An Unexpected Beginning


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Chapter 14: Busted

After Naruto got out of class he said goodbye to Sasuke at the gate and headed straight for the training field. Naruto sighed when he sensed his ANBU guards following him; he would have to ditch them with a clone, again. When Naruto got to the training grounds he made a bunch of clones to train lightly, so while the guards watched his clones, he slipped away.

A few minutes later Naruto arrived at one of the training grounds out of the way, so it wouldn't matter if he destroyed it in his training. Which he would. He was getting really good at ditching those ANBU that might have been his quickest time yet. His Dad still didn't know how often he ditches his guards, got to love those clones.

Naruto started by making the normal Rasengan, then he tried pushing more chakra to make it bigger. The Rasengan was getting bigger, then BOOM! It blew up right in his face. "Damn it!" Naruto complained to himself. I lost the shape manipulation when I made it bigger, that's why I needed a clone to help me the first time I made it. I'll just master it with a clone again first then I'll try one handed.

With that plan Naruto made 400 clones and got to work. There were explosions going off every few seconds for the next 3 hours before finally a pair of the clone made a perfect Oodama Rasengan. Naruto saw it and smiled at the crater it made as those two clones used it. He dispelled all the clones gaining their experience. After a moment of letting the information settle in his head, Naruto recreated the 400 clones and set them back to work using only their own hands so he would not need a clone to help make it.

By the time he got it right it was getting dark, his Father would be looking for him soon. Naruto dispelled his clones, leaving only the ones with the ANBU. He felt the drain on him even with the chakra reserves he has his body is still only six. Naruto flopped down in the crater he just made, to catch his breath. Just 10 minutes. Then I have to get back before Dad realizes I'm not with the ANBU. Naruto thought.

Unfortunately for Naruto all that training took his mind off that fact he had already sent off a much more durable clone, which decided to poof right then. The Fox clones memories entered Naruto's mind and he smiled, Gaara was alright and now they are friends again. Then Naruto felt it, and had just enough time to think, 'Oh shit' before he blacked out.

Minato POV

Minato had been watching Naruto's clones train for a while now, thinking the real one was in there somewhere. It was now getting dark though "Naruto!" Minato called out to get his son's attention; he rolled his eyes when they all turned to him. "How about you call it a day and we go get some dinner." It wasn't really a question. The clones looked nervous for a moment that passed so quick the ANBU probably didn't even notice. "Okay Dad." Naruto chirped. One Naruto ran up to him smiling, while all the others poofed.

Minato made a skeptical face at him and cupped Naruto's face with one hand. "You're not hot. Only clones don't get hot." Minato stated narrowing his eye slightly at the clone that looked down and shuffled his feet, knowing he'd been caught. Minato had taken to checking his son for being a clone since Naruto tricked him when he was 2 with a clone who went to the office with him.

Kneeling down to the clone Minato put his hands on the clone's shoulders and asked quietly "Where is the real Naruto?" trying to be calm as he started to worry. The clone looked up wondering what to do, if the original was in trouble he needed to tell his Father, but if he wasn't he'd be in trouble. Scratch that he was already in trouble the moment he was caught. The clone sighed, "Follow me." He said and jumped into the trees heading to where he knew the original had gone.

They arrive there in minutes "He should be somewhere around here." The clone informed Minato just before he poofed. Minato didn't have to look long before he found a clearing littered with craters. He was really starting to worry now. He scanned the craters and soon spotted a mop of blond hair, in the biggest one. He Flashed over to his Son across the clearing in less than a second.

Minato kneel down checking Naruto over, there was no blood or bruises, but he sensed Naruto was very low on chakra. Not enough to endanger his life but definitely enough to knock him out for a few days. Minato went to pick Naruto up and noticed the chakra burns on his son's hands. They were worse than when he learn Rasengan. Minato shut his eyes tight realizing it was at least partly his fault, and let his breath out in a small huff. After picking Naruto up carefully, Minato looked back as he was leaving the training grounds with his small son sleeping on his shoulder, Just what was he doing here? How did he do it? And why did he have to ditch his guards… again? Minato thought as he looked at the craters again.

Naruto POV

Naruto woke up to his whole body feeling sore and didn't move, he hadn't worked that hard since he came back in time. He was getting lazy in such a peaceful place but he knew that peace wouldn't last for long, if he did nothing. Naruto sighed softly, and then stilled noticing someone was with him. He relaxed though when he recognized the scent and opened his eyes to see his Father. His Dad had his head resting on his folded arms and was leaning on the side of the bed he was in. Naruto felt a pang of guilt seeing how worried he made his Father.

Dismissing the fact he was in a hospital for the moment, Naruto reached over and put his hand softly in his Fathers hair trying not to wake him. "I'm sorry Dad." Naruto whispered quietly as he ran his hand through his Dad's hair, which was identical to his own. Minato shifted as Naruto rested his newly bandaged hand on top of his Father's own hand.

Minato looked up sleepily at his son and realized he was finally awake. "Naruto, you're awake." Minato said quietly as he sat onto Naruto's bed and leaned over him. Minato hugged Naruto softly being extra careful of him, and then kissed his forehead. "You had me worried Naruto." Minato said as he ran his hand through Naruto's hair. Naruto leaned into the touch, in his last life he didn't have a parent to show him affection like this, and he loved how it felt. It made him feel protected.

"Gomen-nasai Dad, I didn't want you to worry." Naruto whispered looking down. Minato sighed "What were you doing out there, that you thought you needed to ditch your guards? You know they're there to protect you?" Minato asked still too relieve that he was okay to be mad. Naruto sighed "I know, but I was trying to make Rasengan better. And I didn't want them watching me." Naruto still couldn't lie to him, trick yes outright lie no. Minato blinked then blinked again that wasn't really what he was expecting. He saw the chakra burns so he thought Naruto could have been practicing it, but then he saw all the craters. Even then though he still didn't think his 6 year old son was trying to improve his jutsu.

"Naruto I saw the area where you were training… What did you do to it?" Minato asked almost in awe. Naruto smiled up at him and replied childishly "I made it bigger." Then completely obliterating the serious atmosphere he gave Minato the cheesiest grin "It's called Oodama Rasengan." Naruto finished, putting two bandaged fingers up in a V sign. Minato let out a breath that sound more like a laugh, and smiled at his Son "That great Naruto I'd like to see it, when we get you out of here." Minato said sounding proud. Then Mianto's voice changed to upset "BUT if you don't stop ditching your ANBU guards you will never leave my side again." Minato's voice changed back to calm and he smiled, "Got it?" Naruto nodded a little scared.

Then Minato got up "Good, (in a sing song voice) now if I can trust you to stay put a minute I'm going to see how soon we can get out of here." Minato said as he went out to find a nurse. Naruto almost laughed at how his Dad just changed from calm to mad to happy. Damn I guess I really worried him this time. I gotta be more careful. Well at least I know Gaara is alright, and we're already friends. I got to remember to send him another Kitsune Clone in a few days though. But now it will be a few days to a week before I can sneak away again and start on the Rasen- Shuriken. I don't know why I bother though I can't use it without breaking every bone, muscle, and cell in half my arm without sage mode.

I might have an idea about that Kit, you just need the toad to 'knock' the natural energy out of you when you get too much right?

That's right if I can't knock it out in time I'll turn into a toad statue.

Alright well have you triedsummoning the toads yet?

Um… no… but I haven't technically signed the contract yet I didn't think it would work.

Well it's worth a try before you go blowing up your arm, besides the contract summons from another dimension so it must be some kind of Space-Time Jutsu. So it is possible that your contract with them is still valid even if your name doesn't appear on the scroll.

But will they remember me? Would I be summoning them from this timeline… or mine?

I don't know Kit, I am not a summon, you will just have to try and see.

Naruto was pulled from his thought when his Father came back into the room. "Alright Naruto they said that I can take you home, as long as you rest." Minato told Naruto, giving him a look that meant he Was going to rest whether he liked it or not.

Minato carried him all the way home and up the stairs to his room, laying him in his bed. Because it was late enough he should be sleeping anyway. Naruto was sitting on his bed and his stomach grumbled. He put his hand behind his head and smirked when Minato looked at him. "Alright I'll get you some food, but you stay in bed." Minato said rolling his eyes at his son.

Naruto watch him leave and smiled. "Arigato, Father."

Later that night Naruto added 'Meet Gaara' next to 6years old, on the timeline scroll under 'Current'. Then sealed it back up and hid it back under the floorboards beneath his bed. Content in the changes he had made so far… but the Uchiha Massacre is only 1 year away now.


Alright I hope you liked it I was think about putting Gaara in the next chapter,

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Oh and I put a few Japanese words in here (That I actually know) but in case you don't

Arigato ----means---- Thank you

Gomen ----means---- Sorry and the (-nasai ) at the end means it 'more so' like 'Very Sorry'

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