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Y/n potter and Matthew riddle


Hi I’m y/n potter and I have a older brother who’s a year older. My parents died when I was 2 months old we were attacked by lord Voldemort . He killed my parents and when he tried to kill my brother and me my power saved us sorry I should’ve told you that I have power but oh well . My brother was taken to my aunt’s house and I was taken to some family of witches and wizards.I was happy, I had great friends like Blaise Zabini, Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson, theodore nott, Lorenzo Berkshire and Matthew riddle we have been friends since I can remember but one day they all left me except Draco I was sad but then I went to Hogwarts with my brother the first year went crazy so did the second and third year but in fourth year I had a crazy change in first year I was shy, quiet and A+ student and with glasses and short hair but in fourth year I grew out my hair my hair color is white because of my magic and I have emerald green eyes,long lashes Eyes that can attract anyone with plum lips that anyone wants to kiss I also have rosie Pink cheeks. You were also dating cedric diggory. You were doing great and you’re happy but until one day everything went crazy

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


It was a normal day and our friends came back after years

Pansy Parkinson, theodore nott, Lorenzo Berkshire, Blaise Zabini and Mattheo Riddle

all came back y/n doesn't know yet since she has been in her dorm all day long.No one says anything since she always gets away with anything after all she is Professor McGonagall and professor Snape favorite. Everyone loves her boys and girls are always around her but I can't blame them since she's so pretty and to me she's the most important person in the world. Right now we're in professor snape's boring class and Mattheo is sitting with me when all of sudden the door flew open and y/n came everyone was surprised since she doesn't come to professor snape's class. Y/n came running and start looking for someone and just as she was leaving professor snape called her.


Just as i was about to leave professor snape called me i turned around looked at him and said: " yes professor" he said:" why don't you stay and study with us ms. potter" I smiled and said:" I'm sorry but I'm looking for someone and I'm quite busy sorry" I said and trying to escape but professor snape has someother idea " you aren't taking classes lately you will fail and 20 house points will be taken away if you don't take classes" he said "what that's not fair! And besides I'm one of the most smartest student and you can't do that " I yelled " take the class now or lose the points " he said I just listened since I didn't want my house to Lose points because of me I went to Draco and saw there was another boy i didn't see his face but I didn't care because I thought it was just a random boy so I yelled "move" but before he could react to me draco moved and said "here take my place " I just sat down as i didn't want to create a problem. Draco and the boy sat down I was in between them. later on professor snape's boring class ended . I was walking out when I saw Cedric's friends so I went up to them and said

Y/N: hey guys how are you btw do you guys know where cedric happen to be ?

Cedric friend:oh he said he was going to the commen room you can check there.

Y/n:thanks guys bye.

As i went to the Hufflepuff commen room I heard draco's voice.

Draco: hey y/n wait a minute!

Y/n: what draco? what you want huh!

Draco: where you're going ? And I want you to meet someone ok.!

Y/n: I don't care ok bye !

Saying that I ran away from him but he ran after me as I reached to the commen room I opened the door only to find cedric and cho kissing each other. I was super angry but to not seem weak person I yelled .

Y/n : what are you doing !!

Cedric seems shocked as if he saw a ghost . Draco was behind me he looks shock too .

Cedric: It's not what it look's like y/n !!!

Y/n: yea right like I'd believe you .

Cedric : please hear me out!!

Y/n: i don't give a fuck about you.

I said and slapped him as hard as I can. Cedric looks shocked as I never hit him but who cares.

Cedric: I love you y/n and I'm sorry please

Y/n:if you really loved me you wouldn't have kissed her and I knew for weeks I just wanted a good time so I can show everybody your true self and one more thing we'er breaking up. Sorry not sorry byeee!!!

I said

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