I… don't know." Minato replied still staring at Naruto. "And they say I'm a ramen nut." Minato added after a second. At the word ramen though Naruto open his eyes, with his chopsticks still full of ramen.

"Huh, how'd I get here?" Naruto looked around for a moment, saw the ramen in front of him shrugged and resumed eating. Minato and Sasuke both deadpanned, deciding not to think about it though they started eating their lunch too.

After lunch Sasuke and Naruto spent the rest of the day playing inside because Minato didn't want Naruto over doing himself again today. Soon though Sasuke noticed the bandages on Naruto's hands "What did you do to your hands Naruto?" Sasuke asked looking at the bandages. Naruto looked down at his hands and smiled, knowing his Father had worried enough to clean his wounds and patch him up. He even noticed he wasn't as dirty. "Dad was teaching me a new Jutsu and my chakra burned my hands." Naruto told him with a smirk. Sasuke was a little jealous that Naruto and his father were so close but was curious too. "Really what he teach you? I learned a fire Jutsu from my father." Sasuke replied. "He taught me his Rasengan he made it. It took a while but I mastered it and it's really cool. What kind of Fire Jutsu?" Naruto asked

"Fireball Jutsu (Goukakyuu no Jutsu-Great Fireball Technique), Father said it's a symbol of our clans pride, and that an Uchiha is considered an adult when they master it." Sasuke said looking proud. Naruto smirked at him. "How about we go out and I'll show you Rasengan and you can show me your Fireball Jutsu." Sasuke got up "Okay." And they headed for the door when "Where do you two think you're going?" Minato asked leaning in the door way.

"I just want to show Sasuke Rasengan Dad, and Sasuke learned this really cool Fireball Jutsu." Naruto looked up at his Dad almost pleading. Minato sighed "Fine, but I'm coming too I doubt Sasuke wants to carry you home if you pass out." They headed out the door to the nearby lake. (Minato didn't want a forest fire) Sasuke ran to the end of the pier, did some handsigns and blew out a huge ball of fire. Naruto had seen it a million times, mostly from Sasuke. But acted surprised "That's really cool Sasuke; come on I'll show you mine!" That's why Naruto suggested going out in the first place he wanted to show off.

Naruto made sure Sasuke could see as he rammed his one handed Rasengan through another unfortunate tree. Sasuke thought it was awesome "Wow you went right through that tree Naruto!" Sasuke said excited. "Well done Naruto I still can't believe you mastered that in just a few hours. (Minato turned to Sasuke) You both have mastered Jutsu that your classmates don't know now, and good ones." Minato praised the boys. Sasuke wished he got praise like that from his Father, but he thanked Minato anyway. While Naruto just grinned and cheered.

Later that night; Sasuke was sleeping over and they had gone to bed about 2 hours ago. Naruto got up quietly he had been talking to Kyuubi inside his mindscape for awhile now about the Chakra Clone, and they both agreed that it would be his clone but it would look like a fox, so it would be less likely to be attacked.

Naruto walked to the other side of the room and thought of what he wanted his clone to look like, and started carefully making his chakra more dense than normal then with Kyuubi's help mixed the fox's chakra with his own. He whispered the name of his new jutsu, "Kage Kitsune Bushin Jutsu!" When the smoke cleared a golden fox with big blue eyes appeared in front of Naruto. "Please tell me you can talk." Naruto whispered hoping the jutsu hadn't woken up Sasuke.

The golden fox looked up and smirked, how the fox could smirk well Naruto figured some things are better left secret. "Of course I can talk. I am your clone." The fox whispered back. Naruto grinned at him. "Then you know what to do. Quickly I'm worried about him." Naruto said as he opened the window. The fox nodded and jumped out, hitting the ground with barely a sound and started running. He was gone before the ANBU knew anything happened.

Naruto turn around heading back to bed when he saw Sasuke sitting up looking at him. "What was that about?" Sasuke asked. Naruto didn't want to lie to his best friend, so he settled for vague. "I was just sending a message to a friend." He answered. "Who?" Sassuke was just curious now not suspicious. "Gaara, but don't tell, he is a secret." Naruto answer truthfully, giving Sasuke Gaara's name won't cause too many problems, I hope. "Okay." Sasuke didn't ask any more questions and they soon fell asleep.


Kage Kitsune Bushin Jutsu- Shadow Fox clone jutsu-----Is my own original Jutsu to the best of my knowledge, so if you see it somewhere else I have no idea why.

I will be calling (Goukakyuu no Jutsu-Great Fireball Technique) Fireball Jutsu as I believe it is called in the English anime, plus its easier to remember... and spell XP

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