An Unexpected Beginning

The Uchiha Incident Pt 2

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Chapter 17: The Uchiha Incident Part 2

Sasuke was confused when Naruto ran out from behind the wall Itachi had been using for cover, faster than he'd ever seen his friend move. He didn't think that if his new Sharingan was off he would have even seen him move. But now he just stared in horror, a man with a spiral orange mask had appeared out of the ground just as Naruto had pushed his father out of the way. Sasuke had seen all of it with his active Sharingan; he would remember his friend saving his father (the Hokage) and being stabbed by this man in perfect clarity forever. Moments later he blacked out from blood loss and stress, his brother caught him before he hit the ground.

Minato didn't know why his son had pushed him and stumbled a few feet before he got his balance back. By the time he did though a masked figure had come out of the ground, right in front of where he had just been and quickly stabbed his son with a kunai. His Son had just saved him, possibility at the cost of his own life. There was nothing but horror on the young Hokage's face when he saw his son being held in mid air by a kunai meant for him.

That horror though was quickly turning to rage. Minato moved quickly toward the attacker forming a powerful Rasengan in one hand and preparing to catch Naruto in his other hand. Before he could though Naruto looked up at the orange spiral masked nin, his eyes crimson and smirked tauntingly at him. Madara was so surprised at this child that had not only seen his attack but had the ability to save his target; he had stopped for just a few seconds. Naruto used this time to grab the wrist attached to the hand holding the kunai in his stomach and placed a seal on it. Just before his Father rammed a powerful Rasengan into Madara's chest sending him flying back straight into Fugaku.

The Yondaime caught Naruto quickly but gently putting him down and ran after the masked nin that had dared to hurt His Son determined to destroy him, but Madara was already sinking into the ground. Before he could though the seal Naruto placed on his wrist exploded blowing his hand off in the process. Madara screamed, quickly grabbing his detached hand and sunk into the ground just before Minato could reach him. That brat caught me off guard! Now that I'm this injured and surprise is no longer on my side, it would be suicide to keep fighting. I have to retreat. Madara cursed colorfully with his hundred year old vocabulary, as he retreated through the ground.

After Minato couldn't sense the masked nin's chakra anymore he turned back and rushed to his son who was kneeling with one knee on the ground. Naruto was holding his stomach panting, he had seen Madara get away but he also saw what had happen to Fugaku when Madara had been blown into him. Fugaku had landed in a wall where a broken pipe was sticking out. He was impaled through, and definitely dead. Naruto thought it was probably for the best but was worried about how Sasuke would react to his father's death. Despite the fact Sasuke had attacked his father to help him. It was still his father.

He would worry about that later though if the time comes. Right now he was a bit more concerned with the hole in his stomach. Naruto looked up relived to see the fights around them were over and the ANBU taking unconscious Uchihas to where they would be treated and questioned. A shadow fell over Naruto and he looked back to see his Father standing over him. His Father picked him up carefully without a word, and motioned for Itachi to follow him with Sasuke.

They were rushing, Naruto knew they were going to the hospital and mentally groaned. But didn't say anything as his Father looked down at him, his eyes practically overflowing with concern. Naruto was tired but for that look he summoned what strength he had left and grinned at his Father. "Don't worry Dad, everything is gonna be fine." Naruto tried comforting his Father. Minato smiled at him, "Aren't I the one who should be telling you that?" Minato asked rhetorically. Naruto smiled as he closed his eyes and finally let himself rest, comfortable in his Father's arms.

Minato started to panic when Naruto blacked out; he rushed ahead of Itachi to the hospital. "I need a medic!" Minato yelled as soon as he was inside the hospital doors. A young medic rushed to him, seeing the injury he yelled for someone to get a bed and prep for surgery. By that time Itachi had run in with Sasuke asking for a doctor.

Sasuke wasn't as badly hurt as Naruto, the kunai had just hit his shoulder but there was an artery there so he lost a lot of blood and needed it stitched up. The kunai that hit Naruto though had punctured his kidney, not deeply but he was in the intensive care unit for the night. He would have been there longer but the doctors noticed he was healing much faster than expected.

Minato arranged it so that when Naruto was realized from the intensive care unit he would be transferred to Sasuke's room he knew they would like that when they woke up.

2 Days Later Konoha Hospital

It was morning when Naruto next awoke; he opened his eyes and immediately knew he was in the hospital. He didn't feel too badly though he looked down at the bandages around his stomach and tried to move. Naruto winced Ow, ow okay it hurts but I can move. He thought.

Sitting up Naruto looked around and saw that Sasuke was in the bed next to him sleeping, and his Father was in a chair sitting next to his bed also asleep. He could see his Father had small circles under his eyes and looked exhausted. Naruto sighed and wondered how long he was out for, maybe a couple days, because he had obviously worried his father for at least that long.

After a few minutes Minato started to wake up, and saw Naruto sitting up awake. He quickly got up and went to his son. "Naruto." Minato called for his son's attention. Naruto turned his head to look up at him and smiled. "How are you feeling Son?" Minato asked concerned. Naruto rolled his eyes as if he had gotten a paper cut, "I'm fine Dad." He replied. Minato smirked at him "You know you're going to give me gray hair, you keep this up."

If you could grin and smirk at the same time Naruto was doing it. He reached up to his Dad's hair as though he were analyzing it. While Minato quirked an eyebrow. "How do you know I already haven't?" Naruto asked with his hands still in Minato's hair. "Aha! I have! You have grey hair!" Naruto exclaimed just before being grabbed and tickled around his neck, as Minato was being careful of his stomach. "I do not, take it back." Minato said smirking and tickling him. "Okay, okay fine!" Naruto managed out through giggles.

"Good. Now you mind telling me why you where at the Uchiha compound today? And where you got those tags?" Minato asked pointing at the tags Naruto had made. Dad probably went through my pockets since he saw me put that tag on Madara. Well damn, what do I say to that?

Maybe it's time to tell him the truth Kit.

What? But…

I know you don'twant to but you will have to someday.

I know… but not right now…

Naruto focusing back on the real world quickly came up with one of his half truths. "Those? I made those tags Dad." Naruto answered hoping to take his Father's mind off the other question. Minato blinked, "You made them? But who taught you to make seals?" Minato pushed further. Oh crap… I could tell him Jiraiya did, he did teach me the basics so it would be true but if he asked him Jiraiya would say he didn't. This is it, the time has finally come that I can either lie my ass off, or tell him the truth. But if I tell him the truth he won't ever look at me the same. Naruto thought as he resigned himself to his fate.

"Father I will tell you but… not here no one else can know." Naruto stated in a small voice that held sadness. Minato sat there watching his son for a moment, as he felt a wave of nervousness come over him. His Son sounded scared, Naruto, his son never was scared. "Naruto," he started but was interrupted as Sasuke woke up. Sasuke looked over at them sleepily and smiled when he saw Naruto "Your okay."

Naruto laughed and just like that the serious atmosphere was obliterated. "Well of course I am. Why does everyone always ask me that?" Naruto asked rhetorically. But Sasuke had to answer anyway; I mean Naruto did just give him a perfect opening. "Because you're always getting yourself into trouble, duh." Sasuke answered with a smirk. "Oi! Am not!" Naruto yelled. As the bickering continued Minato could only think of what would worry his son so much, and resolved to ask him as soon as they were home.

That night

After Itachi and his Mom had come and gone and Naruto's Dad finally left after explaining what had happened to the rest of the Uchihas'. Sasuke asked him what he had been dying to know all day. "Naruto you said you would tell me the 'whole story' about why the Uchihas' formed a rebellion. I want to know." Sasuke told his friend but made no room for argument. Naruto sighed "Alright Sasuke, I can't tell you exactly how I know this because it's related to an S-class secret." Naruto started, the S-class secret part being true concerning the Kyuubi but he couldn't tell him about the future anyway.

"Alright a long time ago there was a man named Madara Uchiha. Back in the time of the first Hokage this man was the head of the Uchiha Clan. He made the packed with the head of the Senju Clan, Senju Hashirama the first Hokage to make the leaf village. However he thought he should be the first Hokage so he fought Senju Hashirama for the title. In the fight it was said that he summoned the Kyuubi no Kitsune and was able to control him using his Sharingan, but he lost to the Senju anyways do to their bloodline to stop biju like the Kyuubi." Naruto stopped for a moment to let it sink in.

"Then as you know 7 years ago the Kyuubi attacked the village killing many people before being stopped by the Yondamie. Because of that some villagers thought it was an Uchiha who used Kyuubi to attack the village. They became less trusting to the Uchiha and the Uchiha had to be careful because if something went wrong near them they would be the ones looked at first. Soon the villagers fear gave birth to the very thing they feared. It had gotten better over the years but the Uchiha had already grown tired of being prosecuted at every turn and planned a coup to over throw the village. Gaining the power and respect they desired."

"By doing so though the Uchihas' could have started a clan war and killed many people. You know the rest." Naruto finished. "Naruto?" Sasuke asked after a minute. "Yeah?" Naruto turned to him. Sasuke looked down "Were they wrong?" Naruto's eyes sharpened, "Yes." He answer in a sure voice that made Sasuke look at him seeing his resolve. "Sasuke what happen to them may have been wrong but to betray your comrades, your friends, your village, and intend to kill so many people… is much worse." Naruto looked at him with no uncertainty on his face or in his words.

"They could have found another way, tried to prove themselves, even if it wasn't fair that they had to. Just through the course of time it was already getting better. But now… they didn't just betray the all the village but everyone with the Uchiha name." Naruto let his eyes wander down. Sasuke knew he was right and looked down too; they were quite for a while. Then Naruto spoke "Sasuke there's one more thing you should know." Sasuke looked at Naruto when he hesitated.

"You can't tell anyone about this." Sasuke nodded and Naruto continued. "The man in the orange spiral mask uses an alias, 'Tobi' but really is… Madara Uchiha." Naruto explained carefully. Sasuke eyes widened, "But didn't you say he lived in the time of the first Hokage? He'd be dead now." Sasuke asked confused. "He's not dead, I don't know how he kept himself alive, but I know it's him. And when he stabbed me," Sasuke winced remembering. "I saw his eye and it had a different Sharingan in it."

About a half hour past and neither boy was asleep, both thinking. One thinking about what had happened so far, and the other thinking about what he should do. Finally Sasuke spoke "Madara or not I will find the man in that mask one day and kill him before he can destroy my clan anymore. He tried to kill your father if you hadn't of stopped him the Uchihas' would have be blamed for the death of the 4th Hokage." Sasuke stated to his friend.

Well that could have gone worse, I guess. But just to make sure he doesn't ever go off the deep end I'll let him know I'm with him. Naruto thought.

"Same goes for me Sasuke, he tried to kill my Father and almost killed me. Plus he will come for me one day." Naruto told him. "Why would he be coming for you?" Sasuke asked confused and a little worried. "Sorry Sasuke, that's the S-class secret… but one day I will tell you, I promise." Naruto promised before they both fell asleep.


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