An Unexpected Beginning

EroSennin & Siblings

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Chapter 23: Ero-Sennin & Siblings

Jiraiya woke up and looked around; he was in his student's house sleeping on the couch. Slowly sitting up letting everything from last night sink in he noticed the sun was shining in brightly from the window. Jiraiya sighed he must have been here all night. Just as he was about to get up he saw a yellow and orange blur run past him.

The blur seemed to notice and skidded to a stop just before the kitchen. Whipping himself around the little blond and orange blur now known as Naruto, was looking at him with excitement. Naruto ran over to the couch where his mentor was still sitting, and smiled up at him while he seemed to be almost bouncing where he stood.

"Hey you're awake!" calming himself down a bit at seeing how confused Jiraiya still looked he tried again, "Yes yesterday happened, yes everything you remember is true… and yes, you did faint." Naruto said the last bit with a taunting smirk. Jiraiya twitched at that, and made a face at his apprentice. That made Naruto chuckle at him.

"Alright gaki, I know it had to be you, so what did you do?" Jiraiya asked raising an eyebrow. Naruto just rolled his eyes, of course it was him. Who else could, or would for that matter do something so extreme as to change the world from the inside out.

"If you weren't sitting down I'd tell you to." Naruto sighed anticipating the long story. "Konoha was attacked by the Sound with Orochimaru again and at the same time what was left of the Akatsuki came for me. Neither side survived." As Naruto spoke Jiraiya could see the hollow look of someone who had gone through war come into his eyes. "The Snake-teme and I were the last ones left; he had finally taken control of Sasuke's body. In the beginning Sasuke's will was too strong, so it took him a few years until Sasuke's will had weakened."

"Anyway we were both exhausted, everyone around us was dead. Even the rest of the Akatsuki had been taken down, most by Baa-chan or other rookie 9. We stood there as Konoha was burning all around us, I could feel the fire, but it couldn't touch me. We powered up are attacks and were about to clash… but at the last second… I pulled back." Naruto looked away from his mentor slightly to the side but continued.

"Sasuke's eyes flashed, I could see he was fighting back against the Snake. It was too late though for him to stop… the Chidori went straight through my heart. I knew I was going to die, but I looked up and Sasuke had control. He said he was sorry… and took my hand that still had Rasengan in it… and smashed it into his own heart… So that was it everyone was gone, and I knew soon I would be too."

"Before I could die though Kyuubi pulled me into the seal, he told me there was a way to go back. I could change everything. I agreed." Naruto finished. For a while they both didn't move and were silent. Jiraiya finally broke the silence by sighing.

"Well I guess a lot happened after I died… How long?" Jiraiya asked in a lighter tone. Naruto knew what he was asking too, he didn't have to explain it any further. Sighing himself Naruto answered.

"Three years Ero-Sennin." Naruto answered not looking at him as he thought the end, Three years Ero-Sennin, since you died. Jiraiya could see that his apprentice was trying to avoid the topic, and gave a small smile. Judging by this and the way he greeted me last night I'd say the little gaki must have actually missed me. Well I guess I won't tease him too much.

Jiraiya was just about to say something when he saw his godson's head jerk up and eyes widen like he had just been hit in the head. Naruto was falling forward, when Jiraiya saw he quickly reached out and caught him. Jiraiya's heart rate was up now this gaki was going to give him a heart attack at this rate.

"Naruto? Naruto, Naruto hey whats wrong?" Jiraiya asked concerned as he sat Naruto on the couch and kneeled down in front of him. Naruto was panting like he had just run a few dozen laps around the village. After a moment Naruto tried to answer.

"Sorry, I'm fine. My new clone just dispelled." Naruto answered in between breaths. Jiraiya blinked and let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding. "I'm not used to the backlash yet." Naruto added. Jiraiya tsked annoyed.

"No really, you think. What in the hell kind of clone could you make, that could do this to you?" Jiraiya exclaimed upset that he had used a technique like that. Naruto looked up at the disapproving tone and answered, speaking innocently.

"It's called Kage Kitsune Bushin Jutsu or Shadow Fox Clone. It just takes so much out of me because I make it last for so long… and part of it is made of Kyuubi's chakra." Naruto answered hesitantly, Kyuubi and him hadn't been on good terms before Jiraiya died. Jiraiya stared at him for a second then shook his head.

"So you finally learn how to control the Kyuubi's power." Jiraiya realized. Naruto brighten at that.

"Yep, I've learned a lot since you remember." Naruto boasted happily, though was careful to not say 'died' and quickly push that out of his mind. Naruto grabbed Jiraiya's arm and jumped up from the couch dragging the Toad Sennin with him. "Come on! I want to show you!" Naruto yelled behind him as he dragged the Sennin right out the door only briefly stopping to slip his shoes on.

Naruto brought Jiraiya to an empty training ground after doing a quick and clever trick to get rid of his guards. If those guards were as stupid as he thought they were they wouldn't even notice for a few hours. Once they were there and Naruto was sure they were alone, he started out by showing Jiraiya his Sage Mode. To say the older toad sage was annoyed that Naruto didn't get the 'ugly' nose and beard he did was an understatement. The white haired Sennin grubbed for the next ten minutes about the unfairness of it all.

Afterwards Jiraiya thought instead of Naruto showing him what he had learned they could have a sparring match, so he could see his protégé in action. Needless to say Naruto love the idea.

In Suna

Gaara sighed as Kit dispelled. He was still hopeful though his friend had promised before he had to go that he would be here within the month to strengthen the seal on him that held Shukaku. Gaara turned around and almost jumped, his Sister, Temari was in the door way of his room that he'd stupidly left cracked. She looked nervous, like she expected Gaara to hit her, not that he ever had. He didn't ever even remember touching her.

Temari shifted in front of Gaara's doorway not going in. Gaara hadn't moved since she appeared, he was pretty sure she would had said something or looked surprised by now if she had seen Kit. It seemed longer but before five second had passed she spoke.

"Um,Gaara, are you feeling okay? You just seemed upset yesterday." Temari asked her little Brother. Gaara looked at her with his usually blank face; he didn't often show emotion around anyone but Naruto. Scanning his Sister carefully Gaara saw no trace of hatred, a little fear but also…Worry? Is she actually worried about me? Gaara thought now confused.

Gaara knew exactly what his Sister was talking about, it was yesterday before Naruto came that another assassin had come to kill him. He didn't actually think his Brother or Sister noticed, let alone cared. Gaara wanted to push his Sister away; this was like an opening for her to get close to him. If she was close then she could hurt him like Yashamaru-oji had. But Naruto's words rung in his head 'I know it's hard Gaara but just keep trying, they can never really understand because they will never go through what we have but that doesn't mean they won't ever try.'

Gaara looked down he wanted Temari to be his friend, but to do that he would have to take a chance, and give her a bit of trust. Naruto's words rung in his head again 'that doesn't mean they won't ever try.' Gaara sighed. Well if this is Temari trying then, I guess I'll give her a chance.

"Yea Temari, I'm okay now." Gaara nodded to her still keeping his face completely blank. Temari gave a small smile that her little Brother had answered her nicely, but there was something wrong about how he said it. He said 'I'm okay now' as in he wasn't before? The ten year old debated with herself for a second before she decided to ask.

"Now? Then why were you upset before?" Temair asked her little Brother a bit nervously. Gaara mentally sighed he didn't want his Sister afraid of him, though it did help him get all the cookies without anyone bothering him about it. But did he really want his Sister to know that ninja kept coming to kill him? Well she is his Older Sister, and she did ask…

"I was upset because Father and the council sent another assassin to kill me." Gaara stated flatly. Temari's face deflated. Did she actually feel sad? Gaara wondered, and looked down still keeping his face perfectly emotionless. Temari shifted on her feet, she wanted to hug her little Brother but wasn't sure if she should or if he even wanted her to. But she had to say something.

"I'm sorry Gaara… is- is there anything I can do?" Temari asked not really thinking there was. There wasn't, well not about the assassinations anyway but maybe there was something she could do. Gaara debated asking though, he didn't really know if it was something you could ask for. It wasn't like he had anything to lose though. Gaara looked up hopeful catching Temari's eye with the slight emotion he was showing.

"You could do one thing…" Gaara trailed off still debating with himself if he wanted to ask out right.

"It's okay Gaara you can ask, what is it?" Temari was now curious what she could do or even what her youngest Brother could want that he couldn't get himself. Gaara took a deep breath.

"Will you be my friend?" Gaara wanted to look down but didn't take his eyes off his Sister, he had to know what she really thought and watched her face to see her reaction. Temari's face went blank at the innocent question. Gaara saw no fear, no anger, but a lot of confusion and a bit of sadness. All he wants is a friend? Temari thought. Temari walked up to Gaara and he wondered if she would try and hurt him but his sand didn't move. Then his Sister did something that shocked him, she was hugging him.

"Of course I'll be your friend Gaara, you're my Brother." Temari answered quietly as she pulled back from hugging him. When Temari pulled back she notice Gaara's shocked expression and her lips twitched at a small smile. "Now get ready we got to go to the academy." Temari stated walking out the door leaving the still stunned Gaara to get ready.

Konoha Hokage's office

Oh man, there is SO much paper work, WHY did I want to be Hokage again? I'm starting to think the Sandaime was right and the paperwork IS cursed. No matter how much I do there's ALWAYS more! Minato thought as he cried anime tears at his desk. He was somehow able to see enough that he was still going through papers and stamping the ones that he had looked over and approved.

Maybe I'll take an early lunch and see what Naruto is up to. I told him he could take the day off from the academy to bring Jiraiya-Sensei up to speed with everything. Though he'll find out when he goes back tomorrow he has a week worth of detention for that prank… though it WAS a really good one. Minato smirked.

Not ten seconds later someone knocked on his door, Minato sighed. Well at least it's a break from the damn paperwork from hell, he thought.

"Enter." Minato called to the door and in step one of the academy teachers from yesterday. Minato tried not to laugh when he noticed that the man's face and hands were still tie dyed but couldn't hide a small smirk. Although he did look a little redder… he was probably scrubbing all night. Minato already knew what he was there for but asked anyway, "What can I do for you?" The ninja rolled his eyes but humored the Hokage.

"You can ask your Son, how to get this stuff off." The Chuunin replied completely annoyed at the fact he couldn't get it off, but tried to speak in a respectful tone. Minato was too amused to care that he was being a bit disrespectful at the moment, he'd be mad too after all.

"Alright I will find him and see if he knows. I suspect the classroom is also not coming clean?" Minato asked already knowing the answer.

"No Hokage-sama, it's not. We've moved all the student from that classroom to another one till it can be cleaned because the colors were distracting them." The Chuunin answered now back to speaking as he should to a kage. Minato nodded to him.

"Very well I will send you a message when I find out how to remove the stuff. If there's nothing else you're dismissed." Minato stated. The Chuunin bowed and left. When he was gone Minato let out a small laugh and shook his head. Minato started back on the paperwork that seemed to never end and decided to stop in a half hour to find Naruto.

With Jiraiya and Naruto

They were both already in Sage mode when they started, Jiraiya didn't know yet that Naruto used his clones to recharge in mid fight. He did wonder though why Naruto had made three clones in the beginning but sent them away while only he charged. Jiraiya was about to send one of his own clones after them but Naruto reached him first.

Naruto despite his seven year old body engaged Jiraiya in a taijutsu battle first thing, he was empowered by sage mode but so was Jiraiya. The older Toad Sage was soon surprised again when he recognized his apprentice was using Kawazu Kumite, (Frog Style Kata) the toad's special taijutsu taught as part of more advanced Sage training.

Jiraiya quickly jumped up now also using Kawazu Kumite, and narrowly avoided Naruto's punch which hit the ground making a five foot in diameter crater. Damn I gotta be more careful, he's gotten good. Jiraiya thought. As if he could read the Sennin's mind Naruto smirked at him and jumped up after him.

Immediately regretting the direct approach in mid air as his mentor did the Hari Jizou Jutsu (Underworld Guardian Spikes) changing his hair into a barrier of sharp spikes covering almost all of his body. Naruto created a clone to pull himself back the clone was now flying toward Jiraiya as Naruto landed on the ground the clone hit Jiraiya and exploded. Yes exploded Naruto had learned the Bakuhatsu Bushin Jutsu (Exploding Clone Technique) Jiraiya's thoughts were around the lines of, 'Damn, the world must have been ending for someone to have taught him that. He could take down a nation with it!'

When the smoke cleared there was only a steaming stump left, before the clone could hit Jiraiya had used the substitution jutsu replacing himself with the stump. What Naruto didn't know was that Jiraiya had sent a Kage Bushin Clone to find the ones Naruto had sent out earlier. As soon as Naruto spotted the stump he ducked just in time to avoid Jiraiya's punch that went right over his head. While Jiraiya pulled back Naruto jumped away to get some room between them.

They faced each other in identical sage stances and smirked at each other. One was smirking from pride in his apprentice the other because it was just plain fun to be sparing with his mentor again. Then Jiraiya's sage mode ran out, his time was up. Naruto knew it would only be a few seconds before his did too and ran straight at Jiraiya surprising him but Naruto knew he wouldn't make it in time to land a direct blow so he hit the ground breaking it all the way to the old Sennin, like Sakura would.

Just as he did his time ran out and sage mode disappeared but he kept running as Jiraiya was still off balance and made a direct hit on the Sennin's face. Jiraiya wasn't one of the most well known shinobi for nothing though, so he jumped back with the hit and flipped over landing on his feet. Naruto blinked as he got memories back from the clone he sent to protect the other two clones that were drawing in nature chakra, it seemed that a clone of Jiraiya's had dispelled it.

Naruto quickly dispelled one of the meditating clones before Jiraiya's clone could destroy it, only a second after he did he felt the other clone dispel as Jiraiya's clone destroyed it too. Jiraiya saw Naruto's eyes change back to sage mode and was cursing the unfairness of it as he wonder HOW in the hell he did it. Within a few seconds though his own clone dispelled giving him it's memories. Jiraiya let out a laugh at the simplicity of it, and it was SO Naruto.

"HA! Oh I see Gaki so that's how, but you know that was your last one." Jiraiya called over to the mischievous little blond. Though he knew if Naruto used his time right that he wouldn't need another recharge. Naruto just grinned his big happy grin at him.

"Yea well Pa toad couldn't fuse with me so I had to come up with some way to use it in battle." Naruto told Jiraiya putting his hand behind his head. "But I know you're just trying to buy time." Naruto said smirking at him. Jiraiya laughed nervously, well he was right. Normally he'd use the toads to get him out of situations like this but summons won't fight for one summoner against another, so that was out. Naruto charged.

Somehow Jiraiya managed to last until Naruto's time ran out, but not unscathed he was pretty sure his arm wasn't broken but hurt like hell from blocking one of the sage chakra enhanced hits. When Naruto's sage mode ran out though Jiraiya started getting the upper hand because of Naruto's size he was at a disadvantage. They decided without speaking to end it with one final attack, as they both powered up a Rasengan in one hand. Jiraiya smirked when he saw the boy not using a clone, he had grown.

They charged. There attacks clashed neither giving an inch as the two powerful balls of rapidly spinning chakra push against each other, and then BANG! Both balls exploded. Naruto and Jiraiya went flying back in different directions each hitting and going through a tree. After a minute Jiraiya got up, went over to Naruto and sat down next to where he was laying still catching his breath.

"Well Gaki I would hate to face you, when you're older." Jiraiya chuckled. Naruto let out a laugh too.

"Ya you just wait Ero-Sennin, I'll be the greatest Hokage! Believe it!" Naruto laughed knowing he'd told Jiraiya that same exact thing before. Jiraiya laughed too remembering it.

"Heh, I bet you will Gaki." Jiraiya said in a light tone. Naruto smiled up at him and sat up.

"Hey uh Ero-Sennin, I need you to help me get to Suna. I don't think my Dad will let me go alone, and he'd notice if I was gone that long." Naruto said looking at Jiraiya. Jiraiya made a face Naruto had seen before.

"Don't call me that! Anyway I guess so but you're helping me bring Tsunade back while were out there. Why do you need to get to Suna?" Jiraiya told his protégé. Naruto thought about it he would need some way to bring Tsunade back since there was no way in hell he was going to let that damn Snake kill his Dad. This was as good as way as any.

"I'm going to see Gaara and fix his seal on Shukaku." Naruto told the toad sage. Jiraiya blinked since when could Naruto use seals to that degree? Ok he had done some pretty good ones but, a demon seal?

"You think you're up to that?" Jiraiya asked. Naruto nodded.

"HAI! I have been working on it, it's perfect." Naruto stated sure of his work, there was no way he would think of using it on Gaara if it wasn't.

"Alright then how do you plan to do it? He is the Kazekage's Son and he doesn't even know you yet." Jiraiya asked wondering what the plan was.

"Oh don't worry he knows me, and he knows I'm coming. Everything will be fine." Naruto said putting on his happy face. Jiraiya deadpanned, He doesn't have a plan, he hasn't changed at all.

"Okay sign this so people don't get suspicious." Jiairaya said sighing as he pulled out the toad summoning contract.


Minato found his Son and Sensei right where he thought they'd be at lunch time, Ichiraku's. They both looked a little worse for wear but other than some cuts and bruises they seemed fine. Naruto was inhaling the ramen as usual when Minato walked up behind him.

"Well it looks like you two have been having fun." Minato said pulling their attention to him. Naruto looked up with half a bowls worth of noodles hanging from his mouth smiling as he slurped them up. Minato laughed at his Son's antics. Jiraiya just looked at the two smiling, as if what he was seeing was a gift from Kami.

After they were all done eating and catching up, Minato had to go back to work but before he did he remembered he had to ask Naruto something.

"Naruto one of you teachers came to the tower today." Naruto looked away guiltily. "And he said the paint isn't coming off." Minato finished. Naruto looked up at him as innocent as possible.

"Really? I wonder how that happened…" Naruto said looking down as if in thought. Jiraiya was just sitting back watching the show chuckling every now and then. Minato raised an eyebrow skeptically.

"They want to know how to get it off." Minato told his Son ignoring the 'I didn't do anything' face. Naruto hummed tilting his head to the side then taping his chin as though he was thinking again. Naruto nodded to himself then looked up to answer.

"Have they tried soap?" Naruto asked so innocently if you didn't know him you would think he actually meant it. Minato face faulted his head banging on the counter, as Jiraiya burst out laughing. Minato pulled himself back up looking at his chibi a bit annoyed at the answer.

"You know you already have a week's detention; I bet the teachers would be happy to make it two." Minato told his Son. Naruto's jaw dropped, then he went into pouting mode.

"Fine! Just tell them to scrub with sake, it will come off." Naruto grumbled dejectedly. Minato nodded and left to inform the walking eyesores- I mean Chuunin. Once he was gone Naruto smirked, Jiraiya knew that face.

"What did you do?" Jiraiya asked cautiously. Naruto turned to him with an expression that looked way too happy. "What will the sake really do?" Jariaya asked skeptically. Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Oh don't worry so much the sake will take the paint off. It just doesn't need to be 'scrubbed' off. This way they will smell like drunks for the next few days though." Naruto explained chuckling to himself. Jiraiya shook his head but chuckled too, the kid couldn't even be blamed for this one they were scrubbing themselves with sake, of course they would smell.

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