An Unexpected Beginning

Forbidden Jutsu

I would like to give a special shout out to Kai Maciel and her story "Phoenix Rising" it's one of the ONLY NON-yaoi Naruto raising Sasuke stories I have found, it's well done, cute, insightful and even a bit suspenseful. It inspired me to write my own version and she has given me consent to post it on the site when I'm ready as long as I give her credit for any of her ideas I use and ask her before hand, so as a thank you I'm recommending her great story :)


now onto the story!

Chapter 29: Forbidden Jutsu

Jiraiya raised an eyebrow at Naruto as Tsunade collapsed. The blond gave him an innocent expression.

"What? Didn't she drug you last time?"Naruto asked without showing much guilt. Jiraiya shrugged and scooped his old teammate up into his arms bridal style. Naruto's eye twitched as he noticed a perverted expression on his Sensei's face and saw that his hand was way too far up, like on her ass.

The little blond glared at him and Jiraiya pouted slowly moving his hand to a more appropriate place. Naruto nodded satisfied. Then they both left taking Tsunade out of the gambling house. Jiraiya had found Shizune in a local hotel while Naruto had been conning Tsunade, and that's where they were going to collect the blond medic's things. They would all be out of town and headed to Konoha before the female Sannin even woke up.

With Naruto Kitsune Clone

'Damn it.' Naruto thought as he felt his time limit was soon, he knew he only had maybe an hour left. He sighed as he looked down at the girl in his arms, he didn't know how long they had been there but it had been long enough that the girl wasn't faking sleep anymore. Apparently she was so peaceful and relaxed she actually fell back asleep.

Naruto smirked shaking his head slightly and tried to imprint her peaceful face on his memory and the moment as well. Then resigned to the inevitable and moved carefully putting one arm under her knees and moving her back off him so he could put his other hand there to scoop her up into his arms. Hinata stirred slightly and he thought she might wake up but she soon snuggled into his chest and placed one hand over his heart holding onto his shirt.

The little blond smiled genuinely at her, a look of content in his eyes. This was what he was fighting for, this moment and everyone like it after. He would protect her this time and everyone else, there was no room for error; he knew that. He held her to him a little tighter his small body easily supporting her weight and jumped tree to tree toward the Hyuuga compound that was at the edge of the village as was most clan compounds.

It was time to give his old war stealth abilities another test. Naruto grinned to himself; breaking into the Hyuuga compound would be great practice for the future. After all he did intend to make her his girlfriend in a few years and what kind of boyfriend would he be if he couldn't sneak through her window to make out with her.

As Naruto approached the Hyuuga compound from the forest side he finally caught site of the wall. It was still early so he couldn't count on the darkness to hide him. He stopped a good distance from the wall and shifted Hinata closer to him so he could get he could make a few hand signs in front of her. Careful not to wake her, he concentrated his chakra around her too so that the jutsu would cover her as well. Within seconds they were both invisible to the normal eye.

One of Jiraiya's old jutsu, well not yet because technically he hadn't made it yet. Regardless if someone were looking they might see a blur when you moved with it, because of how it works it reflexes the light around you to make it look like you're not there. If a Hyuuga were to active their Byakugan though they would find you right away, it hadn't been tried against the Sharingan.

Naruto jumped up on top of the compound's wall careful not to make a sound or wake Hinata. He smirked when he saw the guards at the gate only looking toward the outside. While the two guard on the inside were on opposite sides of the main house. Deciding the best path was to the roof; Naruto pushed chakra into his feet and jumped from the tall wall to the main house of the Hyuuga clan's roof.

The young sage's feet didn't make so much as a squeak; he mentally chuckled at how easy it had been so far. Remembering where Hinata's room had been in the future he quietly made his way to where her window was, walking right over the guards heads.

The whisker marked boy let himself fall down from the roof right in front of the window that he hoped was still Hinata's. There were two guards at each end on the house luckily the window he needed was mostly in the middle of them. When he hit the ground there was a small scuff sound and he stiffened. The guard that was slightly closer to him turned.

Naruto was still in a slight crouch from the drop and carrying a girl almost as big as him, but he didn't move a muscle when he notice the branch Hyuuga member turn. The Hyuuga narrowed his eye for a moment, 'Uh oh. If he uses the Byakugan I'm SCREWED!' Naruto thought not daring to even breathe. Finally the Hyuuga's eye's turned back to the front of him.

'Whew that was close!' Naruto thought letting out a soundless deep breath. Luckily the window was already half open. The little blond leaned most of the girl's body weight that was still carrying to one side of his body. Then used his mostly free hand to slide the widow open slowly, and without a sound he had climbed in with Hinata and sighed in relief when he saw it was still Hinata's room.

He could tell because while the wall were white as everything in the house was suppose to be the bed spread was a light lavender color, and along with a few other things her mother's old rocking chair was in the corner. Naruto pulled back the bedspread once again leaning Hinata against him for a free hand, and then tried to lay her down.

When he realized he couldn't, he looked to finally notice she was holding onto his shirt still. He smiled softly at her and gently uncurled her figures from him. Then he took her sandals from her feet putting them on the ground and covered her. He turned to leave when he heard her mumble "Na-ruto-kun..." in her sleep.

The boy grinned, "Sweet dreams my Hime." He saw a small smile grace her lips before he went up in a small puff of smoke.

With Naruto, Jiraiya, an unconscious Tsunade, and Shizune (& pig)

Jiraiya was now carrying Tsunade piggyback, while Shizune walked to the right of him slightly behind holding Tonton, so she could glance at him every few second to make sure his hands didn't go where they weren't wanted. Naruto walked to his left kind of zoned out but would scan the surrounding area every few seconds to check for enemies.

They had been traveling for two nights now and they knew Tsunade would wake soon. The entire group feared when that unavoidable moment would happen, Naruto because well… he did drug her. Jiraiya because he taught the kid and was in on the scam, and Shizune was afraid because of her mentor's violent personality. Plus the fact that she was letting them take her back to Konoha, not that she would stand much of a chance against the Toad Sannin.

They had carefully avoided Rain country even though cutting though it would have saved them some time. Naruto had notice Jiraiya glance longingly in the direction of his old students, but they both knew they couldn't go there now. That was how Jiraiya died the first time. So until Naruto's body was a bit older Jiraiya had reluctantly agreed they should keep their distance.

After all they knew Yahiko was already dead and apparently had been since just a little after Naruto's birth so even if Naruto had known when the boy had die there would have been no way to help him. Nagato and Konan though, might still be savable but not until they were stronger. Naruto sighed there was still so much he had to do.

"We will help them Jiraiya-oji, but it won't do them or me any good if you die again." Naruto spoke quietly with a small sad frown when he saw his sensei glance back again. Jiraiya sighed he knew the kid was right but he didn't have to like it.

"I know gaki. Come on, one more day and we'll be back in Konoha." Jiraiya changed the subject trying to lighten the mood. Naruto smirked but it was gone almost as quick as it appeared as they all stilled for a moment when they sensed other shinobi close by.

"They're trying to surround us." Naruto whispered just loud enough for the others to hear. Jiraiya nodded very slightly as did Shizune though she was in a bit of shock that such a small boy had sensed out the enemies as quickly as she did.

Naruto quickly came up with a plan and whispered to the Sannin and medic, "Follow me, closely, single file, Shizune cover our back." Then the little blond put on a burst of speed that left Shizune gaping. She quickly followed though as the sannin raced ahead, figuring that if he was confident in the young boy's abilities enough to follow his plan that she should too.

The youngest toad sage ever cursed as he felt all 5 of the ninja still following them. His plan had got them far enough that they weren't going to be ambushed anymore. However they were still being followed and now there was a good chance their pursuers knew that they had been found out.

Jiraiya smirked at the boy who would once just have called all the enemy ninja out telling them to 'come out and fight'. Now he was trying to avoid them, though it was smarter it showed a bit of how his student had grown.

Naruto stopped and growled, showing his annoyance. "Alright that's it! I'll take you all on!" Jiraiya sweat dropped 'Heh then again, maybe he hasn't changed that much.' thought the older sage. As Shizune just looked on in fear and disbelief holding onto her pig that oinked at Naruto's display.

Four of the ninja following them came out into the open while one stayed hidden. 'They think we don't know about the fifth one. So they kept him back, idiots.' Naruto thought as he quickly counted them and smirked.

Jiraiya and Shizune had stopped a little further ahead so Naruto was between them and the enemy. Jiraiya didn't really care to play with them and was still holding Tsunade on his back so he was just leaving it to his student. While Shizune was starting to really worry about the small boy's safey as well as the toad sennin's mental health for letting a kid fight what looked like 2 Chuunin and 2 Jounin, she hadn't sensed the last one yet.

The four enemy ninja looked confused at the little blond boy in front challenging them. Before they could do so much as blink though, the boy seemed to disappear and both of the Chuunin in the group fell to the ground out cold. The two Jounin jumped back to get some distance from the young boy which they both felt stupid for but he did just take down two Chuunin in one second.

Jiraiya chuckled at the scene as the two Jounin glared at his apprentice. Shizune was in shock, doing a good impression of a fish, gaping. Naruto was just grinning like a Cheshire cat. Finally one of the Jounin spoke breaking the silent staring contest.

"Who are you? You're no normal kid." said the Jounin with black hair. Naruto took on a blank look and blinked and started to gape at him. All the remaining enemy ninja raised an eyebrow at him, even the one hiding in the tree. Then like a damn broke he burst.

"WHAT! YOU BAKAS ARE ATTACKING ME AND DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO I AM! WHAT ARE YOU COMMON BANDITS!" the boy screamed at them radiating enough killing intent to make them shiver. Though they took offense at the 'common' part they had been looking for some easy cash. Now they were pretty sure they picked the wrong target, despite the kid's size.

'Thieves! There're just thieves! I know I shouldn't be complaining but honestly I'm not even on a mission or a ninja yet! And it's not like I don't have enough problems, I have to deal with idiots too…' Naruto thought as he growled low, and calmed himself. 'Well I guess I can let out some pent up stress on them. There not wearing any headbands after all.' Naruto started to grin at the ill-fated nuken nin, who were deliberating how embarrassing it would be to run away from a kid less than half their size.

The enemy ninja decided to stand their ground and both took a fighting stance, he may have taken out their Chuunin level partners but they were both at Jounin level. Naruto made a familiar hand sign and within a second the Jounin were surrounded by about a hundred identical 7 year old boys. That's not what was worrying the Jounins' that were now back to back. No it was the sadistic grin on all of the young boy's faces as they paired off in groups of four, only leaving about ten in one group.

The real one had mixed in with the clones and they enemy was even more aggravated that they seemed to be being played with by a child. Not that they had much time to dwell on it as the group of ten clones charged splitting them apart.

Mean while Jiraiya felt Tsunade start to stir on his back and grimaced, knowing she would most likely pummel him when she comes to. Shizune was too busy staring at the fighting to take any notice though. Unknown to any of them the Slug Sannin had come to about a minute before and had just been pretending to still be out so she could know what was happening. She notice she was on her old teammate's back first so she knew she was most likely safe and was about to hit him and jump off, when she saw him.

The brat that had tricked her, she was again about to whack her teammate and then go and teach the kid a thing or two when she saw him perform a Jounin level forbidden jutsu, on a high scale. Seeing a kid perform such a technique so effortlessly stopped her from moving long enough to catch a glimpse of the necklace on the boy, the one he won from her. She had only bet it because of what he said, and how he said it.

"I want that necklace because it was the first Hokage's." Naruto said standing up "And to be Hokage, That is my Dream!" Naruto stared up at her grinning. Tsunade saw that determined look in the boy's eyes. 'That same damn look!' She thought as the faces of her little brother and first real love flashed in her mind as they said the same exact words to her so long ago.

Tsunade sighed quietly she would keep her promise to him… but that didn't mean she was going to make it easy after they tricked her. The legendary Sanin well known for her strength raised her fist carefully over her old teammate's head not to alert him then brought it down hard as she jumped off his back.

Shizune 'Eeeped' loudly as she jumped away from the exploding ground. Naruto and all his clones sweat dropped thinking the same thing 'Baa-chan's up.' But didn't turn away from the enemy, they of course did look and Naruto made their moment's lapse of concentration into his advantage. Two of the remaining groups of four clones charged, one group going to each ninja.

By the time either of the Jounin looked back to their opponent they were kick into the air, then they were each kicked four more times mid air and thought they would be kicked into the ground. Instead the boy jumping above them held his hand back and then suddenly shoved it forward with a spinning blue ball into each of their stomachs. The two Jounins spun with the force and hit the ground simultaneously each in a crater as big as the one Tsunade just put Jiraiya in.

It was safe to say they weren't getting up anytime soon, and when they did get up they wouldn't be moving very quickly with as many bone that were broken. Naruto grinned happily at his work then turned to see his shishou crawling out of a crater that Tsunade was standing near with her arms crossed switching between glaring at him and Jiraiya.

Then Naruto felt extreme pain in his head and knew his fox shadow clone had just dispelled. The rest of his normal clones dispelled as he clutched his head gripping his hair and fell to his knees, biting the inside of his cheek to keep himself from moaning. Jiraiya noticed him go down and rush to him as if he hadn't just been smashed into the ground. Tsunade and Shizune followed being medics though the younger stayed back to give her shishou room.

"Naruto, hey kid what happened?" Jiraiya tried asking as he supported the little blond with his arm to sit up. Naruto's face screwed up trying to think enough through the pain in his head to answer. With his hands still gripping his hair tightly he groaned curling closer to Jiraiya.

"Clone." The little blond finally manage to mumble just when Jiraiya thought he wasn't going to answer. Jiraiya grimaced and Tsunade saw anger, fear and concern flash through the other Sanin's eyes. She sighed and knelt down to the boy her hands glowing green as she used a diagnostic jutsu to check him over. The older toad sage didn't move trying to keep his godson still hoping there might be something his old teammate could do.

Tsunade was considered the best medical ninja in all the elemental nations and had seen many things but when she got to the young boy's head she gaped. His mind seemed to be in overdrive like it was trying to process a large amount of information. The chakra in his brain was fluctuating wildly; she immediately tried to calm it.

Slowly it was slowing down to a more normal level but as her chakra was wrapped around his brain she noticed the part of the boy's brain where his memories were suppose to be was much larger than it should be for a young boy. Actually it was almost the size of an adult's but for a kid too have that many memories was impossible, unless he remembered every single thing that ever happened to him in detail and even then it was pushing logic.

The medic pushed her thought away as the little boy's pain seemed to have weakened enough to crack his eyes and look at them. The boy's eyes immediately widened as he saw what none of the others did because they were all looking at him. Everything hurt so much that he could barely move, but it would be too late if he just tried to say something. Now it wasn't that he could move it was that he had to move.

Before any of them could move the small boy who had still been clutching his head in pain sat up and pushed the woman working on him as hard as he could. Tsunade got up quickly ready to yell at him when the site of his blood stopped her cold. He had just pushed her out of the path of a kunai. With what was happening to Naruto they had all forgotten fifth enemy ninja that had been hiding earlier.

Jiraiya had laid his godson down quickly and crushed the last remaining enemy Jounin's skull with one chakra enhanced punch sending what was left into the ground. Then jumped back to the boy laying on the ground. Shizune was looking him over since Tsunade was now shaking at the blood covering his godson's shirt and coat.

Shizune stopped and shook her head at Jiraiya. She couldn't do anymore the kunai had hit too close to his heart, she didn't have the experience. The toad sage looked up desperately at Tsunade but the older medic seemed to be in her own world, and he looked back down to the boy in front of him who had come so far… just to die now? No.

Jiraiya's eyes narrowed as he stood up and grabbed Tsunade. "SNAP OUT OF IT! If you don't do something he'll DIE!" he yelled as he shook her. The slug Sanin's eyes snapped to him when she heard the word 'die' and she looked down at the boy her eyes widening as she saw her cursed necklace on him. "Please." Jiraiya begged her now showing his desperation.

Tsunade wordlessly pulled out of her old teammates grip and knelt down in front of the blood covered boy and her eyes narrowed. 'No. This boy wouldn't die wearing this necklace, no if I have anything to do with it.' Her hands started to grow green over the boy's chest and she pulled the kunai out carefully sewing up and healing as much of the damage that it had caused as she could.

A few minutes later she was done and sweating but was a bit confused. It wasn't easy but it had been much easier than it should have been to heal the boy almost as though he was healing 30 times faster than normal. When his chest was mostly healed she heard Jiraiya let out a breath of relief when even without much medical knowledge he noticed. Not for the first time that day she wonder just exactly who was this boy to him.

Being curious she went back to the young boy's brain and was shocked to find out somehow his mind was back to normal minus the enlarged long term memory. Even if he mind had one through the information already there should have been some bruising or a more tender spot on the part of his brain that processed the information. Tsunade sighed it was just another thing she need to ask.

Kakashi's Babysitting OMAKE part 2/2

Once Naruto had managed to mostly stop laughing he got up and stepped around the teenage Kakashi. He went to his room and grabbed the paint filled water balloons he had made specifically for today. Then the two year old little monster ran to and through the kitchen and laundry rooms setting up his plan. It all didn't take more than ten minutes, and he ran back to the still unconscious Kakashi in the living room.

The toddler smirked before taking a few steps back and throwing one of his water/paint balloons right in the middle of the young Jounin's vest. The teenager instinctively jumped to his feet at the impact, looking for some clue to what was going on. In his confusion though Naruto had managed to hit him with three most paint balloons as he ran away, chuckling to himself.

Kakashi's eyes narrowed and he noticed that he wasn't just hit by water balloons because he was covered in orange paint. "NARUTO!" the young Jounin yelled as he ran after the toddler. He didn't know how the kid had pulled off the possessed act but he knew the brat did it and now he looked like the child's canvas.

The teenager ran into the kitchen after Naruto and was surprised as he had to jump up to avoid a trip wire but his eyes widened as he realized that now he couldn't stop himself from falling into the garbage can. He fell right on it and its contents fell out on top of him. With the still wet paint on him a lot of the trash was now sticking to him.

Naruto laughed from the other side of the kitchen as Kakashi leaned against the cabinets. The Jounin gritted his teeth, 'this was ridiculous he was a Jounin, and the kid well was TWO for kami sake. Sensei's son or not the brat wasn't getting away with this.' thought Kakashi as he got up now slowly stalking his charge. The toddler stopped laughing as he felt Kakashi approaching and grew nervous when he saw his 'babysitter' didn't look too pleased.

The little blond dashed to the laundry room as fast as he could and made it in before Kakashi could catch him. The pissed off Jounin was right behind him though and it was a dead end. The toddler was at the other side of the small room against the wall looking scared, when Kakashi saw him like that he lost some of his steam and walked into the room… Just to have a pail fall onto his head spilling some kind of green goo on him.

The teenage Kakashi shivered as he felt some go down the back of his shirt. He noticed Naruto look up from where he had been cowering and smirk at him. 'The little monster had planned it! Oh yes, the kid would pay for this…' Just before the teenage ninja could start plotting the boy's untimely- I'm punishment, said boy poofed into a puff of smoke.

Kakashi had just enough time to think 'A clone?' before he was hit in the back of the head with an egg, which followed the goo in going down the back of his shirt. Kakashi was really was really getting tired of this, he spun around only to see his charge throw the rest of the carton of eggs at him. He jumped back but he was still in the laundry room and it was small, so he only got back far enough that they hit his pants instead of his face.

The teen plopped down on the ground as the small boy that was causing him so much trouble ran away giggling. Kakashi sighed as he sat there no longer feeling quiet as angry as he was feeling stupid for being out witted by a kid barely out of diapers. Granted he had underestimated the kid but still his was sitting covered in… stuff on the floor and feeling very sticky.

The boy sighed again as he got up and took a look in the dryer thinking there was maybe something he could change into that was clean in it. That was a mistake. As soon as he opened it a heard on bunny shaped clothes stampeded him. Shirts, pants even underwear seemed to be folded into bunnies, and had come alive! 'What the hell is going on? It's like the whole freakin' house is haunted!' Kakashi mentally screamed as he wept anime style and tried in vain to dispel it as a genjutsu.

Naruto cackled in his room as the memories from his clones came to him. The only thing he felt bad about was when his 'babysitter' hit his head close to his good eye when he fainted… again from an overload of anxiety, fear, frustration, confusion and well a fair verity of mental stress.

The little blond rolled his eyes still unable to fully wipe the grin off his face, he wasn't just trying to freak him out but his old sensei just had to leave a mark that would last long enough for his Father to see. 'Oh well I guess I'll just have to play innocent.' Naruto thought as he made a few clones to clean up the mess, except whatever was on Kakashi.

Then went down himself to grab some food and drag his babysitter by whatever part of him not covered in something to the living room. Where at least he would be asleep on the carpet instead of tile, he would have tried to get him on the couch but with how small he was it would have been troublesome, and it would have gotten the couch dirty. The boy then made his way to his 'big boy bed' already in his pajamas and settled in.

Lucky for him the next day it seemed that when Kakashi hit his head he didn't just get a black eye but didn't remember what had happen the whole night. Naruto grinned as wide as a Cheshire cat when he heard. Of course they tried to ask him what happen but he just shrugged and said he was sleeping. Not that Minato didn't still suspect him but there was no proof and he was two there for 'innocent'.

Part 2/2 The End

AND CUT! Whoa I know it took a while but I think that was my longest chapter yet :P 5,000 words

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