An Unexpected Beginning

My Hime

Chapter 28: My Hime

Naruto walked into the gambling house and quickly saw who he was looking for, a blond woman with brown eyes, a large bust looking to be in her late 20's (even though he knew she wasn't) sat in front of a cup and a pair of dice. Of course there was also a very nervous manager sweating close by. He couldn't help but smile almost laughing at the familiar scene he hadn't been able to see since he got his 'new' life.

The little blond walked over to her like he didn't know she just threw a man through the wall… and across the market street. Standing beside where she sat he was smirking while ignoring the manager who was nervously waving his hands trying to warn him not to go near 'the legendary sucker'.

"Well I guess you're down one player. Mind if I sit in?" Naruto asked in his most 'I'm an innocent little kid let me play too' voice. The question was directed to the group that had two other players (left) but he was looking at Tsunade. She smirked at him and spoke for the group that wasn't too likely to oppose her after that last display.

"Sure kid, if you got money. We're playing evens and odds, you know how to play?" Tsunade asked see what she thought might be easy prey. Naruto just smiled sweetly at her.

"Yep! I think so that's where you roll the dice and call even or odd, bet on the right one and you win! Right?" he asked sitting down beside her, looking for all the world he needed her to assure him he was right. She just nodded smirking a little at how naïve he seemed, she almost felt bad about taking his money. Almost.

"That's right." She replied. Naruto smirked and thought 'Stage one complete'. And that's how the beginning of 'plan to bring Tsunade back' started.

In Konoha with Minato and Clone/Naruto

"Naruto I found this in your room." Minato said sitting Naruto on his desk in the Hokage's office and pulling out the scroll with future events written on in. First Naruto paled at seeing the scroll then frowned thinking at least it didn't end up in the hands of an enemy. "Can you tell me about this?" Minato asked carefully trying to keep his tone neutral. The soon to be eight year old gave him a dead look.

"I call that an invasion of privacy." There was no anger in the younger blond's voice but defiantly some annoyance. Minato rolled his eyes, yes he felt a little bad about taking it, and reading it without asking but this wasn't his finding some magazine a kid shouldn't have, this was possible fate of the world kind of stuff. He looked pointedly at his Son to give an explanation.

Naruto sighed, "I guess you already read it. That is my list of things from my own timeline and this one. Mostly things I have changed in this one and whatever I can remember about major events from the other one."

"And why didn't you show me this or tell me about this stuff?" asked Minato. He noticed his Son kept looking right at him, not uncomfortable or ashamed he had hidden it.

"Because the more people that know the more things will change. Half or maybe even none of the things on that list will ever happen or maybe they all will. But now that you know even if you don't mean to your decisions may change based on a believed outcome that may never happen, or could even make one of the things on that list happen or something even worse. There are endless possibilities." They were both quiet for a while thinking over all the annoying complexities of time travel.

Finally Minato sighed pushing the thoughts away before his brain exploded. "I understand Naruto, but I want you to come to me if you need any help. You don't need to do everything on your own." The older blond stated looking directly at his Son. Naruto looked back at him, his eyes a bit wider than usual then smiled, 'That's right, I'm not on my own anymore…'

"If you need anything just come to me, promise?" his Father asked. Naruto still smiling slightly nodded at him.

"Promise." The young seal master stated getting up and heading out, but before he got far his father called again.

"Oh and Naruto keep me in the loop with the things you're doing. I'd like to know the amount of destruction so I have a good explanation before I have to answer the council's questions." Minato smirked as he tossed the 'timeline scroll' to his Son. Naruto smirked back and bit his thumb resetting the destruction seal with his blood on the scroll within seconds as he walked out the door.

With Hinata

Hinata hid in a tree patiently waiting in one of Naruto's favorite training grounds for him to show up. Trying to picture herself going to talk to him, she was nervous beyond all known reason just thinking about it! Her heart would speed up and every few minutes she had to force herself to take a few deep slow breaths to calm down. She had even tried talking herself out of going to talk to him a few times, but at the thought of Ino flirting with him she became steeled to where she was, continuing to wait.

She had to become his friend; if she could do that then it would be easier to keep other girls away from him. Plus as his friend she would get to spend more time with him and he would get to know her better, so maybe he'd start to like her as more than a friend… but first she had to stop being so childish and talk to him! Granted she still was a child but that made no difference, she couldn't wait till she wasn't while some other girl moved in on him.

As Hinata was lost in her thoughts she missed when Naruto had arrived but he saw her. Naruto grinned widely as he spotted his Hime in a tree looking like she was deep in thought. Now usually he would just pretend to not notice her and let her watch him train, but he really wanted to see her. Lately his heart had been aching to hold her in his arms like he used to do whenever they could find a moment of peace.

Naruto jumped up into the tree on a branch above the beautiful little Hyuuga so quietly she never noticed. The large grin never left his face as Naruto prepared his little prank. He stepped quietly upside down beside the girl on the branch above her squatting. Now that he was in the right spotted Naruto was trying not to laugh before he stood up quickly upside down on the branch and yelled.

"HI HINATA-CHAN!" Hinata jumped and looked up quickly to the one who had scarred her with wide eyes only to find herself inches from the face of the boy she was just thinking about. She stared in shock for a second looking into those beautiful blue orbs that looked as pure and as free as the sky, with a mischievous glint that he didn't seem to bother to hide.

Hinata started to smile before she realized how close their faces were… She was bright red in three seconds flat, she tried to back up or say something but it was like her brain was frozen. Then everything started to go dark the last thing she saw was her crush jumping down, hopefully to catch her.

Naruto smiled contently as he watched the girl he loved so much stare into his eyes. He remembered one time in another life she told him when she looked into his eyes she saw freedom and strength, and he couldn't help but wonder if this younger Hinata was seeing that too. He almost rolled his eyes as he saw the early signs of her fainting, but that had been what he was going for.

The blond boy smirked as he quickly jumped down to her branch and caught his princess. He sat down in the crook of the tree and pulled her back to his chest sighing happily as he carefully slide her hair out of her face. Naruto smiled at the girl, he knew this was cheating, that he shouldn't have tried to make her faint just to hold her… but when he saw her smile softly and nuzzle her cheek into his chest he just couldn't bring himself to care.

With the Real Naruto and Tsunade

Tsunade growled as she lost again, but not just because she lost, no she lost all the time. She was pissed because she could figure out just how the damn brat kept winning. It wasn't just her, the kid was beating everyone! She didn't even think he had lost once!

Finally after four hours The Legendary Sucker had nothing left to bet and the other players had left an hour ago grumbling about lucky brats. As she started to get up to leave the boy grabbed her hand stopping her. Tsunade shook her hand making the boy let go.

"Where you going Baa-chan?" the cute little blond asked looking up at her from the ground. Tsunade spun around and glared at him.

"I'm NOT OLD GAKI!" She kept up her glare daring him to say otherwise but the boy didn't even flinch just waiting for her to answer. Tsunade sighed "And you already won everything there's nothing left to bet." The boy smirked this is what he had been waiting for.

"Actually I have a bet for you." Naruto said while smirking at The Legendary Sucker. Tsunade eyed his cautiously. Her inner gambler urging her on as her ninja instincts were screaming TRAP! Needless to say the gambler side won out.

"Oh and what would that be?" Tsunade asked. Naruto's smirk widened 'hook, line and sinker' he thought.

"I will bet you everything I won tonight on this next game, if you bet me that necklace and one favor." Naruto stated confidently. Tsunade frowned at him what favor? And why would a little kid want my necklace? She decided to voice such thoughts to the grinning boy who already looked like he won.

"Why do you want my necklace? And what favor?" Tsunade asked suspiciously, she was beginning to think the kid was smarter than any kid should be. The kid didn't look intimidated at all actually he looked a little excited. Naruto just smirked back at her again.

"I want that necklace because it was the first Hokage's." Naruto said standing up "And to be Hokage, That is my Dream!" Naruto stared up at her grinning. Tsunade saw that determined look in the boy's eyes. That same damn look! She thought as the faces of her little brother and first real love flashed in her mind as they said the same exact words to her so long ago.

Tsunade closed her eyes and smirked, it was already decided she never had bet the necklace before but… that boy she would bet it to him.

"And the favor?" Tsunade asked again. Naruto laughed throwing his hand behind him to the back of his head enviously.

"Oh nothing major," he start trying to seem casual "I just want you to meet my Father." Naruto said smiling innocently at her. Tsunade arched an eyebrow 'that's it? There must be a catch… WAIT a minute he doesn't mean as a date! Right!

"YOU MEAN LIKE A DATE!" the Sanin practically screamed. Naruto blanched.

"NO! EW!" The little blond yelled back almost as loud. Tsunade glared dangerously.

"What do you mean, 'Ew'?" The Sanin smiled sweetly looking every bit ready to kill him. Naruto laughed nervously, sweating.

"No offense, but my Dad's mine, and I'm not sharing." Naruto relaxed a little when The Sanin no longer looked ready to put him through a wall. He knew what he said was selfish but after his first life he just wasn't ready to let go and share his Father's attention with anyone. Maybe in a few years he would but that could wait.

"I just want you to meet him, and tell him how I got the necklace." Naruto said like he had already won it. Tsunade caught the cocky remark but didn't comment on it. She nodded her head and looked at how much the boy was betting, it was enough to buy a really nice house. The Legendary Sucker smirked.

"It's a bet kid." She stated as the boy smirked back at her.

With Hinata & Naruto/Kitsune Clone

Hinata woke up feeling very content like she just didn't want to move. As she became more alert she started to realize her 'pillow' was moving, no breathing. Her heart almost stopped in fear thinking she was close to a wild animal or worse a kidnapper. She tried to not move so that the person that she now knew was human because of the arm she felt around her waist didn't know she was awake. Hinata started to relax as she remembered the last thing that happened before she fell asleep, which was Naruto Namikaze's beautiful eyes.

However that made her nervous almost as much as it made her happy. Now though she had to know, so Hinata slowly cracked her eyes so that they were barely open just enough for her to see the orange lining of a black jacket that had been place around her shoulders. A jacket that she knew was her Naruto's. Hinata smiled deciding that faking sleep a little longer wouldn't hurt and let her eyes close completely again.

The little blond time traveler smirked as he felt his Hime wake up and then try and fake sleep. He would have said something but seeing that perfect smile grace her lips made him content to just watch her a little longer. He wouldn't get another moment like this for a while after all.


Sasuke was looking for Naruto since they usually did spend the weekend together. He had already checked the blond's house, the ramen stand and the top of the Hokage monument where he knew his friend liked to think. Even though no one was suppose to go up there, of course when he said so his friend gave him one of those answers that amused him and made him want to slap his forehead he said 'That's why it's the best place to think!' and while Sasuke saw the logic that no one would bother him there it also scared him to think he might be starting to understand the mind of Naruto Namikaze.

Now Sasuke was checking the training grounds that he and Naruto used the most, training ground 7. There was no active team seven so it was always empty. The young raven walked casually through the grounds looking for his friend, within a few minutes he spotted him up in a tree… holding a girl.

Sasuke's face went slack as his eyes grew slightly wide. He put his Uchiha/'board outta my mind look' back on his face as he saw his friend grinning at him like he was trying not to laugh. Naruto put one figure to his lips as Sasuke frowned and raised a questioning eyebrow at the blond still holding onto who he now recognized as Hinata Hyuuga. The least annoying girl in their class, in his opinion.

Naruto just shook his head slowly so that the girl in his arms didn't try and see what was going on. The blond made a waving motion with his free hand to Sasuke and mouth 'later.' The young Uchiha rolled his eyes and turned walking back the way he came, but Naruto was sure he caught an amused smirk before he left.

Sasuke's smirk turned a bit more devious by the time he got back out of the training grounds. Now he knew exactly what he was going to get his friend for his upcoming 8th Birthday. Yes, now he just had to figure out how to get it without getting caught.

Bird Country, Gambling House with Naruto and Tsunade

The Slug Sanin couldn't believe it, not only had the kid beaten her. No utterly Crushed her and everyone else at dice but after she had given him the necklace and asked where his Father was to meet him. The kid had smiled so innocently telling her "Konoha."

That's when she told him there was 'no way in hell she was going there!' And that's when everything went straight down the crapper. The boy didn't even look fazed as she broke their deal, or at least she thought she had. The boy who was now wearing her 'cursed' necklace simply stated 'A deals, a deal.'

Then she spotted her old teammate behind him looking right at her. He was smirking the same way as the blond boy. The Legendary Sucker knew then not only had she lost but she had been conned… by a seven year old boy. Who apparently had the 'muscle' so to speak to back him up.

Not that she was going back there without a fight. No she swore she would never go back and she was defiantly not going back because of some stupid bet. When she got up to make a tactical retreat though, well she didn't make it very far. The Slug Sanin's last thoughts before blacking out was 'how in the hell did that brat slip something in my drink.'

Kakashi Babysitting OMAKE Part 1

The evening started out normal enough despite the sinister looks the blond two year old had given him. The kid had been quietly watching TV all afternoon. It was getting close to dinner time though and that was one of the few things his Sensei had told him to do, so Kakashi started looking around the kitchen for something to make.

Finding something quick and easy to make the young Jounin grabbed the macaroni out of the cabinet. It also happened to be one of the few meals the teen knew how to make so he threw the noodles into a pot and put in the right amount of water with the cheese packet. Kakashi smile to himself, 'Maybe this won't be so bad after all. The kid hasn't moved and I don't really have to do anything.' The teen thought.


Of course he just had to jinx it. Kakashi ran into the living room where Naruto had been watching TV preparing for an attack, however what he found was a blond toddler crawling… on the ceiling. The young ninja barely registered that the crash had come from a broken picture frame that the boy had most likely knocked over getting up there.

Kakashi was just about to try and get him down when the toddler did something that made him seriously want to puke his lunch, him a war torn Jounin. The small boy turned his head toward his babysitter, without turning his body… while facing the opposite way.

"Kashi-kuuuun," the very creepy toddle almost sang tauntingly, in a voice the sounded low and demonic despite the fact in was coming from a child under 3 feet tall. "Aren't you gonna play with me Kashi-kun?" the boy almost whined. If the young Jounin had any motor function he would have pissed his pants. As it was the blond toddler still on the ceiling with his head on the wrong way talking like that… well it was just too much, so the war veteran shinobi Sharingan Kakashi… fainted.

Within two seconds a blond toddler fell from the ceiling, dispelling the partial transformation around his head as he laughed his ass off on the way down. Naruto didn't even stop laughing as he hit the floor in his two year old body, the look on his Sensei's face was truly priceless, and he wasn't even finished.

End Part 1


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