An Unexpected Beginning

It Goes On

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Chapter 31: It Goes On

Minato stepped over swiftly to where his son was still partially tangled with the scowling elder and scooped the seven year old boy up into his arms effortlessly. Successfully untangling his son and the elder Koharu, who quickly stood up trying to compose herself. Naruto acted as if she didn't exist as he almost hugged the life out of the Hokage.

Normally Naruto tried not to be too clingy even though after a life without anyone to care for him he desperately wanted to. Right now was one of those times he let himself give into that feeling. After being away from his Father longer than he ever had to in his new life, some of those old abandonment issues were getting to him.

Throughout his little mission he couldn't help but worry sometimes that when he got back something might have happened and his Dad wouldn't be there. Or worse something he'd changed in the time line got his Dad killed so not only would he be alone again but it would be his own fault.

The Yondaime dismissed Koharu as politely as he could a few moments later when Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Shizune arrived. Naruto turned his head to grin at all of them but made no move to be put down and honestly Minato didn't want to put the boy down anyway. He'd missed his son greatly; it was hard to believe the little blond had only been gone just over a week. Seeing Tsunade reminded Naruto of something.

"Dad look what I got!" Naruto exclaimed happily like any young boy would do, honestly if Minato hadn't seen proof of it himself he'd never believe his son had live almost as long as he had. Naruto pulled on the collar to his shirt and pulled out a necklace with a small blue stone on it. Both of Minato's eyebrows rose as he realized what it was, and he felt a bit of unfounded fear at its legend.

"Jiraiya?" Minato began looking at his sensei smiling sweetly… a little too sweetly. "Why is my Son wearing a cursed necklace?" he asked the only thing restraining him from hurting the poor sage was the child in his arms. Said child took pity on his godfather that he just got pounded a few hours ago and spoke up while Jiraiya could still walk.

"It's not cursed! And I won it from Tsunade Baa-chan, Dad!" Naruto chirped happily turning to Tsunade while still being held. Tsunade's eye twitched as she caught Naruto's 'new' name for her being said again, and was tempted to whack him in the head despite his Kage protector. She settled for screaming at him instead.

"I'M NOT OLD GAKI!" She yelled glaring at him. Naruto just grinned so wide his canines were showing. Ah this was going to be an interesting conversation.

Later at the Uchiha Compound

Itachi sneaked into his little brother's room late at night as his curiosity got the best of him. He just had to know what his foolish little brother was hiding, and he knew just where to look from earlier when Sasuke pushed whatever it was under his bed.

The fourteen year old Uchiha smirked seeing Sasuke sleeping deeply from the doorway and slid in silently. Reaching under the bed he cringed at the sound on the bag he grabbed crinkling and looked back up at his sleeping brother quickly. Itachi let out a silent breath when Sasuke didn't stir and pulled the rest of the package out slowly.

Opening the paper bag he pulled out a book curiously and read the title… Then re-read it eyes going wider than usual, he looked up at his little brother from his position on the floor and then back to the book he was holding, twice. Then he smirked and started laughing silently as he put the book and package back where he found it, not an inch out of place.

He got out of Sasuke's room quickly still smirking like the cat that ate the canary. Got back to his room and went to bed thinking about what he'd found and how long he'd wait before teasing his foolish little brother about it.

One Week Later Suna

Gaara was looking for a ball to go out and play with Temari when he noticed an envelope on his bed. The little red head looked around curiously for where it came from but found no clues except that his window was open when he was pretty sure he'd closed it earlier. He picked it up and opened it wanting to know what it said. It was on his bed so it must be for him anyway.

The eight year old's eyes widened as he saw who it was addressed to, and started reading almost eagerly.


I'm really sorry but I won't be able to use my clones to play with you for a while, apparently they're 'dangerous'. I sent a normal shadow clone to get this to you but he won't last too long after he gets there. I'll try and write you again soon, but now that your sister knows about me and your seal is fixed hopefully you already have someone to play with in Suna.

If you're able to send me a letter used our code names, you know like I am. You're 'Sandman' and I'm 'Kit'. Oh and if you ever in my village look me up, I won't be hard to find. Just look for where all the weird shit is going down and I'll be right there in the middle of everything.


PS: If those annoying councilors bother you don't let it get you down just do something I would!

Gaara smirked at the last sentence knowing very well what kind of things his friend would do, and that any of those councilors would probably rather be killed by his sand then be the target of one of Naruto's 'harmless pranks'.

He couldn't help but frown though, this meant he wouldn't be seeing his friend again for a long time… and he'd have to find a way to get letters to Konoha without anyone knowing. Gaara sighed he'd find a way, Naruto was his best friend and until recently had been his only friend.

"Gaara! Come on!" Temari yelled from the front door down stairs. Gaara quickly put the letter back into its envelope and stuffed it under his pillow till he could hide it better later. Spotting the ball he'd been looking for he grabbed it and smiled slightly as he ran down to his sister. Naruto was right, a year ago he'd been alone and something in him hurt so much but now he had Naruto and his sister and maybe soon even his brother.

Naruto Uzumaki had changed his life; he was no longer alone and little by little that pain he felt was getting smaller. He'd never forget what Naruto did for him, and one day he'd be something great. He'd be someone that could help and protect his friend's, because now that was his dream.

Meanwhile in Konoha

Naruto stood thinking on top the third's head of the monument about the past few days. He'd got Baa-chan to stay in Konoha, after some persuasion. His dad told Tsunade that she could put together a medic nin program like she wanted before and made her head medic in the hospital. She had of course been hesitant and even downright refused for a couple days but Naruto knew that if one thing could change her mind it was what brought her back the first time, him. So he decided it was time to use his newest jutsu.


Naruto was grumbling to himself as he went to the hotel Tsunade was staying for the week because they'd convicted her to stay that long and think about the medic program. As the boy grumbled a few passer bys caught snippets about how he had to use his 'new cool jutsu' to get 'the old hag' to stay instead of doing something 'more cool' with it. Luckily no one caught much of it and desmisted what they did with him being 'a kid' or in 'a mood'.

The little blond walked right in the door without knocking and screamed just as he used to come to her in the Hokage tower.

"BAA-CHAN!" he yelled and Tsunade scream back what was now becoming a reflex.

"I'M NOT OLD YOU DAMN GAKI!" her eye twitching. Naruto grinned cheekily, showing a slightly enlarged canine tooth, but ignored her reaction otherwise.

"Yeah, yeah come here I want to show you something." Naruto said innocently staring up at her. Tsunade eyed him wearily but came closer anyway.

"What?" she asked kneeling down to him curiously.

"It's a memory." Naruto answered sticking a seal on her forehead before she could protest and put his own forehead against the top of the seal. Making a few hand signs he whispered Fuuin no haiburiddo: Memori-jutsu! (Fuuin hybrid: memory jutsu!) and grabbed the back of her head holding it to his as he closed his eyes she couldn't help but do the same.

The next thing Tsunade saw was a blond boy in an orange jump suit on a street outside a bar. He looked just like the boy she was just with but a bit older and he wore a leaf head band proudly displaying his allegiance. She soon noticed the Naruto she knew was standing beside her watching the scene with her.

"What is this?" Tsunade asked as she watched the slightly older Naruto charge a woman that looked a lot like her. The younger Naruto didn't take his eyes off the scene as he answered.

"This Baa-chan is the first time we met." Naruto watched as Tsunade turned to him after she saw her so called counterpart easily stop the boy and flick him back to where he'd started.

"That's impossible, we met just last week and he's older… and this never happened." Even as Tsunade said it though she started to sound unsure. Naruto made no attempted to disagree, matter of fact he did the opposite.

"I know, and it never will. This is only what would have been about four year from now if Ero-sennin and me had waited to get you." Naruto spoke quietly a complete opposite from everything she'd seen from him so far as they both watched the older Naruto get back up and charge the other Tsunade again.

Tsunade noted the look of surprise on her counterpart's face when she saw the famed Rasengan forming in the twelve year old's hand. The other Tsunade reacted quickly though after the jutsu started coming undone. Naruto finally turned his head from the scene to see Tsunade's reaction as her counterpart made 'The Bet' similar to the one he'd pushed her into just a few days before.

The Tsunade by his side watched in a mixture of confusion and shock as her counterpart bet their most treasured possession. To the same boy and in almost the same situation she'd done only a few days ago. Once the twelve year old Naruto accepted the bet everything went dark for a second before they saw a new scene.

"What just happened?" Tsunade asked without looking at the boy at her side. Completely transfixed on the battle in front of her of the three Great Sannin.

"You saw what I wanted you to, so I pushed us forward to the day of the bet. Orochimaru and Kabuto interfered." Naruto's eyes narrowed on the snake and his lackey as he watched. Even though she could hardly tear her eyes from the scene she caught what he said, or rather how he said it and turned to him.

"You say that like it already happened, but it couldn't have… unless…" Tsunade broke off turning back to the scene wide eyed. Think of everything the boy had said,

'It's a memory.'

'This Baa-chan is the first time we met.'

'I know, and it never will. This is only what would have been about four years from now if Ero-sennin and me had waited to get you.'

The words just kept repeating in her mind. 'What would have happened', 'It's a memory', 'The first time we met'. There was only one way that it could be true but that was impossible… It just couldn't be… If possible Tsunade's eyes got even wider her mouth open slightly as she witnessed her counterpart jump in front of the boy who'd fallen protecting her and took a sword through the chest.

Tsunade could hardly believe her ears as she watched this 'other her' push Orochimaru back and declare herself the new Godaime Hokage. She stood slightly as she watched the fight end and her counterpart rush to heal the boy that had fought for her. Only giving a slight smile as she saw the twelve year old clutch her counterpart's necklace saying he won. Her counterpart slipped the necklace around the boy's neck and continued healing him.

The memory faded to a familiar scene of her counterpart and the twelve year old Naruto facing off. This time the boy charged at her just as before but made a perfect Rasengan with the help of a clone. Her counterpart took care of him easily though and flipped off his headband again. The boy's eyes were closed tight expecting to be hit again.

Tsunade was a little tense expecting the same but her own counterpart surprised not only the twelve year old Naruto but herself, by kissing the boy's forehead just as she remembered doing to her little brother when she'd first given him her cursed necklace. Tsunade turned to see the youngerNaruto she knew for his reaction but was even more confused to see a small almost nostalgic smile on his whiskered face.

That's when she knew for sure, this boy as impossible as it seems is one and the same as the older boy they'd been watching. He had lived through what they were seeing; he had once been that boy in the orange jump suit… but how? She stared at him as the memory faded and the next time she opened her eyes, they were back in her hotel room.

Before she could ask her many questions though the boy let go of her head and backed toward the door almost casually and like he could sense her about to stop him with a question he turned back to her.

"We really could use you around here Baa-chan… and I'm not letting you give up." Naruto smirked cheekily at her over his shoulder like it was really as simple as that. She raised her eyebrows and shook her head at his behavior but smiled at him anyway. This boy is different, he just might make it. Tsunade thought as she made up her mind. I'm not going anywhere. That didn't mean she couldn't have fun though.

"Well if I'm staying you'll have to ban ramen." stated the blond women sticking her nose in the air. Naruto's jaw dropped and he immediately attached himself to her leg crying loudly.

"No, no! Anything but that!" Naruto wept as Tsunade tried not to laugh; really the kid was easy to get to if you knew what to say. Only a few days with him and she already knew his weakness.

End Flashback

Naruto smirked as the wind blew his hair; it hadn't been too hard to explain to Tsunade. She didn't ask too many questions and seemed to get what was going on even before he started. That wasn't all that happened though Jiraiya had told his father a bit more about his life than he wanted. It wasn't that he didn't trust his father he just didn't want his to feel too bad. He looked down at his village and sighed thinking.

In the beginning he had been thrilled to have a father but he'd still been angry at him somewhere inside for his first life. He'd showed that by teasing his father about Kyuubi before he was supposed to know, or playing pranks that may have been more centered on embarrassing him. The young blond sighed it had been childish and he knew it but that didn't mean he felt any better. He knew though that he would feel much worse if anything ever happened to his father.

In his time or world his father may have died and left him alone to face the world but here as far back as he knew his father loved him. Minato would play with him, and spent time with him and even worried about him. So Naruto would try not to blame him, for a life that technically never happened.

The small boy stood tall on top the Hokage Mountain overlooking the village he'd dedicated his life, love and time to as he thought about all he'd done. Really it had been eight years today that he started all over, that he'd died, been born, and changed the course of history. Even now though he could hardly believe what he'd done, or how much had changed.

However it was almost every day his old memories seemed more distant like someone else had live that life, that it hadn't really been him. Naruto would never forget though, he would continue changing this world from the inside out the best he could. Whether or not he made mistakes along the way he knew every time he saw his father or someone else that had been dead that now lived that he had made the right choice. He just hoped that his good fortune wouldn't leave him in the coming years.

"Naruto!" The boy practically jumped out of his skin at his father's voice. He quickly grabbed his new book "Romance for Dummies" off the ground and hid it in his jacket, before calling back to his dad.

"Yea!" Naruto answered as Minato got close enough to see him from the mountain curve he was climbing. The newly minted eight year old tried to look as innocent as every praying to whatever deity who hadn't cursed him that there was no bulge showing where the book was. Really he was caught cuddling with Hinata one time and the teme just had to find his funny side. He swore if anyone saw him with the book before he got home… he was taking it out on Sasuke.

Naruto actually thought it was funny but then he noticed something it said that would get him in big trouble for having it and his godfather probably kill. It was written by Jiraiya of the Sannin. Of course Sasuke only smirked at that, probably why he bought it in the first place. At least the teme gave it to him when no one else was around.

"Come on. It's almost time for your birthday party." Minato said happily walling the rest of the way to his son. Naruto smile brightly and half ran half dragged his dad down the mountain to his eighth birthday party. So far things were looking up.


In a dark cave a man in a black cloak with red clouds and an orange mask was feeling irritated. Things were not going according to his plans and he couldn't figure out why. The man glared out his mask his anger turning his one visible dark eye blood red.

While most the Uchiha ninja were dead a few survived and the civilians that survived would breed new warriors into the world. Before even that though Orochimaru had betrayed him, however the masked man knew that he would eventually he just would rather the annoy snake had been eliminated in the process.

Of course those weren't even what had him the most concerned. It was the Yondaime Hokage that was getting to him because somehow he'd survived the attack he made on Konoha with the Kyuubi. The question was, how? And could he do it again?

Uchiha Madara sat clinching his jaw and rained in his anger, if things kept going like this he would need to alter his plans. First though he needed to know just what… or who was changing the future.

OMAKE: What happened to the 3 Iwa spies that saw Naruto?

About a week after being captured by the Yondaime Hokage himself Hotaru and her two male comrades sat together in three chairs back to back to back, tied up tight and blindfolded. They'd been there for hours and had no hope of escape. Being with the one the other Konoha ninja called Ibiki though they had already confessed their mission to infiltrate Konoha.

Just outside the door Minato, Ibiki and Inoichi Yamanaka stood discussing what to do with the prisoners. They had all ready ruled out escorting them back to Iwa since they had seen too much. If word got out that 'Konoha's Yellow Flash' the Yondaime Hokage's son was already a prodigy then there would be many villages lining up to kidnap him. And Iwa would stop at nothing to kill the boy before he could do any real damage.

Minato sighed with the information they had on his son it was too risky to even put them in the prison. He didn't want to just kill them though other than fallowing orders to come into his village and get Intel they hadn't really done anything. They were ninja taking missions like that were part of the job, he knew that and they weren't in war times… but he had to do something with them.

Ibiki and Inoichi had to keep themselves from stepping back in caution when they saw their Hokage smirk almost sinisterly. The last time they saw the look it had been on the man's son and not long afterward there had been an… 'incident' with one of the few people who were left alone for a few minutes to watch over Naruto.

"I know what to do with them." Minato spoke in what sounded like, anticipation? The two heads of the Interrogation department were afraid to ask. That boy was rubbing off on their Hokage… Kami help us all.

Three days later on the Earth Countries boarder the Iwa spies, Hotaru and her teammates woke up groaning outside on the ground. Hotaru looked around the rocky clearing slowly trying to get her bearings and remember what happened, but as hard as she tried she had no idea how she ended up where she was. So Hotaru turned her attention to the two men getting up that she recognized as her teammates.

"Haru, Shin… you guys know what happened?" Hotaru asked getting up and rubbing her head only just then realizing they were all in nothing but their underwear. Hotaru 'Eeped' involuntarily getting the boy's attention while quickly covering herself as best she could with her arms. Which wasn't very good. She blushed at her own exposure as well as her teammate's reactions.

Shin recovered first turning his head away and slapped Haru's shoulder getting him to turn too. Then tried to clear a bit of awkwardness by answering his teammate's question, and not think about how hot she looked right behind him. No, that wouldn't help.

"Um no, I got no idea but it does look like we're close to the Earth Country boarder so we shouldn't be too far from home." Shin said. Haru frowned.

"Yea but how the hell did we get here and why? I don't remember anything after that last escort mission." Shin and Hotaru both frowned too.

"Me neither." They said at the same time. They all looked at each other forgetting they're state of dress, or lack thereof. Hotaru jumped slightly blushing and both boys whipped their heads back around with their own blushes. Then Haru spotted something.

"Hey guys, I think I know what happened." He stated as the other two looked to him, he just pointed at a stone close by, there were carvings in it. It read 'Stay out of Konoha.' Haru continued his thoughts on what he thought happened.

"So I'm betting we were caught, mind wiped, striped, and left here. Well I guess it could be worse." They all sighed knowing very well that most villages would normally just kill them for whatever they were doing in enemy territory. After all Iwa didn't have any kind of alliance to Konoha and most knew they hated each other after the last war.

They all started walking towards where there village was in their underwear, unaware they were all thinking the same thing 'That dream was sure scary, when that blond guy saw us near his kid I thought he was gonna kill us!' Little did they know it was a subconscious message that was sent by Minato himself as a warning in the form of a nightmare they'd be having for months. After all he had to look after his little boy. By the time it wore off Hotaru, Haru, and Shin wouldn't go anywhere near any blond children, and were sometime seen running away from the park screaming about 'crazy overprotective Dads'.

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