An Unexpected Beginning

Getting Back to 'Normal'

I know this one is a bit late (even though I don't really have a time limit)

I saw the new version of Dragon Ball Z which is DBZ Kai, I liked that its color was touched up and there was a new intro

but THEY CUT SO MUCH OUT! So I ended up watching the first 8eps of the DBZ uncut and remastered version to easy my mind.

Anyway I don't really have another excuse but that I was reading other peoples fics ^_^' so onto answering reviews!


To Shinigami : I'll see if I can get Gaara closer to his Brother and Sister earlier on,

and I don't know what I'm doing with Nagoto yet but don't worry I AM NOT going to let Jiraiya die ;) he's one of my favorites.


To Princess Sara Rose : I didn't mean Naruto & Hinata wouldn't be friends till then but I don't know

how much training I can put them doing together because I'm trying to keep them similar to the original

but I might be able to slip something in like chakra control exercises (since she was already good at that)

even if I do make her stronger though she won't be showing hr family till at least the Chuunin exams a good ninja always has an ace after all ;)


To SuperSweetGirl119387 : I will be adding Tsunade to the story but I haven't decided when yet but I think it will be soon ;P


THANK YOU ALL for the reviews, ideas and tips :D I love hearing what you like and try to do more


BTW if anyone is confused Gamakichi didn't 'shrink' he is just in his younger body. He didn't actually go back in time

just his memories when Naruto summoned him = any toads that have NOT been summoned by Naruto in the new timeline DON'T remember :P


I don't own Naruto


Chapter 20: Getting back to 'Normal'

It had been a few month since the Uchiha incident and since Minato had found out about the future. So Naruto figured it had been enough, and now it was time to liven up the town. While his Father had still been treating him like a kid, like he wanted. Naruto noticed that his Father was quieter like sometimes he just didn't know what to say. So it was time to remind his Father how truly childish he could be.

Naruto and his class were just let out of the academy. Sasuke was waiting for his Brother to pick him up as usual; there was no way he would leave by himself with those drooling fangirls watching. Sakura and Ino were two of those 'drooling fangirls'. Shikamaru and Chouji were headed in the direction of Shikamaru's favorite cloud watching spot. Shino… had disappeared. Kiba walked through the gate and was heading home. Hinata, well… she was hiding behind a tree watching Naruto.

Naruto was talking to Sasuke; normally he would just walk out dodging his own group of fangirls. He was the Hokage's son after all, so without their parents telling them he was a monster, his status, his baby blue eyes, and sunny blond hair; his fan club was almost as big as Sasuke's.

Today though Naruto wasn't leaving right away, though Sasuke didn't mind the company he was curious. "Hey Naruto don't you usually go to the tower after school?" Sasuke asked. "Uh yeah but I wanted to get the full effect." Naruto told him with one of 'those' looks that said this wouldn't end well. Sasuke hid a smirk he tried not to show it but he loved see the pranks his friend pulled off. "Get the full effect of what?" Sasuke asked one eyebrow raised.

Naruto grinned big showing his teeth. Oh yes this was going to be good. Naruto raise one hand in a seal, which Sasuke knew to be half of the ram seal usually used to focus and release Genjutsu. Naruto focused the chakra and activated the seals he had placed in the classroom. Sasuke didn't know what happened though so after a few seconds of Naruto's grin not fading he was about to ask but never got the chance because right then there was a scream heard from inside.

"NARUTO!" Iruka-sensei yelled loud enough the whole village most likely heard. Naruto loved it; it was like the signal to start the chase, and he was off like a shot. Sasuke turned around to ask what the hell he did, but when he did all he saw was an orange blur in the distance. Then Iruka-sensei blurred past him… looking orange too?

Naruto looked back and laughed. It went better than planned Iruka-sensei must have still been in the room when I activated the seals! Naruto thought as he was still laughing, it was just supposed to be the classroom… and everything in it that was neon orange but now Iruka-sensei was too, and it doesn't even seem like he knows that he's changing color. Naruto looked back to see an angry Iruka-sensei changing from neon orange to sparkly pink to neon blue, and back to neon orange.

No one would know it except for him but it was kind of a tribute to his past and soon to be future team. The orange of course represented him, the pink was for Sakura, and the blue was for Sasuke. Naruto laughed as he thought about it, it was like a sunset at the beach. He was like the shining sun, bright and powerful; Sasuke was the sea below, deep and strong; then there was Sakura the pink glow in between them acting as a buffer. Well that was how it was before, this time he was closer to Sasuke so they wouldn't really need a buffer but Sakura will still balance the team out nicely, once she is pulled out of 'fangirl mode'.

Now there were about a team worth of ninja chasing him though, and Naruto could even hear a few of them snickering at how Iruka-sensei kept changing color. He had gone through the village at least 4 times now and they were still right behind him. So he started thinking of a way to lose them, I mean shadow clone diversions worked but were getting old. Naruto looked behind him to see how many were there, Lets see 13 so far, it looks like 4 ANBU and 9 Chuunin. Not bad for a day's work. Now how to ditch them? Naruto thought as he turned back to look around.

Before Naruto could turn around though he felt him coming, all he saw after that was a yellow flash and suddenly he was off the ground. Naruto realized he was now under his Father's arm, which was wrapped around his stomach. Facing the ANBU and Chuunin that were trying very hard to stop and not run into their Hokage. Minato raised an eyebrow at a Chuunin that stopped a bit too close to him as the Chuunin jumped back a bit.

"Alright, would one of you care to explain why you were chasing Naruto?" Minato asked eyeing the color changing Iruka and hiding a smirk. "Ah Iruka-san you seem to know more about this, what happen?" Minato questioned Iruka as he glanced down at his Son, who had his hands under his chin holding his head up despite the fact there was nothing under him.

"Well Hokage-sama, I was in my classroom at the academy after class had let out grading papers when there was a flash of colors. When the flash stopped I looked around and the whole classroom was orange." Iruka stated trying not to twitch when he could see how close the young Hokage was to laughing at him.

"Really well Iruka-san how do you know Naruto did that?" Minato asked now not hiding his smirk. Iruka stared dumbfounded, his mouth dropped and eyebrows rose. No one but Minato notice that Naruto had a similar look. He'd ask about it later.

"Be-because it was Orange, and he ran away laughing." Iruka stated as if that was all the proof needed. Knowing Naruto though it probably was and Minato knew it. Naruto though deadpanned the best he could while still being held under his Father's arm, he was going to be caught because it was orange, IT DIDN'T EVEN STAY ORANGE! I mean anyone could run away while being chased laughing manically. Naruto thought annoyed.

"Okay that's a good point." Minato conceded but thought it only fair to ask, "Naruto did you do this?" Minato asked looking down at his Son who looked back with the biggest blue puppy-dog eyes you'd ever seen.

"Who, me?" Naruto questioned innocently. Minato almost caved right then, forcing himself to look away he tried again.

"Yes you, did you set up that trap?" Minato asked refusing to look in his Sons eyes, knowing he would crumble. Even some of the ANBU were under the dreaded *Puppy-dog eyes no jutsu* and Naruto wasn't even looking at them. Naruto sighed, giving up on catching his Father's eyes.

"In my defense I didn't know Iruka-sensei was in the room." Naruto told them with a bored look but not actually looking at any of them. Most the ninja quirked an eyebrow at what he said but Iruka was the one to ask.

"Then how did the trap go off, if it wasn't set for me?" Iruka asked confused looking at the small boy, who had already made a name for himself as the village prankster. Minato had an idea, but he and the rest of the ninja looked at Naruto waiting.

"Because I activated it from outside." Naruto told them as if it was so simple. Which to him it was but for someone who didn't study seals, well they had no idea how he could have done that. Minato decided it was time to speak up though before anyone asked.

"Oh sorry about that, you see Naruto has been learning about seals." Minato said putting one hand behind his head while still holding Naruto up with the other. "So I guess he altered one. Alright everyone back to what you were doing I'll take care of Naruto." Minato said as all the ninja left, and he flashed Naruto and himself to the Hokage tower.

Meanwhile in Suna

It was time for Kit/Naruto's monthly visit and Gaara was waiting for him at the usual spot in the park where they first met. Gaara had been waiting there since morning; he always looked forward to Naruto's visits. Looking up he spotted the golden fox he had been looking for and ran to him.

"Kit! You're here I was waiting for you." Gaara exclaimed running over. Kit gave him a foxy grin, still in his fox form and turned around motioning for Gaara to follow him. They went up to Gaara's room being careful that Kit wasn't seen. Gaara shut and locked his door as usual behind him to be safe.

Kit jumped up on the bed and sat down, "Gaara remember that seal I told you about?" Kit asked.

"Uh yeah, the one to go on top of mine, right?" Gaara questioned back.

"Right, well I finished it a few months ago, but the problem is I can't put it on you with a clone. Even the clone I'm using now isn't strong enough, it might have the chakra for it but isn't durable enough to perform the seal. I need to do it in person." Kit explained. Gaara looked up at him slightly afraid his friend would give up.

"S-so is the real you going to come here… or do I come to you?" Gaara asked hesitantly hoping Naruto wouldn't say neither and give up on helping him.

Naruto caught his nervousness and tried to think of why, and despite how clueless he could be with some things his friend's feelings wasn't usually one of them. So he thought over the conversation and realized it. Kit then changed into his human form and put a hand on Gaara's shoulder.

"Gaara, I am Not going to give up, not on you, not ever. You got that?" Naruto was looking at him totally serious but didn't seem to be angry. Gaara looked up to his face seeing the resolve in his best friend's deep blue eyes he gave a small smile and nodded.

"Good, now I'm going to try and get the real me to you. It would be easier to wait till were older and become ninja but I didn't want to leave it that long. Especially since I told you over a year ago I'd get it off." Kit's human form smirked at him. "I'm going to try and get to you before next month, alright?" Kit asked cheerfully now breaking the serious mood.

"Alright." Gaara nodded with a small smile. "Now, want to go play Kit?" Gaara asked smirking, because of how last time he won their game. Kit just smirked back "You're on Sandman." Gaara made a face at the nickname his friend had given him but Kit had used it a few times so he was getting used to it. Mainly because trying to get his friend to stop using a nickname was impossible and a waste of time. Gaara pitied the man Naruto would occasionally talk about and wondered what the poor bastard had done to earn the title 'Ero-sennin'.

Hokage Tower Konoha

Minato dropped Naruto onto the couch that he had in the office and then stared at him, one eyebrow raised while the rest of his face blank, waiting for an answer. Naruto was waiting on him to say something, but the quiet after a few moments was too much. He had never been very patient.

"What?" Naruto asked impatiently. Minato just sighed at his Son, and only after securing the silencing seals in the office he spoke.

"Why did you turn Iruka-san and your classroom orange?" His Father asked massaging his forehead with his hand. Naruto almost laughed he could remember Old Man Hokage doing that after many of his pranks. He contained himself though and answered.

"Everything was too, blah." Naruto replied blunt as usual. "I wanted to liven things up. Plus it keeps the ninja that chase me on their toes. You think they don't start training their asses off when they're outrun by an academy student." Naruto finish trying to make it seem more noble.

"Naruto, you used seals, modified ones that you shouldn't know." Minato was going to say more but Naruto jumped in.

"Actually they're not modified. I made them myself." Naruto told him proud of his invention but didn't think it would matter. It's not like a normal ninja could tell the difference between a modified seal and an original unless it was common.

Minato blinked. "You made them?" he asked. "Yep!" Naruto chirped back. Minato shook his head and smirked his Son really was a seal master. The seals he found on him the night of the Uchiha incident were based off original seals. It's a great talent to be able to modify those seal like he did but to make an original, that was something else. That was a true gift.

The young Hokage looked down at his Son and ruffled his hair, smirking at him. "If only your power could be used for good." Minato joked laughing when his Son pouted at him. Then he remembered what he wanted to ask earlier, "Naruto," Minato called for his Son's attention, "Why'd you look so surprised when I asked Iruka-san how he knew it was you that turned him into the walking eyesore of changing colors?"

Naruto snickered at the title his Father gave his latest master piece. Then sighed resignedly he didn't really want to tell his Father why because he didn't want to make him feel bad, but he had to stop hiding things. And he wanted to start being more honest with his Father now that he could.

"I was surprised because… no one had ever come to my defense like that before. Everyone just always assumed I did it, whatever it was." Naruto said the whole thing quietly. Then smirked, "But I guess most the time I was guilty." He finished. Minato looked closer though and saw that his Son's smirk didn't reach his eyes… it was fake.

Minato kneeled down in front of his Son, who was still sitting on the couch, "Naruto… I" Minato started but he really didn't know what to say. Naruto stopped him from going on though.

"It's alright Dad. It's not your fault, I only told you because you asked. You don't need to feel bad." Naruto said trying to smile at him, this time it was real but it was a sad smile. Minato just looked at him for a minute, and then tried again.

"Thank you Naruto, but… I don't just feel bad because of blaming myself, I feel bad because I know you do." Minato said slowly choosing his words with care. His Father then put a hand on the top of his head, and put his forehead to his own. "You are my Son and I want to help you." Minato pulled back and kissed his Son's forehead.

Naruto's eyes weren't blinking they were looking up wide and innocent like the child he appeared to be. Before his Father could move away Naruto jumped forward and hugged him as tight as his small arms could. Minato hugged him back and picked him up off the couch holding him.

After a while Minato was going to suggest getting some dinner and going out to train with Naruto, he didn't have time to do that too often and it made Naruto happy but before he could someone jumped through the window breaking the silencing seals. He and Naruto who was still being held, spun around to see who it was.


Hey hope you liked it! :D It's the longest chapter yet! XD

I've put in at least 2 scene with forehead kissing in this story so I think I should tell you what I'm thinking as I write those. Well idk where but 'somewhere' on the internet

I read a kiss on the forehead means 'I'll protect you' and it stuck with me, so just so you know in this story thats what it means. :)

I think the only thing that might need translating is the '-san' & '-sama'

I put at the end of Iruka's name 'san' is a Japanese honorific used to be respectful toward people

you don't know, its commonly used because it can be used with most people.

'sama' I used for Iruka addressing the Hokage, 'sama' is used for someone of high status, ruff translation

Hokage-sama = Lord Hokage

At least that what I know it to be if you know different I'm listening but I believe thats right, till next time REVIEW! ^_^

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