Angels, Soldiers, Criminals

That's Just Freaky

"There's always a way out." The Doctor repeated after a couple of moments of looking around with his torch beam waving erratically.

The Angels were coming closer each time the light failed, which was more and more often. The only sounds in the catacombs were the odd humming drone of the gravity globe high above them and the short, sharp sounds of people breathing nervously. Every now and then someone would give a small gasp, causing everyone else to jump.

"Doctor? Can I speak to the Doctor, please?" Angel Bob asked over the radio.

The Doctor replied in a low voice, his eyes flashing, almost in excitement. "Hello, Angels. What's your problem?"

"Your power will not last much longer, and the Angels will be with you shortly. Sorry, sir."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"There's something the Angels are very keen you should know before the end."

"Which is?"

"I died in fear."

There was complete silence. Evie glanced sideways at River and grabbed her hand once more, clinging on tightly. Amy, still holding onto the brunette's other hand, blinked several times and opened her mouth, as though she were about to say something. Then she closed it quickly, watching the Doctor. He had gone pale at the Angel's words.

"I'm sorry?"

"You told me my fear would keep me alive but I died afraid, in pain and alone." Bob's voice said over the radio. "You made me trust you and, when it mattered, you let me down."

"What are they doing?" Amy whispered, leaning past Evie to speak to River. The only other sound was the loud hum of the gravity globe.

River barely moved her lips as she answered, her eyes glued to the Doctor. "They're trying to make him angry."

"I'm sorry, sir. The Angels were very keen for you to know that."

"Well then, the Angels have made their second mistake because I'm not going to let that pass." The Doctor said in quiet anger. It was almost more frightening than seeing him in full, Oncoming Storm rage. He seemed to be seething inside. "I'm sorry you're dead, Bob, but I swear to whatever is left of you, they will be sorrier."

"But you're trapped, sir, and about to die."

"Yeah, I'm trapped. Speaking of traps, this trap has got a great big mistake in it. A great big, whopping mistake!" He said loudly, turning several times on the spot, looking around as though he was searching for something.

"What mistake, sir?" Angel Bob asked.

The Doctor turned to fix Amy with a steady gaze. "Trust me?"

"Yeah." She said, smiling weakly and nodding. There was almost no pause between his question and her answer.

Next, he turned to look at River. "Trust me?"

"Always." There was no hesitation before she replied.

Smiling, the Doctor twisted round on his heels to face Evie. "And you, Evie, trust me?"

"Of course." She told him firmly. "Every time!"

"You lot - trust me?"

There was a pause before the Clerics answered. One of the soldiers turned at the Doctor's words, briefly taking his eyes off the tunnel he was watching. The lights flashed again and, when he looked back, the Angels had advanced towards them. Raising his gun, the soldier gulped.

"Sir, two more incoming!"

"We have faith, sir." Octavian nodded, looking almost as though he was lying.

"Then give me your gun." The Time Lord ordered Octavian, looking at it closely. River, Amy and Evie exchanged curious looks, wondering why the Doctor wanted the weapon; surely even the Weeping Angels couldn't make him do a U-turn on his hatred of guns. "I'm about to do something incredibly stupid and dangerous. When I do... jump." He demonstrated what he meant, bouncing lightly on the spot.

Octavian looked at him as though he'd gone mad. "Jump where?"

"Just jump, high as you can. Come on, leap of faith, Bishop. On my signal."

"What signal?"

"You won't miss it." The Doctor told him.

He raised his arm, pointing the gun at the bottom of the Byzantium. Evie furrowed her eyebrows, wondering what he was intending to do. She turned to ask her mother if she had any ideas but, catching the look on River's face as she gazed at the Doctor, she changed her mind. Apparently the sight of the Doctor with a gun in his hand was one the archaeologist liked. Evie rolled her eyes.

"Sorry, can I ask again? You mentioned a mistake?" Angel Bob asked as the lights flickered more firmly. The periods of darkness were growing longer now and there was far less time between them.

"Oh, big, big mistake; really huge." The Doctor ground out between his clenched teeth, shifting slightly from foot to foot as he concentrated on his aim. "There's one thing you never put in a trap, if you're smart, if you value your continued existence, if you have any plans about seeing tomorrow, there is one thing you never, ever put in a trap."

"And what would that be, sir?" Angel Bob asked.

The Doctor grinned. "Me!"

A split second before the Doctor pulled the trigger of the gun, Evie realised what he was about to do. Her mouth dropped open as she quickly went through the whole plan in her head. And then they jumped. As one, they all jumped at the Doctor's signal.

There was an odd spinning sensation and Evie almost felt as though she was being sucked through the air in a vacuum. Her hair whipped around her face, having somehow managed to escape from its ponytail, getting in her eyes and mouth. She spat it out, brushing it impatiently out of the way and looked around. Slightly unsteady on her feet, as though she was on the deck of a ship, the young woman leant on her mother to get her balance, before pulling her to her feet as well.

"Up!" The Doctor commanded excitedly. "Look up!"

"Why?" Evie demanded, helping River to haul Amy to her feet and steady her.

"You OK?" The archaeologist demanded, quickly checking her mother for signs of injury.

Amy nodded, one hand on the side of her head. "What happened?"

"We jumped." River told her with a slight shrug.

"Jumped where?"

"Up, up, look up!" The Doctor repeated.

"Where are we?" Amy wanted to know, moving slightly and doing as he said.

Evie followed suit and was immediately hit by a strange light-headed sensation. She knew where they were and how they'd got there. It didn't mean she had to like the realisation, however. Staring up at the cavern where they'd just been standing, surrounded by the advancing Weeping Angels, was making her feel dizzy. Abruptly she looked at her feet.

"Exactly where we were." River told her, slightly breathless. She, too, looked a little giddy.

"No, we're not."

"Move your feet." The Doctor ordered.

Amy did as she was told and the Doctor aimed his sonic screwdriver at the floor beneath where her feet had just been. He began to circle it around a large metal disk. "Doctor, what am I looking at? Explain."

"Oh, come on, Amy, think!" He told her, as though he thought she was being slow. Stopping his sonicing, he moved to stand directly behind her. "The ship crashed with the power still on, yeah? So what else is still on?" Evie tried to mime gravity, to give Amy a clue. The red-head looked at her in bewilderment, not understanding what she was trying to do. Finally she shook her head and the Doctor gave a little sigh. "The artificial gravity. One good jump and up we fell. Shot out the grav-globe to give us an updraft, and here we are!"

He returned to sonicing the disk on the floor as River looked delightedly around. She examined the rock above her head carefully. Evie found that she couldn't do this because looking up at the rock meant that she could see the cavern above them.

"OK, that's just freaky." Amy muttered in Evie's ear, making her jump.

She laughed. "I know… I can't look up… it's making me want to throw up."

"Oh, god, yes!" The red-head nodded in agreement, clutching her arm. "I cannot look anywhere above your head without feeling sick!"

"Doctor. The statues, they look more like Angels now." Father Octavian's voice cut through their conversation, making both young women turn quickly to look at him. Then, as one, they took a deep breath and looked upwards. Sure enough, several of the statues could clearly be seen reaching towards them from the floor of the caver. And they definitely looked a lot like Angels.

"They're feeding on the radiation from the wreckage, draining all the power from the ship, restoring themselves. Within an hour, they'll be an army!" The Doctor warned. With a click and a loud buzz the metal disk opened to reveal a corridor below. It stretched down into the ship, far below them. There was an explosion as one of the lights in the floor blew. "They're taking out the lights. Look at them, look at the Angels. Into the ship, now, quickly all of you!"

Amy stared in confusion as the Doctor dropped into the tunnel. "But how? Doctor!"

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