An Unexpected Beginning

Fear Tsunade's Wrath

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Chapter 30: Fear Tsunade's Wrath

Naruto grimaced when he came to the next morning. 'I really got to find a better way than jumping in the way of kunai to save people.' He thought as he slowly opened his eyes to see he was in his sleeping bag under a tent, and Jiraiya was staring at him. The 7 year old immediately made his face look confused and innocent when he couldn't figure out if the Sanin was relived, angry, annoyed, or… some kind of mix. When Jiraiya's eyes narrowed a little he started leaning toward the latter two.

"You're not using that clone jutsu again." Jiraiya stated seriously before Naruto could say anything, it wasn't a question. While Naruto saw the logic in the sage's 'request' he wasn't going to give up that easily, he was still more stubborn than what was probably good for him. He own eyes narrowed at his teacher.

"What do you-!" Naruto started to yell when Jiraiya moved forward and put his large hand over the boy's mouth before he woke everyone up. The white haired sage leaned forward so that he was only about half a foot from the boy's face, a classic technique taught to every ninja to make them seem more intimidating and with his larger form it would work on almost anyone. Naruto just glared, the most powerful biju didn't make him back down, but this was one of his 'precious people' so he didn't move waiting for an explanation.

"No." Jiraiya spoke his voice strong but not unkind. He didn't look angry it was weird… his face didn't even look mad anymore either, despite invading his personal space nothing about Jiraiya's posture said he had any intent to harm his godson. Even as he released the 7 year olds mouth and put both hands on the boy's shoulders and squeezed them gently before letting go and backing off.

Neither male looked at each other as Jiraiya had already made what he wanted known, he was waiting for the boy to speak. Naruto clenched his jaw now it was blatantly obvious even to him that his godfather had been worried. It would have been so easy to just yell 'no' before but the fact that he now knew his shishou, godfather and friend wanted this out of concern… that made it harder. Plus he had never been told 'no' and just listened; if he did it was because he'd wanted to, or thought it best.

"It's useful…" Naruto said slowly lifting his head up a little, trying to find a way that the older toad sage would be okay with it but Jiraiya's next words stopped any excuse he'd come up with.

"Not if it costs you your life." whispered the Sanin. The blond boy frowned and sighed after a moment, the fight leaving him, as he realized how very true that statement was. If that clone had dispelled just a bit earlier in the fight he could have died by the distraction. He didn't look up as he replied.

"I understand…" he said stronger than he thought he would. The boy felt more than saw his godfather nod before getting up.

"I'm going to get some breakfast started." said the toad sage as he exited the tent. Naruto sighed again after the older man left, he really did like that jutsu… and now it would be even harder to contact Gaara.

With Hinata

The young Hyuuga princess woke up early the next morning feeling wonderful. She smiled softly as she sat up in her bed thinking about the dream she had of her crush. Hinata stretched and rubbed the sleep from her eyes looking down she noticed something strange. 'Why was she still in her training clothes?' she thought as her eyes widened. She was wide awake now and she jump out of bed to see she was dressed completely in her clothes from the day before, except her feet were bare.

At the foot of her bed she spotted her ninja sandals and her mouth dropped open in shock. She would never have left them there; she always put them by the front door when she came in. Which meant… it wasn't a dream…

Hinata's brain seemed to shut down for a few seconds but she didn't faint, by the time her brain seemed to reboot though she had a mild blush on her cheeks. She sat down on her bed thinking. 'Oh my god… He was really holding me, and he really put his jacket around me… but then he brought me home… how did he get in? And why didn't I wake up? Wait forget that, does this mean he likes me! The seven year old was then startled out of her thoughts by her younger sister, Hanabi.

"Hinata-nee-sama?" the younger Hyuuga called through the door knocking lightly. Hinata almost grasped and pulled her cover up around her so if the smaller girl came in she wouldn't be found in dirty training clothes.

"Yes Imouto-chan?" Hinata asked making her voice stable despite trying to think of a way to explain her situation if her sister came in.

"Breakfast will be ready soon!" called the younger girl, she was three but spoke quite well, though she should it was practically drilled into her as with every Hyuuga. Hinata released a breath as she heard the small footsteps of her sister moving farther away from her room.

With Sasuke

A little eight year old Uchiha sighed in relief as he shut the door to his room behind him and hid the package he had gone through so much trouble to get. 'Maybe I should have gotten Naruto something else.' Sasuke thought. He hadn't thought it would be so much trouble for him to buy one of those stupid books but no, the guy working at the book shop just had to be a retired Chuunin and see through his Henge.

So he had to go all the way to the market that was mostly all civilians and get the book there. At least this time he was smart enough not to Henge into a older version of his fourteen year old brother… yeah he hadn't thought that one all the way through since some could recognize Itachi and think he was trying to get the book. Anyway the point was he finally got the damn thing and back to his room without being caught by his mother or brother.

"Hello otouto." Itachi said behind him and Sasuke almost jumped out of his skin. 'Speak of the devil.' The eight year old quickly spun around to face his older brother and tried to look as innocent as possible while pushing the package that he just got further under his bed with one foot. Itachi noticed, of course.

"Hi Nii-san!" Sasuke called and the older boy gave him a look that said 'I know your hiding something' but was trying not to smirk at how easily he could read his little brother. Sasuke shifted nervously when Itachi didn't say anything and there was a silence that was uncomfortable to him. Finally the 14 year old ANBU decided to give the kid a break, he'd find out what was going on anyway.

"Well Mother said that dinner will be done soon little brother." Itachi told Sasuke as he walked out of the bedroom and into the hall. Sasuke let out a breath and fell back on his bed when his brother was gone, 'Who knows what he'd think if he found that book in my room!' thought the young black haired boy.

Back with Naruto

After a quick breakfast the group was on their way. Jiraiya and Tsunade in front with Naruto and Shizune holding her portable bacon- I mean pig, following close behind. The Legendary Sucker had agreed to go to Konoha to finish the bet she made but wanted answers and now looked like the perfect time to get them.

"Alright Jiraiya, who is that kid?" Tsunade asked while they jumped tree to tree. Jiraiya rolled his eyes at her bluntness but really he had been waiting for her to ask. Shizune was too far back to hear but with his enhanced hearing Naruto heard Tsunade's question easily and was listening in now that he knew they were talking about him.

"He is my Godson and student, Naruto Namikaze." Jiraiya stated praying to kami his old teammate didn't recognize the name and figure out who the kid's dad was that she is supposed to talk to. When Tsunade immediately put on the brakes almost slamming face first into a tree he knew this was going to be troublesome. Naruto on the other hand found it hilariously and made it known as he laughed his ass off, while Shizune was just staring confused since she didn't know what they had been talking about.

Tsunade snapped her head around at the sound of the little blond laughing and glared at him. Shizune had just opened her mouth to ask what was wrong when the Legendary Sucker started yelling at the seven year old.

"You trick me into meeting the Hokage you little brat!" she screamed while stomping over to Naruto. The boy instantly sobered up and stood preparing to run for his life, when he got an idea. An evil, childish, devious idea. He took a quick glance at his mentor feeling a bit guilty but looking back to what he was facing, a pissed Tsunade, the feeling of guilt was promptly replaced by his survival instincts and he swiftly put his plan into action.

"He made me!" The seven year old Naruto shouted pointing at Jiraiya who's jaw dropped. Tsunade looked from Naruto to Jiraiya and back trying to decide who to blame. The toad Sennin looked pale, but started yelling denials anyway trying to avoid his fate. When Tsunade looked at Naruto he was so sad he was sniffling and there were tears in his eyes. The blond medic's heart melted at the small crying boy, she turned around and went straight for Jiraiya, who screamed like a little girl before trying to flee.

He didn't get far… As soon as Tsunade started beating on the white haired Sannin Naruto smirked, and wiped the few tears he had cried away from his eyes thinking, 'And the award for best actor of the Elemental Nations goes toooo… Naruto Namikaze! *cheers heard in the background*' Shizune sighed and shook her head seeing the whole thing.


Both Sannin apprentices winced hearing the loud crack followed quickly by Jiraiya's screaming…

With Kakashi and Minato

Kakashi now stood in the Hokage office in front of his old sensei. He was not worried about Naruto, not yet anyway he told himself again. He had already looked all over the village looking for the little blond boy, and the training fields, and the Uchiha districted… okay so maybe he was getting a little worried. The masked Jounin took a deep breath to steel his nerves and started to speak.

"Minato-sensei… I couldn't find Naruto. Is he out of the village?" Kakashi asked hoping that his old sensei wouldn't start freaking out, and that Naruto hadn't been kidnapped or something. Minato frowned thinking, and then blinked letting out a breath as he realized what must have happened. 'Looks like Naruto's clone finally dispelled.'

"Ah yes Kakashi, Naruto headed out with Jiraiya-sensei a little while ago. Sorry I didn't tell you when you were supposed to look after him today. But they'll be back soon." Minato smirked as he saw his student let out an almost unnoticeable breath of relief. Of course in seconds he was frowning, not that you could really see under his mask, he had been looking all over for that kid just to find out he wasn't even in the village. Minato sweat dropped as he noticed even through Kakashi's mask.

"Um how about I call you when they get back and you can watch him then…?" The Hokage tried to placate his annoyed student. Kakashi nodded, and with a poof of smoke he was gone. Minato rolled his eyes and let his head fall on the desk with a thump. He mumbled into his paperwork about none of his ninja using the door.

Actually now that he thought about it not even his son used the door very often.


A three year old Naruto was sitting next to the Hokage's desk playing with some toy toads Jiraiya had gotten him as Minato worked trying to finish up his never ending paperwork. After a few hours of course Naruto got bored with the toys and started whining to go out and play with his best friend Sasuke Uchiha. It was almost lunch anyway why not?

"Okay Naruto but just an hour then we after to come back." Minato told his son but as soon as Naruto heard 'Okay' he was off like a shot and Minato realized too late he was headed for the window and not the door. The older blond's heart rate shot up as he ran to the open window fearing the worst.

"NARUTO!" he scream and went to jump out the window after the three year old as he spotted his son standing on the ground like nothing happened and wondering why he was yelling. Minato landed on the ground perfectly beside his son and picked him up hugging the boy so tight he could hardly breathe. Then pulled back and shook the boy by his shoulders.

"Don't do that! You could've got hurt!" The young father said still trying to lower his heart rate. The three year old blinked at him innocently. Honestly it was like the kid was trying to give him grey hair.

"Do what?" Naruto asked looking completely confused. Minato could have face faulted right there, but thought better of it and carried his son away from all the people that were now staring at them. He never noticed Naruto grimace over his shoulder, 'I knew I forgot something.'

End Flashback

Yeah… he really should have known his son was hiding something. Well he did already get a look at the 'time line scroll' but that was mostly village events soon he would be able to question Jiraiya about his son's first life. Kami does that sound weird…

With Naruto & Group

Naruto walked pretty far ahead of Shizune and the two Sannin mainly because Jiraiya was glaring daggers at him as he limped the rest of the way to Konoha. Promising something painful would befall his student. So the seven year old time traveler wisely kept his distance.

Tsunade still looked a little annoyed but was mostly satisfied from the destruction she'd caused earlier. Shizune had merely sighed at the groups antics as she was quite used to Tsunade's and could remember Jiraiya's quirks from before she left Konoha. Her interest was however caught by the little blond boy. The apprentice medic never imagined that any kid could be so strong at such a young age.

However Shizune had seen the proof of it with her own eyes as she watched the boy take down a team of rogue ninja by himself almost effortlessly. While using Jounin level ninjutsu and at least mid Chuunin level skill but the strangest thing was he acted like it was a game. Like the enemies he was facing weren't even a threat to him. Don't get her wrong the boy seemed to watched his opponents closely as if he knew they could become a threat but it was almost like he'd face far stronger enemies. Shizune shook her head she was really letting her thoughts wonder, he was strong but he was still just a boy.

The group arrived at the large gates of Konoha within an hour and Naruto practically ran inside, forgetting to make sure Tsunade wasn't going to make a run for it and leaving her with Jiraiya who was still plotting his revenge on the kid. The slug sennin shook her head watching the blond boy practically fly down the road disappearing within seconds. Well she'd come this far might as well get it over with.

Jiraiya silently thanked any gods listening that she didn't try and bolt as the group trekked after Naruto towards the Hokage tower.

Naruto ran as fast as he could without using any extra techniques straight for the Hokage tower not bothering to go around building instead he jumped right over them running on the roof tops. The villager mostly ignored him or shook their heads amused as the expected ANBU to be chasing him soon for whatever prank they thought he pulled this time. He hadn't of course since he'd been gone but it was a justified assumption.

The seven year old didn't notice though he was moving far too fast to care and within two minutes he was running up the side of the Hokage tower then jumped right though the open window.


…And right into Utatane Koharu of the elder council. Naruto groaned quietly sitting up and looking at the person he'd just knock down and settling his eyes on his Father who was holding a hand to the top of his head looking in between amused, annoyed and shocked. Naruto chuckled sheepishly putting a hand behind his own head in a familiar gesture; his legs still partially tangled with the unfortunate women that had been standing next to the window.

"Hey Dad! I'm Home!" Naruto shouted happily. Minato couldn't help it a short bark of laughter escaped him that he quickly suppressed do to Koharu's menacing glare from the floor. But it was official Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze was back!


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