An Unexpected Beginning

Training and Enemies

This chapter isn't as funny as the others, I know the last 2 chapters were funny

but this was never meant to be a comedy however I like sticking Naruto-ish Jokes and pranks in

when I can. While this chapter is trying to get the story moving in the training/save Konoha direction I still

managed to slip in a few jokes, so I hope you like it :) And Next chapter will probably have some kind of prank

I'm think Kakashi as the target :P

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Chapter 6: Training and Enemies

Naruto POV

Naruto is 21 months now or 1 year and 9 months, however you want to say it. His chakra control is getting much better now since he has been training since the day he was born. Naruto thought his chakra control was bad the first time around, but more chakra equals less control right well now that Kyuubi's power has doubled and Naruto's spiritual chakra came with him (because chakra is made of spiritual and physical energy).

Well let's just say it's a good thing Naruto has been training himself in control so early. If that seal wasn't made by the Death god and The Yondaime it would have broken from so much power.

I can make about 50 Kage Bushins now; I guess that's good for not being even 2 years old yet but the hardest part is finding a moment and a place to train. I can walk up and down the walls in my room if I'm careful and on the water in the bathtub… well not so much with water walking my dad will hardly leaves me alone for a minute there, thinks I'm going to drown. *rollseyes* So basically the only place I can train is in my room, but even then I got to make sure no Anbu are watching as Shika would say this is so Troublesome.

However I have managed not to get caught, and have gotten in a bit of training despite everything. Now though I've come up with a way to get away for a little bit and train, I wasn't sure it was going to work the first time but it did so I've been doing it for the last week.

Alright this is what I did, since dad takes me to work with him every day before he came to get me in the morning I made a Kage Bushin and switched him with me while I hid under the bed and tried to hide my chakra. I waited until he left with my clone, then I left the house from the back window of my room first making sure no Anbu were there, and when I was far enough away I Henged into someone else till I got to the training fields. I used training field 7 of course at least I know no one will be using it for about 10 years.

It seemed to be going well that is until some Iwa spies spotted a mini Yellow Flash who was barely as tall as their knees, water walking on a river… with about 20 clones of himself. Yeah I think that's when it went downhill.


I can feel the enemy's eyes on me, I know there Iwa they smell like dirt. Naruto turn around slowly on top of the water trying to look like he hadn't realized they were watching. He kept his head down like his was still looking at his feet and let his eyes roll up to see them. They wouldn't be able to see his eyes from how far they were, but with how Kyuubi had enhanced all his senses he could see them perfectly.

There were 3 of them 2male 1 female all about Chuunin level; Naruto knew he would be hard pressed to take 1 down by himself. If he used Kyuubi's power he could stop them but if even 1 got away and reported back to Iwa that would be something that could change the future more than it already is and get him a lot of assassination attempts, so that's a last resort.

So first Naruto dispelled the clones they couldn't see in the forest that were walking up and down trees to conserve his strength. Now he could dispel the clone with his dad and activate the seal on his clothes for his dads Hiraishin no Jutsu so that he would come, or try to escape.

Naruto's options were getting lower though now that one of the enemy ninja was coming up to him. It was the female; she had a slight smile and was trying to act nice, while Naruto tried to act innocent. "Hello, whats your name are you all alone out here?" the female ninja ask about five feet away from him, as her 2 male counter parts kept at about 20 feet. Naruto decided to play along for now. "I'm Naruto, and ya I'm training whats your name" he said careful to leave his last name out, which she of course noticed.

The ninja wasn't sure she should give him her name but he was very young there not much he could really do with just the first name anyway so she answered him "I'm Hotaru, you must be strong, you look very young to be training so hard, how old are you?" she asked. Naruto knew he shouldn't answer that but he was backed into a corner, and now there was no way to escape without help. So he dispelled the clone with his dad along with all the others on the river, and replied. "I'm almost 2."

Hotaru was shocked she knew the kid was young and very strong for his age but she thought 3 maybe 4 years old and just small for his age, that would be considered a powerful prodigy. But this kid wasn't even 2 years old. She just stared until the kid No toddler put his right hand on his jacket and pushed chakra there.

While the enemy ninja was still shocked Naruto activated his Father's seal. Hotaru was too stunned to realize it was a seal and stop him, before a second passed there was a yellow flash and The Yondamie was there next to him.

That snapped her out of it though Hotaru jumped back to her comrades on pure reflex.

Minato POV

Minato was watching his son play in his office—I mean working hard on doing all the paperwork that was staked on his desk. When he heard a poof and Naruto's toy dropped, Minato knew what a poof like that meant. It was a Kage Bushin but Naruto is not even 2 years old and that's an A-ranked Forbidden Jutsu. Maybe it was someone's Henged Bushin.

Right now that doesn't matter Naruto is missing, Minato flashed around the room is less than a second to find nothing, by now he was starting to panic and was trying to calm down enough to search for the seals he had put on Naruto's clothes when he felt them pull at him to come. Minato knew this could be a trap but the chakra he could feel activating the seal felt… like Naruto. Plus it was his son being threatened even if it is a trap Minato would jump in without a second thought. So with a yellow flash he was gone.

I know I left it with a bit of a cliffy, but I'll update soon

Hope you liked it! =D

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