An Unexpected Beginning


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Chapter 24: Konohamaru!

Naruto was standing in front on his Father's desk in the Hokage tower, waiting for an answer. Jiraiya was off to the side leaning on the wall, getting annoyed at his student that was leaving them in suspense. He knew Minato did it on purpose. Naruto was relaxed though there was no real reason he shouldn't be allowed to go. If he didn't think he Father would be able to tell the difference he would have just left a clone but he didn't want his Dad to worry when he found out so he had to ask.

"What about the academy?" Minato asked. He knew his Son would be almost as safe with Jiraiya as in the village but he still didn't really want to let him go. Naruto looked up in thought for a quick moment, then turned back to his Father.

"I'll leave one of my new clones, since it won't be running for 2days straight it should last about a week. We should be coming back around then." Naruto answer hoping it wouldn't take too long to find Tsunade, or that Jiraiya knew where she was at this time. Jiraiya's eyes narrowed at the mention of the new clone, but said nothing. Minato didn't notice though and sighed.

"Alright you can go, but Jiraiya take care of him. And bring him back soon." Minato told his Sensei as he turned looking at the old Sennin seriously. Naruto rolled his eyes, he could take care of himself, but he didn't say anything this promise would make his Dad feel better. Jiraiya nodded to him, his smile back in place.

"Of course you don't need to worry about the Gaki." Jiraiya said grinning. "Okay we leave in an hour, get your stuff Naruto." He said turning to the smaller blond. Naruto was out the door faster than you can say 'ramen' which was exactly where he was going he had to have it one last it time before they'd leave. Minato and Jiraiya were left alone in the room.

"Well I should get my stuff too, see you later Minato." Jiraiya told his student as he headed to the window. Minato looked to him he trusted his sensei but he just had to say it one last time.

"I mean it Jiraiya, I want him back. In one piece." Minato spoke in a totally serious voice but Jiraiya knew what he needed. He had known the Hokage since he was a Gennin. Jiraiya turned back to the young kage, and smirked.

"I know, don't worry. I will bring him back, I promise." Jiraiya said giving a slight nod at the end. "Besides if there is one thing you can count on is that no matter what crazy or impossible thing that kid gets himself into he always finds a way through it." Jiraiya was about to jump out the window when Minato spoke again.

"You knew him, from the other time-world or whatever… When you get back will you tell me, about him? He has told me some things but… sometimes it feels like he's trying to keep something from me." Minato looked hopeful at his sensei. Jiraiya's eyes glaze over he knew some of the things Naruto probably wasn't talking about.

"I will tell you. But know that if I'm right about what he's hiding it isn't because he doesn't trust you… its most likely because he doesn't want you to know the consequences." With that Jiraiya left. Minato wasn't so sure he wanted to know anymore, but now he knew he had to.

With Naruto

Half way to Ichiraku's Naruto remember he only had an hour to pack, so he sent out a clone to do that. Now he could still eat and checkup on everyone before he had to leave. After he had spent about half an hour at Ichiraku's and ate about 10 bowls of his favorite meal. Naruto ran out to find Konohamaru.

Little Konohamaru was only four, and didn't know him yet but Naruto would look for him every now and then just to make sure he was okay. Naruto found him at the playground with the Sandaime his grandfather watching over him. The small boy was trying to climb on the money bars, he was just barely able to reach up and grab the first one. He looked kind of scared but the small brown haired boy pushed off and swing to the next one catching it.

Naruto saw Konohamaru smile as he caught the bar and was just about to walk away when he saw his young friend try for the next one. His fingers barely touched the bar and slipped off but Konohamaru had already let go on the last one and was falling. Of course he couldn't just fall right; he was going to land right on his head.

Damn it! Naruto cursed. I was trying not to meet him for a few more years, so not too much would change but... If he lands on his head he could get head trauma, memories loss, hell he could go into a coma, or DIE! Naruto didn't need to think about it his chakra surged into his legs and feet as he had already started running, but… he was too far, he wasn't going to make it! But I have to Konohamaru could die!

In that moment time slowed, and then everything was just stopped. Nothing was moving, not even Naruto but he could see. Everything looked kind of grayish blue except the boy in his sights half way to the ground, he looked kind of yellow. He didn't know if he could move like this or if time would restart if he tried, if he was going to save his friend he had to think. He was too far away to just run to him, he would have to jump but he would have to do it perfectly to get under Konohamaru and break the fall. Alright, he was ready after a moment of thinking I know what to do now I need everything to start moving.

Naruto tried to go forward with his plan, he started moving but he was going so fast he didn't know if everything else was or not. Pushing as much chakra into his leg and feet as he could at once Naruto jumped for Konohamaru who was just a foot from the ground. Naruto spun himself in mid jump so that he would be on the bottom, his front hit the smaller boy's side and Naruto grabbed him holding him close to protect him.

They hit the ground with Konohamaru on top of Naruto. The little Konohamaru didn't know what happen one second he was falling and the next he was here. He didn't feel hurt but there was something under him… something breathing! Konohamaru push himself up to see a blond boy a little older than him breathing heavily under him. Konohamaru rolled off him.

"Hey are you okay?" the small boy asked. Naruto thought he might have a heart attack, all he had done was run over and jump but he felt completely wiped. Like he had been training all day with a thousand clones or something. He nodded anyway, it was habit.

"Yea I'm fine," Naruto said trying to slow his breathing. "are you?" he asked back. The younger boy nodded back.

"Good. That was a close one." A new voice spoke, Naruto recognized it. It was a voice from his childhood, his first one more than his second but he had seen the Old man in the Hokage tower a few times in the new timeline. The Sandaime, Naruto knew had been watching and saw the fall but he wouldn't of made it in time. Naruto smiled up at him and Konohamaru looked up to his grandfather who offered a hand to help him up. As the smaller boy got up with the offered hand he grabbed Naruto's hand and pulled him up too.

"Ojiji! This boy saved me! I was falling and then there he was." Konohamaru stated excitedly. Then he turned to Naruto. "Thanks for saving me, I'm Konohamaru Sarutobi." The boy said giving a slight bow. Naruto smiled and nodded back.

"I'm Naruto Namikaze." The older boy told him then looked up to the Sandaime. The old man smiled recognizing the name and the boy; he looked just like his Father.

"Well thank you Naruto for helping, Konohamaru would have taken a nasty fall if you hadn't." The Old man said gratefully.

"No problem, I was just passing through though so I gotta get going." Naruto said starting to walk away "Maybe we'll hang out sometime Konohamaru." Naruto called back as he started running to check on the rest of his friends before he left. Konohamaru was shocked someone actually used his name, he was the previous Hokage's grandson and was usually called 'Honnorable granson' or something like that. Hearing his name… made him happy, as he smile and waved back.

At the academy

Next Naruto went to the academy where he knew the rest of his friend would be. They would be in a lecture right about now, so Naruto walked quietly up to the window where he knew the class to be. There he could see everyone. Sasuke was brooding as it seemed Sakura and Ino were fighting over the seat next to him, where Naruto usually sat. Poor Sasuke. Naruto thought but was still smirking.

Shikamaru was staring lazily forward if he didn't blink every few seconds Naruto would have sworn he was asleep. Chouji was sitting next to him munching on his seemingly endless supply of potato chips. I mean really, where does he keep them? Naruto asked himself. Shino was sitting in the back but had glanced at him, One of his bug probably told him I was here. Naruto decided as Kiba pulled him out of his thoughts by turning to smirk at him. And he smelled me… or Akamaru did. Naruto returned the smirk. Then went back to find the last of the rookie 9.

Hinata was wondering what Kiba was looking at and turned to see her crush outside the widow. She blushed when he turned to her and smiled. She had started to like him the moment she first saw him at her 3rd birthday party.


He was so sweet and when he looked at her… she didn't know how to describe it but it was like she was the most important thing in the world, precious even.

Hinata was young then though she just wanted to be his friend. She remembered though what happened later that night, a Kumo nin tried to kidnap her, but he had saved her asking her not to tell. Hinata never told, but she did want to ask him about it every time she tried though he would disappear, change the subject or something would happen. After a while she forgot to ask and so she had never found out why or how he had saved her.

When Hinata first saw Naruto at the academy though she remembered he had saved her. So she wanted to know more about him she was too nervous to ask, so instead she followed him after school. He had run away from his guards just a few blocks from the school and she had almost lost him she had to activate her Byakugan to find him.

He finally stopped at a training ground, she was already out of breath from following him but he looked completely fine. She knew then he was strong. What she saw next only affirmed her belief, the boy who was not that much bigger than her put his hands in a cross like seal, shouting "Kage Bushin Jutsu!" All over the field were hundreds of perfect copies of the boy in the center.

Hinata reactivated her Byakugan and saw the clones were not just in perfect detail but they had chakra, they weren't just illusions… they were real. As she was staring all the clones had started training they pulled out kunai, and were concentrating. Under her Byakugan she could see the blue chakra so strong growing around the weapons. All the clones threw the kunai; about half of them went up to the hilt in the tree that was their mark.

After a few hours the boy in the center fell breathing hard most the clones had dispelled. Hinata had watched him all day, she thought now he would go home but when the blond got up he didn't start walking away, he created more clones and they all started over again. Hinata was stunned she could see he was exhausted even his chakra was low, but… he just kept going. He wouldn't give up. He didn't leave till his Father had found him and took him home. She saw it now this boy was strong, yes but not just because he was some sort of genius, he had worked for it, all of it.

She would always give up, and her Father said she was weak. This boy though worked so hard and never gave up, never gave in. She wanted to be like this boy, she admired him.

End Flashbacks

That admiration had grown into a crush, she liked him a lot. Her blond ball of sunshine waved at her through the window and then was gone. Within seconds Iruka-sensei came back in the room and called for everyone to get back to their seats, even though it was only Ino and Sakura who weren't sitting.

At the Gate

Jiraiya was standing next to a clone while grumbling about tardy brats taking after their sensei when a blond blur streaked pass him. Naruto quickly turned around and in true Kakashi fashion spoke.

"Yo!" Jiraiya face faulted as the real Naruto grabbed his pack from his clone and the clone dispelled.

"You're late!" Jiraiya shouted reminding Naruto of himself with Kakashi. Naruto mentally shrugged might as well play it out to the end.

"Sorry, I got lost on the road of life." Naruto told him without a trace of a lie in his face. Jiraiya sweat dropped, as he could hear the two guards on gate duty trying not to laugh, unsuccessfully.

"You've hung out with Kakashi too much." On the other side of Konoha a man with silver hair reading a book sneezed three times. "Let's get going." said the white haired Sennin as he started walking away.

"Right!" Naruto chirped happily and created one of his new Shadow Fox clones. "You know what to do." The original told it and ran after Jiraiya who turned back to see the new clone. He saw no obvious difference but when he tried he could feel bits of the Kyuubi's chakra in it, but not enough that anyone who wasn't looking for it could sense it.

The two walked off out of the village and were soon out of sight.

Two Days Later

The Hokage sat alone in his office doing paperwork at breakneck speed. I'm almost done, there is only a few more! Minato thought as he neared the end of the pile on his desk. Just as he was about to stamp the last one there was a knock at the door before his assistant came in struggling with a large stack of papers. NOOOOOOO! Minato mentally shouted.

On the outside he made a grim face like he was about to cry and slammed his head on the desk. The Sandaime was NOT lying, the paperwork IS cursed. Minato finally conceded. His assistant used to the dramatics sweat dropped then sighed, and plopped the papers on his desk.

"I'll get you some tea, Hokage-sama." She said as if responding to his theatrics. Minato just sighed in acknowledgement too disappointed to say anything; he'd thank her when she came back. Once she was gone Minato couldn't help but to think of his Son for the millionth time since he left; the clone kept him company but it just wasn't the same. It had been what… Only two day since he left? Man I really miss him… Naruto come back soon. The young Hokage thought as he looked out the window toward the sky.

With Naruto and Jiraiya

Naruto and Jiraiya were running at a light pace, well light for them. They had reached the desert a few hours ago and would reach Suna soon. Jiraiya was itching to ask something though he had been since his memories returned; he just wanted to phrase it right.

"Hey Gaki, what did you tell your Dad about me?" Blunt as the kid beside him, they really were alike. Naruto looked over to him with a dumb expression, then tilted his head like he was thinking.

"Uh not much, I told him I trusted you… and that you had trained me." The little blond answered honestly. Within a second though he got what the old pervert was asking, 'Did you tell him anything bad I did' and came up with the first thing that came to mind. "I didn't tell him you threw me down a bottomless cliff, after having me wear out all my chakra if that's what you mean." Naruto added with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Jiraiya's jaw dropped, Minato would be pissed if he knew that. Especially since the blond Hokage seemed even more protective of Naruto than the Sennin thought he would be.

"Y-you wouldn't, right?" Jiraiya asked a bit fearfully. Naruto outright laughed at his mentor's expression. He really wanted to toy with him some more but took pity on the poor toad sage.

"Oh don't worry, I don't intend to rat you out for anything." Naruto told him rolling his eyes. Jiraiya let out a breath; at least the kid was loyal. But there was something he would have to tell Minato when they got back. He had told Minato that he would tell him about Naruto and what he was hiding, but that meant he would have to tell Minato that he left. Leaving the man's Son alone.

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