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A is for Adventures

By SerenBex

Adventure / Scifi

Fancy Another Adventure

Hello lovely people :)

I'm back! And so is Evie! And I guess I should do the usual beginning of a story stuff:

Disclaimer – I sadly own nothing to do with Doctor Who (except a poster, a couple of DVDs and a sonic screwdriver that I "borrowed" off my six-year-old cousin) and I own none of these characters except Evie Song who is mine, all mine!

This story is set during 'The Impossible Astronaut', 'Day of the Moon' and at the end of 'A Good Man Goes to War'. I'm just making sure you are aware of this right at the beginning! :)

As usual, all speech that is from the episodes is in italics.

I think that's about it… I have a feeling that this is almost definitely going to be longer than the other parts, so I really hope you enjoy it and please, please, PLEASE drop me a review if you are reading! It makes me happy to know that people are enjoying my writing! :D

There was a slight flash as the twenty-year-old materialised in the prison cell that she shared with her mother. River, used to her daughter reappearing in such a manner, barely blinked. The man sitting beside her jumped, his face splitting into a grin as his brain caught up with his eyes and he realised who it was.

"Evie!" He exclaimed happily, standing up and embracing her tightly. Judging by the situation and his appearance this was rather late on in his timeline.

The young woman raised her eyebrows, looking at her mother over the Doctor's shoulder. River laughed and stood up, putting her hands gently on his shoulders and steering him towards the cell door.

"I think it's time you were going." She said. The Doctor pouted in disappointment.

"Hey, Doc." Evie said, grinning at the expression on his face as she used the nickname he hated most.

"I'm not one of the seven dwarves." He reminded her as he always did.

"Maybe not, but they had better dress sense. Maybe you should ask them for fashion tips?" She teased, leaning against the bars of the cell nonchalantly. He stopped walking towards the TARDIS and turned to face her, looking outraged.

"Bow ties are cool! I keep telling you but you just won't listen. Besides, you can talk!" He countered. "Who goes around wearing a ripped vest top that is frankly obscene? Honestly, you let your daughter out like that?" He asked, directing the question at River. The woman shrugged, eyeing the garment calmly.

"She's worn worse, sweetie, on the 'obscenity' scale. But generally when she comes home in that kind of state she's been somewhere with you." River told him gently. "Last time she went off with you she came back soaked from head to toe with sea water and a massive great wound on her leg."

"You know… the pirates and that virtual doctor. It was supposed to be my birthday treat but it went a bit wrong… remember?" Evie clarified because the Doctor was looking totally confused as to how she could have got in such a state, even in his care. "Anyway, Mum, all I'm going to say is if he ever offers to take you to Venice say no. Too many Vampire-like fish creatures."

"Ahhh! I remember that! It was a long, long time ago!" The Doctor said excitedly. "Signora Calvierri and the "Sisters of the Water". Is that where you've just come from? Now I think about it I remember you ripping your top… you were trying to escape from the Signora's son, weren't you? Didn't you fall out of a window or something?"

"It was that or get turned into one of those… things." Evie said calmly, knowing that he was trying to tease her and refusing to rise to his bait.

"What?" River demanded, slightly annoyed.

"Oh, you know, he needed someone on the inside… Amy and I fitted the bill. Anyway, it went a bit wrong and we ended up strapped to chairs having our blood drunk by Vampire fish things." The girl said quickly. She found it hard to call the young woman who didn't know the connections between them anything other than by her name, while River had no trouble calling her 'Mum' or 'Mother'.

River glared between the Doctor and her daughter. Then, in one fluid motion she moved to her daughter's side and swept the dark curls away from her neck, revealing two puncture marks. The Doctor had offered to remove the wounds, but Evie had refused thinking they made her look like… well… like she'd been attacked by a Vampire and won. River exhaled sharply and shook her head.

"I can't trust you with anything important, can I, sweetie?" She accused the Doctor in slightly amused exasperation. He just smiled sheepishly at her and rubbed the back of his neck. "Anyway, you'd really better go." She left Evie's side to push the Doctor firmly towards the TARDIS, landing a kiss on his mouth as she did so.

"Eurgh." Evie grimaced. "Children present, you know."

River laughed, detaching herself from the Doctor's grasp and turning around to face the young woman. "And don't we know it."

Retreating from the blue box, River put an arm loosely around her daughter's shoulders as they watched the Doctor give one final wave before closing the TARDIS doors. Then he poked his head out again and pointed at the girl.

"If you fancy another adventure… Provence, France on June 2nd 1890. We met Vincent Van Gogh… quite an adventure!" Then he winked and vanished inside dematerialising into the Vortex.

"Came for a chat, did he?" Evie asked cynically turning and heading into the cell. She went to the cupboard in the corner and began rummaging through it, looking for a change of clothes. Pulling several items out, she dropped those that she was rejecting in a heap on the floor, settling for a pair of baggy, ripped jeans and a t-shirt that was slightly too short and revealed her stomach. River sighed.

"I hope you're intending to put those clothes away?" She asked pointing at the pile beside her daughter's feet.

"I need a shower. I'll put them away after." Evie moaned, taking the clothes she had selected and heading out of the cell and along the corridor. Knowing full-well that she wouldn't put the clothes away, River picked them up muttering under her breath.


When Evie was showered and dressed in clean clothes, she curled up on the bed beside her mother. River looked up from the book she was reading and sighed, before closing it and turning all her attention to her daughter. The girl obviously wanted to tell her all about her adventure and River, despite her apparent reluctance, was eager to hear it.

"We turned up at Rory's stag do and the Doctor jumped out of a cake and told him he'd kissed Amy." Evie told her mother who just smirked and shook her head wordlessly. "Then we went to Venice – the Doctor's idea of a romantic surprise for them – and met the "Sisters of the Water" and the Doctor sent Amy and I into the strange girls' school they were running and they strapped us to chairs and we nearly got turned into Vampire fish. Oh and then we escaped, I fell out of a window – which explains the ripped top and bruises – and… oh yeah, Rory offended Signora Calvierri's son with a 'your mother' joke and got into some kind of sword versus broom fight with him until Amy set fire to him with a mirror. Then the Doctor stopped the weather machine and Signora Calvierri threw herself in the water and got eaten. I left them deciding that Rory is going to stay in the TARDIS."

River shook her head. "D'you know, sweetie, I don't know whose stories I find more confusing… yours or the Doctor's. Neither of you make any sense when you're thinking and speaking at the same time."

The younger woman shrugged. "I just get a bit overexcited, that's all. There's so much to say and not enough time to say it in! So… you never told me why the Doctor was here. Unless I wouldn't want to know, then just say no reason." She pulled a face and River laughed.

"No reason." She said lightly, smirking at the expression on the girl's face. "No. No, he came to drop this off for you."

"For me?" Evie asked, taking the TARDIS blue envelope her mother was holding out to her and turning it over in her hands curiously. "What is it?"

"Just open it and find out, honey." Her mother told her with a laugh.

Evie tore it open, not before she noticed the '2B' written on the flap in silver lettering. Inside was a piece of card; white with a TARDIS blue border. All that was written on the card was a date, a time and some coordinates. Confused, she flipped the card over, hoping to see something else written on it – instructions or an explanation perhaps, although she knew that wasn't the Doctor's style. The back of the card was blank and the same dark shade of blue.

"22nd April 2011… 16:30 MDT… 37° 0'38"N 110° 14'34"W." She read out slowly before her eyes flicked to her mother for some kind of help. River had casually returned her attention to the book she'd been reading before Evie had come back. "Mum?"

"Off you go then. Have fun but be careful; make sure you take you gun everywhere with you." River said, causing Evie's mouth to drop open at her calmness.

"Are you not coming too?"

"No, sweetie. I've been there and done that."


River sighed. "Spoilers, sweetie. Now off you go and meet him. Actually, I'd get changed first. You know what it's like… and there WILL be a lot of running, I promise you. And it'll be quite warm." As Evie stood up and began hunting through the wardrobe once more, River looked back down at her book and added, "Oh, and this is reasonably early on for the others but say hello to the younger me."

So? That was the first chapter! Its main intention is to set the scene on how the timelines work because when I sat down to work this out it confused me a bit!


The Doctor/Amy/Rory are obviously going forwards and parallel with each other.

River (as far as I can understand from the show) is going backwards compared to them, although I don't buy it and in my mind her timeline is more random with her dropping in every now and again, not necessarily in any sort of order. So that's what it's like in this story – meaning her much younger self has already done 'The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon', because she just has. OK?

Evie is totally confusing – she's parallel with River, but just drops in on The Doctor and co at random. So at some points she's parallel to them and other times she isn't (which explains why she does 'The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang' and 'The Curse of the Spot' BEFORE 'The Vampires of Venice' and why she has also done things which they haven't even got to yet).

Phew… hope this isn't TOO confusing and the attempted explanation means that it makes a bit more sense! I think this is the most complicated thing I've ever written! :P

Hope you enjoy it, anyway – let me know what you think :)

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