An Unexpected Beginning

They Finally Meet!

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Chapter 25: They Finally Meet!

Naruto and Jiraiya approached Suna and the older Toad Sage slowed.

"So how are we doing this?" Jiraiya asked the little blond, looking for a plan to get in. Naruto slowed to match his pace and looked up to him.

"Well, since you're with me I was just going to go through the front door." Naruto answer innocently. Jiraiya almost face faulted, remembering just in time that it would really hurt while running at this speed. Naruto chuckled at him. "Don't worry so much, we go in like were just passing through, get a room for a few nights, I fix Gaara's seal. Yes, I have a plan to do that, and then we can leave." Naruto told him rolling his eyes as he finished.

Jiraiya scowled at him clearly meaning, 'Well WHY didn't you just say that in the first place'. While it didn't look like Naruto saw the face, Jiraiya could have sworn he heard the boy snicker when he turned away.

In Konoha

It had been almost three day since the real Naruto left and the Kitsune shadow clone was playing its part perfectly, he was Naruto after all. He wasn't just filling in for the original though, no he was working on something that Naruto had wanted to figure out for a while, how to transfer specific memories so he wouldn't have to explain so damn much.

At first he didn't think he would be able to do it because the way he was trying to basically took the control of a high level Genjutsu. He SUCKED at Genjutsu. He was trying to create an illusion, based off his memories, but he just couldn't hold a focus on all the details.

That's IT! I may not be able to consciously create and hold the details but they are all in my mind! If I can't make an illusion, then I'll show them the real deal! But that means I would have to bring them inside of my own mind… and past him. Naruto sighed he'd have to work out all the details, but if he was right it wouldn't be too hard and he should be able to get it worked out before the real Naruto came back.

In Suna with Gaara

Gaara was just walking to the playground like any other day to sit on the swings and watch the other children play. Who knows maybe one of them would let me play with them today, or maybe I'll see a new game and show it to Naruto later. Temari seems to be trying to be nicer to me too, she might play with me later.

The little redhead's thoughts stopped suddenly as he was walking past the gate. The 7 year old saw a familiar mop of blond spiky hair on a boy who looked just as young as him. No.. It couldn't be, Naruto said in the next month he'd come but it only been… a week… maybe…

The blond boy turned around and looked straight at Gaara, giving Gaara a grin that reminded him of a fox. THAT'S HIM! He is really here, and that not a clone or he would use the gate! Gaara ran for him not quite as fast as he could but still trying to get there quickly. Naruto started walking towards him.

"Naruto!" Gaara called to him as he slowed and there was only a few feet in between them. Jiraiya turn when he felt his apprentice leave his side but just smiled when he saw why and waited for the guard to give back his paperwork.

"Hey Gaara!" Naruto chirped. "It's nice to finally meet in person, huh?" he finished chuckling at the end. Gaara gave him a genuine smile. Naruto rolled his eyes thinking 'Oh screw it, were 7' and grabbed Gaara's arm pulling him into a hug. Some of the villagers that were glaring before paled but Naruto paid them no attention what so ever and Gaara was too shocked to notice. He quickly came out of his shock though and hugged his friend back and they broke a part, Naruto knew an awkward silence was coming so he started talking before it could.

"Well don't just stand there, what good to eat around here!" Naruto exclaimed, Gaara chuckled at him and grabbed his friend's hand dragging him to the only ramen shop he knew of, Naruto had already shown his obsession with the stuff to Gaara because when he talked about it he tended to go on… and on.

Jiraiya followed them and as they reached the ramen shop he could only roll his eyes and sigh. He really wanted something else.

"Naruto!" Jiraiya called him and the little blond spun around, as the redhead looked back curiously. He hadn't noticed the man had been with Naruto at the gate, he had been too thrilled in seeing his friend and not having to hide it.

"Yea?" Naruto asked sounding a bit distracted he wanting to get to his ramen quickly, he doubted it was as good as Ichiraku's but, no one's was. Jiraiya ignored his antics, far too used to them.

"I'm going to go find us a hotel to stay in, get to the hotel by sunset." Holding up his hand to stop the protest he knew was coming. "Yea I know, but your Dad will kill me if I lose you." Jiraiya explained, truthfully he didn't want the kid out after dark either. Strong or not he was still 7 years old.

"Fine." Naruto said pouting. Jiraiya smirked at him and ruffled his hair. The brat just looked so cute when he pouted. He chuckled when his Godson grinned and swatted at him, he dodged and walked off waving his hand over his shoulder as his went to find a place to stay.

"Who was he?" Gaara asked curiously as Naruto turned back to him. Naruto stared at him blankly for a second like he expected him to know, then blinked as if he realized something and put his hand behind his head. A gesture Gaara had seen him do before.

"Oh that's Ero-Sennin- or Jiraiya-oji." Naruto chuckled at the name the old toad sage always said not to call him. "He's my Godfather." Naruto smiled, then mumbled to himself "Maybe I should come up with a new name for him…" Gaara took no notice to his friend's ramblings, and asked the obvious question.

"What's a Godfather?" Gaara said as they climbed up on to the stools to order. Naruto blinked turning to him, truthfully he wasn't exactly sure but he'd try his best to answer.

"Uh, well a Godfather is supposed to act as your Father if your own Father dies. But since mine is still alive he's kinda like an uncle, I guess." Naruto explained as best he could. Not that I would know since my Godfather didn't do that… I didn't even know he was my Godfather till after he died… But at least he came back and taught me stuff, later…

What Naruto didn't know was that Jiraiya had come back that way heading toward the hot springs, and had heard the whole thing. He knew what Naruto must have been thinking, with the way the boy's eyes glazed over he'd learned that was what happened when he was sad. Jiraiya saw the little blonde's head lift back up with a cheery grin though and order his favorite ramen.

Jiraiya turned away so he was more out of site and closed his eyes tight, that smile was completely fake and he knew it. I'm sorry Naruto… I will make it up to you, somehow… Jiraiya thought as he walked off all thoughts of 'research' forgotten.

With Minato

The young Yondaime Hokage had… snuck out of his office, and was training out in the forest of death. He doubted anyone would look for him there. As for ditching his 'work' well the Hokage has to stay in shape too! Sitting behind that desk all day every day was going to make him weak… at least that was the excu- reason he thought up when he was sneaking out.

Minato sighed as he sat down against a tree; he had already worked through all his techniques twice and was taking a break. As he sat there though his thoughts just couldn't help but to wander to his Son, it was the first time he had been out of the village after all. He had kind of been hoping the boy would never have to grow up, and he could keep him safely by his side forever.


"Come on Naruto, you can do it." Minato said excited holding his hands out in front of him. Naruto stood a bit wobbly about three feet away holding onto the couch with one hand. Naruto was only 5 months old and Minato knew it was a bit early to be trying to get his Son to walk but the boy seemed to just keep trying, like he was determine to not give up.

Little did he know at the time Naruto was thinking 'If I can just get these stupid little legs to work I can use the damn toilet!' Naruto's eyebrows narrowed like he was concentrating, then he took a step towards his Father letting go of the couch.

Minato's heart jumped "That's it Naruto come on, come to Daddy." Minato exclaimed holding his hands out, smiling proudly. At that prompt baby Naruto took three quick steps and practically jumped into his Father's arms. Minato laughed and scooped him up spinning him around chanting, "You did it! You did it!" Naruto just laughed as his Father glared at the ANBU guards daring them to say anything about it EVER.

'Yes! Now I can use the toilet!' Naruto thought to himself laughing. His Father turned back to him hearing the laugh and tickled him. Grinning madly at the little bundle of sunshine, who looked like the splitting image of him.

Flashback End

Minato sighed with a small smirk; he'd have to do something with Naruto when he got back. Make some more memories to look back on for when his Son was grown, after all he would be small forever.

Later in Suna

It was very late Jiraiya and Naruto had gone to sleep hours ago, but now the small blond haired boy was getting up quietly trying not to wake his Godfather as he dressed and grabbed his weapons, just in case. A wise ninja didn't stray far from his weapons, and a wise ninja lived longer. Just as he headed toward the door, he was stopped by a voice.

"Where do you think you're going, Naruto?" The white haired sage asked as he propped himself up on his elbow and turning on his side to face the boy. Naruto cringed but turned around looking guilty for trying to sneak out.

"I was going to fix Gaara's seal." Naruto told him in a whisper so that it hopefully wouldn't carry to any listening ears. You could never be too careful in a foreign shinobi country even if they were allies. Jiraiya frowned at him for trying to do that alone.

"I'm coming with you Gaki, you shouldn't have tried to go alone. Let me look over that seal you're planning on using too." The way the toad Sennin said it left no room for argument.

"Hai." Naruto agreed walking over and pulling out a diagram the seal so that Jiraiya could look it over. Another seal master to check over his work never hurt. Within five minutes they were both out the door. Keeping to the shadows and coving themselves in a light jutsu that helped them stay hidden; Jiraiya often used it to infiltrate villages to get information.

When they arrived at Gaara's house Naruto lead Jiraiya around to where Gaara's window was then motioned for him to say there as the little blond jumped up to his friend's window, sliding it open and silently slipping in.

Gaara was laying down on his stomach coloring when out of nowhere he felt someone touch him, he jumped and his sand moved on instinct in between him and the person. He realized that even though the sand was covering this person they hadn't moved their hand off his shoulder, matter of fact he didn't even think they flinched. Gaara lowered the sand to see who it was and instantly relaxed.

"Hey Gaara!" Naruto chirped quietly, like he hadn't just scared his friend half to death. Though he was grinning… and seemed quite pleased with himself too. Gaara blinked confused and a bit annoyed that he had been frightened.

"Hi, what are you doing here?" Gaara asked quietly so that no one in the house would know anything was going on. Naruto smiled at him.

"It's time. I am going to fix your seal. But we have to do it out of the village so no one sees us, at where we normally play should be good." Naruto said turning around and walking toward the window. He put one foot on the window sill and turned back to Gaara.

"Come on!" Naruto whispered excitedly, waving his hand for Gaara to follow him. Gaara didn't need to be told twice as he almost ran after Naruto jumping out the window with him.

Jiraiya waited on the ground for the two boys and just as he was getting bored two chibis jumped out the second story window his apprentice had just gone into. At first thought it was good then he notice that the little blurs of red and yellow were going to land right on top of him.

The first was Naruto, of course. He hit Jiraiya right in the chest and before the Sennin could get his balance back the red blur crashed into him and he fell over. Jiraiya landed on his back and groaned as he noticed Naruto chuckling. The little brat did it on purpose! Jiraiya thought as he glared at the chibi, of course when Naruto saw this he just looked back innocently blinking his big blue eyes. Jiraiya just rolled his eyes and got up pushing the boys off.

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