Almost Time

By SerenBex

Scifi / Adventure

The Doctor Always Keeps His Promises

Riggghhht. So The Doctor solved the Prisoner Zero problem – with a little help from Evie, so it would have gone a little differently and involved a few more laser blasters! ;)

"I like her." Evie said out of nowhere as she and the Doctor headed back to the TARDIS. "She's got guts."

"True… and she's ginger. I'm very jealous." The Doctor said. Evie rolled her eyes hearing about the same sore point for about the twentieth time. He had an obsession with being ginger. "He's a bit weird, though."

Evie smirked. "You are calling someone else weird? I don't think that's actually allowed, Sweetie." She told him laughing. "Besides, Rory's… sweet. A bit… wimpy, maybe… but sweet. And he has a little red mini. I have always wanted a little red mini."

The Doctor looked at her, his lip curling with a hint of disgust. "Do you fancy him?" He asked.

"What?" Evie snorted, looking completely bemused by his question. "No, of course I don't. Don't be an idiot, spaceman."

"I like it when you call me that." He said, thoughtfully.

"What, idiot?" She joked, knowing exactly what her friend meant.

"No, stupid… spaceman. It reminds me of Donna."

The teenager smiled sadly, putting a hand on the Doctor's arm. "I know. But hey, at least she can remember you now, right?"

"True. Come on, let's get out of here. Haven't you got burning questions we need to answer?"

He put his right arm loosely around her shoulders and she linked her fingers on her right hand through his, which were dangling in mid-air. There was nothing romantic in the gesture; it was purely an instinctive reaction which gave them both confidence and reassurance. Evie had often felt like the Doctor, the old Doctor, saw her more as a daughter-figure. Maybe he'd been trying to use her to fill the space that Jenny had left. But this, new, Doctor acted differently around her; more like an older brother or a best friend. She sighed happily.

"What did Prisoner Zero mean?" Evie asked suddenly, remembering what the creature had said while the four of them had been in the hospital ward with it. "The universe is cracked. The Pandorica will open; silence will fall. What's the Pandorica?"

"Just a fairy story, Evie, don't worry about it." He told her, resting his head against hers for a moment.

"A fairy story?" She repeated, giving him a look that the Doctor didn't understand. "Aren't we all?"

"What do you mean?" He asked seriously, looking deep into her eyes. There was a split second where he tried to read the blank look in her eyes, before Evie leant away from him pulling a face.

"What do you mean, what do I mean? I didn't say anything. D'you know something?" She said looking up at him with a smirk on her face. "You've got cocky and weird since you regenerated, and if you're not careful I'll be forced to beat that out of you."

"Will you now?"

"Yep. You know I can." She warned him still smirking. "And your bowtie is silly."

"Now you're asking for it." He grinned, removing his arm from round her shoulders and raising his eyebrows.

Evie laughed and starting running. She headed for Amy's house and the TARDIS which was still parked in the garden. The Doctor was hot on her heels as she skidded to a holt in front of the Police Box. The pair of them stared at it in wonder before the Doctor glanced at her quickly, soon returning his gaze to the box.

"OK. What have you got for me this time?" He asked the machine breathily, unlocking the door and throwing it open. Evie gave him a moment, smiling at the intense love the man had for his time machine. She leant her back against the closed door, one palm flat against it as she felt the energy surging through. "Look at you… oh you sexy thing! Look at you!"

Evie snorted with laughter at his words and pushed herself away from the door, gently moving the Doctor forward so that she could see inside as well. He'd had enough of a moment with the time machine. He was right though… it was beautiful. She gasped.

The Doctor was at the consoles before she knew it, running his fingers over the new controls. The door shut behind them and they heard the familiar whirring wheezing sound that signalled they were on the move. Feeling as though her broad grin would actually split her face in half, Evie joined her friend at the controls, dancing around each other as they kicked the engines into life. They'd both totally forgotten Amy and Rory for a brief moment.

Not for long, though. Evie suddenly felt a stab of guilt and turned to the Doctor. "What about Amy… we can't just abandon her again."

"Ah…" The Doctor scratched his cheek and then grinned. "I've got an idea." He typed a string of numbers into the brand new, high-tech screen on the console and they materialised again.

"Amelia!" He cried, throwing open the doors. It was morning, but apparently the right one – the morning after they'd first met little Amelia Pond. The Doctor went rushing out of the TARDIS towards the child who was sitting, looking rather cold and fed-up, on a suitcase. Evie leant against the door frame smiling and waving at her. Amelia waved back, before jumping to her feet and throwing her arms around the Doctor.

"You came back!" She pointed out happily.

"Of course I came back. I always come back." He said, glancing at Evie.

"You've got different clothes to last night." The girl said, tilting her head slightly as she took in his appearance.

"Yes, well, saving the world and that, all in a day's work." He said with a grin. Evie rolled her eyes in amusement at the size of his ego. "Now then, Amelia Pond, I have got a very big favour to ask you."

"What?" She glanced past the Doctor to Evie, who was still leaning in the doorway watching.

"I need you to be very patient. You have to wait a while for me. But I… we… will be back for you, I promise." He said seriously. She looked at him for a moment, as though considering his request. Then she nodded. "Good girl."

The Doctor patted her awkwardly on the top of her head before turning and making his way back to the Police Box. Moving aside so he could get past her, Evie walked slowly over to the child, crouching down and looking up into her eyes.

"Trust him, alright? The Doctor always keeps his promises; if he can." She whispered into the girl's ear with a smile. Amelia threw her arms around the teenager hugging her tightly. When Evie managed to break free of her arms, she followed the Doctor into the TARDIS. "See you soon." She called over her shoulder as the doors closed.

"Oh…" The Doctor leapt to the doors and wrenched one open again as the engines whirred into life. "And Amelia, whatever you do, don't become a kiss-a-gram."

As they dematerialised heading back through space and time, but mainly time, Evie sighed and shook her head.

"You've done it now, spaceman." She told him with a grin.

"Done what?"

"You as good as told Amelia to become a kiss-a-gram."

"What… no? I did the complete opposite." He was confused and showed it by pacing round the console room.

"You really don't understand females, do you? You are, for some inexplicable reason, that girl's hero. She is only seven and you've mentioned kiss-a-grams to her. What is her first thought going to be when she's older?"

"Oh…" He said, realisation dawning in his eyes. There was a slight thud as they landed. "Well, it's too late now."

"Are you going to ask her to come with us?" Evie asked quietly. The Doctor looked at her and nodded.

"If you don't mind?"

Evie thought about it. Did she mind? Was the Doctor, this new version, trying to replace her before she'd even gone anywhere? This was probably how all the others had felt; Rose, Martha, Donna. Except it was worse for her, because she was still here; still travelling with the Doctor… still doing what he told her.

Most of the time.

Then she grinned. Why did she have the right to be selfish about the Doctor? "What, another normal, female person in the TARDIS? Are you kidding me? I can't wait!"

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