An Unexpected Beginning


Ok I tried to make this longer because a review by Miss-Perfections asked for it and while I didn't get to 2,000 words which was my goal

I Did get about 500 more words than usual, and I'll keep trying :) Anyway thank you all for so many reviews

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Chapter 7: Questions

When Minato got to Naruto, he was so relieved that his son looked to be in one piece. Though he barely had time to notice he also looked a bit worn out, a bit sweaty and dirty like he had been playing outside for a while… or training. Minato's attention though was pulled away as he sensed the woman that had been in front of his son jump back when she noticed his presence. This meant one she was a ninja and two she wasn't a Konoha ninja. His own ninja were pretty used to him appearing out of nowhere, and none had ever jump back like that but enemy nin.

The Iwa spies were beyond scared now; they were average level Chuunnin in enemy territory, which was life endangering enough. But now stood in front of them Konoha's Legendary Yellow Flash, The Yondaime Hokage. Minato Namikaze held the records for being the youngest shinobi with a 'Flee On Site Order' and for most kills with a single Jutsu. And they had just been caught near his very young son. Yes things just got really bad for the Iwa shinobi.

Minato POV

Minato wanted nothing more but to scooped Naruto up and hold on to him, but knew if it came to a fight he would need his hands. So he tried to pull Naruto behind him as much as possible without taking his eyes off the enemy. Surprising Naruto seemed to know where to go so that he could be protected more easily.

Minato had enough of the staring contest though "Who are you three, and what are you doing in Konoha?" Minato called over. The three Iwa ninjas decided it was definitely time to run, so without a word they started running in three separate directions. Minato hesitated to flash away from his son, but knew he'd be back before anyone could get near him. So Minato Flashed to the side of all three and in seconds they had all been knocked out from chops to the neck, and Minato had Flashed back to Naruto.

Looking over Naruto carefully and finding nothing but scratches that seemed to be a few days old because they were mostly healed. Minato Hiraishined back to the Hokage office with Naruto and told the ANBU to retrieve the spies and take them to Ibiki in I.T.

Naruto and Minato were finally alone. Minato sat down behind his desk with Naruto on his lap, and finally breathed a sigh of relief that nothing bad had happen to his son. But now he had time to think How had this happen at all, Naruto was only 21 months old but he still talked pretty well maybe he could get something out of him.

Naruto POV

Naruto knew it was coming as soon as he summoned his dad to him, he knew he'd have to come up with something to tell his dad, but he couldn't lie. No he could lie for a joke or a prank and even a mission if he had to, but he could NOT lie to his Father. He would have to find a way to skip around the truth without lying to his Father… and if all else fails he would have to tell the truth, or at least part of it.

My dad turned me to the side of his lap so he could look at me. Here it comes. "Naruto, do you know what happened?" Ok I can at least stall for a more direct question. "Uh what happen?" Naruto answer the question with a question, classic evasion. So Minato specified "How did you get out to that field?" Ok that was a direct question, well I think this is going to back me into a corner but I'll go with the simple answer. "I walked" 'Uh you shouldn't have done that Kit' Minato now had a LOT of questions, but he had to make them simple for Naruto. (At least he thought he did)

"What do you mean you walked you where with me remember, you came with daddy to the office?" No Kyuu, I think now I can just really confuse him. I wouldn't try that Kit, if you won't lie to him he might figure out what you're saying. He probably already has a few ideas, if you give him too many piece he might see the picture. I know but I'm out of ideas and he's waiting. "Yes daddy I did that too"

Now Minato wasn't sure if his son could answer this but if he meant what Minato thought he meant then he definitely should be able to answer. "How did you do that and walk there at the same time Naruto?" Ok I was REALLY hoping he wouldn't ask that. Minato noticed Naruto looking down like he was afraid to tell him, and instantly went into overprotective parent mode. "Naruto its okay, you can tell me I won't get mad." Minato said in a soft voice and put his hand on Naruto's head.

Naruto pulled his head up still under his father's hand, looked at his face so full of concern. Sometimes he forgets just how much his Father worries for him. Because no one in his first life had ever taken care of him, as far back as he could remember he had taken care of himself. Sure Old man Hokage had visited and made sure he had money for food. While Jiraiya had been a great friend, sensei, mentor, and had even died trying to stop the Akatsuki who were trying to kill him. But no one had actually taken care of him.

No one had hugged him when he had nightmares until he was calm, or worried about him getting sick (not that he could), or had been so happy just because he was near. Until his second life that it, until his Dad had a chance.

With those words, the concern on his father's face and the feel of his hand still on his head, Naruto had to give him something. He wanted to spill everything right there, but Kyuubi's disapproving thoughts stopped him. 'It would make it hard to know what the future is, and change it to what we want.' His friends he had to save them, he couldn't risk them… but maybe I can still give him a bit of truth. "I used the Kage Bushin Daddy."Naruto replied to his father hoping he hadn't just made a big mistake.

Minato stilled, he thought it, it made since but, 'HOW IN THE HELL DOES A TODDLER LEARN let alone USE, an A-RANKED FORBINDEN NIN-JUTSU'. On the outside his face hadn't changed though he wouldn't scare his son. So Minato took a deep breath and asked the next logical question, "Naruto how did you learn the Kage Bushin, and why did you trick me into thinking you were here?"

This time Naruto was quick to answer, "I learned it from The Scroll of Sealing," Naruto pointed across the room to where it was. 'Ok technically not a lie I did learn it from there.' While Minato wondered 'How did I not notice him playing with it?' Then Naruto finished "and I let you think I was with you so you wouldn't worry while I was gone."

"Why were you gone Naruto, why did you go to that field alone?" Minato asked. "To train." Naruto gave the simple answer. "To train how? And I didn't know you could read so well did someone help you read that scroll?" Minato pressed. "I was doing chakra exercises and no one helped me read it, I just skipped over the big words." Naruto replied fidgeting a bit. 'Still true I did do that when I first read it'

Minato sighed "Naruto you know you're not supposed to go through Daddy's things, I don't know how you managed to learn it but that jutsu is dangerous. You might have noticed that when you let your clones pop you feel tired, Naruto if you make too many and make them do too much then you may get so tired that you fall asleep… and not ever wake up… son it could kill you." Naruto looked down he knew that wouldn't happen to him, Kyuubi would never let them die in such a stupid way, but he felt bad for making his Dad worried.

Naruto looked back up and tried to make his Dad feel better by saying "But Daddy I can make so many." Minato looked at his son a bit skeptical at what he thought was 'so many' but was curious all the same. So he smirked at Naruto "Okay Naruto how about we go out to the training grounds TOGETHER tomorrow and you can show me how many, and you can show me your chakra exercises too." Naruto gave his Dad a big smile and chirped "Ok… can we get some ramen now Daddy?" Tomorrow is gonna be a fun day.

Hope you like it, and yes after the next couple of chapters I will be doing some timeskips

it will be explained why later

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