An Unexpected Beginning

The Uchiha Incident Pt 1

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Chapter 16: The Uchiha Incident Part 1

Damn it! Naruto cursed silently as he watched the fight between his Father the Hokage, and his best friend's father, the head of the Uchiha Clan and the rebellion. (Fugaku Uchiha) It all had been going so well…

Flashback 1 Hour ago

Some ANBU showed up at the Uchiha compound asking a few to come with them for some debriefing. The Uchihas' were going peacefully; they were going to be questioned at the I.T. department. Naruto had been watching out of sight the whole day, sending a Kage Bushin to replace himself at the academy. Everything was going perfect, then some of the Uchihas' started fighting back refusing to go with the ANBU. Soon Fugaku came out and was ordering the Uchiha into formations; it was all downhill from there.

Flashback End

Naruto was watching all the battles around him while focusing on the fight his father was in. His Father looked to be doing fine so he was about to transform into an anonymous ANBU and help the others fighting when he heard Sasuke.

"Father?!" Sasuke shouted across the noise of the fighting. Sasuke was very confused why his Father was fighting the Hokage, and why all the Uchiha were fighting ANBU and other Konoha ninjas. But he knew it had to stop, he could see this wasn't some spar and to attack the Hokage outside of one was considered treason.

Sasuke ran towards his Father ignoring all the battles around him, as Naruto watched him closely ready to help him if something happened. Fugaku saw Sasuke coming and separated from Minato. The Yondamie stopped too, seeing a child in the way. Fugaku never took his eyes off Minato but spoke to Sasuke, "Sasuke get out of here now." He commanded. Sasuke would normally not question his Father but this was his home. He had to know "Whats going on Father?" Sasuke almost pleaded to know.

Fugaku was silent. "Yes Fugaku, why don't you tell your son what you've done?" Minato cut in. Sasuke looked at the Hokage then back to his Father, waiting for an answer. Fugaku face showed no emotions but his eyes were glaring daggers at the Yondaime. Instead of answering Fugaku push Sasuke out of the way and attacked the Yondaime with the Great Fireball Jutsu.

Minato jump to the side out of the way as Fugaku ran right behind the Fireball throwing kunai at the Hokage, not letting up for a moment. Sasuke just sat where he had been push on the ground stunned, as his eyes took in the destruction around him. He hardly felt the hand on his shoulder and slowly turned to see a familiar face.

"Naruto?" Sasuke looked at him confused why he was there. Naruto just looked down at him sadly, for a moment he looked very old. "Come on Sasuke let's get back." Naruto pulled Sasuke up by his arm, and walked him back to where he had been hiding. "Naruto… whats going on?" Sasuke asked in a quiet and scared voice.

Naruto sighed and looked down, "I don't know how to tell you Sasuke… but some of the Uchihas' were forming a rebellion against the Hokage. Itachi was helping to find information, but your Father is the leader of the coup." Sasuke looked up at Naruto horrified. His mind denied it and he tried to voice it was wrong "But…" he couldn't. The look on his best friend's face wouldn't let him, and he remembered the last few weeks things had been strange at home. He still didn't understand though "Why?" Naruto looked sadly at him, "There is story for that I will tell you later, but the simple version they wanted more power. They wanted to rule Konoha instead of just protecting it. And they could have started a war because of it… maybe still could." A single tear ran down Sasuke's young face as he and his best friend watched their fathers try and kill each other.

Minato quickly dodged the shrunken that was being throw at him and flashed through hand seals for a water jutsu, "Mizurappa - Violent Water Wave!" Minato called out the attack. The powerful stream of water hit Fugaku fully, throwing him back into one of the walls and soaking him through. As Fugaku was being thrown back by the jet stream he saw something, something that would gave him an advantage.

The Yondaime watched as his opponent seemed to be running away from him. It wasn't the first time it had happen, but Fugaku was not the type to run away. Something was wrong. Then he saw where Fugaku was going and his mind froze even as he started running. He knew he wouldn't make it, Fugaku was too far ahead. He yelled "NARUTO!"

Sasuke was staring at the ground trying to understand, and Naruto had turn from the fight to watch Sasuke for just a few seconds when he heard his Father scream. Naruto had never heard his Father sound so desperate. He and Sasuke both whipped their heads to the scream. Fugaku was almost on top of them, with a kunai out and looking right at Naruto.

Naruto didn't have time to think he grabbed the back of Sasuke's shirt and threw him back. Turning quickly back to Fugaku, Naruto dodged Fugaku's grab at him and kicked him in the stomach. Hearing a satisfying "Omfff" from Fugaku he tried to jump back down. He couldn't Fugaku had grabbed his foot when he kick him and was pining Naruto arms with his one arm around him, now with a kunai at his neck. Minato stopped dead, bring the words 'if looks could kill' to a deferent level. "Let my son go now." He ground out. Fugaku shivered at the killing intent rolling off Minato but pressed on.

"Call off the ANBU." Fugaku replied as a command. Minato cursed, he couldn't tell the ANBU to stop it would be like surrendering, but that bastard had his son. Sasuke was just a few feet behind his father, who apparently deemed him not a threat. Sasuke emotions started moving from shock to… anger, his Father who he had tried so hard to impress… was holding his best friend hostage. But he had to try one more time, "Father let Naruto go." Fugaku didn't even look at him, "Leave Sasuke."

Sasuke closed his eyes and tears slid down his face, but he did not whimper or whine. He reopened his eyes and spoke "That wasn't a request." Sasuke stated coldly. If anyone were looking they would have noticed when Sasuke's eyes opened they were blood red with a single tomoe (comma) in each eye.

Sasuke charged his father's back using his ninja training he jumped a few feet up and kick the side of his father's head as hard as he could. Fugaku felt the blow to his head and realized it was his own son, it wasn't strong enough to make him drop his hostage but Naruto felt the grip loosen. Naruto kicked off behind himself as hard as he could, freeing himself from Fugaku, and running to Sasuke's side as soon as his feet hit the ground. Minato was shocked but didn't hesitate, he ran passed the boys and hit Fugaku with a chakra enhanced punch sending the Uchiha head a good 50 feet and through a few walls.

Once he was sure Fugaku would be taking a while to get up Minato turned to the boys. "Naruto are you alright?" he wanted to pick his son up and just hold him for a while, but he knew he couldn't they were still in danger. "I'm fine Dad." Naruto replied instantly, it was habit by now. Minato knew he would probably say that no matter what but he didn't see any injuries so he moved on. "I thank you Sasuke, I won't forget what you just did to help Naruto." Sasuke looked up at him, and just nodded. He wasn't ready to talk about any of this. Naruto looked to his friend who seemed tired, and his eyes widened.

"Uh Sasuke," Sasuke turned to him with very little emotion on his face. "Your eyes, there Sharingan is active." Naruto said blunt as always. Sasuke blinked at him, actually showing a bit of surprise despite the situation. Minato's voice though pulled their thought elsewhere, "Boys I need you to go hide."

Fugaku was getting back up; he threw about 10 kunai, then made a hand sign and called out "Kunai Kage Bunshin!" making them into over 200 not caring that both boys were in the line of fire. Minato put himself in front of Naruto and Sasuke yelling for them to stay back but Sasuke was too far to the side when a kunai got passed Minato. It hit him

"Sasuke!" Naruto yelled when he saw Sasuke get hit, he didn't waste time. Naruto grabbed Sasuke's arm and pulled him over and down to a crouch behind Minato and himself. Minato knew Sasuke had been hit but couldn't look back to see how bad it was. As soon as the kunai stopped though he felt Itachi drop down beside him.

"Itachi get Sasuke to the hospital and take Naruto with you, stay with them till I come." Minato commanded. "Hai Hokage-sama." Itachi responded instantly. He picked up both boys being carful of Sasuke's wound, which he had yet to pass out from but if the bleeding didn't stop he would soon. Naruto for his part didn't complain though he knew Madara was close by so he was trying to sense where he was before Itachi went too far.

Then he spotted him up on one of the roofs with his orange spiral mask on watching, just far enough back that no one would notice him unless they were looking. Just then Fugaku attacked his father again going through a string of hand signs he called out the attack, "Gouryuuka no Jutsu - Great Dragon Fire Technique!" Itachi had gotten Sasuke and Naruto out of the way and took cover behind a wall as large dragon heads made of fire headed straight for Minato.

Naruto was watching the fight from Itachi's side, as Itachi was trying to think of a way to get them out of the area safely. Naruto saw his father jump to the side of the flaming Dragon heads doing hand seals for a water jutsu. Then Naruto noticed Madara tensed to move looking right at his father. Madara pulled out a kunai and sunk into the roof. He's gonna Kill him! Naruto thought as he pushed a large amount of chakra into his legs. He was out of Itachi's reach before the young Uchiha even knew he was moving.

The 7 year old blond time traveler couldn't see Madara, but he knew the jutsu he was using was quick. He had to move faster, or he wasn't going to make it. Naruto instinctively pulled on Kyuubi's chakra turning his eyes red and pushed the demonic chakra into his small legs. His Father would NOT die this time. Naruto thought, no promised as he made it just in time pushing his surprised Father out of the way, just as Madara came out of the ground. He realized though he wasn't going to be able to get himself out of the way right before he felt Madara's kunai enter his stomach.


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