An Unexpected Beginning

Day One

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Chapter 2 Day One

WHAT THE HELL! Naruto thought when he looked up he was being carried by none other than the Yondaime Hokage, his father, and if that wasn't enough he couldn't have been more than a few hours old. I never told Kyuu what time to take us. Naruto realized annoyed at himself.

Naruto looked up at his father, who had the same spiky blond locks that he did. Trying to understand if he should be mad that he was in the arms of the man about to curse him, or content to try and remember the feeling and smell of his father. Minato must have noticed his son looking because even though he was still jumping through the trees he turned to look at his son. At that moment Naruto could see his own eyes staring back at him and could help but smile.

This is my father he is only trying to protect the village, and thinks he is making me a hero. It's not his fault the villagers are stupid. So if I don't hate the villagers for what they did how can I blame him. Naruto thought.

Minato looked down at his son and smiled at him full of pride. "Naruto son, look at you, you're only a few hours old and already so strong. You know most babies would be crying that its cold and keeping their eyes shut because there not used to the light. But you not only have your eyes open and are not crying but see fit to smile at me." Minato looked up seeing Kyuubi's massive form only a couple miles away now. "I really wish I could be there to see you grow, you'll be a strong child." Naruto gave a sad smile at that, a strange look on a newborn. He wanted to help his father, he wanted to save him.

They arrived at the sealing alter. Minato held Naruto a bit tighter for a second and put him down, to start drawing the seal. As soon as he undid the blanket around Naruto's stomach though his eyes got wide and his heart felt like it stop for a second. On his son's stomach was the same seal he was about to put on… already there.

Naruto just grinned at him the whole time, with that I know something look. After about 30 seconds the Kyuubi's roar pulled Minato out of his daze. He didn't have time to think about this. The seal was already there so all that's left is summon Gamabunta to get the fox's attention, and activate it.

Naruto watched his father walk off to summon Gamabunta, and watched him jump up on the giant toad he knew so well. Preparing to sacrifice himself to activate the seal… but the seals already active its holding my futures Kyuubi, I can feel him there. At that moment Naruto had one of those ideas that got him the title of the most unpredictable ninja, and as usual he acted on it. Oi! Kyuubi can you hear me! Naruto heard a grumble in the back of his head, as he tried to hurry before his father was gone forever. What is it Kit I'm trying to sleep, timetravel isn't easy you know.

Sorry Kyuu, but I need to know quickly if I can pull the Kyuubi from this time in this seal, before my dad dies trying to activate it. Our souls are bonded for all eternity and he is part of you so there must be a way.

Umm you have a good point Kit normally I would assume, since I don't timetravel often that I would automatically fuse with the other me. Like you have with you other self but since our souls had to stay together, something unusual happened. Try flaring our chakras together as much as you can through the seal it should call the other soul to us.

There was still time only a few seconds had passed, but his father was starting to form handseals. So he had to hurry, baby Naruto push as much chakra as he could through the seal mixing what little of Kyuubi's he had left after the timetraveling and Final battle. This was still a good amount but was not much to him only about 1 tail worth was left. Naruto though also had some of his old chakra, his sprit energy side came with him, so he had enough.

As the chakra flared Minato was shocked; his father's hanseals stop for a moment, just long enough for the chakra to reach the other Kyuubi. The other Kyuubi stop within an instant his soul being pulled out, Minato could see it going into his son.

It burned; Naruto could barely keep himself from screaming. But doing so may cause his father to act he couldn't let that happen this time it would be better. Then it was over, the other Kyuubi's body dropped dead its soul gone absorbed by his Kyuubi and its body burned to the sky till there was nothing left. Minato was to say the least shocked, his thoughts around the lines 'What the hell just happen' but he soon came out of it still completely confused, but remember his son was still alone on the ground.

Naruto was so tried it was a lot for the newborn to stay awake so long and you know save his father, defeat a bijuu, and change the future all on his first day on earth. The last thing Naruto saw before he closed his eyes was his father coming towards him, just before he was completely out he felt his father scoop him up carefully and hold him close.

As Minato held his son close he could feel his sensei Jiraiya coming. Jiraiya stop right in front of him out of breath worry still clear on his face. "Minato what happen to the Kyuubi, are you okay?" Jiraiya asked. "I'm fine Sensei, (giving a slight smirk) but as for what happen I'm not really sure." Minato replied truthfully. "I think the sealing was successful but I'm not sure." Minato added.

Jiraiya paled and looked at Naruto. "What do you mean 'not sure' what exactly happened?" he asked. With anyone else Minato would not of told him since it was concerning his son, but Jiraiya was his sensei and Minato trusted him completely… except to not peek at his wife but that was something else entirely. So he told Jiraiya everything that happened, and asked him to tell everyone the Kyuubi was gone but not say how, that he would deal with tomorrow. So he took Naruto home with him and fell asleep next to him on the bed.

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