Angels, Soldiers, Criminals

Get a Grip

A bright flash of light engulfed them and suddenly she found herself in a tight, familiar embrace.

"Amy, don't open your eyes." River ordered. "You're on the Flight Deck, the Doctor's here. I teleported you. See?" She turned to the Doctor and fixed him with a satisfied smile. "Told you I could get it working."

"River Song, I could bloody kiss you!"

"Ah well, maybe when you're older." She agreed with a smirk. Evie rolled her eyes.

"Eurgh?" She muttered, so that only her mother heard. River grinned at her and squeezed her arm tightly. This was the only sign that passed between them which signified the woman's relief that her daughter was alright. Evie just smiled.

"What's that?" River demanded, her voice showing signs of panic once more as an alarm sounded in the control room. The lights began flashing again as well.

"The Angels are draining the last of the ship's power, which means... the shield's going to release!"

Sure enough, there was a hydraulic hissing noise and slowly the shield began to rise. River, who was still holding onto Amy tightly, reached out a hand and grasped Evie's, pulling her close and wrapping an arm around her shoulders as well.

Evie gasped, her breath catching in her chest, as the shield rose completely. Tens of Angels were on the other side, their arms raised and their claws and teeth revealed. The Doctor stood at the entrance to the Flight Deck glaring at them.

"Angel Bob, I presume." He said angrily.

It was horrific hearing Bob's voice and knowing it was coming from one of the stone statues. "The Time Field is coming. It will destroy our reality."

"Yeah and look at you all, running away. What can I do for you?"

"There is a rupture in time. The Angels calculate that if you throw yourself into it, it will close and they will be saved."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Could do… could do that. But why?"

"Your friends would also be saved."

"Well, there is that." The Doctor agreed with a shrug.

Wriggling out of Amy and Evie's embraces, River rushed to the Doctor's side. Her daughter made a grab for the back of her shirt but missed. Instead, she clung onto Amy, gripping her arm tightly. She had a horrible feeling that her mother was about to do something stupid.

River grabbed the Doctor's arm. "I've travelled in time. I'm a complicated space/time event, too. Throw me in."

"NO!" Evie shouted from behind them, causing River to shoot her a filthy look.

"Oh, be serious!" The Doctor scoffed. "Compared to me, these Angels are more complicated than you and it would take every one of them to amount to me, so get a grip."

Breathing a sigh of relief that her father didn't know the truth about her mother, Evie relinquished her hold on Amy's arm slightly, realising that she was probably digging her nails in. That would explain the slight hissing noises the red-head was emitting between her clenched teeth and the wince that was twisting her features.

"Doctor, I can't let you do this." River told him firmly.

"No, seriously, get a grip."

"You're not going to die here!"

"No, I mean it. River, Amy, Evie, get a grip." He said, meaningfully.

For a split second the young woman wondered what he could possibly mean. Then she realised which words he had repeated three times. She gasped and grinned, manoeuvring Amy to a better position and helping her grab hold of the bars around the consoles.

"Oh, you genius!" River gasped, moving to join the girls. She ensured that they were holding on tightly before doing the same herself. She shot a broad grin at her daughter, who beamed back.

"Sir, the Angels need you to sacrifice yourself now."

"Thing is, Bob, the Angels are draining all the power from this ship, every last bit of it. And you know what? I think they've forgotten where they're standing. I think they've forgotten the gravity of the situation. Or to put it another way, Angels..."

"You hold on tight and don't you let go for anything." River warned firmly, double checking that they were holding on tightly enough.


The gravity alarm sounded and the ship turned. Evie clung onto the bar for dear life, closing her eyes and concentrating with everything she had. The effort of holding on was exhausting, as was the rush of air that accompanied the shift in gravity. It was pulling her downwards, wanting to rip her hands from the bar and send her tumbling downwards. She resisted for as long as she could and, just when she thought she was going to have to let go, everything settled.

The ship righted itself and, although shaken, the four of them were unhurt. When she climbed unsteadily to her feet, Evie saw at once that the crack had closed itself. There was no sign anywhere of the Angels.

"Well… that's that then." River muttered, dusting herself off. She quickly examined Amy to make sure she hadn't been injured any more than they knew about, before doing the same to Evie. She shot her a warm smile, before turning away to speak to the Doctor.

"You OK?" Evie asked Amy, sitting beside her on the console. The red-head nodded and smiled, looking at her happily. "Has the Angel gone?"

"Yeah… I think so…" She answered slowly. "But I think I'll keep my eyes closed… just in case."

Evie laughed and shook her head. She pulled the elastic band out of her hair and let her dark curls spread over her shoulders; for some reason this made her instantly feel more human. The scratchy camouflage outfit, now ripped and covered in mud, was still annoying her but the girl reasoned that she would soon be able to change out of it. Amy was looking at her carefully, through barely opened eyes.


"Nothing." The older girl replied with a small shrug, clamping her eyes closed once more.

"No, seriously, what?"

Amy smiled. "I can't imagine you living in a prison cell." Evie chuckled and swung her legs, looking down. "Honestly though, what did you do? How long have you been in prison?"

"A bit of this and that." Evie replied, sneaking at glance at the woman through her hair. "Mainly theft, with a bit of gun-wielding thrown in for good measure. And let's just say that I can't really remember a birthday when I wasn't in prison… I had some, but…"

She gasped. "What? Really?"

"Yep… but is it nature or nurture?"


Evie grinned. "Is it my fault, or is it down to my parents?"

"Who are your parents?"

There was a slight pause as Evie tilted her head to one side, fixed Amy with an amused stare and smirked. The older girl opened one eye just in time to see her friend shrug. "We'd better get going. River and the Doctor look like they're ready to leave."

She jumped off the console and almost skipped towards her parents, smiling broadly at them. Both looked a little confused at her brightness, but said nothing. The Doctor put an arm around her shoulders and gave her a tight hug.

"So, Robinson." He said, looking at her with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. "Are you joining us on the TARDIS for more adventures?"

Evie smiled. "As much as I'd love to, I have a reward to collect."

"A reward?"

"Oh yeah." The brunette said innocently, widening her eyes and nodding fervently. "You don't think I'd have let River drag me along to help you out otherwise, do you?" Both the Doctor and River started to laugh. The young woman grinned broadly. "Come on then…"

They headed away from the Flight Deck; Evie leading Amy, who was still refusing to open her eyes, by the hand. The atmosphere was so much more relaxed now than it had been. The threat of the Weeping Angels had vanished and without the Clerics around, River and Evie no longer felt as though their every movement was being analysed. They chatted as they went, avoiding delicate subjects as best as they could. River and Evie were masters at deflecting awkward questions and, by the time they had reached the entrance to the Byzantium and clambered down onto the beach once more, the Doctor and Amy were suddenly hit by the realisation that, although the two women had been speaking, they hadn't actually said anything.

"Doctor Song? Miss Robinson?" A Cleric called as soon as they were within hearing distance of the group. Evie was glad that her fake name had obviously been circulated amongst the Clerics and he hadn't given away their secret. "A moment?"

Leaving Amy and the Doctor, who immediately wrapped the young woman in a blanket and proceeded to persuade her to open her eyes, the two women made their way over to the man who had called them. As soon as they stopped in front of him, he drew out two pairs of handcuffs.

"I thought –" Evie started.

"You thought what, Miss Song?" The Cleric asked, dangerously.

Glaring at him, the girl exhaled sharply and held her arms out, allowing him to fix the handcuffs around her wrists. The cold metal made her shiver until it warmed up. Beside her, River was having the same treatment. She shot her daughter a look, the merest shake of her head warning her not to say anything else.

"Right… the transport ship should be here in a few minutes to return you to the Stormcage Containment Facility." The Cleric told them in a business-like tone. "From there, you will face a committee who will take your assistance in this matter into account and decide what your future will be."

He retreated from the women, returning to stand in a huddle with his men, talking quietly. Evie turned to her mother, who smirked slightly and nodded. The young woman couldn't help a broad smile creeping over her face. It sounded as though, very soon, she and her mother would be free.

The sound of footsteps alerted them to the arrival of the Doctor and Evie moved away a little, letting them have some privacy. She watched contentedly as her parents spoke. Once or twice the Time Lord glanced in Evie's direction, as though their conversation included her, although she knew that this was almost certainly not the case. It was more than likely that the Doctor was trying to make impossible connections.

Watching Amy approaching the pair, Evie wandered closer as well. She guessed that it was almost time for the prison ship to beam them up and wanted to say her goodbyes as well.

"Bye, River." Amy said, standing close to the woman.

River smiled. "See you. Amy."

"Laters, Doctor." Evie said with a grin, attempting to wave and forgetting that her wrists were joined together. She sighed as both her hands rose in the air. "Ames… catch you soon."

"Will you?" Amy asked quickly, reading more into the phrase than the younger girl had intended. "When?"

Thinking quickly, the brunette shrugged, working out timelines in her mind. "Yeah, I think so. I'm not telling you when, though. That's a surprise!" They both laughed.

"Oh! I think that's our ride." River said as an alarm on the handcuffs began to go off; beeping gently in a steady rhythm.

"Can I trust you, River Song?" The Doctor asked bluntly.

"If you like." She agreed, with a little laugh. "But where's the fun in that?"

A/N: Hello sweeties! This is the penultimate chapter! Just one chapter left!

The next (ninth) longer Evie fic is written and waiting, but I won't be uploading it until next year. I'm on placement for three months at the beginning of the year, so I want to have something to upload for you when I get a second. I'm doing my best to write and store up a load of chapters of Evie's Diary as well... don't say I don't think of you! ;)


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