An Unexpected Beginning

First Words & Ramen!

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Chapter 4 First Words and Ramen!

Naruto POV

Naruto had been working on talking and chakra control for 3 months now, of course no one knew that. He would do it at night, or nap time before anyone noticed he was awake. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to try and talk with no teeth, the muscles in your mouth not being used to it didn't help either. Naruto could get around that though he just had to think about how he was moving his mouth to speak. Now he finally could but he was still trying to figure out what to make his first word.

Naruto has narrowed down to Pervert, No, Ramen, and the ever popular Tou-san/Daddy. But the not having any teeth thing had another problem, Naruto's diet was basicly, Milk, juice, milk, water, milk, and he was finally moving on to baby food. Yay, ya right. A almost constant diet of milk was bad enough there is no way I'm eating that.

So that's how Naruto chose what his first word would be, well sort of. He was going to execute plan 'Make Dads Eyes Bug Out' tomorrow. It will be a great scene. Naruto thought as he finished practicing his chakra control on the bars of his crib. He could hear Kyuubi snickering as he drifted off to sleep, and knew the Kitsune would be waiting to see tomorrows fun.

The next day

Minato POV

Minato got up at the usual time, changed his clothes and went to check on Naruto. Naruto was already awake as usual. With wide innocent eyes, Minato scooped him up and laid him on the changing table. Which Minato knew he hated having his dipper changed, because his son's face would contort into a pout. Naruto did hate it; the only silver lining was that at least his dad didn't Know he had the mind of a 18 year old shinobi. The dipper was changed in seconds, after all he wasn't known as the Yellow Flash for nothing. So he scooped Naruto back up and took him down stairs to get them both breakfast before going to work.

Naruto POV

After the dreaded dripper change, dad took me down stairs to get breakfast. The fun was about to begin Mahahahah hahaha. I mean… baby's first words, ya thats it.

Minato got out the new jar of baby food for Naruto's breakfast, (even though last time it ended up all overHim) and placed Naruto in the highchair. Minato thought he was ready for anything this time (He was wrong) he would dodge like it was raining kunai if he had to. I could see my dad coming towards me with the 'yucky jar of goo'

Just a little longer,(I can feel Kyuu is watching on the edge on his seat) when he lifts the spoon up… now. "Daddy Wamen!" 'ramen' Oh wow… I think I broke him. Hahaheehe. And that is how Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze's first word turned into his first sentence.

Minato POV

I went to feed Naruto and was just about to give him the first bite happy he didn't hit it away yet. When Naruto said something, he called me Daddy! Yes, Yes, YES! … and I think he said he wants ramen? Whatever I'd give him his own pony for this. Naruto's giggling unfroze me.

As soon as Minato unfroze he scooped Naruto up out of the highchair and hugged him then started dancing around, singing "yes, yes, yes." The Anbu guards watching thought their Hokage might just have finally lost it when he flashed to the window where they were with the most serious face they had ever seen and said "If you ever speak a word of this I'll send you to the I.T. (Interrogation & Torture) department." They just nodded too terrified and shocked to speak yet. As soon as they did Minato's serious face disappeared and he smiled brightly, flashing back up with Naruto to his son's room.

Gotta get him ready to go out we'll go to Ichiraku's for breakfast. Wait a minute Naruto is only 3 months old is he supposed to be able to communicate so well? And how does he know that ramen is good, he might have seen me eating it but I don't think I ever said it was ramen. Minato looked down at Naruto who was sitting waiting patiently to be dressed. --- Wait patiently I may not know much about babies but there not supposed to be patient right? Now that I think about it he has slept through every night since he was born too and I know I was told he wouldn't do that. I don't think I've ever seen him cry either.

Minato looked back down at Naruto who was smiling amusement clear in his eyes. Minato's eyebrows furrowed It's like he thinks it's funny that I'm just standing here staring at him. Heh it probably is… still. Minato bend down and looked at Naruto on the same level, Naruto's smirk never leaving. "Why don't you ever cry Naruto?" Minato asked his son poking him lightly on the forehead, not really expecting an answer.

Naruto POV

Naruto and Kyuubi were cracking up inside. Hahahaha, Oh this is getting good hehe. Naruto thought.Look at his face. Kyuubi snickered."Why don't you ever cry Naruto?" My father asked as he poked me lightly on the forehead. Naruto wasn't quite sure what to say to that he could either start crying, (which there was no way he was doing that, he'd cried enough in the last life) say something like "Why do you want me to?" (which he thought there had been enough talking for one day) so he settled on the third option.

Minato POV

As I asked Naruto the question I didn't really expect an answer, but I found myself waiting for one anyway. Within a few seconds Naruto tilted his head to the right with the biggest blue eyes, and then I heard him say "uuuh" almost like a question in his high baby voice. I laughed the look on his face and that sound was too much. Then he laughed back as I finished dressing him in his orange shirt with a blue spiral, black pants and jacket with a matching orange strip down the left side.

"Ready to go get some ramen Naruto?" It wasn't really a question but Naruto answer anyway by screaming happily and bouncing, as I picked him up, grabbed my jacket (the white 1 with red flames at the bottom) and headed out the door.

Hope you like it! :)

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