An Unexpected Beginning

Ichiraku's and Old Friends

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Chapter 5 Ichiraku's and Old Friends

Naruto and Minato were at Ichiraku's in a flash, literally a 'yellow' flash. Naruto loved the Hiraishin no Jutsu, but he was beginning to think his dad was getting lazy. I mean really we don't live that far from Ichiraku's roof tops would have been fine… not that I wouldn't do the same thing, it Is ramen were talking about. Naruto thought, but all thoughts disappeared as soon as he smelled the greatest food of all time, and really who else could say that and mean it like him.

"Oi, Teuchi could we get some ramen over here!" Minato called as he stepped in. "Ohayo Hokage-sama, I see you've brought Naruto how are you two today?" Teuchi replied. "Great Naruto just said his first words, so we're here… kind of at his request." Minato put on a sheepish grin and ruffled the hair on the back of his head with his hand, while still holding Naruto with the other.

Teuchi raised an eyebrow at that had to be sure, "At Naruto's request? What exactly were his first words?" At this Naruto decided todays fun wasn't over, and turned to look at Teuchi before Minato could answer and said "Wamen!" Teuchi stilled at this as did Minato, then Minato beamed at Naruto and Teuchi looked like he was about to cry tears of joy. "Oh, What a Great Day it is Naruto Namikaze in honor of your great achievement your bowl is on the house." Naruto beamed at Teuchi and laughed.

Minato had finished cutting Naruto's noodles into the smallest pieces possible as Naruto chanted the whole time "Daddy daddy, Wamen wamen!" Teuchi watched and smiled full of pride. Then Minato gave Naruto his 'first' bit of ramen, this time Naruto could have cried tears of joy. Naruto started to point for more, when Jiraiya and Kakashi walked in, and spotted them.

Being ever so tactful Jiraiya just laughed, as Kakashi beside him chuckled. At seeing Minato about to spoon feed his 3 month old son ramen. After a few seconds Minato and Naruto were glaring at them. Minato was glaring because they were laughing at him, and Naruto was glaring because he wasn't being given any more ramen in till they didn't shut up.

Kakashi noticed his sensei's glare, shut up and turned his head away, but looked like he was still grinning even though he was wearing a mask. Then Jiraiya finally noticed Minato glaring at him but he also noticed Naruto glaring and raised an eyebrow at that. Naruto had always clung to him since the moment he saw Jiraiya.


Naruto was just a few days old, and Jiraiya had come to see how his favorite student Minato was doing after everything that had happen. Minato was holding a sleeping Naruto when he got there. They started to talk about everything from Kushina's death to Naruto's odd sealing. Naruto could hear them as he started to wake up he knew both voices one was his father and the other… Jiraiya-sensei, Ero-sennin he died so long ago…

Naruto couldn't take it anymore and open his eyes only to reach for Jiraiya as soon as he laid his eyes on him and squirm as much as a baby a few days old could. Minato and Jiraiya noticed instantly and were confused why Naruto would want to get to Jiraiya so much. Minato let Jiraiya pick Naruto up and he almost instantly attached himself to Jiraiya's red vest like a life line, slightly shaking. Both Minato and Jiraiya wore looks of confusion and worry but after a while Naruto calmed down and relaxed in his sensei's arms, but still held on to his red vest.

Since then Jiraiya fell in love with the little bundle of sunshine and would bring him stuffed animals almost every time he came by. Most of them were Frogs or Foxes and Naruto loved them all. Naruto seemed to just beam whenever he came over, even without the presents.

End Flashback

But now he was glaring at him? Both Jiraiya's questions about why Minato was feeding Naruto ramen, and why Naruto was glaring at him were soon answered. With one simple sentence… but not by Minato.

Naruto was getting tired of his ramen being so close, close enough to have the smell consume him with his heightened senses, yet he was unable to eat it. He looked at his Father then at his ramen and then to Jiraiya who seemed to be just staring at him with a curious look now, and looked back to his ramen. He was now annoyed even at 18 he didn't have too many patience but, he did know how to get what he wanted and… foxes are still tricksters so he looked back up at his Father who was now staring at him too because he noticed Jiraiya looking, and made the biggest blue puppy-dog eyes he could with a small pout, then said in a small voice "Daddy… (looks over at the ramen then looks back at Minato) Wamen"

Minato almost died right there of 'Innocent Cuteness Overload' and hurried to give Naruto another bite. Jiraiya burst out laughing again, now understanding exactly why Naruto had glared at him. He was just like his Father a real ramen lover. This time even Kakashi laughed. Naruto was pleased how easy it was to get his dad to feed him more, even when Jiraiya and Kakashi started laughing Minato kept feeding him this time.

Minato had, had enough though "What is so funny, huh?" Kakashi just quieted down to chuckles. While Jiraiya spoke up still smiling broadly "The kid is only 3 months old and he already can con you into getting him ramen" Minato looked down at his son, who was still focused on the ramen. Which Minato was still feeding him as they talked. Then he looked back up at Jiraiya with a raised eyebrow "He didn't con me into anything." Jiraiya just smirked (which irked Minato to no end) and asked "Then whose idea was it to get ramen?"

Minato really didn't want to answer but couldn't really lie to his sensei "It was Naruto's." Minato sighed and hung his head, somehow still feeding Naruto. Then snapped his head back up "But it was his first words, I wasn't 'conned' (eyeroll) he's 3 months old." Jiraiya stopped trying to annoy his student at that seeing a new subject.

"His first word was ramen?" asked Kakashi before Jiraiya could. Minato shook his head smiling proudly "No, his first word was Daddy, his second word was Ramen." After that they all looked at each other and laughed (this time with Minato). Naruto was still too busy eating ramen; Minato never noticed when he started feeding Naruto his ramen too.

BTW the scene with Jiraiya and Naruto, did look a lil fluffy to me as I read it, but I assure you It was a pure Sensei Student moment. This is NOT a Yaoi and never will be, I know a lot of people like Yaoi and you can write or read whatever you want, but I will not be writing it. As for pairings 'IF' I do any it will probably be a NaruHina with possibly SasuSaka but for now I just am at the beginning of the story, that may come later.

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