An Unexpected Beginning

Preparing & Playing

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Chapter 15: Preparing & Playing

Naruto now 7 years old has spent the last 7 months preparing for the soon to be Uchiha massacre. Training his body in speed and strength which the clones couldn't help speed up. Then he finally re-Mastered the Rasen-Shuriken last month. Naruto had yet to try to summon the toads though he didn't have time since his Father had threatened the ANBU that if they lost him again they'd be demoted to Chuunin. So it was a bit harder to shake them but he had learned how to seal away chakra in the mark that Kyuubi had him draw on himself in blood right before they came back.

The mark of the Kyuubi had stayed on him, following him literally through time. Kyuubi had said that the seal did more than help them go through time but wouldn't say exactly what. Which did annoy Naruto but since the Fox wasn't spilling and nothing bad had happened, yet, he filed it away for later. Plus the seal did disappear when he wasn't using it. And Naruto did have other things to worry about anyway.

The Uchiha massacre was only 2months away now and Naruto has been actively spying on the Uchihas', while also eaves dropping on his Father's meetings. Trying to find out if they knew of the coup yet, or if there even still was going to be one after he had changed things. Naruto had also taken to sneaking out in the middle of the night to the Hokage tower to look through any files on the Uchiha.

Today he finally found one answer when one of the clones spying on a younger Uchiha followed him to a secret meeting with another older Uchiha in the woods. The clone over heard them talking about 'the coup' and that it was going well, and they even name a few of the co-conspirators which the original Naruto wrote down as soon as the clone proofed. Good thing he didn't skip class today or he wouldn't have had a pencil and paper ready so fast.

Scene Change Suna

Gaara and 'Kit' were just outside Suna playing with a ball; they were outside Suna so no one would see them. Kit had used his solid transformation (that he usually used for his Sexy no Jutsu) to change him into his normal human form so that they could play as kids. Gaara was very happy with his friend, a week after they met, Naruto or 'Kit' had returned just as he said he would. After that he would only come once a month because it was so far in-between Suna and Konoha, (which Gaara learned that was where Naruto lived) and that way they were less likely to be caught.

They were playing catch right now but Naruto wanted to make it more interesting "Hey Gaara how about we make this a little more fun?" Naruto asked waiting excited to switch up the games rules. "Ah okay." Gaara replied completely oblivious of what he had just agreed to.

The next time Naruto through the ball back he made a hand seal and called out "Kage Ball Jutsu!" Suddenly there wasn't 1 ball coming at Gaara but 10. Garra reacted instantly not wanting to drop the balls and lose; his sand shot out and caught then all. He smirked at Naruto under his sand that caught all the balls, and saw Naruto grinning back at him so he threw them all back. His blond friend instead of running to catch all the balls made the same hand seal as before and called out "Kage Bushin Jutsu!" now there were 10 Narutos too, and each caught a ball. Gaara smiled at his friend this game just got a lot more fun.

By the time they were done they had been running around for hours chasing balls going in every direction with clones, sand, small jutsu, and even themselves. Never had so many balls been kept in the air so long by just 2 kids. They were now laying down on the ground upside down from each other panting, after a few moments Gaara spoke "Naruto we'll be friends forever right?" He could use Naruto's name when they were outside Suna where no one could hear. "Of course Gaara we will always be friends. I think even before we met we were, like we were always meant to be friends. Because of what we are were kind of Brothers of circumstance."

Gaara looked at him with a small smile then looked down "You know I have an older brother and sister, but they're afraid of me. They don't understand." Naruto sat up and sighed "I know its hard Gaara but just keep trying, they can never really understand because they will never go through what we have but that doesn't mean they won't ever try." Gaara sat up sighed and nodded "I hope so… Brother."Gaara had a small sheepish smile on his face when he looked up at Naruto. When Naruto heard the word 'brother' he looked at Gaara and gave him a real smile that he showed few people, "Me too Brother."

Scene Change Konoha 1 month & 2 weeks later

It was late but Naruto was still up going over what he would have to do. Right now he was preparing seals that would be useful if he got in over his head. (Which he Always did) He had stored about 2 tails worth of his own chakra in the last couple months in the Kyuubi seal, and had level 5 gravity seals on him that he could release if needed.

Naruto found that his Father did know about the impending coup and was having Itachi as a inside spy along with some ANBU investigating the Uchihas' to find out who was in on the coup and those that weren't. The plan was to raid the compound, once they got the inside information, and arrest the ones in on the coup. If all went according to plan Naruto wouldn't have to do much, but then since when was he that lucky… He may have been said to of had 'The Devils Luck' in the future but that was with gambling or things of chance it's not like that 'luck' ever stop people from trying to kill or capture him, but he supposed that was why it was called the 'devils' luck.

Done, Naruto thought. As that night Naruto finished all the preparations he could think of. Now all he had to do for the next 2 weeks was keep storing as much chakra as he could while not putting himself endanger, and keep training his body. Two weeks wasn't enough time to do much else but he was putting the finishing touches on the seal he made for Gaara, it was modeled after his own but with a few tweaks to be able to be put on top of the seal Gaara already has.

Plus the seal will filter the Shukaku's chakra into Gaara's better, and keep Shukaku out of Gaara's head, unless Garra wanted to speak with him. While the seal still let Gaara access the Biju's power; that was tricky. Naruto was very happy with the seal he made, and checked it over at least 3 times after he was done because it was going on his friend. Sealing was like an art though to Naruto, and he was a natural at it with his creativity.

One week later

Naruto and Sasuke were sparing together in the Uchiha training grounds, using only Taijutsu. They were pretty even, but Sasuke had more speed and Naruto had more power. Just like always. While Naruto actually had to try because even though he knew more their bodies were at the same level, this was the first time in months his mind could relax. Just letting his body flow through the motions; block, duck, sweep, dodge, counter and always keep moving.

It was easy just letting every worry go until there was only the fight, and not even having to fight for survival. Just to fight for fun and to become strong with his friend. They spared for hours, finally taking a break when Itachi found them, "Sasuke, dinner is ready. Naruto you as always are welcome to join." Itachi told them. They stopped their training and yelled "Coming!" then followed Itachi to the house for dinner.


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