Almost Time

By SerenBex

Scifi / Adventure

Sorry, Bad Choice of Words

"Evie! Chuck us that thingamy." The Doctor shouted to her. Knowing exactly what he meant, the teenager picked up a small cube of metal with wires jutting off at odd angles, launching it straight at his head. "Oi!"

He looked shocked by the anger behind her throw, but Evie just looked away, still trying to locate the swimming pool with the scanner. She was not going to risk falling in it again. The words she, but apparently neither of the others, had heard were echoing in her mind. 'It's almost time for you to find out.' What did that mean? What was she going to find out? And who had spoken?

"Is this because I've got a new friend?" The Doctor asked, misreading her hostility. "Because I still love my old friend as well, Buttercup."

"Seriously, stop with the nicknames now." She snapped, whirling around. "And no, this isn't about Amy." She knelt on the ground, fiddling with a couple of trailing wires from the console, trying to get them back inside the casing. Her hands were shaking so much that she was having trouble with the simple task.

"Then what's the matter, Peach?" He asked gently, crouching down beside her and lifting her chin up so that he could look into her eyes. "Something's wrong…"

"For the last time, my name is Evie. Not Peach, not Buttercup, not Angel Fish, not Petal, not Cupcake and not…" She struggled with her memory, squeezing her eyes closed to remember what else he had tried out. "I'm sure there are more."

"Still having trouble with your memory?" He asked, raising his eyebrow and putting a hand on either side of her face.

"Maybe…" She muttered, turning her head slightly to try and avoid his gaze. The Doctor pulled her back so that he was looking deep into her eyes. She shuddered slightly, feeling as though he was reaching into her mind. Then he let go and jumped to his feet.

"You'll live." He said, making Evie snort cynically. "Sorry, bad choice of words. What I meant to say is that you'll be fine."

"Thanks. That makes me feel a whole lot better." She murmured as the Doctor bounced off to see where Amy had gone. Maybe it was jealousy that was making her feel like this, she decided. Maybe she was jealous of the older girl who'd swooped in and taken over her Doctor. So why was every instinct in her body screaming at her that something was definitely very wrong?

"How would you like to float among the stars, Amy Pond?" The Doctor asked as Evie passed him. Amy squealed with delight as the Doctor opened the TARDIS doors. Whole galaxies were spread out in front of them; constellations and planets and single stars, all begging to be noticed.

"I know how they feel." Evie muttered in response to her own thoughts. The Doctor glanced at her, unsure whether she'd spoken but, as the teenager didn't say anything after catching his eye he returned his attention to the skies.

Escaping to the privacy of her bedroom, Evie pulled out her diary, flicking through all the adventures they'd had. There was a common theme running through them; it had just been her and the Doctor. OK, so there had occasionally been someone else along for the ride, but once it was over the pair of them had returned to the little blue box and disappeared through space and time.

Now things were different. There were three of them here. Evie wasn't completely sure how the regeneration thing worked. The Doctor had changed his personality, maybe this Doctor was Amy's Doctor. The last one had been Rose's Doctor and Martha's Doctor and Donna's Doctor as well as hers. Maybe she was naïve, but Evie had believed that all the Doctors to come would be her Doctor. When all his other companions had gone back to their own lives eventually, she had been going to stay; she didn't exactly have anywhere else to go.

"Hey." A soft voice said in the doorway. Evie glanced up and say Amy leaning against the doorframe watching her. Self-consciously, the teenager pushed her diary out of view. Although the red-head had already seen it, hiding it away made the younger girl feel better.


"Listen… the Doctor asked me to check you were alright." She said awkwardly. Evie chewed her lip and nodded, a falsely bright smile plastered on her face.

"Course I am. Why wouldn't I be?"

Amy looked pained for a moment. "Maybe because I'm here?"

"What d'you mean?" The teenager asked, feigning ignorance of the meaning behind the woman's words.

"I mean, that you don't want me here on the TARDIS. That you think I've come along and ruined everything?"

Evie took a deep breath. "No. I don't think that at all." She said honestly. Then she looked at Amy curiously. "What's the Doctor told you about me? About who I am?"

"Nothing." Amy told her, shaking her head.

The teenager smiled sadly. "Well, you know almost as much as me, then."

"What d'you mean?" This time Amy was echoing Evie's words.

"I don't know!" The teenager told her with a small laugh. "I met the Doctor a week after my eighteenth birthday. We travelled for a bit. Then he offered to take me home but when we got there… well, let's just say that there was undeniable evidence that I was dead. And yet here I am, as alive as you."

"What do you mean 'undeniable evidence'?"

"My body; washed up on a river bank not far from my home. The Doctor and I talked about it a few times, about what it might mean, but he doesn't have any answers. I thought maybe it was my future self, but I looked the same as I did back then, the same as I do now. The TARDIS put up this defence mechanism thing meaning that I can't be seen by humans between August 15th 1991 and August 16th 2091 – a hundred years of invisibility. Unless, of course, the humans in question have been subject to TARDIS energy before they meet me."

"But…" Amy narrowed her eyes, thinking hard. "I saw you… when I was seven."

"Exactly." Evie nodded at her. "You hadn't been subjected to TARDIS energy. So how could you see and hear me, Amy Pond? But do you want to know what I think?" Amy nodded fervently, staring at her wide eyed. "I think it has something to do with that crack in your bedroom wall."

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