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Love Across Bands || Jungkook x Felix Fanfic


What happens when the golden Maknae of the biggest boy band in the world falls in love with an Australian Korean member of a boy band who is known for his deep voice and his handsome face? What started out as lust and curiosity turns into love but will their love survive hurdles that come their way? With their love already facing backlash from their bands, their companies and their families, what happens when their relationship gets revealed in public? Will their love stand against their fans's opinions and societal values? Love across bands is a new fan fiction that is filled with love, comedy, drama, tears and lighthearted moments. Come fall in love with Jungkook x Felix's journey.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

“10 minutes until the show performances start”, announces the assistant director

Walking out of the green room, seven men walk towards the seating area with all eyes on them. Those seven men happen to be a part of the most talented and the most good looking band in the world. Known for their amazing music and immensely good looks, they were known to be the pride of South Korea.

The room goes silent as soon as all the other bands see them. They can’t help but stare at the men in front of them, who look like walking and talking angels.

“How can someone be so good looking?” Wondered Hoshi from seventeen as he stands alongside his bandmates

“Seriously, are they even humans?” asked Mingyu as he followed Hoshi’s gaze and stared at them

“Hey, who’s that?” whispered Jungkook as he walked alongside Jimin

“Who?” asked Jimin curiously

“That guy in the far right corner who’s been staring at me continuously”

“Oh that? That’s Felix,” Jimin said.

“Felix? As in Felix from Stray Kids? When did he go blonde?” asked an inquisitive Jungkook

“He went blonde for their new album, apparently changing his image from the cute boy next door to this sexy man vibe.”

“Well, I don’t think he needs to change anything, he’s hot anyway,” smirked Jungkook as he walked away

“Um, did you see that?” Felix, with his thick Australian accent, inquired.

“See what?” Asked Hyunjin

“Jungkook hyung was just staring at me as he walked away”, said a proud Felix

“You wish, perhaps he caught you staring and that’s why he stared at you,” Hyunjin speculated.

“Why do you always have to bring me down? Encourage me sometimes.”

“I would love to encourage you all the time Felix, but I know what’s going on in your head right now, you and Jungkook hung? That’s never happening, don’t even dream about it,” said Hyunjin assertively.

“Trust me, I am not thinking anything of the sort, I may be good at fantasizing, but I am not delusional”, stated Felix

“And I’m pretty sure Jungkook is straight”, chimed Bangchan

“Alright now that this topic is out of our way, can we go to our seats?“, asked a sarcastic Bangchan

And with that the team members of stray kids walked to their seats.

“Okay, so you’re up before BTS; you’ve got exactly 15 minutes for a touch-up before you go on stage for your performance”, said the assistant director to Bangchan.

“I think we are good with the touch up, right guys?” Asked Bangchan looking at his members

“I am going to need to touch up my hair one last time” said Felix getting up from his seat

“No worries, just be back on time” said Bangchan

“Do you need me to come with you?” Asked Hyunjin

“No it’s fine, I’ll be back in a jiffy”

As soon as Felix walked into the green room, he sit downs and sighs.

He realizes it was going to be a long day. Suddenly he notices something crawling underneath his shirt and decides to take his shirt off quickly to see what it is.

With his shirt in one hand and his completely naked torso in front of the mirror, he notices the jingling of the door knobs.

As he turns around in a panic to see who it is, that’s when Jungkook enters the room with a smirk on his face.

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