Almost Time

By SerenBex

Scifi / Adventure

Don't Be Ridiculous Amelia Was Small

The TARDIS finally stopped sparking and bucking and the pair of them managed to get it back under control. It took them a little over the five minutes the Doctor had promised; maybe ten at the most. He typed in the coordinates for Amelia's house and they waited as the time machine materialised.

"Amelia!" The Doctor cried, running out of the blue box and into the garden. Evie followed more slowly. Her first thought was that it was daytime. When they'd left it had been about half past eleven at night. Now it was bright and sunny.

The Doctor was already at the house, so the teenager closed the Police Box's door and sprinted after him. As she made her way up the stairs the impossible man was shouting about Prisoner Zero.

"You'll terrify the poor girl." She snapped, reaching his side as he tried to sonic his way through a door.

"Better terrified than dead." He said meaningfully.

"It isn't always an either or, Doctor. Sometimes it is possible to be alive and not terrified." Evie told him before she saw a cricket bat come straight for his head. It connected with a sickening crunch, taking them both out at the same time.


Evie felt a massive jolt and opened her eyes groggily. She tried to raise her right hand to her head, but something was stopping her. Looking down she saw that she was handcuffed to a radiator. Handcuffed?

"Do you want to shut up now? I've got back up on the way." A voice said; a voice with a slight Scottish accent, if Evie wasn't very much mistaken. She glanced up and saw a tall, skinny woman dressed in a police uniform. Except that Evie had never seen a police woman with a skirt that short. She raised her eyebrows.

"Hang on, no, wait. You're a police woman." The Doctor said quickly.

"And you're breaking and entering. You see how this works?"

"But what are you doing here, where's Amelia?" He asked. The woman's eyes widened slightly and an odd expression appeared on her face. Evie looked at her for a moment before the realisation sank in. Her mouth dropped open.

"I think there's been a mistake…" She said quietly, glancing at the Doctor.

"Shh! Not now!" He swatted her away and Evie pulled a frustrated face. He never listened to her, especially when it was important.

"Amelia Pond?" The woman asked, looking between them.

"Yeah. Amelia… little Scottish girl, where is she."

"Seriously, listen to me, yeah?" Evie said. Once again the Doctor shushed her.

"I promised her five minutes but the engines were fazing… I suppose I must have gone a bit far. Has something happened to her?"

"I think we went a lot far, you idiot." Evie told him in a low voice. This time he glanced at her, curiously. "Don't you see… she's Amelia."

"Don't be ridiculous, Jones. Amelia was small."

"Amelia Pond hasn't lived here in a long time." The woman told them, staring curiously between them, her gaze fixing on the girl who was staring at her intently.

"How long?" The Doctor demanded.

"Six months."

"No, no, no! No! I can't be six months late." He said, leaning back against the radiator. Evie shook her head, unsure how to make him believe her. "I said five minutes, I promised."

"I'm telling you, Doctor. That is her." Evie hissed. The woman had started walking away, but at the teenager's words she stopped.

"You." She knelt down and unlocked the side of the handcuffs which was attaching Evie to the radiator. "Come with me."

The Doctor protested, trying to grab Evie's arm but she pushed him away. The two women walked along the corridor and down the stairs. Safely in the kitchen the 'police woman' removed the handcuffs completely, before crossing her arms over her chest and staring at Evie.

"So, Evie, what happened?" She asked. Evie's face split into a triumphant smirk.

"I knew it was you, Amelia. And you remembered my name! Give us a hug, then!"

"Actually it's Amy now." She said with a slight smile, letting the teenager hug her tightly. "I think it suits me better."

"Nice, I like it." The teenager nodded. "He's telling the truth, you know. For us it's literally only been about fifteen, maybe twenty, minutes."

"How?" Amy asked in disbelief.

Evie sighed. "He's always been rubbish at getting to the right place in the TARDIS. Always." Her voice softened. "I'm really sorry we were so long. The Doctor always keeps his promises if he can."

"I know; you told me." Amy said, causing Evie to stare at her in confusion. She couldn't remember telling the girl that. Before she could ask what the red-head meant, Amy started talking again. "Besides, I guess it's not your fault." She looked at the teenager curiously. "You're exactly the same as you were twelve years ago."

"Twelve years?" Evie exclaimed. "So you're… twenty?" She guessed.

"Nineteen, actually."

"Fantastic, so you're suddenly a year older than me when about half an hour ago you only came up to here." She demonstrated the height Amy had been against her side and the red-head laughed.

"You're only eighteen? You seemed so much older back then. You still do."

"Thanks." Evie said with a small laugh, staring into the distance at something Amy couldn't see. "I think… someone could tell me that I'm actually thirty and I wouldn't bat an eyelid because I never know what the truth about me is anymore. But never mind that now." She focused suddenly with a slight jerk of her head and smiled broadly at the woman. "However much of an idiot that man is, we need him right now. If Prisoner Zero is here than he'll find him."

"Prisoner Zero… that thing from when I was a kid?" Amy asked puzzled. Evie raised her eyebrows, pulling out the laser blaster from her waistband. Luckily being dunked in the swimming pool, twice, hadn't done it any damage. "I remember that!"

"My baby." The teenager told her with a laugh. "And yep, the very same thing."

As they made their way back up the stairs, Evie looked hard at Amy's outfit. It was definitely not regulation police uniform. For one thing the skirt was way too short.

"Amelia Pond," Evie started speaking. In her head Amy was still the seven-year-old she'd been hugging less than an hour ago, "why are you wearing that uniform? You're clearly not a police woman."

"You don't want to know." The older teenager said with a smile, shaking her head as they arrived on the landing and Evie blasted the handcuffs off the Doctor's wrist. He jumped, winced and rubbed at his flesh where the metal had been before turning to look at the two females in confusion.

"What?" He asked raising his eyebrows as the fixed him with identical exasperated expressions.

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