Angels, Soldiers, Criminals

I'll do a Thing

The Doctor leapt from his perch and moved quickly to Amy's side. She was still lying, curled in a ball, on the flat rock. Behind her, Evie stood almost as though she was keeping guard with her eyes flicking around the trees making sure there was no chance an Angel could sneak up without them noticing. River was still bending over the red-head, checking her vital signs.

"Bishop, the Angels are in the forest." The Doctor told him, bending over Amy.

"We need visual contact on every line of approach."

"How did you get past them?" River hissed, leaning towards the Doctor and glaring at him furiously. Evie was slightly bemused by her reaction, wondering why she was apparently so angry with the Time Lord for escaping.

The Doctor, however, didn't seem bothered by her tone. "Found a crack in the wall and told them it was the end of the universe."

"What was it?"

"The end of the universe." He told Amy with a slightly shifty expression on his face. Then he grabbed the med-scanner, grinning at Evie. She found her lips twitching into a smile without her permission. "Let's have a look then."

"So, what's wrong with me?" Amy asked in a voice that was broken and tired.

"Nothing, you're fine." River told her soothingly.

The Doctor contradicted her at once. "Everything, you're dying."

"Doctor!" Evie and River exclaimed together, glaring at him.

"Yes, you're right, if we lie to her, she'll get all better! Right, Amy! Amy. Amy, what's the matter with Amelia? Something's in her eye. What does that mean? Doesn't mean anything."

"Doctor…" The red-head muttered weakly.



"'Course, you're scared, you're dying! Shut up!"

"OK, let him think." River leant close to the younger woman and spoke softly, before glaring up at the Time Lord, silently reprimanding him for his careless attitude.

"In other words, ignore him… he's rude!" Evie snapped, stroking her grandmother's hair gently.

"What happened? She stared at the Angel; she looked into the eyes of an angel for too long..."

One of the Clerics suddenly shuffled backwards, causing a noise in the undergrowth which made everyone jump. "Sir! Angel, incoming!"

"And here." A second called from his position a little way off.

"Keep visual contact, do not let it move!" Father Octavian warned in a low, measured voice.

Evie kept her hand on Amy's hair, stroking it gently. Her other hand moved to squeeze the young woman's knee reassuringly. Glancing up from the med-scanner, River looked anxious. She shook her head slightly at her daughter before looking over her shoulder to where the shouts had come from.

"Come on, come on, wakey, wakey!" The Doctor chanted, smacking himself on the head as he willed himself to think. "She watched an Angel climb out of the screen. She stared at the Angel and… and..."

To everyone's surprise Amy spoke, her voice not sounding quite right. "The image of an Angel is an Angel."

"Anything that takes the image of an Angel IS an Angel." Evie muttered, recalling what the Doctor had read from the book earlier that evening. She gasped and stared wide-eyed at the Time Lord. "The eyes are not the windows of the soul, they are the doors."

He stared back for a moment, a look of understanding crossing his face. "A living image in a human mind. We stare at them to stop them getting closer, we don't even blink and that's exactly what they want; 'cos as long as our eyes are open, they can climb inside. There's an Angel in her mind." As he came to this final realisation he clamped his hands over his mouth almost as though he could take the words back and it wouldn't be true. River and Evie stared at each other, eyes wide open and jaws slack with shock.

"Three." Amy said. Without meaning to, both River and Evie recoiled slightly. Standing up, the Doctor started thinking hard once more. "Doctor, it's coming. I can feel it. I'm going to die!"

"Please just shut up, I'm thinking. Now counting, what's that about?" He raised the radio to his lips, speaking to the Angel again. "Bob, why are they making her count?"

"To make her afraid, sir."

"Sadistic basta–" Evie started angrily, but River shot her a furious look and she closed her mouth quickly.

"Not helping." She muttered, raising an eyebrow.

The Doctor shot her a glance. "OK… but why, what for?"

"For fun, sir."

It was all Evie could do to bite her tongue and not come out with an entire stream of swear words. Realising the struggle her daughter was going through – seeing the tell-tale signs in the flashing of her eyes and the clenching of her fists – River grasped Evie's shoulders and looked deep into her eyes, shaking her head firmly. The young woman took a deep breath and nodded, dropping to her knees and holding Amy's hands tightly.

The Doctor growled angrily, losing control and flinging the radio furiously at the nearest tree. He clenched and unclenched his fists several times, pacing backwards and forwards as though moving around would help him think more clearly.

Amy started crying softly, staring unseeingly ahead of her. "Doctor, what's happening to me? Explain!"

"Inside your head, in the vision centres of your brain, there's an Angel.It's like there's a screen, a virtual screen inside your mind, and the Angel is climbing out of it, and it's coming to shut you off."

As he finished speaking, he looked between River and Evie, almost hopelessly. Evie chewed her lip and looked down, unable to meet his gaze anymore. She'd rarely seen him in this state before and it almost scared her. He wasn't angry… he was desperate.

"Then what do I do?"

"If it was a real screen, what would we do, we'd pull the plug. But we can't just knock her out, the Angel would take over!"

"Then what?" River demanded. "Quickly!"

"We've got to shut down the vision centres of her brain. We've got to pull the plug, starve the Angel."

"Doctor, she's got seconds."

"Think!" Evie snapped, glaring at him.

He glared back, still pacing. "I AM thinking!" He waved his hands around for a moment, before staring at River. "How would you starve your lungs?"

She shrugged and looked back at him, obviously wondering where he was going with this line of enquiry. "I'd stop breathing."

"Amy, close your eyes!" He demanded, whirling to face her excitedly.

"No, no, I don't want to."

"Good because that's not you! That's the Angel inside you; it's afraid! Do it! Close your eyes!" He ordered.

Amy still seemed reluctant to do as he said. Stroking her hair gently, Evie whispered, "It's alright. I'm right here." After flicking them up to meet the brunette's, Amy did as she was told and squeezed her eyes shut.

"She's normalising." River announced, sighing with relief a moment later when an alarm went off on the med-scanner. The three of them let out the breaths they were holding, flooded with relief. "You did it! You did it!"

"Hear that?" Evie whispered to Amy. "You're OK…"

"Sir? Two more incoming." A cleric shouted, a little way off. Amy's grip on Evie's hand tightened.

"Three more over here."

Glancing towards the Clerics who had shouted, the Doctor sighed. The two women helped Amy to sit upright and River kept an eye on the med-scanner display, constantly checking the young woman's vital signs.

"Still weak… dangerous to move her." She said, shaking her head. She sat down at the young woman's side, sliding an arm around her and stroking her upper arm gently. On Amy's other side, Evie gripped her hand, squeezing it tightly.

"So, can I open my eyes now?"

"Amy, listen to me." The Doctor urged her seriously. "If you open your eyes now for more than a second, you will die. The Angel is still inside you. We haven't stopped it, we've just sort of...paused it. You've used up your countdown. You cannot open your eyes."

Father Octavian was uneasy, looking around systematically. "Doctor, we're too exposed here. We have to move on."

"We're exposed everywhere and Amy can't move and anyway, that's not the plan." The Doctor told him firmly.

"There's a plan?" River asked, raising an eyebrow.

Evie smirked. "There's never a plan. Is there?"

"I don't know yet, I haven't finished talking." The Doctor said, childishly poking his tongue out at the girl and relieving the tense atmosphere for a moment or two. She grinned at him, instantly more relaxed. "Right! Father, you and your Clerics will stay here… look after Amy. If anything happens to her, I'll hold each of you personally responsible. Twice. River, you and me and Evie; we're going to find the Primary Flight Deck which is..." He held up a finger, moving it around to point in the general direction somewhere behind the three women. "…a quarter of a mile straight ahead. And from there we're gonna stabilise the wreckage, stop the Angels and cure Amy."

"How?" River asked simply.

"I'll do a thing."

Evie arched an eyebrow. "A thing?"

"What thing?"

"I don't know; it's a thing in progress. Respect the thing. Moving out!" He clapped his hands with an air of finality.

"Doctor, I'm coming with you. My Clerics can look after Miss Pond. These are my best men; they'd lay down their lives in her protection."

The Doctor stared him out. "I don't need you."

"I don't care. Where Dr Song and Miss Robinson go, I go."

"What?" The Doctor asked, glancing at River in surprise. Then he smirked slightly, pretending to be amused. "You two engaged or something?"

Father Octavian clenched his jaw. "Yes, in a manner of speaking. Marco, you're in charge till I get back."

The Doctor glanced at River, who shrugged and pulled a face at him. Frowning slightly, he turned his gaze on Evie, who stared back blankly. The Time Lord was about to look away when he noticed the annoyed expression creeping across the girl's face and screwed up his face thoughtfully.


"Doctor... Please, can't I come with you?" Amy begged, her eyes still tightly shut.

"You'd slow us down, Miss Pond." Father Octavian said, following River through the trees. Evie stopped, glancing over her shoulder.

"I don't want to sound selfish, but you'd really speed me up."

"I'll stay with Amy." Evie said suddenly, walking back and sitting firmly beside the young woman, wrapping a protective arm around her shoulders.

"Miss Robinson… I cannot allow –" The Bishop started, firmly. River shook her head over his shoulder, but Evie took no notice.

"Oh, sod off, mate!" The brunette snapped. "Someone should stay with her and it won't take four of us to track down the bloody Flight Deck, will it? Doctor?"

He beamed. "See? Evie's staying with you! You'll be safer here. We can't protect you on the move. I'll be back for you soon as I can. I promise."

"You always say that."

"I always come back.Good luck everyone. Evie… I know you'll be fine. Behave. Do not let that girl open her eyes! And keep watching the forest; stop those Angels advancing. Amy, later!River, going to need your computer." With that he patted both girls on their heads and was off, moving through the trees after the others.

"Yeah. Later." Amy muttered, clearly annoyed.

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