An Unexpected Beginning

Lies and Jinchuuriki

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Chapter 3 Lies and Jinchuuriki


Minato POV

The next day Minato opened his eyes slowly to the face of his newborn son, Naruto's still sleeping peacefully. Minato thought that in that moment it was perfect… 'No if Kushina was here it would be perfect'. He sighed, he knew that couldn't be.


Minato cradled his son in his arms; he had never been so happy and sad at the same time. Happy because this was His son, he was a father. The sadness though was because his wife had died during the birth. His beautiful Kushina… gone. There were complications they said during labor or something like that. Minato eyes had glazed over after one of the doctors came out and said "I'm sorry, Hokage-sama shes passed on." Something about losing too much blood, due to the Kyuubi's attack they had used up too much of her type of blood… they didn't have enough blood or time for a transfusion. Kushina had bled out too fast. Minato just stood there for a few minutes feeling as though someone was twisting a Rasengan in his stomach. The only thing keeping him from falling to his knees was the child in his arms, His child.

The Yondamie could feel the Kyuubi coming; he didn't have time to mourn now. He had to make the seal, then maybe he wouldn't have to he would be with her in the afterlife. The village would be safe and Naruto would be treasured… but I still feel like I should be with him, but theres no other way to stop the Kyuubi.

End Flashback

I guess there was another way to stop him, but I still don't know what it was. Minato looked back down to see Naruto gazing up at him with curious, wide eyes. Minato's eyes softened and gave Naruto a small smile, while sliding his hand on his sons whisker marked cheek up to his golden hair that was so much like his own.

Naruto POV

I woke up to see that it wasn't just some crazy dream; I really was in the past, I did save my dad, and yes I really was born yesterday. He could hear Kyuubi chuckling in the background at that. Then I notice that my dad had focused his attention on me (before he looked kinda dazed out and a little sad), as soon as he looked at me though his face turned so peaceful. Nobody ever looked at me like that not even Ero-sannin or Baa-chan. Then he touched my whisker marks nobody has ever done that either, mainly because I don't like them touched or because they were afraid. I was so shocked though I couldn't protest. I could hear my father sigh and mutter "What the hell am I going to tell them?" to himself.

Then Minato rolled onto his back, his arm now around Naruto and began to think out loud. "I can't tell them the truth; I don't even know what it is." Minato sighed again completely annoyed that he couldn't figure it out. Then said "Plus it makes your sealing look suspicious and the last thing we need is them thinking you're not the one in control. I should check the seal just in case though to reassure the council."

So he did. I could feel my dad running a chakra seal scan on me. I didn't have to do anything, just tried to stay still. In a few minutes it was over and my dad smiled at me and said it was perfect just as he had planned.

Naruto gave him his foxy grin. Then Minato had a thoughtful look and began "I'll tell the council that I found a different seal just in time that I was able to tweak into working, they won't know one from the other. Only one that could is Sandaime but he is truth worthy so if he asks I'll just tell him the truth, more or less. Plus I think he was already putting a law in place so no one can talk about the Kyuubi being in you, so no enemies come for his power."

The story worked well, by the end of the week Minato announced Naruto to the village as his son and heir to the Namikaze clan. The village still knew he held the Kyuubi but less were hostile about it since they now knew whose son he was. Plus everyone soon found out NO ONE messes with Minato Namikaze's son and got away in one piece. Not because he demonstrated, no he didn't have to everyone could see the way he was very protective of his son, and if they were so stupid not to notice Minato sent a warning when he announced Naruto to the village.

Despite his Jinchuuriki status the birth of the Hokage's Son gave the villagers a since of hope as they rebuilt what had been broken in the Kyuubi's attack, and buried those that gave their lives to protect. Soon none of the villagers seemed to mind Naruto around; he was the splitting image of their hero after all. It didn't hurt that anyone that had been around Naruto for more than 5 minutes has nothing bad to say about him either, he didn't seem to ever even cry. When he needed something a few people said they had heard him trying to get his father's attention by speaking, not words but things like "Aaaa, aaah." Of course he was still only a few months old by that time.

Sorry everybody I know this chapter is a little boring I just had to get the 3rd's law and what happen to Naruto's mom out of the way so I could move on to my next idea for the story, I also intend to start trying to slip in little jokes so that its not too serious all the time.

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