Angels, Soldiers, Criminals

The Ultimate Defence Mechanism

"Call your father." River said, glancing up from the video footage she was pouring over in the small hut they'd found themselves pushed into after reporting to Father Octavian.

Evie looked up from the device she was examining and frowned. "Call him yourself."

Sighing, the woman moved to the door, giving her daughter a swift smack around the head as she went. Evie growled softly and rubbed at the spot River's hand had connected with, before sweeping up her dark curls into a messy ponytail.

"Doctor!" River called, leaning through the doorway and waving to attract his attention. "Doctor! Father Octavian?"

The two men and Amy headed swiftly towards her and River ducked back inside. She turned on the CCTV images of a Weeping Angel they'd taken from the wreckage and the five of them watched the screen in silence for a few moments. It was on a loop, going round and round, showing them the same few seconds over and over again.

"What do you think?" River asked, breaking the silence. "It's from the security cameras in the Byzantium vault. I ripped it when I was on board." Evie guessed that was what her mother had been doing when she left her in the storage cupboard. "Sorry about the quality. It's four seconds, I put it on loop."

"Yep, it's an Angel." The Doctor confirmed, getting close to the screen and looking closely. "Hands covering its face."

"You've encountered the Angels before?" Father Octavian asked, sounding calm. Evie shot him a glance and realised that his body language was giving him away; the slight tremor of his hand on his gun and the flickering of his eyes as he tried to keep his gaze steady on the Doctor.

"Oh, once on Earth…" The Doctor agreed casually, "a long time ago. But those were scavengers, barely surviving."

"But it's just a statue." Amy pointed out, obviously wondering what all the fuss was about.

"It's a statue when you see it." River told her.

"When you're not looking," Evie continued, "it's not."

Amy looked confused, but the Doctor cut across her. "Where did it come from?"

"Oh, pulled from the ruins of Razbahan, end of last century. It's been in private hands ever since, dormant all that time." River told him quickly.

"There's a difference between dormant and patient." The Doctor said ominously.

"What's that mean; it's a statue when you see it?" Amy asked.

River turned to look at her, fixing the red-head with a serious stare. "The Weeping Angels can only move if they're unseen… so legend has it."

"Legends have a habit of coming true." Evie said with a shrug. "Especially the ones filled with doom and gloom."

"No, it's not legend, it's a quantum lock." The Doctor said, obviously trying to reassure them. The fact that he managed to rip one of the hanging handles down as he spoke had the opposite effect. Evie sighed sharply and shook her head, while River just looked mildly exasperated; rolling her eyes and clenching her teeth. The Doctor blushed faintly, before pretending it hadn't happened and continuing. "In the sight of any living creature, the Angels literally cease to exist. They're just stone; the ultimate defence mechanism."

"What, being a stone?" Amy asked, not convinced.

"Being a stone…" He repeated quietly, leaning his ear against the monitor. "Until you turn your back." The Doctor smiled, before leaping into action. "Father Octavian, how many men do you have? Can I see these plans of the maze you mentioned?"

"Yes, sir." The Bishop agreed readily. "Doctor Song, Miss Robinson, with me."

"Evie, stay here." River commanded, overriding the cleric's orders. Evie nodded. "I need you to keep an eye on… things; that video in particular. If anything changes, let me know."

The young woman knew that her mother meant for her to keep an eye on Amy and nodded, much to Father Octavian's annoyance. But he didn't force the issue; Evie wasn't his prisoner. As long as he kept an eye on Doctor Song then he was doing his duty. He didn't have the time or resources to look after any civilian willing to endanger themselves.

Amy and Evie moved to the doorway as Octavian, River and the Doctor moved outside. The Doctor was talking, apparently taking command. Moments later, River headed off in the other direction, calling to him over her shoulder.

"Sweetie, I need you!" There was a hesitation as the Doctor digested her words, before turning and following her.

"Anybody need me? Nobody?" Amy called, receiving no answer. Evie grinned and pulled her back into the hut so she could do as her mother had ordered and keep an eye on the image of the Angel.

"Relax." The brunette said, leaning against one of the tall metal cabinets that lined the walls and crossing her arms. "Let them do the complicated, boring planning bits and we'll join in with the exciting adventurey bits later!"

Amy laughed and shook her head. Out of the corner of her eye something caught her attention and she turned to look properly. On the screen, the Angel who had been standing with its back to them had turned slightly; almost as through it was mid-way through around. She took a couple of steps closer before Evie realised what she was looking at.

The loop was still playing, the clip moving between 24 and 28 seconds before skipping back to the beginning. Evie frowned, an uneasy feeling settling in her stomach. She wasn't sure what to do. On one hand she knew she had to keep an eye on the Angel but on the other she had no idea what was going on; it was just a picture on a screen. How could it have moved?

"Doctor Song?" Amy shouted, making Evie jump. She moved to the door and poked her head outside. "Did you have more than one clip of the Angel?"

River shook her head. "No, just the four seconds."

Evie shrugged at the red-head as she re-entered the hut. Together, they turned back to the image on the screen. Evie swore loudly. The Angel was now facing them full-on, its arms by its sides, but its palms were turned towards them.

For a while both women stared at the monitor before Evie's eyes flicked down to check the time on the loop. It was still moving between 24 and 28, before going back to the start. She looked back at the Angel and, with a gasp, realised that it had moved again.

It was closer to the screen now. The brunette guessed that Amy had glanced away at the same time as her. It didn't make any sense; it was just a video. How could the Angel be moving? Making up her mind, the young woman backed slowly towards the door, hovering in the doorway.

"Keep your eyes on it, Ames." Evie ordered, leaning outside slightly unsteadily. "River? You better get in here, now!"

Suddenly, as though an unseen hand was pushing her, Evie fell out of the hut. She landed on her front on the wooden pallets that had been placed carefully as a makeshift path over the muddy ground. Springing immediately to her feet, the girl banged on the door which had been shut and locked.

"Doctor?" She heard Amy call from inside. Then she heard the sound of the red-head trying to open the door. "Doctor?"

Pulling more anxiously on the metal door, Evie banged several times, as though she thought that would help. "Amy… don't blink! Whatever you do, keep your eyes on the Angel!"

"It moved again, Evie… twice! I can see its teeth and its claws… it's trying to get me!"

"Don't take your eyes off it!" Evie ordered in a panicked tone. She started fiddling with the keypad lock, trying to reverse the mechanism so that she could open the door. Nothing seemed to be working. "RIVER! DOCTOR!"

"DOCTOR! It's in the room!" Amy screamed in terror. Evie scrabbled at the lock mechanism desperately. "Evie… it's in here! It's got out of the screen! Help me!"

"Keep watching it! Amy, just don't blink! RIVER! Come on…" She banged at the door with her fist. "DOCTOR!"

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