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Just Another Day in the Life

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Chapter 19: Just Another Day in the Life

The next day Naruto awoke in his bed with his head resting on his Dad. They had been talking all night about the future, what time Naruto came back to, what happen, and why. Then they moved onto other things like Naruto's childhood, and the beginning of his ninja career. Minato didn't know but Naruto left a lot out from his younger years.

Like Naruto told him he lived in his own apartment at the age of 4 but didn't tell him it was because the orphanage kicked him out. He also left out how the villager hated him, he was always alone, and that he hadn't even met Jiraiya till he was almost 13 years old. Naruto felt a little bad about keeping these things from his Father but didn't want him angry at the village, especially not Jiraiya even though he left him alone for so long he came back, and Naruto considered him one of his most precious people.

Naruto sat up slowly trying to not wake his Dad and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He smiled seeing his Father sleeping next to him and then looked at the clock. 9 O'CLOCK! I'M GONNA BE LATE! Naruto thought and was fully awake running around his room like a crazy person literally running up the walls in panic looking for his things for the academy.

Minato woke up startled at the sound of a crash. Jumping up to see what happened, he had to bite back a laugh at seeing his son under a mountain of stuffed frogs, foxes, and clothes. He was unsuccessful though and started laughing out right when Naruto finally had dug himself to the top. Naruto noticed and glared up at his Father which didn't give off the effect he wanted since there was still a blue frog on his head. So Minato was still snickering at him when he said "What are you laughing at? You know you're gonna be late too." Naruto pointed out to his Father.

Which caused Minato to stop snickering and started the whole scene over again, only this time it was Minato running around the whole house, walls and all looking for his stuff for work. Naruto rolled his eyes at this wondering if he had just looked that silly. Disregarding the though because he was late Naruto snatched up his backpack and shuriken holster and ran out the door grabbing some kind of breakfast bar on his way out yelling "Bye Dad!" and shutting the door behind him.

Naruto ran in the classroom just as Iruka-sensei was shutting the door, slipping in between the door and the frame just in time. Running up to the seat next to Sasuke, Naruto sat down taking a deep breath and whispered "Made it." Sasuke looked over to him and rolled his eyes, "Lose track of time setting up one of your pranks?" Sasuke whispered. Naruto turned to him "Nah, I just got up late." Naruto answered back.

Soon Iruka-sensei called for attention and the day went pretty normal, after the explanation of what happened with the Uchihas'. Which was heavily edited and got Sasuke lots of sympathy looks, (especially from the girls), the story basically went 'Many Uchihas' died in an attack on them.' Of course Naruto immediately knew the damn council changed the public story so that there would be no ill will against the few Uchiha left. So that they could more easily start relationships and more babies would be born with the Sharingan. Sasuke though just knew he wasn't supposed to say anything, but frowned at the explanation. Sasuke looked to Naruto in question, but Naruto just shrugged at him so he didn't say anything.

It was now almost lunch time and Naruto was still thinking how he would make the demonstration he was planning for his Dad more dramatic. Something was just bugging him though it was almost like… someone was watching him, Duh! Naruto thought and turned slightly looking out the corner of his eyes to see Hinata watching him with a dreamy look. Naruto rolled his eyes and sighed, She really did like me even this far back. I must have been really stupid not to notice it till she jumped on the battle field with Pain and declared she Loved me.

Well I know we can't be together like a couple till were older but… that doesn't mean I can't let her know I notice her. With that thought Naruto turned toward Hinata with a big grin and winked at her. Then he turned back watching for her reaction out of the corner of his eyes. Hinata didn't disappoint, her jaw dropped, her face turned red, she quickly closed her mouth and turned away knowing she'd been caught.

Naruto was smirking and trying not to laugh, but when he found out why she always blushed like that he thought it was cute and would try to make her blush. The Hinata in his time had slowly built up a resistance to his tricks, he could still do it but it was much harder, this little 7 year old Hinata though was so easy to embarrass. Sasuke looked over to his friend and quirked an eyebrow, "Fangirl?" Sasuke asked Naruto in a whisper so their Sensei wouldn't hear. Naruto shook his head, "No, that one is special." He whispered back.

Once they were finally let out of class for the day Naruto and Sasuke waited at the gate. Sasuke was waiting for his Brother and Naruto was waiting for his Father, it was unusual though because normally Naruto just walked himself out due to his Father work usually kept him in the office till later. So Sasuke was curious, "Why you waiting Naruto?" Sasuke asked. "My Dad said he'd pick me up today." Naruto answered.

No sooner that he said it though the boys saw a yellow flash right in front of them and Minato was there. Minato grinned at his Son, "Ready?" he asked Naruto. Naruto just stared at him and said "You snuck one of your seals on me again didn't you?" It wasn't really said like a question, and Minato sweat dropped. "Uh… yeah?" now that, Minato said almost like a question at the end. Naruto rolled his eyes and sighed. Well at least I know he is still treating me like I'm really 7 years old. Naruto thought. He shook his head at looked up to his Dad amused "Alright let's go!" Naruto yelled in his true 7 year old form, as Sasuke rolled his eyes and Minato chuckled at him.

Naruto led his Father to the forest of death; it was the only place he knew no one would be likely to catch him throwing around huge amounts of chakra. His Father hesitated though when he realized his Son was going inside. "Naruto, are you sure you want to go in there?" Minato asked hoping his 7 year old time traveler wouldn't. Naruto had told him last night that part of his first and only chuunin exam was held in the forest but from the future or not he didn't really want his Son in that forest.

Naruto turn around seeing his Dad hesitate "Don't worry Dad it's okay! Come on!" Naruto called to him, and jumped right over the very high fence in one leap. Minato was right behind, staying close if anything happened. The first clearing they got to seem to be far enough inside and his Dad was sticking to his side like glue so Naruto decided it was far enough.

"Okay Dad one of the things I wanted to show you I haven't tried since I came back so I don't really know if it will work. But here it goes!" with that said Naruto jumped to the center of the clearing. Biting his thumb and quickly going through hand signs that made his Father's eye widen and jaw drop when he saw the poof of smoke as Naruto called out "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" and slammed his hand on the ground. When the smoke cleaned there was a small toad sitting on the ground, Naruto beamed at the little toad "Gamakichi!" he exclaimed excited.

Gamakichi quickly looked up when he heard his name and the familiar but young voice. "Bro?" Gamakichi questioned. Now it was time for Naruto's jaw to drop, "You remember?" Naruto almost yelled as Minato was still watching the whole scene from a distance… his eyes still wide. "Of course I do." Gamakichi stated almost annoyed. "Why would… n't… I? AH! I'M SHORT!" he looked back at Naruto who was snickering until, "YOUR SHORT TOO!" Gamakichi yelled. Naruto hated being called short, "OI! I am Not!" Naruto stated defiantly, but Gamakichi wasn't listening he was thinking over that last thing he remembered.

When Gamakichi didn't say anything Naruto started to get worried, "Uh hey Kichi you okay?" Naruto asked kneeling down to the small toad. Gamakichi snapped his head up to Naruto, "Yeah… but I remember you died, at least we thought you did. But I also remember right before you summoned me I didn't know any of what happened. It's like when you summoned me I got all these memories, my memories. And I defiantly remember being different, what did you do?" Gamakichi asked half curious half accusatory.

Naruto put his hand behind his head rubbing it nervously "Heh heh, well I kind of… Traveled back in time." Naruto said casually with his eyes looking up and away from the toad. Gamakichi stared up at him suspiciously, "Seriously?" he questioned. Naruto sighed "Yeah." By that time Minato had gathered his head and walked up to them, "So I take it you signed the toad contract in your other life?" Minato asked addressing his Son.

The little toad and Naruto turned to him, "Uh yeah, this is Gamakichi, Kichi this is my Dad." Naruto introduced them as Minato nodded politely to the toad and Gamakichi went bug eyed but nodded to Minato anyway. Kichi turned back to Naruto "Just how far did you go back Naruto?" asked the little toad. "To the beginning." Naruto answered without any hesitation. "Well my beginning, the day I was born."

"But how did you-" Kichi started as Naruto interrupted him, "Hold on Kichi, if I'm going to go through the whole story I might as well summon your Dad and Ma and Pa too. Since you got your memories when I summoned you they should too." Naruto told him as he was already making seals. Gamakichi just nodded, but Minato didn't know who Gamakichi's Dad was, he thought he heard Jiraiya talking about Ma and Pa a few times but didn't ever have sage training so didn't know them. "Naruto what are you… ?" was all Minato got out before the whole clearing and then some was filled full of toad, mostly Gamabunta along with two toads barely bigger than Gamakichi but looked much older.

Minato could barely believe it his Son had just summoned the boss toad and didn't even look very drained. Ma and Pa greeted Naruto and Gamabunta looked down to see Naruto who he thought looked smaller than usual, and was about to ask why he had been summoned when his attention was grabbed by another, "Hi Gamabunta." Minato waved at him, the huge toad looked like he'd seen a ghost and almost fainted.

After the explanations were told of what time they were in, and how they got there, Gamabunta laughed out loud shaking the ground. Minato and Naruto didn't know why but they smirked just seeing it. The big toad quieted to chuckles "Only you, (chuckle) Naruto would find a way to do the impossible." Gamabunta shook his head at the boy who truly dissevered the title 'The Most Unpredictable Ninja.' Naruto beamed at the huge toad, and the other toads laughed agreeing with him. "Well he wasn't dubbed the most unpredictable ninja for nothing." Kichi spoke up. Minato just smirked and shook his head believing every bit, even at only 7 years old his Son was full of surprises.

"Alright it should be dinner time Kichi we should be getting back." The large toad told his Son. "Okay. Bye Naruto!" Kichi yelled turning to Naruto before both he and Gamabunta poofed. "Well it's about time we got back too." Ma said looking at Pa. "Wait!" Naruto said stopping them, "I wanted to show my Dad that jutsu but I need sage mode to throw it, so would you…" Naruto was interrupted by Pa "Stick around to make sure you don't turn into a giant toad statue?" Pa asked. Naruto looked at him and sweat dropped "Uh yeah." Minato's eyebrows furrowed at it sounding dangerous.

Minato didn't have time to say anything though before Pa smiled and told Naruto "Sure go ahead!" Naruto stopped and closed his eyes not moving, Minato was about to go and see if something was wrong when Pa toad put his staff in front of him "He's alright, it's just taking more time because he's not done it in that body and he doesn't want to mess up. Just give him a minute." whispered the old toad. Minato frowned but nodded. As he looked up to see Naruto opening up his eyes, they were golden with horizontal pupils, the outer edges of his eyes were red, like… the toads.

Naruto was smirking at him. "Alright this is Sage Mode Dad, you might have seen Jiraiya-oji do it before." Naruto said and Minato nodded. "Yeah, but only once. Why are you using it?" Minato asked. "Heh well my jutsu… I haven't learned how to throw without it, and if I use it with my hand it kinda breaks everything in that hand and arm." Naruto said nervously as his Father frowned. "But don't worry I can throw it now!" he said trying to break the mood.

Preparing the jutsu Naruto quickly made a clone before his Father could start talking him out of it. He Really wanted him to see it… and show it off. So before Minato could protest he saw a familiar ball forming in his Son's hand, but then it started changing. When Minato realized what the clone was doing his eyes became wide and he didn't think he could move. Then he heard it, it's actually Buzzing with power! Minato thought as he watched his Son, not improve this time but complete his original jutsu. The ball of spinning energy was getting bigger and there now were wind blades circling around it like a moving shuriken.

Minato watched as his 7 year old Son held this powerful ball of pure chakra above his head as the clone stopped adding the wind element to it and dispelled.

Once the jutsu was complete in his hand Naruto lifted it above his head keeping his eyes on it. He looked over at his Father who looked like he had moved from his state of shock to pure awe. His Father met his gaze taking his eyes off the jutsu to see his Son grinning at him childishly, with a 'know it all' look. Naruto felt like the kid he was with his favorite destructive jutsu above his head. He then quickly turned away from his Father to the opposite direction of Konoha and threw the giant shuriken of spiraling energy, calling out "RASEN-SHURIKEN!"

After Naruto had watched the destruction of his jutsu, which had left a crater showing its path far into the forest, he looked back to see his Father's reaction. Naruto smiled big, his Father's reaction was priceless. Minato was just standing there staring wide eyed at the trail where the powerful jutsu… Rasen-Shuriken had gone.


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