An Unexpected Beginning

Enter Jiraiya!

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Chapter 21: Enter Jiraiya!

When Minato and Naruto saw who had just jumped through the window they both relaxed. Minato was thinking he should remember to shut the window, silencing seals or not, because if this keeps up his Sensei was going to give him a heart attack. Yes the one who had just jump into the Hokage's office without a second thought was Jiraiya. Well to most it would seem like it was without a second thought but he had quickly checked and only felt the blond duo inside.

"Yo!" Jiraiya greeted them. Naruto wiggled down just to jump up on Jiraiya shouting, "Jiraiya-oji!" as Jiraiya caught him and smiled at the boy he had grown so fond of. Minato smiled at the scene before clearing his throat calling for their attention.

"Well it's nice to see you're in town Sensei, but you could knock." Minato said while trying to look annoyed, but his sensei knew him too well so he just brushed off the last part of Minato's greeting like he didn't hear it at all. Naruto just rolled his eyes at all of it.

"Yes well I'm not actually here for just a visit." Jiraiya explained, seemingly completely oblivious to Naruto listening in, probably not thinking he would understand he went on.

"There is something odd going on with the toads. Some kind of rumors going around the mountain, most are inconsistent or downright crazy," Jiraiya didn't notice Naruto fighting a grin at that, "but almost all of them are talking about 'a second chance'. Now I don't have any idea what they're talking about. I summoned Gamabunta and he seemed to know something but REFUSED to tell me saying 'it wasn't his to tell'. Since he was held back by loyalty, the boss summon would only do that for another toad summoner, and since I hold the contact and you are the only other summoner… What the hell is going on?" Jiraiya finished with a false since of calm. He had yet to notice that since half way through Naruto had begun to pale. He did however notice throughout his story his student had become more and more uncomfortable, so he knew Minato was hiding something.

Minato was trying to think of something, anything to say and so was Naruto lucky someone knocked on the door that very moment. So Minato quickly answered "Come in!" before his Sensei could tell them to go away. Jiraiya glared at Minato as the Chuunin came in, but couldn't help but smirk with Naruto when he saw that Chuunin was changing from orange, pink, to blue and back. Wondering what happened to him he decided to listen in.

The Yondamie raised an eyebrow at the Chuunin who was changing colors rapidly in his office realizing it wasn't Iruka. He turned to look at Naruto to see him suspiouly looking anywhere but at him and the Chuunin. The Chuunin stopped to glare at Naruto before speaking.

"Hokage-sama we tried to remove the seals in the classroom, hoping it would turn the classroom and Iruka-san back to normal. Instead it affected everyone in the room like Iruka-san and sped up the process. We need either Naruto," Jiraiya looked down at the boy he was holding surprised "or someone experienced in seals to take it off." The Chuunin explained. The young Hokage sighed running a hand through his hair.

"You set a trap if anyone tried to take the seals off in your… prank, Naruto?" Minato asked rhetorically looking at his Son. When Naruto just pointed to himself like 'who me?' looking innocent Jiraiya burst out laughing. Minato sighed again just grateful his sensei had been distracted for now. The Chuunin just looked annoyed, and really who could blame him with what he looked like.

"Alright I'll come and take a look. Come on Naruto your coming too." Minato told his Son. The Last thing he needed was to be caught in the prank too. Naruto pouted at him, he really wanted to see a color changing Hokage. Jiraiya narrowed his eyes; his student wasn't getting away that easy, and these seal sounded interesting.

"I'll come too." Jiraiya stated not asking as he gave his student a look that said 'you are not getting out of this'. "I want to see what the next great sealing master has done." Jiraiya finished as he looked down at his godson proudly. Naruto beamed at him; wishing that he remembered just how he had learned it, that it was all because of him.

They all roof hopped to the academy and walked into the classroom that was flipping through colors like a TV being quickly channel surfed. It was making some of the ninja dizzy, so most had left the room before they started to stroke. The Yondamie walked quickly up to one of the seals on the wall which was the only things not changing colors: the walls, desks, trash cans, all the things on the teacher's desk, the pen holder, pencils, papers, books, everything. Even some backpack that one of the kids forgot were changing colors quickly.

Jiraiya looked around, wondering when his godson's pranks had gotten so elaborate. Seeing Minato looking at one of the seals he put Naruto down and went over to another one of the seals to see how it was done. Jiraiya looked closely at the seal following every line, as Naruto was watching nervously behind him. Jiraiya's jaw almost dropped to the ground when he realized that the base was unlike anything he had ever seen. It was an original seal, not some copy or alteration. The boy, his 7 year old godson had made an original seal.

The Toad sage turned around to see the little blond looking up at him, almost like he was looking for… approval? But why, shouldn't he be looking for his Father's approval, well not for the prank but the seal. Jiraiya shook his thoughts away though seeing the little blond still waiting, and smiled at him.

"You know Naruto this is a very impressive piece of work; who did you learn it from?" The old toad hermit asked kneeling down to his godson looking for answers. Naruto suddenly looked worried, and didn't answer right away so Jiraiya intervened. "Don't worry I won't tell your dad." Jiraiya whispered trying to pry out a secret, thinking it was Minato that Naruto was hiding something from.

Naruto grimaced he couldn't hide anything from Jiraiya, he never could… so even though it was digging himself in deeper he told the truth. Part of it anyway he couldn't tell Jiraiya that he taught him sealing, but that seal wasn't actually taught to him anyway.

"I made the seals Jiraiya-oji." Naruto told him deflecting the question and trying his best to look like an innocent 7 year old kid. Jiraiya cocked an eyebrow at him.

"Really?" asked the white haired sage. "Well I kind of figure that since there on the walls but who taught you?" he asked again eyeing the smaller blond. Naruto was now panicking if he didn't say something soon Jiraiya would know he was hiding something and then would never give up on finding out what it is. And even if he could bring himself to lie flat out to his mentor's face, Jiraiya would be able to tell. Just then…

"Hey Naruto come here and help me take off these seals!" Minato called over saving Naruto from the interrogation. Naruto let out a breath he didn't know he was holding and smiled thinking, saved.

"Coming!" Naruto called as he ran over. Jiraiya frowned as he went, sure that just a few more seconds and he would have had him. Then walked after him to see how the seal was being removed. When Naruto reached his Father he looked straight at the seal and whispered, "Thanks that was close."

Minato smirked, "You looked like you needed some help." he whispered back. Then started talking at a normal level as Jiraiya came up behind them "So I think this can come off if I take this part off first the rest can be removed. That right?" Minato asked his Son as the toad hermit looked at what he was talking about. Naruto blinked then looked at his seal.

"Wow, your right. You figured that out fast." Naruto said a little awed he knew his Father was a seal expert the proof was right on his stomach but it had taken his future's Jiraiya longer than that. The first time the future Jiraiya had tried breaking down one of his seals it took 2 days, and it was a seal at the same level as this one.

After Naruto had assured him that he was right Minato went right to disabling the seal. As Jiraiya watched and smiled proudly at his student's skills; even though he still fully intended to interrogate his student later about the toads. All the seals were down within a few minutes, though Naruto didn't help take them down after confirming how; something about not being able to destroy his work. After they were all down though Minato and Jiraiya thought something still felt… off. Iruka walked in and confirmed their thoughts when he spoke.

"Okay the classroom and everyone that was in it has now stopped changing colors. But now why is the room and everyone that was in it now all the colors?" Iruka asked in a dull, bored voice now looking like a giant tie dye doll. The Yondamie and Jiraiya sweat dropped thinking, How could we miss that? While Naruto burst out laughing. Minato sighed after a minute hanging his head, he had to give it to his Son this was very well thought out.

"Alright Naruto how do we take the colors off them?" Minato asked realizing he should have just asked him in the first place. Naruto quieted down to chuckles and stopped laughing to answer.

"Well you see the thing is… you gotta wash it off." Naruto answer with his hand behind his head trying not to smirk as Jiraiya started laughing. Minato thought it was a funny ending to the prank too, but refused to laugh in front of the Chuunin, he was the Hokage after all he had to set a good example. So Minato turned to Iruka.

"Okay you heard him, tell the other teachers that they have to wash it off." Minato ordered him. Little did he know that Naruto had put his 'special' paint that he made last year in the seals. They would be scrubbing for a while before they got that off… If they get it off at all.

"Hai Hokage-sama." Iruka answered him and went off to inform the other teachers.

Minato didn't lead Jiraiya back to the office. They all went to the Namikaze Manor Naruto riding on Jiraiya's back. Minato figure they could talk easier that way.

They all arrived at the Namikaze Manor within a few minutes; they had picked up some Ichiraku ramen to-go on the way because they were all hungry. So they sat down at the table eating, Naruto was going through about two bowls a minute and his Father wasn't far behind. When Jiraiya was finished he looked up seeing they were pretty much done too and cleared his throat to call attention and gave Minato a pointed look.

Minato sighed and looked to Naruto who was grimacing and looking away. Minato didn't really know what to tell his sensei, he needed to talk to Naruto.

"Okay Sensei but first I'm going to take Naruto upstairs. Be right back!" Minato called dragging Naruto behind him before Jiraiya could ask why he needed to take Naruto upstairs and not just tell him to go up them. Once Naruto and his Father were up the stairs Naruto was pulled into his room and Minato shut the door quietly behind them.

"Alright Naruto we need to tell him something, but I don't know how much to tell him, or really what. I trust Jiraiya, but I don't know much about your future. Do you trust him?" Minato asked hoping his Son had a good relationship with his sensei. Naruto looked at his Father straight in the eyes and smirked, that was an easy one.

"Yes I would trust Jiraiya-oji with my life and the future." Naruto said without any hesitation or waver in his voice. It was one of the few things he knew for sure and could honestly tell anyone. Minato smile at him in pure happiness that his Son at least had one solid belief in someone and that it came from his Sensei.

"So we tell him then. Together." Minato said still happy that his Son had so much faith in the person he trusted most. But Naruto shook his head smiling brightly.

"I have an idea. So maybe we won't have to explain so much." Naruto said now wearing that look that told everyone that knew him well enough he was going to be 'creative'. Minato hung his head he could already tell he wasn't going to be able to talk his Son out of this one.

They walk back down the stairs together, Minato curious and a little annoyed Naruto didn't tell him what he was thinking of doing. Naruto reached the last two stairs and hopped down the rest of the way with a little bounce seemly completely at ease. He was happy because if this worked the way he hoped it would he'd have 'his' Jiraiya back, the one that remembered him the way his was before this time. Naruto now off the stair case his Father right behind him spotted Jiraiya waiting.

"Hey Jiraiya-oji! We gotta tell you something, but I'm gonna see if I can show you first." Naruto chirped like he was about to tell him about his day. Jiraiya raised an eyebrow, Minato was supposed to take the kid upstairs so that they could talk, and now this. It seems like my student is trying to buy more time. Whatever, Naruto looks like he's got something interesting to show me. Minato is going to have to come clean soon anyway. Jiraiya's jaw dropped though when he saw the little blond boy bite his thumb and make the familiar hand seals for the toad summoning jutsu.

Naruto quickly drew his blood and flew through the needed hand seals before either adults could stop him. Keeping in mind the toad he wanted Naruto slammed his hand on the ground and called out "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" A puff of smoke popped out and when it cleared there was a small old toad with a staff on the ground.

Fukasaku looked up to see Naruto's whole face grinning at him and sweat dropped. The kid was defiantly up to something. He also saw Minato not far behind the devious blond. Then Fukasaku turned around and froze.

"Jiraiya-chan?" Fukasaku remembered perfectly the last he'd seen Jiraiya; it was the day Jiraiya was killed by the 6 Paths of Pain that his student Nagato created. If Jiraiya wasn't already gawking he would have been now that he saw who had been summoned.

"Uh hey Fuka-san, you okay?" Naruto asked a bit concern when the toad was just staring at Jiraiya, course Jiraiya was still gawking at Naruto and the old toad. It was enough though to pull the old toad's thoughts back to the present.

"Uh, ya Naruto. I was just lost in thought. What was it you summoned me for?" Fukasaku said trying to shove the unsettling thoughts away for later. Naruto's eyes showed sadness for a moment he had a good guess what those thoughts were. He had seen the look on the old toad's face, it was the same look he knew he had sometimes thinking of the past. As Naruto shook his head putting a smirk back on his face he was about to answer the old toad when Jiraiya finally snapped out of his shock and interrupted.

"Hold it! Just a minute, what the hack is going on! Why can Naruto summon you? He never signed the contact." Jiraiya burst out looking from his student to the toad and to Naruto. All of who just looked back at him blankly. Jiraiya rolled his eyes at the dumb looks, and pulled the toad summoners' contact from behind him where it had been resting on his back. Unrolling it quickly he found where the last names were and nodded, then turned it around to show them.

"See." Jiraiya said pointing at his own name, "This is where I signed, and here is Minato's, but there is no Naruto on this." Jiraiya finished looking at them expectantly. Fukasaku just blinked then made a skeptical face as he turned to Naruto.

"You didn't tell him, did you." The old toad stated more than asked as he looked at the youngest and most interesting toad summoner. Naruto sweat dropped and put his hand behind his head chucking nervously. As Jiraiya narrowed his eyes and quickly rolling the scroll back up and putting it back behind him.

"Alright that's it kid, spill it." Jiraiya told him making no room for argument. Minato just sat back and watched the show. As Naruto smirked and kneeled down whispering to Fukasaku. The old toad's eyes widened, and then seemed to be calculating. After Naruto stopped whispering to him, the old toad looked thoughtful then nodded.

"I think it would work, but I think it would have a better chance if you did the summoning. I can channel my chakra through you so that you will be able to summon him." Fukasaku said carefully. Naruto nodded, but Minato and Jiraiya just looked confused. Jiraiya had, had enough though.

"Summon who? What are you two talking about!" Jiraiya yelled finally fed up with all the secrecy. They both turn to him and smirked. Jiraiya felt a chill go down his spine at those looks. Fukasaku jumped up onto Naruto's head, bit his thumb swiping the blood on the hand Naruto held up for him which already had the boy's own blood on it, mixing the two. Then the old toad started channeling his chakra into the boy.

Naruto pulled the toad's chakra the best he could into his arms to his hands mixing a bit of his own chakra, just as they had done with the blood. Then he started making the hand seals.

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