An Unexpected Beginning

Gaara's Friend & Wind Element

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Chapter 13: Gaara's Friend & Wind Element

Naruto woke up the next day, and Sasuke was already getting up. They ate breakfast and Naruto talked Sasuke into training together, not that he needed much prompting. Minato had been called to deal with some stupid dispute, about some Genin refusing to go and find the Fire Daimyo's wife's Damn cat Tora… again. To be honest he'd complain too, but this was his day off so Minato was a bit irked.

Anyway Naruto and Sasuke went without him they had trained together, without supervision before. Well except for the ANBU who were constantly watching Naruto, Those ANBU, I have to sneak away anytime I want to do some real training. Troublesome… damn I'm starting to sound like Shika. Naruto thought.

Naruto and Sasuke were sparing as usual, it was the favorite part of training for both of them. Plus most of the other training they did didn't need a partner. Naruto never went all out on Sasuke but he always made it a pretty even fight. After learning Rasengan the other day again though, he wanted to finish it, Wind element and all. So Naruto snuck away from the ANBU watching, leaving Sasuke with a slightly more powerful clone than usual so it wouldn't pop if it got hit.

Naruto reached he destination quickly, it was the river where Jiraiya taught him water walking in his first life. He smiled when he got there, it was the same as the first time he saw it he could almost imagine Jiraiya sitting by the bushes peeping on the girls in the water as he trained. Naruto shook his head he came here for a reason, and if his Dad came to check on him before he got back and realized he ditch his ANBU, again… He'd be in trouble.

Starting his training Naruto made 500 clones (His reserves were growing fast), and had them all grab a leaf from one of the trees around them. Then they began to try and cut them with wind chakra. After an hour Naruto had half his clones dispel, what was left of the clones started cutting leafs a minute after that. He had to get back soon now though so he dispelled the rest of his clones after about 10 more minutes.

Before he dispelled the clones though they had finished mastering the leaf cutting exercise. He was learning it even faster than the first time because he already knew what to do he just had to let his young body feel it out. Naruto knew He had to go back now, but he still had a lot of chakra. So he made as many clones as he could at once, which happen to be 500, and had them all position themselves around the waterfall. When there were too many they would climb up the wall beside the waterfall with chakra above the other clones. Then they all began trying to cut the waterfall in half with wind chakra. Naruto instructed half of them to dispel after 2 hours so the others would learn faster, as he left.

Naruto got back and slipped back into the spar with Sasuke, his entrance being masked by is clone's clones. Just in time too. Naruto thought as he saw his Father coming.

Scene Change

The Fox clone ran all night, and kept running for two days only resting a few hours when it became too tired. When the Fox clone arrived in front of Suna, he realized it probably would be the best idea to go through the front gates. Lucky for him Gaara had once shown him a secret underground way into Suna, he had found as a child.

He slipped in unnoticed, but he didn't want to just run around the whole village looking for Gaara. So where to start? Well its late afternoon and theres no academy today in Konoha so I don't think Suna would have him in school right now either. The place I went when I was around 6 years old in my first life when there was nothing I had to do, was go to the playground. So I'll check there first.

Sure enough the third playground that Fox Naruto came across he smelled Gaara. He followed the scent and found Gaara sitting alone on a swing, holding a teddy bear and the Kanji for Love already on his young forehead. Naruto knew what that meant, Gaara's Uncle had already betrayed him and Gaara had already killed.

Fox Naruto felt a sharp pain in his stomach that he knew the original Naruto felt too, at seeing his friend… with that look like he was empty… and… Alone. That darkness Naruto had been trapped in once in the last life, and he would never forget how painful it was to be alone. Not this time. The Fox Naruto thought. He won't be Alone.

Fox Naruto started toward Gaara slowly, everyone kept their distance from Gaara though so no one even noticed him approaching the Jinchuuriki. Gaara looked up at him when he was about 10 feet away, they were in the shadows no one could really see them now unless they were willing to come closer to Gaara. (Which they weren't)

Fox Naruto raised his head when Gaara looked at him, trying to look non threatening. Gaara got off the swing but didn't look scared as most children would to see a huge Fox watching them. Not that he should he knew by now his sand would protect him. Gaara's face was impassive… but slightly curious too. He walked half way to the Fox Naruto and knelt down. Fox Naruto walked the rest of the way to his friend and licked the hand Gaara had held out to him.

Gaara smiled slightly and petted him. "Hey your eyes look like mine… Do you want to be my friend?" Gaara asked the Fox still looking into his eyes. Fox Naruto almost broke; his friend despite what his Uncle did still had innocents. Fox Naruto nodded his head. Gaara looked surprised that he answered "Do you understand me?" Fox Naruto spoke this time "Yes Gaara, I am a clone my original sent me to check on you and be your friend." Gaara blinked.

A few seconds passed as it looked like Gaara was thinking then, "You'll be my friend?" Gaara asked. The fox nodded. "Who is your original, why did he send you?" Gaara questioned the fox as he sat on his hunches. "My original's name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze but you must tell no one, he has risked a great deal to even send me to you. He did this because he is like you Gaara, He is the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune." Gaara's eyes were wide "You mean he is a monster too? There is someone else like me?" Gaara sounded hopeful now. That's why your eyes look like mine.

The Fox Naruto though closed his eyes tight, "Gaara you are NOT a monster, and neither is he. But he is like you, we- or the original and you are the same age. He knew of you and wanted you to not be alone; he knows what that's like." Gaara broke at that his face was still blank, but his eyes were a little wider and then tears overflowed and spilled out his eyes. He made no move to wipe them away or even seemed to acknowledge that they were even there.

When Fox Naruto saw that he came around beside Gaara and nuzzled his head into Gaara's chest. He may have been a Naruto clone but he was still a Fox and it was an instinctual reaction to comfort his friend. He thought it was a little weird after he did it, but Gaara latched onto him and started crying into his fur. So he didn't really care. He stayed with Gaara and let him cry into his fur till it was getting dark.

Gaara had calmed down but was still holding onto Fox Naruto's fur. "Gaara it's getting late, we should get you home." Fox Naruto said. "You'll come too?" Gaara sniffed. The Fox's eyes softened "Yes Gaara, I'll stay with you… But Gaara I can only be here for about 1-2days, it was supposed to be 1 but I got here quick." The Fox said softly. Gaara looked scared "You're gonna leave me?" he looked like he would cry again.

"No Gaara, I will never really leave you. I will always be your friend. But I am a clone, I will not last forever when I dispel my memories will go to the original. I am him just as much as he is me." Gaara still looked ready to cry. The Fox Naruto couldn't stand seeing his friend sad because of him, "How about this Garra in one week after I dispel, I will come back to see you." Gaara was still not happy that he would leave but gave him a small smile and nodded.

After Gaara went up through his house to his room, and Fox Naruto snuck in through the window. Gaara remembered something "Um hey since your real name is a secret what do I call you?" Gaara asked. Fox Naruto blinked "Huh that's a good question, how about you call me… Kit. Yeah Kit, like a young fox." The newly named Kit said.

Gaara's lips were twitching "You mean like a Fox baby." Gaara finally gave in and smirked at him. Kit laughed "Yep it's what Kyuubi calls me and it is kind of fitting. Except the baby part but he is pretty old." Gaara stopped smirking at him "You mean the Kyuubi is nice?"

Kit rolled his eyes at him then sighed "Well Kyuubi didn't used to be, and I still wouldn't call him 'nice' heck the first time I met him I think he said something about eating me. But I kind of grew on him, so now he helps me out when I need it. I heard about the trouble Shukaku is giving you though… You know I might be able to help with that." Kit finished think about how to fix Gaara's seal.

Scene Change

Naruto had felt a pain in his stomach a day ago that he knew came from his fox clone, and knew it was about Gaara. Because that pain was the pain of loneliness he had felt so long ago. Despite a few of the villagers still looking at him with caution and sometime even glaring, it was far better than his first life. His Father helped too, with him alive Naruto knew he wouldn't have to be alone. But he would never forget that pain either.

Right now though Naruto was in class he had finished most of his wind chakra training on the weekend, and decided that when he got out of class he would start trying to recreate the Oodama Rasengan, to build up the power he would need for the Rasen-Shuriken. Naruto was started out of his thoughts though when Iruka called on him. "Naruto, can you explain what a Genjutsu does?" Iruka asked.

"A Genjutsu is a type of jutsu used to confuse an enemy. Making them see things that aren't there." Naruto answered, trying not to sound too smart but still answer correctly. "Thats right Naruto, Genjutsu-" Iruka started going more in depth but Naruto zoned back out. He was in the top 5 of his class, trying to not stick out but not look bad either. He had a plan to get on the same team as before; he would just make himself the 'deadlast' in the last year of the academy so he'd be on the right team.

That was later though, right now he just wanted to know what the clone found about Gaara. It should dispel soon…


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