Angels, Soldiers, Criminals

Some Kind of Madman

"It's just a corridor." The Doctor said with a cheeky grin as Amy leant over the edge of the hole and stared down at him. "The gravity orientates to the floor. Now, in here, all of you. Don't take your eyes off the Angels. Move, move, move!"

There was another flash as a second light blew. Not needing any encouragement, Evie practically pushed Amy into the hole before jumping down herself. Her feet connected with the firm, metal floor and immediately she felt better, less disorientated. She hadn't liked the feeling of seeing the ground above her head and feeling what she thought of as the ceiling under her feet. Moments later River appeared beside her and smiled.

Once the three women were safely inside, Octavian ushered his man down, before jumping himself. "OK, men, go, go, go! The Angels, presumably they can jump up too?"

The door closed with a snap. The Doctor glanced around warily. "They're here. Now. In the dark, we're finished. Run!"

"This whole place is a death trap." Octavian declared as a panel closed, trapping them in the corridor.

"No, it's a time bomb. Well, it's a death trap and a time bomb. And now it's a dead end. Nobody panic." The Time Lord ordered, sounding very much as though he was panicking. As loud bangs came from the hatch end of the corridor, signalling the arrival of the Weeping Angels, everyone turned to look. Evie took a deep breath, calming herself and gathering all of her determination. "Oh, just me then. What's through here?"

"Secondary flight deck." River told him, not needing to look at where the Doctor was pointing.

"OK. So we've basically run up the inside of a chimney, yeah?" Amy asked, nervously. River had opened a panel on the wall and pulled her daughter over to take a look. "So what if the gravity fails?"

"I've thought about that."


"And we'll all plunge to our deaths. See. I've thought about it." The Doctor babbled. "The security protocols are still live. There's no way to override them, it's impossible."

River was unscrewing a cable inside the panel, throwing an occasional glance to Evie, who nodded, muttering out loud as she thought. "How impossible?"

"Two minutes."

Suddenly the hatch was open. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to look at it. The lights flickered dangerously as the Doctor made his way slowly towards the entrance.

"The hull is breached and the power's failing." Octavian said as it went so dark they could barely see anything.

As a light flashed, an arm was clearly visible in the entrance. "Sir! Incoming!"

"Doctor! Lights." Amy ordered, panicking. Evie moved quickly to her side, gripping her hand firmly.

As the lights continued to flash erratically, the Angels got closer. At first there was one; just an arm reaching through the open hatch. Then, as the lights failed and returned again, four of the creatures stood at the end of the corridor facing them. The hatch had closed behind them, meaning that they were trapped in the section of the corridor with no way of escape.

"Now would be a really good time for you to have a brainwave." Evie hissed at the Doctor, her hand throbbing from how tightly her grandmother was gripping it. She was sure that Amy's nails digging into her skin had drawn blood.

"Clerics, keep watching them." The Bishop commanded his men.

"And don't look at their eyes. Anywhere else. Not the eyes." The Doctor warned them, fiddling around with the panel River had abandoned at the appearance of the Angels. "I've isolated the lighting grid. They can't drain the power now."

"Good work, Doctor."

"Yes. Good. Good in many ways, good you like it so far..."

"So far?" Amy demanded, her voice cracking with emotion as the Doctor removed the front of another panel behind the young women. He removed a wire and stared at it.

"Well, there's only one way to open this door. I guess I'll need to route all the power in this section through the door control."

The Bishop nodded. "Good, fine, do it."

"Including the lights. All of them. I'll need to turn out the lights." The Doctor said, walking towards the Angels who hadn't moved since the lights had been fixed. Everyone stared at him in horror. Evie's mouth dropped open and, it was only because Amy's grip had tightened even more on her hand, that she didn't start panicking. Instead, she got annoyed.

"When I said it was time for you to have a brainwave, I meant a GOOD idea, spaceman!" Evie snapped. "Not a bloody insane one!"

River shot her a look, before returning her attention to the wiring, but Father Octavian pointedly ignored the girl. "How long for?"

"Fraction of a second, maybe longer. Maybe quite a bit longer."

"Maybe?" He asked, his voice catching in his throat. Evidently the Bishop didn't like vague answers.

"I'm guessing." The Doctor admitted with a slight shrug. "We're being attacked by statues in a crashed ship; there isn't a manual for this!"

Amy's voice was full of frustration, annoyance and panic. "Doctor, we lost the torches. We'll be in total darkness."

"No other way." He told her, almost apologetically. "Bishop?"

"Dr Song, I've lost good Clerics today. You trust this man?"

"I absolutely trust him." She replied, no hint of doubt visible on her face. His eyes flicked to Evie and she nodded, doubting whether he was very interested in her opinion, but giving it anyway.

"He's not some kind of madman then?"

This time there was the slightest of pauses before River answered, repeating her previous phrase. "I absolutely trust him."

When Father Octavian's gaze flickered to Evie this time, she had to work harder not to give away her opinion on whether her father was 'some kind of madman'. The Doctor grinned, patted them both on the shoulder and whirled around to fiddle with the wiring in the second panel.

"Excuse me." He said with a grin, burying his head in the panel. Amy hovered at his side, watching closely and Evie took the opportunity to massage her sore hand.

"I'm taking your word, because you're the only one who can manage this guy." Octavian muttered to River in a low voice, flicking his gaze to her daughter as well and including her in the warning. "But that only works so long as he doesn't know who you are. You cost me any more men, and I might just tell him. Understood?"

River looked at him, furious that he was threatening to reveal their secrets. "Understood." She snapped bitterly, turning away from him at once.

"And you?" He asked, glancing at Evie, who stared back defiantly, clenching her jaw. She took great exception to herself or her mother being told what to do. She was even angrier that they were being blackmailed, especially as she didn't know what they were getting in return for helping the clerics. Reluctantly she nodded, however, before moving to stand by River and watch her working.

"OK. Doctor, we've got your back." Father Octavian said, apparently satisfied with their responses.

"Bless you, Bishop."

Turning, the cleric addressed his men, getting them ready to face their enemy as soon as the lights were extinguished. "Combat distance, ten feet. As soon as the lights go down, continuous fire. Full spread over the hostiles. Do not stop firing while the lights are out. Shot gun protocol, we don't have bullets to waste."

"Amy, when the lights go down, the wheel should release. Spin it clockwise, four turns." The Doctor said hurriedly, finishing what he was doing and moving away.

"Ten." She replied.

"No, four… four turns."

"Yeah, four, I heard you." Amy snapped, looking mildly confused. Evie glanced at her, bemused.

Then she shook her head and returned her attention to what her mother was doing with the panel. River finished re-screwing the cover and turned to her daughter. Their eyes met in a mutual understanding. They trusted the Doctor completely. But if something went wrong then they wouldn't lose their heads. Smiling weakly, River turned and faced the Angels once more, reaching out for her daughter.


"On my count then." Father Octavian said. "God be with us all. Three... two... one. Fire!"

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