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My broken mate


Lucas a soon to be alpha longs for his mate and future Luna. After years of waiting, he finally finds her but she isnt what he imagined! She was human! A broken one at that. Will he put aside his hate for humans? Or reject the gift of the moon goddess? ************* When an abused girl meet a predominant alpha male, something is bound to happen! Read! Vote! Comment! Dated: 11th January 2023 Available on Wattpad.

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Chapter 1

Thank y'all for giving my broken mate (MBM) a chance

I hope you enjoy it.


Warning: This chapter contains strong use of language, violence and abuse. Read at your risk!


Anna's Pov

That feeling of butterflies roaming around your stomach, those heartfelt moments and little words of affection... was exactly what i crave for at the moment as i gaze at the clock doing what it knows how to do best tick!

I sit around waiting for my own fair share of beating, it was what I deserved after stupidly jumping into this relationship. It hadn't always been this toxic. It was all roses and petals before, but in a blink of an eye my life was flipped like a switch and i was living every day with horror and fear!

Ding dong

Oh no! He was back! I swallowed the bile in my throat, fear consuming every part of me.. this was what i dreaded the most!

I got up to the open the door and there he was, the beast that promised me love but put me through hell! His disheveled stinking self coming to play in sight and i knew he'd had a bad day, but not for long..

He was drunk as f**k and when the whiff of alcohol hit me, i had to shift back in order not to throw up.

I look into his godforsaking eyes and the hint of madness clearly indicated his next move. I held my protruding stomach trying to protect the little one in me but it was of no use as he sent me flying, my back kissed the wall hard and i held in the tears already brimming through my eyes.

It stings

But i was definitely not going to give in! To the pain, the torture and the regret of my stupid a** decision!

Whenever he was in a good mood, he'd torture me with words and whenever he was having a bad day, it was a nightmare! Physical torture, the ranting, tantrums and yelling.. i was fed up!

' you're of no use! ' he shouted jolting me back to reality.

My visions were already blur and I couldn't keep up with what he was saying. The metallic taste of blood spiked my sense of reasoning but i was weak and i knew anything i was going to do, would be hopeless, effortless and utter madness!

The next instant he was pulling me by the hair, trying to get me to rise so he could continue toturing me, basking in the glory of my pleading.. but this girl was done! And if he thought i would kneel before him and beg for my own sanity then he was completely and totally wrong!

I just sag around waiting for him to get me to my feet and it took everything in me to not scream the word 'BASTARD'

The tears i was struggling to hold started dripping and my cries getting louder and louder. The only thing i could say was 'please' as i succumb to darkness.


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