An Unexpected Beginning

Truth or Fiction?

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Chapter 18: Truth or Fiction?

Naruto and Sasuke were both being let out of the hospital 2 days after they woke up. They wanted to keep Naruto longer because of how badly he was injured when he came in, but Naruto of course, tried escaping the day before only making it half way to Ichiraku's before his Father caught him. So they figured it was ok to let him go, he would only be more restless without his friend there.

Itachi and Mikoto (Sasuke's mom) had already come and taken Sasuke home, and now Naruto was waiting for his Father to come for him. Naruto was nervous though thinking about if Minato would remember to ask him what he was going to tell him about. Maybe he forgot and I won't have to say anything… Yeah right since when am I that lucky.

Aaaaaww what do I do, what do I do. Alright if I'm going to tell him the truth ALL of it, I have to do it right but how? I can't tell him too much about the future or he'd try and change it… which I've already done, but the Chuunin Exams should still go the same. Ugh that's later, what do I tell him now! Naruto's mental ramblings were interrupted when the door opened and in walked the very person he was thinking about, his Father.

Minato was walking home the old fashion way with Naruto in his arms. They got home and Minato carried Naruto inside to the couch, they hadn't said much on the way home. Naruto was nervous and Minato was worried, as he sat down next to Naruto on the couch.

"It's okay Naruto, whatever it is, I'll take care of it." Minato tried to comfort Naruto.

Naruto didn't look at him but had a small bittersweet smirk on his lips for a few seconds. "I just don't know how to tell you, without you thinking I'm crazy, lying or worse." Naruto spoke softly. Minato looked down at Naruto, "Naruto your acting too serious for me to think you would lie, and I already think you're a bit crazy." Minato said playfully smirking at him. "How about we just start from what we were talking about in the hospital. Who taught you sealing?" Minato asked.

Naruto sighed, "Jiraiya-ojisan taught me in the beginning and then I taught myself." Naruto told him. Minato was a bit confused now, that's what he thought but how was that so bad? "Naruto, why didn't you just tell me that?" Minato asked. Naruto carefully kept his eyes from looking at his Father, "Because if you ask Jiraiya he will tell you that he didn't teach it to me. He doesn't know or remember…"

Minato just didn't get it, "Why wouldn't he remember Naruto?" Minato could sense his Son holding his breath. "Because… it hasn't happened yet." Naruto said so softly Minato almost didn't hear it. Then it clicked for Minato he knew exactly what his Son was trying to say, but that couldn't really be it… right? "Are you saying… you know the future?" Minato asked hesitantly. Naruto tensed seeing an opening to get out telling his Father he was 18 when he went back, but soon let the thought go he'd come this far and was going to finish with the truth.

"No, I'm saying I came from the future… Well now it's more of a different dimension, I guess." Naruto said refusing to look at his Father's face to see the rejection he knew was there. Minato sat there for a while thinking, "Naruto, not that I don't believe you but can you show me anything to prove this?" Minato asked almost too quietly. But Naruto heard him and understood, he would want proof too.

"Alright, you already know I can do sealing what could I show you that would prove it? Ask me anything, ask me why I learn things so fast, ask me how I did things I shouldn't have known how to, ask me about the things I've done that didn't seem to make sense." Naruto finished looking to his Father, waiting for the chance to prove who he was.

After every question Naruto suggested Minato believed more, 'ask me why I learn things so fast' he did learn fast, faster than anyone Minato knew. 'Ask me how I did things I shouldn't have known how to' he had improved the Rasengan at six and did other things he shouldn't have known how to but were able to be explained... by him. 'Ask me about the things I've done that didn't seem to make sense' he would sometimes have this look in his eyes, like he'd seen his world crumble then it would be replaced with a look of such determination Minato doubted anything could stop him.

Minato didn't like to think his Son had been through so much, but he believed him. It made everything fall into place but… there was something he wanted to know for a long time. He turned to Naruto who was still waiting for a question.

"Naruto, why don't you ever cry?" Minato asked softly looking at him with concern.

That was not the question Naruto thought he would ask, not anywhere near it. To say that Naruto was stunned was an understatement, he had just given his Father a free pass to ask anything past, present, or future and he had to ask that. It felt like his brain shut down for a few seconds, before he looked down and started trying to answer. The problem was he wasn't even shore why anymore.

Without looking up Naruto spoke "I don't know, I guess it's just habit now." He said being as truthful as possible. Minato knew he didn't want the answer but he had to know "Why is it a habit my Son?" Minato asked. Naruto looked up at him with hope his Father knew he was from the future and still called him his son. But how could he answer that, "Because… no one but Old Man Hokage ever cared, and crying wasn't going to help me."

Minato sat there seeing the sadness in his Son's eyes and reached over to him pulling him onto his lap. As he held his son though something was bugging him, without pulling Naruto back to look at him he asked "Son you said no one but Old Man Hokage cared… where was I." when he finished asking he felt his son still and knew something was wrong. Minato held his son tighter and ran his hand through Naruto's blond hair trying to calm him and waiting for an answer he knew he wouldn't like.

Naruto couldn't look at his Father to tell him so he kept his head on his Father's chest listening to his heartbeat. "Both my parents died the very day I was born." Naruto replied quietly, feeling the muscles in his Father's arms tighten as he held him closer on instinct. Minato didn't want to ask any more questions, but with the mention of the day of his birth he had to know if his Son knew. "Do you know how Naruto?"

Naruto sighed relaxed in his Father's arms, "I wasn't ever really told, but yes I know what happen." Sounding more at ease as his Father ran a hand through his hair. "Could you tell me what happen to me?" Minato asked hoping it wasn't what he thought it was. Naruto didn't tense but Minato could see a frown on his Son's face when he pulled back to look at him. "He died sealing the Kyuubi into me, but you already knew that." Naruto spoke quietly, resting his head back on Minato before he finished.

"Naruto… I'm so sorry." Minato knew it wasn't enough but what else could he say.

I'm sorry. Naruto stilled at the words, he didn't know what to do with them. He looked up slowly his face blank but his eyes big looking up in confusion almost like a kicked puppy. Seeing that look in his Son's eyes was worse than facing any enemy. He cupped the side of Naruto's face and looked into his eyes "I'm sorry I sealed him in you, I'm sorry that in your time I died, and I'm sorry I left you alone." Minato showed pain and sadness, Naruto knew it was completely sincere.

That was it; Naruto could feel his mask breaking. The mask he had used for so long that was normally thin just stretching with his face but would become hard as steel when he needed it too. He had used that mask to smile when kids in his class laughed at him, and when villagers had glared or sneered at him; he used it to smile telling the world they couldn't touch him. But… those words 'I'm sorry I left you alone' had touched him. Somewhere in his mind Naruto knew his mask had cracked when a single tear streaked down his face.

Minato was completely shocked seeing his Son cry for the first time. He held Naruto close as his Son clung to him and cried quietly for the first time in this life and many years into the last.

After a while Naruto sniffed wiping away his tears and looked up at his Father, "Father now that you know, are you… gonna treat me different?" Naruto asked still wiping tears from his face. Minato's eyes softened "Is that why you were afraid to tell me?" Minato asked and Naruto nodded without looking at him. Minato put his hand in his Son's hair, and Naruto turned to him. "Naruto whatever life you had before, in this life you are 7 years old, you are my Son and I will treat you as such always."

Naruto jumped up as best he could sitting and hugged him… tightly. "Naruto… can't… breath." Minato gasped out. Naruto let go and laughed, putting his hand behind his head. Minato just smirked seeing the happy Naruto back, "Alright, alright let get some dinner and you can tell me more about this, okay?" Minato asked getting a smile and a nod from Naruto. As they walked to the kitchen Naruto spoke up, "Hey Dad, there might be something I could show you that could prove I'm from the future." Naruto told him. "I already believe you, but what did you have in mind?"

"Two things, but I'll keep them a surprise." Naruto grinned. "Tomorrow I'll show you but we'll need a lot of open space." Naruto stated thinking. Minato was now sure this would end with a bang, but was curious. "Okay I'll take off work early and pick you up at the academy." Minato smirked and ruffled Naruto's hair. Why do I feel like I should warn someone to take cover? Minato thought as they started making food.

They spent most the night talking about the future and what Naruto had been changing in his new life.


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