An Unexpected Beginning

Showing Off & Seeing Sasuke

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Chapter 8: Showing Off & Seeing Sasuke

Naruto POV

The next day came early for Naruto, he was so excited to show his Father what he could do. Naruto maybe have 18 years of memories plus the ones from this new life but he was still in the body of a child, plus Naruto never really tried to grow out of acting like a kid. Naruto woke up and quietly crept into his Father's room and up onto the bed. Minato was still asleep so Naruto did what most excited soon to be 2 year olds would do, "DADDY WAKE UP!" Naruto yelled as he jump up on the bed.

Minato sat up instantly and caught Naruto in mid jump, looking at him stunned and still half asleep. Naruto just laughed at him. Minato groaned after realizing nothing was wrong, and slumped back down into his pillow. Naruto just laughed more, and then started whining "Daddy come on you gotta get up." as he pulled on his Dad. Minato asked still sleeping "Why?" Naruto answered excitedly "Because you said that I could show you my clones today!"

Minato sighed knowing he wasn't going to get any more sleep, and sat up. "Alright Naruto, I'm up." Naruto cheered "YA!" pumping his fist into the air. Even tired Minato had to laugh at his son's enthusiasm. Naruto ran out of the bedroom to get changed as Minato did the same. They had eaten breakfast (A healthy eggs and toast, can't have ramen all the time) and were out the door within the hour.

Scene Change

Naruto came running into training field 7 with Minato not far behind. "Alright Naruto let's see what you can do, show me how many Shadow Clones you can make." Naruto didn't see much since in hiding what he could do anymore so he fully intended to make as many Shadow Clones as he could today. "Okay!" Naruto shouted and turned to face his Father; putting his hands in a cross shape and called out the name of his favorite jutsu. "Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" When the smoke cleared there were just over 50 identical Narutos in front of Minato.

Minato POV

Minato froze, When Naruto said he could do a lot I thought maybe 10. Ten would be amazing for him but… theres over 50 SOLID clones here, and he doesn't even look winded. Minato noticed his son looking at him waiting for a reaction, and forced himself to unfreeze. "Wow" Was all he could say in a stunned voice. Then Naruto started laughing, meaning ALL the Narutos were too. Some were rolling on the ground from laughing so hard.

Now that pulled Minato completely out of his daze, he smirked at the Narutos. "What so funny, huh?" Minato asked lifting an eyebrow. One of the Narutos answered still laughing "Your face (haha) you look like you just (haha) ran into a brick wall." After that the clone fell back laughing so hard it poofed. Minato had to admit that his face probably looked pretty funny, not out loud though.

"Alright Naruto which one is the real you?" One of the identical copies to the right answered him. "Over here Dad!" Minato flashed to him, and scooped him up. "Naruto you made a lot, you must have worked really hard on this. You did a great job!" Minato praised him, and held him with one arm, while he used the other hand to ruffle Naruto's golden hair.

Naruto beamed, not ever getting much of any praise before. "Really?" Naruto asked wanting to be sure. "Really, but remember what I said be careful with this jutsu" Minato told his son, as he looked at him with pride. "Now why don't you show me those chakra exercises you told me about?" Minato said as he put Naruto back on his feet.

Naruto dispersed all the clones and walked over to the closes tree as his Father watched. Then walked right up the tree without a moments hesitation. Minato whistled in awe. "Naruto you know that's really advanced, how long have you been practicing?" Naruto wasn't sure how to reply to that without lying. So he replied with a vague term "Awhile, I've been working on tree climbing for the last week."

'Wow, it would take most Genin a week or more to master this.' Minato thought. "Naruto that's amazing, you're a bit young for training. Buuuut why don't I teach you a few things anyway, when I'm not working." Naruto's eyes almost looked like they were glowing, then the stunned silence broke with a yell of "YAAAAA!" Minato wouldn't be surprised if all of Konoha heard him.

"Oh Daddy I forgot to show you one more thing I've been practicing." Naruto said as he ran towards the river. "Naruto stop! You'll fall in" Naruto stopped instantly at his Father's voice and concern. Turned to look at Minato with a Fox like grin saying "It's okay Daddy, I can walk on the water!" Naruto rolled his eyes as if it was so obvious, and started walking slower towards the river so his Dad wouldn't freak out.

Minato was by his side within a second anyway. Close enough to grab him if he slipped. As Naruto stepped on top of the moving water with no problem at all. Minato had too many surprises today to be shocked, so he ended up just laughing, telling Naruto he was a little prodigy. At the praise Naruto jumped up and down on top of the water worrying Minato, and then ran straight for his Father in a tackle hug laughing the whole time.

Naruto POV

After they left the training field Minato was walking with Naruto sitting on top of his shoulder through the main streets of Konoha heading towards Ichiraku's for an early lunch. Naruto seemed to be glowing like a miniature sun, completely thrilled with being carried on his Dad's shoulder.

I remember seeing so many kids doing this with their dads. It always made me so sad to see them so happy, enjoying the one thing I truly believed I would never have. I was always jealous of them but tried so hard to not let anyone know. Those kids never knew what they had, they would complain about them, saying their parents never let them do anything or grounded them for doing something wrong. Those kids had dads that would play with them, protect them and share popsicles with them on a hot day, and a mom that would worry over them bandaging their scraped knees kissing them to make it better. Those kids never knew a world where they were alone.

I did and I won't forget, those memories let me see just how truly precious these moments are. There was only one other that understood how important family truly is, Sasuke.

Naruto's thoughts were cut off then as he spotted the very one he was thinking about. Sasuke Uchiha was walking along side his mother holding her hand. Looking completely innocent, nothing like the Sasuke Naruto remembered. Naruto never really knew Sasuke the first time around until they were put on a team together. He had seen Sasuke on the pier that one time, and knew of Sasuke as the rookie of the year and because they were in the same class, but never knew much about him till they were stuck together.

This time would be different. As Minato was about to walk by them, Naruto reached down towards Sasuke and gave out a small grunt-like "Uh uh" indicating to his Father that he wanted to say hello to the boy below. Children don't always use their words after all. Minato noticed and let Naruto down. Mikoto (Sasuke's mom) saw and stopped, stopping Sasuke too "Why hello what's your name?" she asked Naruto, already knowing because he was standing next to the Yondamie who he was basically a mini clone of.

"I'm Naruto Namikaze. It's nice to meet you." Naruto replied never taking his eyes of Sasuke. Mikoto answered "Thank you Naruto, Sasuke-chan why don't you introduce yourself." Sasuke nodded. "Hi I'm Sasuke Uchiha, it's nice to meet you too." Minato spoke up at this point "So Sasuke how old are you?" Sasuke perked up at that "I just turned 2 yesterday." he replied with a smile so peaceful Naruto had only seen it once on him.


Sasuke possessed by Orochimaru and Naruto had been fighting for a long time now. They decided to end it with a final blow, the classic Chidori verse Rasengan. This time instead of smashing them together like at the Valley of the end, the Snake pulled off course at the last second and went for Naruto's heart completely destroying it. Naruto's attack was still in his hand, he had stopped at the last second seeing Sasuke's eyes flash dark. Then he saw the Snakes eyes flash to Sasuke's dark ones again. Sasuke was fighting back, Naruto could barely keep his head up when he heard Sasuke say "I thought of you as a Brother too, but I don't have much time. Sorry Naruto." With that said Sasuke grabbed Naruto's wrist and slammed the Rasengan into his own heart.

Flashback End

"Really well Naruto will be turning 2 in three months so you guy are pretty close in age, maybe you'd like to come over and play some sometime." Minato said looking back up to Mikoto as did Sasuke, she nodded. "I'm sure Sasuke-chan would love that Hokage-sama, there aren't many kids his age in the compound." Naruto was happy this was going perfect; soon he would have his brother back.

"Well then it's settled, Mikoto-san if you and Sasuke are free this weekend, come over to the Hokage tower and we'll make a day of it." Minato grinned. "Of course Hokage-sama, we will be there around noon?" Mikoto questioned. "That will be perfect." Minato answered. Naruto never took his eyes off Sasuke, smiling at him the whole time, till he disappeared around the corner. As soon as he did Naruto looked up at Minato who was holding his hand walking with him and reached his hands up in the classic 'pick me up' kid plea. So Minato grinned and scooped him back up into his arms.

Scene Change

Later that night Naruto got up seeing Sasuke had reminded him why he was here. He went over to his desk and started writing; he titled it 'Timeline'. Under that he put two columns one 'Original', and one 'Current'. Under the column marked Original he put 'Birth Yondaime Died', next to it under 'Current' he put 'Saved Dad'.

Naruto put everything he could think of that was important that happened and when, with as much detail as he remembered up to the moment he came back. Including Hinata's attempted kidnapping at 3 years old by Cloud, which resulted in Hizashi Hyuuga's (Negi's father) death. The Uchiha massacre, the Sound/Sand invasion at the Chuunin Exams, when Sasuke left, Jiraiya's death, Pain coming to Konoha, Akatsuki.

Naruto closed up the scroll when he couldn't think of any more, and placed a seal on it so that no one could open it but him; if someone tried it would self destruct in flames. His father maybe able to open it given time, but that's why he was also hiding it under the floor boards beneath his bed. Now the only thing left is figure out what to change, and what should be left alone.

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