An Unexpected Beginning

The Seal

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Chapter 26: The Seal

Naruto led Gaara with Jiraiya not far behind out of the village through the secret tunnels they always used to get out and play where no one would see them. The tunnels led a good two to three miles out so that no guards would notice them when they came out the other side. Jiraiya surprised such a tunnel existed; he was the one with a spy network he should know these things. Oh well he'd just remember it in case he needed it in the future.

They all arrived at the spot that Naruto had selected previously, without being seen or setting off any alarms. It helped that Gaara knew the village layout. Naruto turn to Gaara when they stopped.

"Okay Gaara this is it, I need you to lay down." Naruto said softly putting his backpack down as he sat. Gaara knew he wanted this and he trusted Naruto more than anyone, but he was scared. He tried to push his fear down as he sat in front of his friend and slowly lay down on his back. Jiraiya stayed back watching and keeping a look out just in case someone came.

Naruto dug through his backpack and pulled out a brush, ink, and a small book. Gaara watched him pull out each item carefully, still a bit afraid. Naruto opened the little book and turned the pages till he found what he needed. It was his personal book of seals.

"Alright Gaara I need you to take your shirt off." Naruto said turning to look down at Gaara. He noticed his friend looked… nervous. He gave him a small smile, "It's okay Gaara, this won't take too long and after you'll be able to sleep and not have that stupid Tanuki's voice in your head." Naruto said calmly trying to reassure his friend. Gaara relaxed slightly and nodded, then leaned up to take off his shirt.

Naruto picked his book and placed in right beside the redhead, then he hovered one hand over Gaara's stomach and gathered chakra letting it lightly touch the other boy making the seal appear. Grabbed his brush with his other hand Naruto slightly dipped his brush into the ink and after looking back at the seal in the book once more began to copy it. Being very careful to put it in the right place over the first seal and putting each line exactly where it needed to be to connect the two.

After about ten minutes Naruto finished and wiped sweat off his forehead with the back of his head. He sighed the hard part was done, he looked back and forth from his book the new seal on his friend making sure every detail was perfect. It was, Naruto let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding. One last thing to do. Naruto thought.

"Alright Gaara, we're almost finished. I'll I have to do is run chakra through the seals, activating the new one and connecting them together." Naruto explained as Gaara listened giving his full attention. He had mostly relaxed over the time it took to paint the seal. "When I do… it will hurt. It will be over quickly, and don't worry if afterward you fall asleep." Naruto finished explaining. Gaara gulped but nodded, this would let him sleep, and not hear voices anymore.

Naruto took a deep breath and let it out slow as Jiraiya turned back to watch, he put both hands over the seal and push his chakra into the new seal first, letting it flow from it into the old seal connecting them. Gaara felt a surge of pain from the seal and he clamped his teeth as all his muscles tightened. It felt like it was being burned into his skin, which he realized that was exactly what was happening. He had never felt physical pain thanks to his sand always protecting him and Jinchuuriki or not he was only 7 years old. Gaara couldn't take it any longer, he screamed.

The young blond flinched at hearing his friend scream, he had never heard Gaara scream in any world. Thankfully Jiraiya had enough sense to put up a silencing barrier. He felt like crap though being the one that had given his friend such pain, but it was almost done just a few more seconds… THERE!

Gaara and Naruto both panted after it was finished, completely exhausted. One from having a seal burned into him and the other from using a lot of chakra and the control of only using his, who knows what would happen if Kyuubi's chakra got into Shukaku's seal.

Naruto looked up when Jiraiya came over and put a hand on his shoulder. It seemed Gaara had passed out. The blond smiled at his Godfather though. He had done it, he had fixed Gaara's seal. The little blond took a deep breath and stood putting his things back into his backpack. Naruto bent down and struggled to pull Gaara who was just as heavy as himself onto his back.

"I can get him." Jiraiya tried to take Gaara off him but Naruto shifted his friend to a better spot and refused.

"I got him." Naruto told the Sennin. He wanted to be the one to bring Gaara back; he wasn't sure why he just wanted to make sure his friend was safe. So together they snuck back into Suna's walls and to Gaara's window. Naruto had gotten in as before without too much trouble despite the extra 50-60 pounds on his back, and laid the little redhead in his bed. After he hesitated leaving his friend there not knowing what happen. Just then the door to Gaara's room opened.

"Gaara?" A blond girl stood in the doorway her face changing from blank curiosity to anger when she saw him. "Who the hell are you?" The girl who didn't look more than a few years older than him growled, like a mother bear protecting a cub.

In Konoha

It was later at night as Minato turned over to his other side again. He just couldn't sleep, he had been having trouble sleep ever since Jiraiya and the real Naruto left. But it wasn't just his worry for his Son that was bothering him, it was what Jiraiya said just before he left.

"I will tell you. But know that if I'm right about what he's hiding it isn't because he doesn't trust you… its most likely because he doesn't want you to know the consequences."

Minato frowned at the memory and sat up giving up on sleep for the moment. "because he doesn't want you to know the consequences." The words rung in his head. What consequences? Naruto said I died in the… sealing. Minato's eyes widened as everything seemed to click into place, the sealing he had made his Son a Jinchuuriki, and hadn't been there to protect him. "the consequences" The words rung in his head again. He didn't know what happen but... he knew it had to be pretty bad. If for no other reason than Naruto hadn't said anything about it.

The blond man got up and quietly walked to his Son's room. He slipped in without a sound and kneeled down at his Son's bedside that his special clone was now in. The boy who could pass as his own clone in a few years looked so peaceful. Minato let a small smile come onto his face and ran his hand softly through the little blond's hair, carefully as not to wake him.

Minato sighed quietly and stood to leave before he woke the boy, as he did though the wooden floorboard under his foot gave a slight creak.

Next Day Konoha

Naruto was walking toward the academy with Sasuke as usual when they both shivered. They paled and turned to each other.

"You feel that?" Sasuke asked in almost a whisper as they picked up the pace. Naruto turned back to watch where he was going but nodded.

"Yeah, my fangirl senses are tingling." Naruto answered back ominously. Their eyes searched for the source as they tried to keep their bodies looking relaxed, even though they were ready to sprint the rest of the way to the academy.

Just as the academy grounds came into view they ran, as two girls one with pink and one with blond hair where running behind them with at least 7 more girls right behind them. Naruto and Sasuke didn't stop running at the gate they ran right past and to right in front of the academy doors. They quickly turned back to see the fangirls slowing at the gate but still watching them as the mob, I mean fangirls spread out around academy training yard.

Sasuke turned to Naruto and they both sighed in relief

"That was a close one." Sasuke said as he watched the two head 'Sasuke fangirls' Ino and Sakura start yelling at each other again. Probably about him.

"Yeah, we need to find a new route to take… again." Naruto sighed the last word, and Sasuke nodded. If nothing else these rabid girls were helping their stealth training. They both walked over to a tree with no one else near it and plopped down. Everyone was waiting outside till it was closer to when the bell would ring so they all could talk and hang out.

With Ino and Sakura

"No way Ino-Pig! Sasuke would never like you, because he is in love with me!" Sakura yelled glaring at the blond girl in fount of her, daring her to say it's not true.

"Oh yeah Forehead! Well I am going make Sasuke see how much he likes me, right Now!" Ino said with conviction. She turned around quickly letting her pony tail come very close to hitting Sakura in the face and walked purposefully toward the two boys.

Hinata unnoticed by everyone was sitting behind a tree just turning back to catch quick peeks at Naruto every so often. She had heard the yelling but tuned it out, those two were always fighting.

Ino walked right up to the boys her eyes glancing at Sasuke every few seconds blushing. I know how I can make him realized his feelings for me, I'll make him jealous! Ino thought as she stepped right in front of them nervously. Both Sasuke and Naruto raised an eyebrow at her.

"Um hi guys, um Naruto I was wondering if maybe, you would go out with me." Ino said the last part so quickly they almost didn't hear it. Naruto eyes widened a bit but more skeptical then surprised. Isn't she one of Sasuke's fangirls? He thought, then turned to Sasuke who shrugged.

"Uh well, I'm actually busy tonight. Maybe another time." Naruto tried to politely turn her down. Even thought the only thing he was actually going to do tonight was work on the memory transfer jutsu.

"Oh, well okay…" Ino said trying to see if her asking out another guy had made Sasuke jealous. She walked away slowly trying to see a reaction.

Meanwhile Hinata was fuming as she watched the Yamanaka walk away from 'Her' Naruto. She knew that the blond blue eyed wonder that had captured her heart had a fan club, but most of them kept their distance or were too busy fighting each other over him that they never got close. But that girl had just gone right up and asked him out, 'Her' Naruto. Something must be done about this… Hinata thought.

In hindsight Ino's plan worked, it just made the wrong person jealous.

Hokage Tower

Minato sat at his desk happy he had finally figured out this seal on the scroll he had found.


Minato sighed quietly and stood to leave before he woke the boy, as he did though the wooden floorboard under his foot gave a slight creak. He look at his Son's clone to make sure he was still asleep then bent back down to the board that made the noise. The wooden floor board was mostly under the bed but he could see the part he had stepped on and it was lifted up slightly.

He tried pulling up on it with his fingers; it was loose, very loose. Using both hands he pulled it up quietly and even though it was dark he could see a single white scroll inside with a seal on it. The seal master pulled it out carefully knowing what could happen when some seals were tampered with. Looking the scroll over, he saw that the seal on it had a symbol for fire on it so it would most likely burst into flames if he opened it.

The seal master impressed the seal was a higher level one and he would need time to open it, if he was going to. He was worried about his Son though, and if this scroll was important enough for his Son to go to such lengths to protect it might tell him how he can help. That was it his mind was settled, Minato replaced the floorboard and left the room quietly… with the scroll.

Flashback End

So after finally disabling the seal Minato opened the scroll only to see every major event in the last almost 8 years and into the next 10. The young Hokage's eyes were practical glued to the scroll, he read it all the way through his face changing from happy, sad, angry, confused, to depressed and pissed. Then he read it again. Some of the references were vague only showing dates and names, but others Minato could tell horrible things could happen like, 'The Uchiha Massacre' that could have been much worse than 'The Uchiha Incident'.

After he had read it 3 times he rolled it up and put his hands on his head taking a few deep breaths. He had no idea how much his Son had been changing, or how many truly horrifying things his Son had seen and been through in his young life. How can he seem so happy knowing all of this. At this he remembered what Jiraiya had said before he left, "Besides if there is one thing you can count on is that no matter what crazy or impossible thing that kid gets himself into he always finds a way through it."

Minato gave a small smile, "I hope your right Sensei… but Naruto won't have to do it himself this time."


Naruto and Gaara had met up at the park the next day. To play again before Naruto had to leave because while he'd like to stay a few more days he and Jiraiya still have to find Tsunade and get back, his new clone wouldn't last forever.

"Temari caught you?" Gaara asked a little fearful, interrupting Naruto who was telling him what happen after he passed out. Naruto sighed.

"Yeah she seemed pretty upset too. She even attacked me before I could tell her what was going on."


"Who the hell are you?" The girl who didn't look more than a few years older than him growled, like a mother bear protecting a cub.

"Uh…" was Naruto's intelligent reply. This wasn't supposed to happen, what do I tell her? … I'm screwed. As if proving him right Temari threw a handful of shuriken at him. He dived to the side dodging them all.

"Wait! Wait! I'm a friend!" Naruto tried to calm her down so he could explain. It was then Temari realized the boy was even younger than her. She glared at him but didn't attack waiting for an explanation. Naruto sighed in relief.

"Me and Gaara snuck out earlier, and I was just bringing him back because he passed out. Just as I was leaving you came in." Naruto made up a partial lie on the spot. However Temari barely heard anything after "he passed out". She whipped her head around, ignoring all basics of ninja training saying to never take your eyes off the enemy, to see the cutest and most terrifying thing she had ever seen. Her baby brother Gaara was asleep in his bed now clutching his favorite teddy bear.

Temari didn't know whether to coo at him or run in terror. She knew what was said to happen if Gaara ever fell asleep. Naruto was debating if he should knock her out and hope she thought it was just a dream or explain in detail. He really rather just knock her out but… maybe it would be better for Gaara if he had someone when he wasn't there. Temari did just protect him… Naruto groaned mentally, this would be so… troublesome.

"It's okay Temari, nothing will happen now even when he sleeps." Naruto explained softly. Temari's head whipped back around to the boy who she almost had forgotten was there.

"What do you mean?" Then her eyes narrowed "What did you do to him? And how do you know my name?" the 10 year old ground out. If Naruto had really been the age he looked he'd be sweating bullets by now.

"Just what I said, I am Gaara's friend, and I helped him by fixing his seal so he can sleep and not be bothered by Shukaku. And I know your name because he told me." Naruto tried answering without going into much detail. Temari paled.

"You, you 'fixed' his seal. You're just a kid! Do you have any idea what you've done?" Temari's voice started getting higher. Naruto narrowed his eyes at her.

"Quiet." He spoke in a commanding voice cutting off Temari's rant/ mental breakdown. "I may be a child but I am also a seal master trained by the best. And I worked months on that seal making sure it was perfect for Garra, I would NEVER have tried it on him if I wasn't sure." Naruto finished with determination almost glowing in his eyes.

The way the boy spoke was so straight forward, and sounded so determined that Temari actually found herself believing him. She looked back at her brother seeing him sleep so peacefully, and gave a small smiled.

"Temari," the girl turned to look at him "you can't tell anyone, if your Father or the council finds out who knows what they would do to Gaara. Besides no one can know it was me, at least until were older and can protect ourselves. Do you understand?" Naruto knew this was it, he had to get her to agree. Temari frowned her eyes cast down thinking and then slowly nodded. Naruto let out a breath he didn't know he was holding.

"I understand and I won't tell to protect my Brother, but why can't they know it was you?" Temari asked curiously. Naruto didn't answer right away wondering if he she tell her, she'll find out eventually but could he trust her now? … She just gave him her trust. He looked back up to her and grinned that cheeky fox grin.

"Because, I'm the Hokage's Son." Naruto told her proudly, he had always wanted to say that. Before Temari could question him further though, he was gone. On the ground outside Naruto and Jiraiya Shunshin-ed back to their hotel room.

End Flashback

"So Temari knows?" Gaara asked, as they were swinging together on the swings.

"Yeah." Naruto nodded. "Gaara, you know I have to leave tomorrow morning." The little blond said a bit sadly. "But this way Temari can be with you since I can't, you know she is your friend now too." Naruto smiled at him, as Gaara beamed now he has two friends and one is even his sister.

"Um mm," Garra nodded happily then stopped showing a bit of panic "but you'll come back right?" the little redhead asked. Naruto smiled wide.

"Of course! You can't get rid of me that easy!" he laughed as his friend sighed in relief and smiled at him.

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