An Unexpected Beginning

Hinata's Birthday

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Chapter 9: Hinata's Birthday

Naruto and Sasuke had become great friends, since that day almost a year ago. Sasuke would come over almost every weekend, and Naruto would stay with him and Mikoto if his father and Sasuke's Dad (Fugaku) had a meeting. Kakashi or Itachi would stay with him though to make sure he was safe if there was an attack. So everything with Sasuke was perfect, it was a bit weird at times playing with a toddler Sasuke, especially when Itachi was near but Naruto got used to it. Besides that was the least of his problems.

Hinata's 3rd birthday was coming up fast and all the clan heads and their children were invited. Which meant all the soon to be rookie 9 would be at the party except for Sakura since she wasn't part of a clan, and despite the fact he wasn't really a part of a clan either, as the Hokage's son Naruto was invited too. Hinata had told Naruto once in his last life that the kidnapping was on that night. The Cloud ninja were already in Konoha. The problem was Naruto still hadn't decided what to do about it.

Naruto knew Hinata would be okay… but Negi's dad would die. Which was terrible but… wasn't it part of what made Neji who he was, wasn't how that effected Negi what started the change in the Hyuuga Clan. If that never happens will the Hyuuga Clan ever on become one clan without a branch and main house side? Would they ever get rid of the Caged-bird Seal? It was tomorrow night and Naruto knew what he wanted to do, but what was right?

The next day came and Naruto got ready, doing his morning kantas (A series of moves/stances) that his Dad taught him in the backyard. They were his Dad's personal style so Naruto actually had to learn them, but that made it all the better it would have been boring pretending to learn the same stances he already knew. When he was done Minato had breakfast ready for him.

"Hey good morning Naruto, are you ready for Hinata's party?" Minato greeted him as he sat down to eat. "Yeah Dad, I just need to get a shower first." Naruto said. "Great what did you get her for a present?" Minato asked. "I got her this really cute Fox plushy." Naruto chirped. Minato stilled then chuckled "Well I'm sure she'll like it." Naruto smirked.

I never get tired of messing with him about Kyuubi. Keep it up and he might realize that you're doing it on purpose Kit. He probably already suspicious but he'll never say anything till he is sure Kyuu. Plus it's fun messin with him, and he is not telling me the truth anyway. … You do realize you're not telling him the truth either… right? … Heh okay but it's still fun. (Naruto mentally stuck his tongue out at Kyuubi and focused on the outside world)

Naruto got up from the table and ran up the stairs to the shower. "I'll be ready in a little bit Dad."

Hinata's party was at 6pm and they were right on time. As they came to the gate on the Hyuuga Compound the guards let them in without a second glance. Another Hyuuga showed up as soon as they entered. "Are you here for Miss Hinata-sama's birthday Hokage-sama?" She asked. "Yes would you show us the way miss?" Minato asked. She gave a short bow "Of course Hokage-sama. Follow me." Then she turned and walked them inside.

The party was nice the adults talked while the kids played. The cake was cinnamon flavor with butter-cream white icing, which was Hinata's favorite. Afterwards Hinata opened presents, Shikamaru gave her a game Shogi (of course), Ino's present was hair accessories, Chouji's was an indoor butterfly, Shino gave her a book on herbs and bugs, and Kiba's gift was a bundle of wild flowers. Sasuke gave her Origami paper and instructions on how to make different origami designs. Hinata liked all her gifts and even hugged the Fox plushy Naruto gave her.

All of them were just like Naruto remembered them before the war, happy carefree kids. Half the time Shikamaru was sleeping. Shino looked so funny at 3 years old in such a huge coat and sunglasses like a chibi, if Naruto was a girl he would say it was cute. Ino was fawning over Sasuke, which he was ignoring. Kiba was boasting about one thing or another.

Naruto himself just sat around for a while watching everyone with a content look on his face. Naruto sighed he couldn't sit there forever the adults would think something was wrong. So he got up and started talking with everyone. He spotted Hinata in the middle she looked so cute, and in that little kimono she looked perfect. Naruto's heart sped up while he watched her.


Hinata had said she loved him in the middle of that fight with Pain. Then he thought that Pain killed her, it hurt so much to think that. Naruto just broke instantly under that pain and threw his rage out with the Kyuubi's chakra, getting to 8 tails before his father's failsafe snapped him out of it. That was twice as much of the Kyuubi's power that he had ever used. Thankfully the blow that hit Hinata hadn't been fatal.

A few weeks after Naruto had asked Hinata to meet him on top of the Hokage Mountain so that they could talk. They had talked for a long time that night he remembered she said those words again that night "I love you Naruto-kun." But this time she continued "I've watched you for a long time since the academe, because you gave me courage. I saw you fall down tired again and again but you would always get back up and try harder. My father always seemed to think I was weak. I thought it was so amazing that you kept trying and getting stronger because before I met you I didn't keep trying, I was afraid to fail again and disappoint my father more… I love you because when I think of you I have the courage to get back up and try."

Naruto was stunned she had… acknowledged him for so long, and he never even saw it. No he did see it he just was too oblivious to know what it was. Every time she fainted when he was close, every time he saw her blush, and when she wouldn't look him in the face. She always looked down when he was near. "Hinata… I don't know what to say, but it makes me happy to know you care. I know I care about you too. I never really thought about it but… I think I like you too." Naruto was looking down with a slight blush on his cheeks. When he was done talking he looked back up to her.

Hinata looked like a deer caught in the headlights, but as soon as Naruto looked at her she snapped out of it, threw her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. Naruto was for his part shocked that the girl who was always so shy around him just jumped him. Not that he minded, he smirked to himself and kissed her back putting his hands around her waist.

After a minute they broke the kiss needing air Hinata was practically crimson and tried to pull away embarrassed by her actions, but Naruto just pulled her back close to him. So she rested her head on his chest listening to his heart race, while they caught their breath. Hinata had never been so happy, and Naruto finally felt at peace holding her in his arms.

Flashback end

By about 8 o'clock everyone went home. Minato had put Naruto to bed and retired himself to sleep soon after. It was now or never Naruto got out of bed and left silently through his window, careful not to be spotted by the ANBU guards and headed to the Hyuuga Compound.


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