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Class 1A, 1B, LOV, Big 3, Midnight, All Might, Present Mic, Aizawa, Nezu, Inko Midoriya, AFO, Hawks, Endeavor, WIld Wild Pussycats, Kota, Eri, Katsuma, Mahura, Mt. Lady, Ectoplasm, Kamui Woods, get "kidnapped" and they all react to the Dekuverses.

Usagi Kitsune
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Before You Read

Hey Sweet Potato Bunnies, yes, I call all my readers this.

I hope you're all doing well anyways.

This is going to be important for what is going to be in the book or future books.

Pay attention to the underlined words.

If you don't feel comfortable reading anything with any of what I have listed here you can scroll or leave. You don't have to read it. If you feel like you can read it you are welcome to.

Since this is for a different type of fanfic it is much shorter than the original.

I love my readers but I don't want rude readers. Remember that all of us are human. Not all of us are the same and that we have feelings like everyone else some more sensitive than others.

NO ONE is perfect. YOU are YOUR best no one else's ONLY yours.

For any of my books that you have minus the ones that are already finished I don't have internet at my house all the time so it might be a while till I update next and you add in I don't like writing when my baby cousin (she's actually 11 but she's still the baby of the family so it makes sense) is here due to lack of focus. The only time I have internet is when she is here and or we go to the next county over to get groceries which is once or twice a month it depends.

Many or all of my books are or have LGBTQ+ cause I am Pan.

Many or all of my books will have Polyamorous relationships in them due to the fact that I am poly and also I ship more than two people together for example: Yoonminseok don't @ me in a bad way please I get enough for it from my family. Also I know many others ship Yoonminseok as well. Or for this instance since this is a MHA fanfic KirBakuDeku, ShinTodoDeku, KiriKamiDeku, ShinKamiDeku, ShinMonoDeku, KamiTodoDeku, BakuKamiDeku, ShinBakuDeku, ShinTokoDeku or whoever I put or whoever suggests it.

Figuring out that you are polyamorous can be a bit hard and confusing because you find yourself crushing on couples or a whole group of people who are friends but they don't know you. It's nerve wracking at first but I have known for a while that I am Poly. I have never told anyone of this except for a select few and I just told everyone who reads this which is a lot of people. That is actually easier than telling my family soooo yeah. Yay life.

Sex aka Smut something people of and over legal age can read but many of you aren't but anywho.

I don't write smut if I do it will be once or twice but I don't think I will. If you are here to read it then leave because it doesn't have it. In probably a few of my books there are some what lemony-lime parts where there are intimate moments or the beginnings and endings of it happening.

The book is FICTION, some people forget that. So remember this is Fiction well obviously human/animal hybrids don't exist yet or ever. I'm one of those people that are like "Please happen!" 😂

Also, I'm going to say this since many people think that only women can get pregnant and are very keen on thinking that way. I'm not here to bash what you believe but men can get pregnant as well it doesn't happen often but it does happen once in a while if you look it up you would see it does happen. Some men are born with a womb and don't know it and some aren't.

Clothes and Make up don't have a gender.

Girls wear guy clothing yet we don't make a big ass fuss about it like when a male wears female clothing or when they wear make up. This whole thing is annoying my grandmother complains about it al the time. It makes want to scream "So What, If they want to wear it let them. They are not bothering anyone." and many fan art artists who draw idols/anyone get a lot of hate/backlash for drawing their idols/anyone in female clothing which is ridiculous. No one deserves that. If you don't have nothing nice to say don't say nothing at all. Also our idols have worn damn female clothes if you didn't know look it up it's out there and stop with your criticism about it. No one wants it, no one needs it, so open your eyes.

One more thing did you all know that heels weren't originally made for women? They were made for men. Same goes with many other pieces of clothing.

If you don't like it then you may scroll, leave, or you can have a more open minded mindset about it that will help you more in the future.


In all my books that have hybrids in them they can get pregnant whenever or if certain things aren't used no matter what gender. They are vulnerable to it more while in heat but that's obvious.

There are different types of hybrids as in animals:

One animal hybrid

multi hybrids - 4 and up animals

double hybrids - 2

triple hybrids - 3

Any Were animal/Shifters

Alphas have red eyes and have a black coat unless they are animals that aren't black. The eyes are the same.

Betas have yellow eyes and have brown or a two tone coat. unless they are animals that aren't brown or two toned. The eyes are the same.

Omegas have blue, bright neon green, purple, or pink eyes and a white coat unless they are animals that aren't fully white. The eyes are the same.


They are like werewolves/shifters but they are stronger well all in all much more powerful. They don't have mates given to them by the moon goddess/goddesses they pick their own.

If their mate is killed by someone they will go on a rampage killing anyone minus pack members that is in their path until they get to the person who killed their mate. They will do the same if someone they love is killed but it is less destructive.

Any type Vampires

Alphas have what you call bloodshot eyes except for the eye being white and red it's black and red.

Betas have red and black irises.

Omegas have red irises.

There are three different types of Vampires:

Ones that drink human blood (these get weak if they drink animal blood but not weak enough they die.)

Ones that drink animal blood (these die if they drink human blood)

Ones that drink from their mates (they can drink animal blood but not human blood they will get sick if they do. Drinking animal blood is a substitute for not being able to drink from their mate or mates).

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