An Unexpected Beginning

What Plan?

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Chapter 27: What Plan?

"So where are we going?" Naruto asked about ten minutes after leaving Suna. He knew they were looking for Tsunade, he was just hoping Jiraiya would have a good idea where to look. Jiraiya didn't bother turning to him but answered anyway.

"Where going to find Tsunade, if I remember right and if you haven't changed it she should be in Bird Country. Most likely in the casino town they have." Jiraiya and Naruto chuckled at the last part.

"Well I don't suppose you have a plan to get her to come back?" Naruto asked while still smiling at the thought of seeing the slug Sennin. Jiraiya raised an eyebrow and gave him a suspicious look.

"What do you mean me? You're the one who blew yourself back in time. You've had all this time to come up with a plan; I just got my memories back." Jiraiya said and they both stopped realizing neither of them had any plan. Well like Master like student.

"So… neither of us have a plan, huh?" Naruto said in a tone that made it not really a question. They both sighed at the thought. Naruto shrugged and started walking again, Jiraiya keeping pace with him.

"I guess we'll just wing it then. Baa-chan wanted to start a medical program right?" At the Sennin's nod Naruto continued. "Well I'm sure Dad wouldn't have a problem with it, as long as we can find a way to do it, and we could always use her help running the hospital." The blond finished linking his fingers together behind his head. He was smiling up at the sky as if he didn't have a care in the world.

"Yeah well if it comes to it you could always make a bet with her." Jiraiya told him snickering as if it was a fool proof plan, which really if you knew her you'd know it was. The little blond's innocent smile turned into a devious smirk.

"You know I do miss my necklace." And so the devious little mind set to work. While the toad Sennin thought 'What have I done… Oh well it'll be fun to watch.'

In Konoha

Up in a tree in the Hyuuga compound sat a young girl with dark hair and the classic Hyuuga eyes. Her eyes were slightly different though, but at a glance you would never notice they had a tint of lavender that a certain boy with blond hair had fallen in love with. Not that the girl knew, no if she did she wouldn't have been sitting there thinking on what to do about another young girl named Ino Yamanaka. Who had flirted with the boy in question the day before.

Yes even at the young age of seven, well almost eight love was already complicating the next generation of ninja. What do I do? Hinata thought swinging her feet below the branch she was sitting on. I don't really want to hurt Ino… well not much. I think she is still into Sasuke too, but then why would she do that? And in front of… him… Could she have been trying to get closer to Sasuke by flirting with Naruto-kun? Would she do that? What am I thinking of course she would. Hinata huffed pursing her lips into a frown.

Even if Ino isn't after Naruto-kun though, I can't let something like this happen again. I have to show those stupid fangirls he is mine. But how? I can't just become his girlfriend I don't even know if he likes me like that… Hinata sighed, if anyone was watching they would probably think it was pretty funny that she kept making faces like she was arguing with herself. Then a look of determination that Naruto would be proud of came onto her face.

I'll become a closer friend to Naruto-kun, then I can keep those stupid fangirls away from him and he can get to know me better. Plus I'll get to spend more time with him! Then the thought hit her on the outside and her stomach sunk. But I can hardly talk to him without fainting… Well I'll just have to; I can't let those girls take him from me. Hinata nodded to herself the determined look back in place. Now I just have to figure out how… maybe we could study together, or train he likes that.

Elsewhere in Konoha

Naruto was swing on a swing at a playground he used to come to the first time he was this age. He had come here to clear his head while he was working on his new memory transfer jutsu. That had been accomplished at least, he was now thinking on how half the kids parents kept glancing at him. As if wondering if he would attack them any moment.

The young boy sighed. Well I suppose it's still better than last time at least they haven't grabbed their kids to leave glaring at me. Still I kinda want to play… No I'm not a kid anymore… but… Naruto huffed and tried to shake his head at the childish thoughts. The little blond smiled so big trying to act happy so that maybe he would be; it was like he was a miniature sun with that smile. Then he started swinging higher like a kid trying to touch the sky. His moment was interrupted though as he heard a voice a bit younger than his own.

"Naruto?" Konohamaru called out to the blond boy on the swing he recognized from a few days ago when the boy saved him from a nasty fall. Naruto took a flying jump off the swing and landed perfectly in a crouch just in front of Konohamaru. Then stood up smoothly and gave a small one handed wave.

"Yo!" Naruto replied cheerfully making both his eyes 'eye smile' like Kakashi would always do. He knew it was juvenile and the younger Konohamaru wouldn't get the joke, but… it was still funny as hell. He was laughing on the inside though so nobody would think he'd finally cracked.

"Hey!" The younger boy smiled brightly and asked, "You wanna play?" Naruto could see the innocents in his friend, and remembered that his older counterpart had believed in him till the end. In the future or more accurately now his old world; Naruto had taken Konohamaru on as a kind of apprentice. It wasn't a complete apprenticeship because the boy was a Sarutobi whose clan had been bonded to the Monkey summons for generations.

Of course Konohamaru would have probably signed the Toad contract instead if Naruto had asked him to but he wouldn't take that away from the boy. However Naruto did teach Konohamaru many things from those perverted jutsu from when he was a kid to his own nindo and even one of the few family jutsu Naruto had, the Rasengan. Not that he knew it was a family jutsu at the time. Even if he did though he would have still taught it to the boy, because Konohamaru was more than just some kid he was teaching, he was his little brother in all but blood.

"Sure!" Naruto exclaimed excitedly. Even if those that didn't like him before was still afraid of him there were many he still had. Mentally he thanked his little brother for lifting his spirits and reminding him he wasn't alone.

Minato's Office (Hokage Tower)

Kakashi walked in to give his report on the mission he just finished. While he was giving the report though he was wondering why he hadn't been assigned to look after Naruto in a while. It was really starting to bug him because he was the one that was always called in to watch over the boy after he would ditch his ANBU guards or there was some added danger. His sensei would do so of course because he trusted Kakashi more than his other shinobi; he even had Kakashi watching Naruto since he was still very small.


Kakashi couldn't believe it his sensei was ordering him on a 'mission' to babysit. He may have been 16 years old but he was a Jounin for crying out loud! Okay yes the kid was important and even more so to his sensei but this just wasn't fair. Hokage's son or not he did not want to babysit a 2 year old, even if he was already potty trained.

However even as he was mentally cursing his luck Kakashi was walking to his sensei's house to do the 'mission'. He got to the door and before he could knock a blond chibi version of his sensei opened it up. The chibi smile at him and opened the door wider for him to come in.

While he had never had to babysit the boy before he knew the little blond fairly well seeing him in the Hokage office a lot, so the chibi seemed comfortable staying with him. And for that he was glad, the last thing he needed was a screaming 2 year old wanting no one but his Daddy.

"Daddy!" Naruto yelled into the house as he led Kakashi inside. "He's here!" He called, then the blond little bundle of sunshine shot off deeper into the house not bothering to check if the teen Kakashi was following. The still annoyed silver haired teen waited where he'd been left but he didn't have to wait long. In less than a minute his sensei came out sporting a bright smile as he carried Naruto.

"Hey Kakashi, thanks for doing this. I really feel better knowing that you're with him." Minato said easily like his student had a choice, not that Kakashi would complain out loud about it. Now though he felt a little guilty. Naruto was his sensei's son and did have a high kidnapping potential. So Kakashi sighed resigned to his fate.

When no one was looking Naruto smirked. He's already annoyed he has to watch me. Just wait until I'm done with him! He will regret the day he EVER used 'A Thousand Years of Pain Jutsu' on me! Mahahahahaha! Okay yes he doesn't actually remember that and hasn't actually done it, buuuut he's still gonna pay! On the outside; Kakashi was getting a bit nervous at the look on Naruto's face that clearly any 2 year old shouldn't have.

"How long will you be gone again Sensei?" the boy asked hoping it was sooner than he remembered. Minato rolled his eyes at his student but answered him anyway.

"Just until tomorrow morning. Don't worry you'll do fine. Just remember to feed him dinner, and put him to bed around 9." Minato told him than stopped looking a little panicked, "And Don't let him put anything in his mouth he shouldn't!" Then Minato let his Son slid down him and kneeled before the 2 year old holding onto his arms gently.

"You be good for Kakashi okay Naru-chan?" Minato asked/told his son. Naruto sweat dropped he had no intention of doing that, so he crossed his figures behind his back and nodded. Then he jumped up to hug his Dad to draw attention away from that subject.

"I'll miss you, Daddy!" the cute 2 year old squealed as he let go.

"I'll miss you too Naru-chan." Minato said hugging him back. With that the Hokage was out the door not to be seen till morning.

Kakashi turned back to his charge, who had started openly smirking with a gleam in his eye the teen didn't like as soon as the front door had shut.

Flashback End

That night became what Kakashi had taken to calling 'the night from hell'. When Minato-sensei had come back in the morning Kakashi was on the floor out cold and covered in orange paint, rotten eggs, garbage, some kind of green goo neither could identify and a black eye. While a blond 2 year old was sleeping peacefully in his 'big boy bed' without one hair out of place, his toys weren't even on the floor.

The silver haired Cyclops never knew exactly what happen that night; he thought he remembered something about a possessed baby and the evil laundry bunnies but he was sure that was just a dream. Afterward though nothing weird ever seemed to happen when he watched Naruto and they became fairly close like the first time never happened at all, except when his sensei teased him about it of course.

As Kakashi finished giving his report he just had to ask. "Sensei, how is Naruto doing?" Minato blinked he didn't realize his student would miss Naruto. He hadn't been sending Kakashi to protect his Son because well… it was just a clone. But it might be causing suspicion.

"Ah yes, Kakashi he's doing well. After you've rested from this mission; maybe tomorrow you would look after him?" Minato smiled as Kakashi nodded.

"Of course Sensei." The silver haired scarecrow agreed then puffed into smoke. Before even a few seconds past though Minato's work (paperwork) was interrupted again, not that he wasn't grateful. He even smiled when he saw what interrupted him was a little orange and black blur coming from the doorway.

"Dad!" Naruto called as he hug tackled his Father. Minato vaguely wondered how a clone could take such a hit and not pop. Before he remembered what he wanted to talk to his Son about. Pulling the boy back and sitting him on the desk in front of him Minato prepared to ask about something he wasn't sure he should really ever know about, the Future.

With Naruto & Jiraiya

Naruto followed Jiraiya right through the gate that said they had entered Bird Country. Tsunade wasn't far he was sure, but they went to get a room at the inn first. Then they would re-start their search for the Slug Sennin.

Jiraiya was excited to see his old teammate but apprehensive too. Naruto knew why, one night about a week after Jiraiya's death Shizune asked him to find the Godaime, he had found Tsunade at a bar getting drunk. After a while he got her to talk to him. She told him about how she was going to go out with Jiraiya if he came back, and the bet she made with him. He had led her out of the bar that day and dragged her to her bed, feeling more guilty than ever for yelling at her over Jiraiya's death. He didn't say anything to the now alive Jiraiya about it, and he wasn't going to unless he had to.

They both headed out of the hotel and split up; Jiraiya went to check the bars (and baths of course), while Naruto went to check all the gambling houses.

"Wow…" Naruto said in a bit of awe, when he saw how many and how big all the places in the gambling section of town was. Somewhere in the back of his mind he was thinking it only looked that way because he was so small, but he ignored that that thought as it would take the magical effect away. The little blond had his hands in the pockets of his black shorts walking around in a burnt orange shirt with his head held up high like he owned the place.

Soon after he had gone into and searched 4 gambling spots he was walking down the street again and someone went flying right in front of him… from the wall. Naruto sweat dropped when he heard a familiar voice coming from the hole in the wall where the now unconscious man just came from.

Ah yes I've found Baa-chan, now to put the plan into action! Naruto thought with a smirk, after he shook his head at the poor unfortunate soul on the ground that had annoyed his Baa-chan. The little blond stepped over the rubble and went inside smiling to himself, if all went according to plan, (the one he made up on the way there) it would be all too easy to get his Baa-chan to come back to Konoha.

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