An Unexpected Beginning


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Chapter 22: Surprises!

Naruto slammed his hand on the ground just as he had done a few minutes ago to summon Fukasaku. There was a much larger puff of smoke this time though, but Jiraiya never got to see it before 'he' disappeared. When Jiraiya opened his eyes he noticed he was still in the Namikaze Manor, in the same room even but he was facing a different direction.

Jiraiya turned around to see Naruto and Fukasaku smirking at his stunned expression, and Minato still behind them looking interested but not really surprised. Like weird stuff like this happened all the time. Then it hit him like a ton of bricks, all the memories of a different life. A life similar to this one up to a certain point but very different afterwards. Jiraiya stood there a few minutes just trying to sort through all the new memories.

Now he remembered it all, he remember leaving Naruto to keep his spy network active after the Yondamie died, he remembered teaching Naruto once he was a ninja but never telling him he was his Godson. He remembered Tsunade, she promised to out with him when he came back from his mission… but he didn't come back, he remembered now he died.

Naruto stood there waiting more patient than usual his smirk fading and worry growing with each second. After what seemed like forever but couldn't have been more than a few minutes Naruto slowly stepped up to his mentor and friend careful not to startle him, and reached up to him grabbing his arm. Jiraiya slowly looked down at the young blond boy who looked so much smaller than the last time he remembered him.

"Do you remember… Ero-Sennin?" Naruto asked hesitantly never breaking eye contact trying to see if this was his 'Jiraiya-oji' the one he knew from this time or 'Ero-Sennin' the one that knew the real Naruto from the beginning. Jiraiya twitched at the nickname that he remembered well. Sorting through his memories of this world though he could only remember a few times when he was being more perverted than usual that Naruto would call him that. Jiraiya nodded still looking at Naruto.

"Yeah I remember Gaki." Jiraiya replied to him with a small smirk but in a still slightly zoned out tone. As soon as he said 'gaki' though a blond blur had jumped up and grabbed him around the neck in a tackle hug. The Jiraiya of this time hardly ever called him 'gaki' even though the name used to annoy him, he kind of missed it. Not that he would ever admit it.

Jiraiya didn't have time to react though and Naruto had gone so fast that… well, he hug/tackled him right through the kitchen wall. Naruto didn't seem to notice though as he pulled back he said,

"It's good to have you back, Ero-Sennin!" and laughed. Jiraiya smirked at him. Before they both heard a concerned voice.

"Naruto! Are you okay?" Minato asked looking worried at his still 7 year old Son. Naruto chuckled when he finally noticed he had gone through a wall. Putting his hand behind his head in his normal nervous gesture, as he still sat on Jiraiya's chest, he turned to his Father.

"Yeah I'm fine Dad. Sorry about the wall." Naruto replied sheepishly. Then he turned back to Jiraiya and noticed he was just staring at his Father. Minato tilted his head confused at his sensei just staring at him. If Naruto thought about it he would have remembered but… he didn't.

"Hey Ero-Sennin, you okay?" Naruto asked concerned. It was too much though. Finding out that you had died and were now in some kind of alternate world, then seeing your apprentice seemed to remember too was one thing, but now his student coming back from the dead too. Jiraiya, one of the 3 legendary Sennin fainted.

Fukasaku hopped through the new hole in the wall catching Naruto's attention and sighed. He could see the confusion written all over Naruto and Minato's faces.

"Naruto do you remember what the first thing you did when you got to this time was?" The old toad asked tiredly.

"Uh yeah, I saved my Dad." Naruto replied still not getting it. But Minato got it and smacked his forehead. Naruto raised an eyebrow at him but his Father still had a hand over his face, so he turned back to Fukasaku. The old toad just rolled his eyes at him, then Naruto's face took on a black look.

"Oh, oops." Naruto turned back to Jiraiya's sleeping form. "I guess for him it was kind of like seeing a ghost, heh." Naruto chuckled nervously. "But we didn't faint when we saw him?" Naruto turned to Fukasaku taking on a confused look.

"Yes Naruto, but we've had more time to get used to the idea. And well you could react any one of a thousand different ways." Fukasaku finished smirking at him. Naruto was nodding the whole time, but at the end he couldn't tell if it was a complement or an insult. So he settled for making a face at the old toad. Fukasaku just chuckled at him.

"So he just fainted, he'll be alright?" Naruto asked ignoring the old toad's jib. Minato smiled at his Son and decided to jump in.

"Yes Naruto he should be fine after he rests for a minute. Here help me get him to the couch." Minato told his Son as he pulled his sensei into a sitting position. They carried the man who had been both of their sensei to the couch. As carefully as possible despite that fact the white haired toad sage was twice as big as both of them put together.

"Alright if you two don't need me for anything else I'll be getting back. Ma should have dinner ready, and she'll kill me if I'm late." Fukasaku told the two blonds when they got Jiraiya settled. They both turned to him smiling and Naruto nodded to him. Soon after there was a small poof and he was gone.

Meanwhile at a Random Training Ground

Sasuke watched activating his Sharingan as his older Brother; Itachi was standing in the middle of the training ground concentrating. With his eyes closed and multiple kunai in each hand Itachi jumped up snapped his eyes open and threw most the kunai seconds later throwing the rest. All the kunai hit dead center on the targets set up around him. He used the last three to change the trajectory of three other kunai mid air to hit the 3 targets in his blind spots, one behind a large boulder, and two behind trees.

The younger Uchiha had seen his Brother do this once before, but not with his Sharingan. He had tried to copy him that day and ended up with a sprained ankle. Now though he saw every movement of his older brother and all the kunai. He wanted to try it, again.

Itachi looked over to his little Brother who was watching him closely. He could tell Sasuke was watching his every move. Sasuke smiled at his as he hit every target. Itachi returned it with the infamous Uchiha smirk.

"Okay little Brother, how about you give it a try." Itachi said as he picked up the last of his kunai. Sasuke smiled at him, deactivated his Sharingan and ran up to him.

"Okay." Sasuke answered looking up to his Brother, as Itachi handed him, his own kunai. Because Sasuke didn't normally carry his with him except to the academy for practice. Itachi took his Brother's shoulders and slowly turned him the same way he had faced a few moments ago.

"There Sasuke now just remember what I did. Take your time and focus." Itachi jumped back from his Brother so he wouldn't be in the way, but still watched carefully incase he messed up.

Sasuke took a deep breath feeling his Brother's eyes on him. He closed his own eyes and cleared his mind, concentrating on the feel of everything around him. Sasuke snapped his eyes open reactivating his Sharingan, he could see all but the three hidden targets immediately. Feeling the kunai in his hand he threw them from himself in the directions that Itachi just had, keeping three in his hands for the blind spots a second longer.

Then he launched those as well to change the trajectory on three of the other kunai. Out of the ten he missed three, but only missed one of the three in the blind spots. The other two were the farthest target and the target nearest to Itachi. The one in the blind spot was about a foot off, the farthest was a few inches from the target, but the kunai meant for the target close to Itachi was way off about seven feet. All the other targets had been hit five bullseyes and the other two within the second ring.

Sasuke slouched he was so sure he could do it, he saw it done perfectly but his hands didn't know how to copy it exactly. Plus he was afraid he would hit his Brother which made what would have been an easy mark for him miss completely. Itachi looked over seeing his little Brother's disappointed look and smiled shaking his head. The boy had done better than even he had on his first try.

"You did well Sasuke." Itachi spoke calmly as Sasuke looked up at him surprised. After a second though he looked back down and sighed.

"You're just saying that to make me feel better. I missed three targets." Sasuke replied as he walked to pick up his Brother's kunai. Itachi ran in front of him so fast he didn't even see him and almost ran right into him.

"No, foolish little Brother," Itachi started kneeling in front of Sasuke he poked him in the forehead. "I'm not; while I may lie to make you feel better sometimes I promise that your first try was better than mine." Itachi finished as Sasuke pouted at him for poking him, and then blinked registering what his Brother said.

"Really? How did you do your first try?" Sasuke asked now curious how he measured up to his Brother. Itachi resisted the urge to roll his eyes at how quickly his Brother had gone from being depressed to wanting to know how much he did better.

"I missed two of the hidden targets the first time and the farthest target." Itachi told Sasuke. Sasuke now looked in thought, they had missed the same amount but Itachi had said he had done better because he hit two of the hidden targets. Sasuke looked up with a content smile, his Brother smirked back and ruffled his hair.

"Now come on and get the rest of the kunai and you can try a few more times before dinner." Itachi told his little Brother. Sasuke ran off to find the rest so that he could practice his new move with Itachi.

With Gaara and Kit in Suna

I can't believe I let him talk me into this. Gaara thought as he and Naruto/Kit waited for the perfect moment to spring their trap. Naruto was grinning from ear to ear beside Gaara in his human form, as he watched his new set of targets, the sand council.

It all started a few hours ago when Gaara told Naruto about his latest assassination attempt designed by the council and his own Father the current Kazekage. It had failed of course, luck for him Gaara was getting better though so instead of killing the would be assassin Gaara used his sand like a hand and swatted the ninja half way across the village… well he didn't think he killed him.

Anyway Gaara was still upset about it, so Naruto thought of what he always did when his village got him down… He made their annoyance his fun. Within a few minutes Naruto was teaching Gaara a jutsu forbidden by two Hokages, and the fine 'art' of pranks.

Now Gaara and Naruto were in a room right underneath the council's chamber, and there was a meeting going on about the failed attempt on Gaara, mostly old morons grumbling about how they fail to get rid of one small child again. Naruto kept his chakra signature completely hidden he couldn't be caught nor could anyone know he was ever there. If they knew the Hokage's Son was so close to a classified meeting he'd be in deep shit. So after his part was done he would immediately change to his fox form.

Gaara slowly crept some of his sand in through the cracks in the wood flooring, as Naruto pushed small amounts of his chakra into the chamber in the same way. Both had their eyes closed and one of their hands in the half ram hand sign concentrating so that by the time anyone realized what was happening it would be too late.

Once Naruto had enough chakra in the room he opened his eyes to look at Gaara, a few seconds later and Gaara looked back at him signaling he was ready. Naruto smirked and nodded. It was time for the games to begin.

Inside the Council Meeting

"That Demon must be destroyed." sneered one of the older male council members. A female member nodded to him, "Yes, he is too dangerous and unstable. It would be better to find a new vessel." Another of the council seemed to be in thought and spoke up.

"There is something bothering me though, the assassin, Gaara didn't kill him. Usually we just find a lot of blood or a mangled corpse. This time six bones were broken, and seven fractured along with a concussion but he was alive. And there is no permanent damage." The council man finished going back to thinking deeply about why that might be.

"The Demon probably just thought he was dead, or maybe he was in a good mood. It makes no difference, he is still too dangerous." The older male council member snarled. The Kazekage stayed quiet through everything while most the council seem to agree with the older man. That was when something very strange happened.

Suddenly a bunch of smoke and sand seemed to jump up in the room. The part of the council who had been ninja jumped up to defensive stances, while the two civilian members whipped around to see what was going on. Before the smoke cleared there was another POP and the sand started shifting again. This time the smoke finished clearing and the sand settled. When it did everyone in the room jaws dropped. Even the Kazekage's not that you could see it behind his veil.

Standing before the Suna council were 5 five blond teenage girls with pigtails, blue eyes, and three whisker marks on each cheek. Then there were 5 redhead teenage girls with sparkly green eyes, long loose fiery hair, and what looked like very dark eyeliner. That wasn't what caught everyones attanton though no, it was that all 10 girl were completely naked except for the slight smoke around the blonds and sand around the redheads that just barely covered their essentials. All the council stared wide eyed, and jaws dropped for about three seconds half the males had nosebleeds and fainted.

Then the blonds walked around to the ones that were left and whispered seductively in their ears, "What don't you like what you see?" all the Narukos asked their targets at the same time but too quietly for any of the other too hear. That was it though and the remaining male council members had nosebleeds and blacked out. All the blonds giggled looking at the redheads that rolled their eyes at them. There were two female councilors still left, though one was completely embarrassed and the other was switching between glaring at the clones and the idiots on the ground. Even the Kazekage was out.

"Who are you?" the angry council woman growled, she was defiantly a former kunoichi. The female Gaara clone smirked while Naruko laughed. This was going well they didn't even recognize him. Naruko turned to the woman smirking.

"Oh don't worry about us sweetie, we were just getting a little payback." Naruko chirped happily and pulled out a camera taking a bunch of pictures of everyone before the two council women could blink. The flash blinded them for a second, scaring the former kunoichi into a defensive position as she heard a bunch of pops. When the women could see again all the girls were gone and they were the only two awake in the middle of a bunch of out cold drooling men with nosebleeds. The two women looked to each other and sighed out at the same time saying one word that summed it all up, "Men."

Below the Council Chamber

Naruto started laughing as quietly as possible as he got the memories from his 'sexy' clones, and he activated the small seal on the floor he had made so the clone could get the camera back to him, now shifting the seal he sent a copy of the blackmail to the original. Naruto then quickly changed into his fox form, Kit.

Now he could hear people arguing, they would search the room soon, they were already starting to search the tower. Kit turned to Gaara who had a slight contented smirk at finally getting back at the council, if only a little.

"We gotta get going." Kit said smirking back. Gaara nodded and they both jumped out the window. They ran unseen in the shadows until they were through the secret passage way and outside the walls of Suna. The boys, well one boy and a fox, both sat down catching their breath. Naruto was laughing in between gasps.

"Haha did you see the look on the their faces! Priceless!" Naruto laughed out. Gaara smiled a real happy smile back at him. One that you would find on a kid that just got away with stealing a cookie from the cookie jar. Naruto waved his hands and arms in big gestures.

"And we even got PITURES!" Naruto yelled and began laughing a new. Hearing his friend laugh so happily and playing that prank was so fun that Gaara didn't think he could be any happier at that moment and laughed quietly. Even though it was quiet Naruto or Kit, with his enhanced hearing heard it. He smiled contently still chuckling.

Naruto didn't think he could ever remember hearing Gaara laugh. Not in this timeline or the last, that crazy evil laughter when he was transforming into Shukaku didn't count. He had truly changed his friend and made him happier. He was already making a better future.


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