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Sad Goodbye

By Jeanette Stevenson

Romance / Drama

Lost souls

After sitting hours in the park looking at an old bum on a bench and people playing with their kids or even walking their dogs, Wayne finally decides to go home.

Standing behind the counter and slicing an onion Wayne’s mother cant stop thinking about her son. He has changes so much since he was a little boy. He was always happy and out going. He loved talking to people and being the centre of attention. But now, he keeps himself distant from everybody and hardly ever says anything or even smiles. At that moment the kitchen door swings open and in walks Wayne.

“How was your day?” asks his mother in a soft voice.

Wayne stops in front of the counter, looks up at his mother and smiles at her.

“It was okay. And yours?” replies Wayne while putting his back-pack on the chair next to him. Wayne always has time for his mother.

“It was nice. I got you that CD that you wanted, See her.” says his mother while giving him the CD.

He smiles politely and replies: “It’s Seether, mom”

“Oh, well, the name is not that important, but as long as it’s what you wanted.” replies his mother.

She looks at her son and smiles gently. He is a spitting image of his father. Oh how she misses her husband, Ben. Ben was only 35 years old and Wayne was only three years old when he had died in a helicopter crash. The pilot had lost control of the helicopter and when it fell…well…Ben was in his car on his way home when it hit him. He passed away before the ambulance got to him.

“Do want any thing to eat?” asks his mother.

“No, thanks, I’m not hungry.” replies Wayne and walks out the kitchen.

When entering his room, Wayne puts his back-pack down next to the door and falls on his bed. He leans over to his CD player and puts his new CD in and then turns on his back. Suddenly he hears a truck out side so he gets up and looks out his window. He sees that there are new people moving in next door. Ha! They look almost like the Brady bunch. He gets back on to his bed and dozes off.

Wayne wakes up an hour later and realizes that the CD has stopped already. He sits up straight and rubs his eyes with his one hand. He gets up and walks out the room and down the stairs. He walks past his mothers study and sees her sitting there staring at a picture of his father. She is the gentlest lady that he knows. She never raises her voice at him, or even gets mad at him. He smiles and walks on to the kitchen. When entering the kitchen he sees that she made him dinner, but he’s not hungry. He opens the fridge, takes out the milk and drinks some of it out of the carton. His mother comes walking into the kitchen.

“I’m taking a fruit basket over to our new neighbors tomorrow, do you want to join me?” asks his mother while taking the milk from him and putting it back in the fridge.

He wipes of his mouth: “No.”

“Don’t you want to meet them? They are from South Africa.” replies his mother.

“No thanks mom.” replies Wayne. They stand there for a few minutes before she walks out the kitchen again. Wayne walks to the back door. He looks through the window at their new neighbors. That’s when he sees one of the girls looking towards their house and so he moves away from the window.

Walking towards his locker, Wayne notices a girl struggling with the locker next to his. He walks towards her and taps on the lock of her locker and it springs open.

“Thank you” says the girl and smiles politely at him, but he ignores her as he takes some books out of his locker and walks away.

“Don’t mind him. He’s weird anyway….” says a short, thin, blond girl with a high pitched voice.

“I’m Dixie.” says a blond girl next to her.

“Hi, I’m Zané.”

“So you must be the new girl?” asks Dixie while looking into her locker.

“Yip.” replies Zané and she takes some books out of her locker and closes it.

“Do you know where Mrs. Gunsenhauser’s class is?” asks Zané.

“I’m also in that class so walk with me to the wicked witch of Biology.” replies Dixie.

As they are walking towards the class, the bell rings and anyone who is anyone starts to scatter to their classes.

Entering the class, Dixie walks right to the back and shows Zané where she can sit. Every body takes their seats and all you can hear is laughter and singing and insults thrown around in the air. But it all comes to a stop when an elderly, grey haired, tall lady, who is dressed in black, enters the room.

“Have I given you the permission to sit down?” asks Mrs. Gunsenhauser while put some of her stuff on her desk.

Everybody gets up from their chairs and stands beside their desks. They look like they are too afraid to breath in her precense.

“Good morning class. You may be seated.” says Mrs. Gunsenhauser and walks to the front of her desk.

“Before we proceed, we have a new student here all the way from South Africa. Ms Zane Matthews. Please stand up so everybody can see you.” says Mrs. Gunsenhauser with folded arms and a face with no expression on it.

Zané gets up: “Hi and its Zané not Zane Mrs.” is all she says and sits back down.

“Get out of my class! And don’t come back until you have realized that you don’t correct me. Ever!” snaps Mrs. Gunsenhauser back at her.

So she gets up and walks out the class. Class is an hour so she has to find something to keep herself busy with. What she does is walk to the back of the school grounds and sits under a tree and starts writing a letter to a friend of her in S.A.


Ek wens ek was nog in S.A. Almal hier is so nors. Wel, almal behalwe Dixie. Sy is okay. Kort blonde meisie, maar vriendelik. Oh, en my voog onnie is so waar n regte heks. Sy het my sopas uit die klas gejaag. Ha! My ma sal n hart aanval hê as sy dit moet hoor. My pa moes nooit die werk hier aanvaar het nie.

Ek mis my vriende en vriendinne.


P.S. Ek skryf binnekort weer.

As she finishes folding the letter she sees the weird guy again. He is sitting on one of the benches by the track field. His dark long hair is always hanging in front of his eyes. Oh and the black clothes makes her think of Mrs. Gunsenhauser. Both of them are tall, scary and grumpy. She wouldn’t be surprised if they were somehow related to one another. But she’s not going to let things like that bother her. She’s got other stuff to worry about.

It’s lunch time and Dixie shows Zané where to get what and where she should sit.

They take a seat and next to Dixie is a guy sitting, but he’s looking just like her, blond, thin and well…not so short. She’s got blue eyes and he’s got brown. What a weird looking pair of twins, thinks Zané. But she likes them.

“Zané this is my brother, Dean. Dean, Zané.” says Dixie and she gives him a bottle of water.

“So what do you think about our little old school?” asks Dean while eating some French fries.

“It’s very different from ours. But I’ll get used to it.” replies Zané.

“Yeah, how different?” asks Dixie and she takes a sip of her water.

“Well, we have to bring our own lunch because we don’t have a cafeteria. We do have a little shop selling sweets and stuff. Also, we have one hour lunch break. Oh, and school is from eight till two o’clock…And one thing we always hated was that we had to wear school uniforms.” replies Zané with a little smile.

“Bummer.” replies Dean, but he keeps on eating.

For a moment the three of them keep quiet en just eat. As Zané is eating she looks around at the other students. It’s like she’s almost watching a teen movie. You have your jocks there in the one corner and just right next to them are all the popular girls. Then about three tables away from them are some geeky looking students and next to them are a bunch of students who look like they are all on a trip. The must be the slackers or something. But two tables away from them is the weird guy. He’s not eating. It looks like he is busy writing or drawing something.

“What’s his name?” asks Zané as she is whipping of her mouth with a serviette and points quickly towards him.

“Oh, that’s Wayne.” says Dean.

“Is he always so….” says Zané, but she’s interrupted by Dixie.

“Weird? Yes.” says Dixie and slides her trays to the side.

“But doesn’t he have any friends?” asks Zané and she also slides her tray to the side.

“Not that we know of.” answers Dean her.

Before they can continue the discussion, the bell rings.

Walking into his last class for the day, Mr. Johnson stops him from going inside.

“You need to go to the admin offices. You have a telephone call, but be quick.” says Mr. Johnson to Wayne.

“Thanks” replies Wayne and he takes his hall pass from Mr. Johnson.

Mr. Johnson is the English teacher who is always friendly to everyone. He is the only teacher that treats Wayne with respect, because he knew Wayne’s father. They were good friends.

Arriving at the admin office the old lady behind the front desk gives the phone to Wayne.

“Hello” says Wayne.

“Hi, honey. I’m working a little late tonight, because my boss said something about a Jewish couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary so I’m going to be cooking up a storm in here. If you want to, then you can stop here by the restaurant after school and then I can give you something to eat for tonight.” says his mother on the other side.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll make something at home or order some pizza. But let me now when you leave the restaurant.” replies Wayne concerned about his mother.

“Okay. I love you.” says his mother.

“Diddo.” replies Wayne and he puts the phone down.

As he walks back to class, he passes the Science class. As he looks through the window while passing, he sees the new girl staring out the window. But he keeps on walking.

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