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Angels, Soldiers, Criminals

By SerenBex

Adventure / Scifi

I Am SO Not a Bimbo

Hello lovelies :)

Disclaimer – I don't own Doctor Who or anything related to it (except a Doctor/Donna poster, the first four series on DVD, an Adipose cuddly toy called Barry and HOPEFULLY a couple more DVDs in the very near future because it's almost my birthday... well, three weeks!). I definitely don't own any of the characters except Evie Song who IS mine.

This story is set during 'Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone'. Also, you don't have to have read Evie's Diary, but there might be mention of some of the stuff that happens in it in this. Also, if you haven't read any of the other parts of Evie's story it will probably be a little confusing! This fic carries on straight after where 'Nightmares' ended. Like, literally a couple of seconds later. :)

As usual, all speech that is from the episodes is in italics. I really hope you enjoy this!

Please leave me some reviews. You know how happy they make me! :D

Bex x

Evie materialised in the corridor outside the cell she shared with her mother at the Stormcage Facility. River Song had seconds to register the fact that her daughter had just appeared out of thin air in front of her before the corridor was filled by men in camouflage uniforms holding large guns. Every single gun was pointed at her.

"Doctor River Song?" The man at the front of the group asked. "Father Octavian. I believe you were expecting us."

River gave a small laugh. "I was indeed."

"Evie Jessica Song." Evie said, stepping forward and holding out a hand. Both her mother and the cleric looked totally confused. "Doctor Song's daughter. Where exactly are we going then?"

"You aren't going anywhere, young lady. I thought you were staying with Rory and Amy for a while…" She asked, not mentioning the Doctor. Evie guessed this had been a deliberate oversight.

Evie snorted. "As if."

The cleric looked at River before shrugging. "Maybe bringing your daughter along will make you more cooperative, Doctor Song."

"Don't you da–" The woman started, but her daughter smiled and nodded.

"Although, it would probably be best if you DIDN'T mention to the Doctor that I'm her daughter." Evie said with a shrug. The man looked suspicious. "I mean… we wouldn't want to give Mum any excuse not to do as she's told, would we?"

Evie blinked at him innocently and smiled as sweetly as she could. The man narrowed his eyes and glanced between the two women as though trying to work out whether there was some kind of trick being played on him. Apparently the look of total frustration and annoyance on Doctor Song's face was enough to convince him that this wasn't the case. If anything, he thought that perhaps the younger woman being there might keep the infamous archaeologist under control.

"Fine." He said at last.

The girl beamed at him. "Then I'd better introduce myself again. Evie Robinson." She said, thinking quickly and remembering the surname she'd used before the Doctor, Amy and Rory had found out who she was. "Nice to meet you."

The cleric snorted and clicked his fingers. At once two soldiers moved forwards, camouflage uniforms like the ones they were all wearing grasped in their hands. They held the uniforms out and the two women realised that they were supposed to take them. Each pulled a face of disgust as their hands closed around the rough material.

"You'll need these for later." Father Octavian told them. "Before that though, you're going to a cocktail party so dress accordingly. You'll be briefed on the way." He stood, staring at them and the two women stared back.

"If you want us to get changed, you're going to have to leave." River told him firmly, dropping the army uniform onto her bed and folding her arms.

Father Octavian scowled slightly, as though he thought they would do a disappearing act the second his back was turned. Then he nodded curtly, turned and ushered his men further along the corridor to give the women more privacy.


"When this is all over you are in so much trouble." River hissed at her daughter, keeping the bright smile on her face.

She batted her eyelashes at a passing waiter and relieved him of one of the glasses of champagne on his tray. He grinned cheekily at her, before his gazed flicked to Evie. The younger woman winked and took a glass herself. He looked her up and down appreciatively, before moving away, pressing something into the brunette's hand as he went.

"Oh, for goodness sake!" River snorted as her daughter unfolded the scrap of paper to reveal the waiter's holophone number.

"You're just jealous because he gave me his number and not you." Evie told her, giggling.

"It's not that at all!" River snapped. "Besides, he's not your type."

Evie laughed in disbelief. "Since when has totally hot not been my type?"

"Since you actually wanted to live?" Her mother suggested. She turned to smile at an older man, who looked distinguished in his expensive tuxedo. "OK, focus."

"Me? You're the one who…" Evie started. River shot her a warning look and the girl stopped talking abruptly. "OK, focus."

Nodding quickly, River glanced around to make sure they weren't being watched and slipped through the crowd to the door. Evie followed, taking long strides in her towering heels to keep up. Cautiously they went into the long corridors of the ship and headed quickly towards the lower levels. Once there, the older woman pushed her daughter through a door into a storage room.

"Stay here… I need to check something out." She told her firmly. "I won't be long."

"Why can't I come with you?" Evie demanded, pouting.

River sighed. "I'm literally going to the operations room at the other end of the hall to see what's being transported in the vault. That's it."

Sulkily her daughter nodded and sat down heavily on an upturned bucket. A short while later River reappeared and locked them in. Then they waited for what seemed like hours, until the archaeologist was satisfied that the party would have finished and they wouldn't be interrupted in their task. She slipped out of the room before motioning for Evie to follow. As they walked, she pulled a tiny pistol out of her bag and checked the settings.

"Keep watch." She breathed in a low voice before shooting the lock of a heavy metal door and disappearing inside. A moment later she reappeared, tossed a cylindrical object to her daughter and winked. "For emergencies only."

Evie nodded, knowing better than to argue in a situation like this. Leaning against the cold metal wall of the space ship, she reached into her beaded clutch bag and removed her own gun, checking it quickly just as River had done. She kept the laser blaster at her side, hidden from sight for now.

Waiting for her mother, the young woman fiddled with the hem of her skirt. She was wearing an authentic deep pink 1920's dress and matching high heels. Apparently the occasion warranted such an outfit, although Evie personally thought there was bound to be running involved and, if that was indeed the case, it was completely impractical.

Turning the tube of hallucinogenic lipstick over in her fingers, Evie briefly wondered what her mother considered an emergency situation. She wondered whether she should apply it now, while nothing was happening, in readiness. Then she quickly decided against it, wincing as she remembered what had happened with Jack not long before.

The sound of approaching footsteps, however, quickly changed Evie's mind and she hastily applied the lipstick. Sliding the tube into her bag, she leant against the wall as a figure rounded the twist in the corridor and spotted her at once. Bending one leg, so that her foot was flat against the wall and revealing even more flesh in the process, the young woman batted her eyelashes at the soldier.

"What are you doing down here?" He demanded, coming to a halt in front of her.

Evie tilted her head slowly to one side. He wasn't bad looking, poor guy. Not bothering to answer, she grasped the front of his top and pulled him towards her, planting a rough kiss on his lips. In seconds she felt his body go slack and she released him, pushing him away and watching him stagger backwards into the wall. He stared dazedly in front of him.

"Mum?" Evie called, opening the door and sticking her head inside. "We've got to go!"

"Two minutes!" River called back, making her daughter groan slightly and look around for any sign of the rest of the patrol. It would be just her luck that there were more of them.

Seconds later, River emerged, and nodded to her daughter. They turned and headed along the corridor in silence. The archaeologist made no comment about the soldier standing in the corridor staring blankly in front of him. After a moment or two, Evie couldn't keep quiet any more. The clacking of two pairs of stilettos on the metal floor was doing her head in.

"What were you doing in there, anyway?" She demanded as they rounded a corner. River paused before answering, winking at the security camera cheekily. Evie sighed.

"Sending a message."

"Who to?"

River looked at her sideways as though it was a question that didn't need asking. "Your father."

"The party's over, Doctor Song." The distinguished man from earlier said, obviously slightly amused by the fact he thought he had them trapped.

As River and Evie turned away from the escape hatch to face him, they saw that he was flanked by more soldiers with large guns. The soldier on his right flicked his eyes towards Evie, who bit her lip and looked at him under her eyelashes. The older man sighed and turned for a split second to glare at the soldier sternly. River let out an exasperated breath.

"Yet still you're on board." He continued as though there had been no annoying interruption.

"Sorry, Alistair… I needed to see what was in your vault." River said in a voice that made Evie feel slightly nauseous. She didn't react, however, knowing her mother felt exactly the same about the look she'd given the soldier. "Do you all know what's down there? Any of you? Because I'll tell you something; this ship won't reach its destination."

The man stared back stony-faced. "Wait 'til she runs, then make it look like an execution." He ordered, glaring at River with a look of pure hatred. Then he glanced at Evie. "The bimbo as well."

River's face hardened at his words. Raising her arm, she looked at her watch. "Triple 7, 5 slash 349 by 10… zero 12 slash acorn." She said looking into the security camera and giving her hair a pat. "Oh, and I could do with an air corridor. Like I said on the dance floor," she glanced at Alistair, "you might want to find something to hang on to."

A high pitched beeping sounded from the seal of the emergency hatch. The man and his soldiers leapt towards the walls, knowing what was about to happen and clinging on for dear life.

The hatch opened and River blew the men a kiss as the suction of the sudden pressure release dragged her out. Evie felt the force as well and, as she was pulled backwards, she stuck her middle finger up at the man.

"I am so not a bimbo." She snapped, her words hanging in the air of the corridor as she vanished.

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