Angels, Soldiers, Criminals

The Windows of the Soul

The Doctor finally seemed to get Evie's message that something was wrong. He sprinted towards the hut and pushed her aside roughly, laying his hands and face against the metal door. Evie hovered beside him, chewing the skin around her fingernails, horrified.

"Are you alright? What's happening?" He demanded.

"Doctor?" Amy shouted from inside. "Doctor, it's coming out of the television. The Angel is here."

"Don't take your eyes off it!" He ordered, scanning the keypad Evie had just been attempting to break into with his screwdriver. "Keep looking, it can't move if you're looking."

"What happened?" River hissed in her daughter's ear as the Doctor attempted to get the door open. "I told you to keep an eye on her!"

"I was!" Evie snapped in annoyance. "We realised that the Angel was moving, so I leant through the door to tell you and dad, but then something… I dunno… something pushed me out and locked the door."

Her mother looked cynical. "Really?"

"Yes! I tried to break the code and unlock the door, but I think it's been deadlocked."

"There is no deadlock." River said and shot her a look, before moving forwards. "What's wrong?"

"Deadlocked." The Doctor confirmed. If Evie hadn't been so worried about her grandmother, she would definitely have shot her mother an I-told-you-so smirk. As it was, she barely registered the fact that she'd been correct in her assessment.

"There is no deadlock." River repeated, trying to override the system.

The Doctor was rushing around madly, pulling things apart. "Don't blink, Amy, don't even blink!"


"What are you doing?" River demanded, glancing sideways at the Time Lord.

"Err… cutting the power. It's using the screen, I'm turning it off."

"That won't work!" Evie cried. "I couldn't even turn the television off!"

The Doctor looked at her, but tried anyway. Then he stepped backwards. "It's no good, it's deadlocked the whole system."

"There is no deadlock!" River repeated for the third time; worry, anger and frustration mixing together and causing her tone to become dark and dangerous.

"There is now!" The Doctor argued.

"Help me!" Amy screamed from inside.

"Can you turn it off?"


"The screen, can you turn it off?"

"I tried…"

"Try again." He ordered. "But don't take your eyes off the Angel."

"I'm not!"

River was still trying to override the controls, while the Doctor ran about trying to work out what to do. Evie had disappeared for a few seconds, returning with one of the Clerics' oversized guns.

"What are you going to do with that?" Her mother demanded in exasperation, trying to burn her way through the door with a blowtorch.

"I dunno!" The girl shrugged. "Blow a hole in the door? More effective than that thing you've got, anyway."

As the Doctor passed, he snatched the weapon out of Evie's arms and threw it aside. "No guns!" He ordered. Then he stopped. "Each time it moves, it'll move faster. Don't even blink!"

"I'm not blinking! Have you ever tried not blinking?" There was a long silence, before Amy spoke again. "It just keeps switching back on!"

"Yeah, it's the Angel."

"But it's just a recording." Amy's voice was weaker now. Evie started pacing, wracking her brains. She felt helpless. It was not a feeling she was used to.

"No, anything that takes the image of an Angel is an Angel." The Doctor told her, ripping the wires out of the panel he'd wrenched open, before putting them back in a different order. He caught sight of River and pulled a face. "What are you doing?"

"I'm trying to cut through… it's not even warm."

The Doctor looked exasperated. "Her and the gun, you and the blowtorch… there is no way in! It's not physically possible!"

"So what?" Evie demanded, her eyes flashing dangerously. "We just give in?"

Her father looked at her. He was about to say something, when Amy almost whispered from inside, distracting them.

"Doctor? What's it gonna do to me?"

The terror in her voice filled all three of them with renewed determination. "Just keep looking at it… don't stop looking!"

"Just tell me." She pleaded. "Tell me!"

"Amy, you're gonna be fine, OK?" Evie promised her as calmly as she could, watching the Doctor sprinting back towards them with a book clutched tightly in his hands. Evie glanced at River, wondering whether he'd gone mad.

He flicked quickly through the book, before snapping it shut. "Amy, not the eyes. Look anywhere, but don't look at the eyes."


"What is it?" River demanded.

The Doctor had the book open again. "'The eyes are not the windows of the soul, they are the doors. Beware what may enter there.'" He read aloud. Evie's breath caught in her throat as she quickly deciphered the meaning, combining it with snapshots of information she retrieved from her memory.

"Doctor, what did you say?" Amy asked.

"Don't look at the eyes!"

"No, about images?" Amy said. "What did you say about images?"

River scrambled to the door. "Whatever holds the image of an Angel is an Angel."

There was silence. Evie was on tenterhooks, pacing backwards and forwards on the wooden pallets for want of anything better or more constructive to do. She chewed her nail, nervously.

Suddenly there was a loud clunking sound and the door sprang open. The Doctor leapt inside, River and Evie hot on his heels. They were so eager to get inside, that the two women almost crashed into the Doctor as they came to an abrupt halt.

"I froze it!" Amy said in astonishment as the Angel flickered and vanished. The television screen was black and dead. "There was a sort of blip on the tape and I froze it on the blip. It wasn't the image of an Angel anymore." The Doctor pulled the power cable out of the monitor and soniced it with the screwdriver, ensuring that there was no way the Angel was coming back. Amy sighed with relief. "That was good, yeah? It was, wasn't it? That was pretty good!"

"That was amazing!" River told her, obviously impressed.

Evie beamed. "Bloody brilliant!"

"River, hug Amy." The Doctor ordered, barely turning around. "Or Evie, I don't mind who."

"Why?" Amy asked, looking a little concerned.

"Because I'm busy."

"I'm fine!" The red-head complained.

River and Evie both moved towards her. "You're brilliant!" River told her firmly, gripping her upper arms and glaring at the Doctor. He pulled a face and went back to his task.

"Totally fantastic." Evie agreed with a nod, squeezing Amy's hand.

"Thanks!" She smiled at them both, before shooting the Doctor an indignant look. "Yeah, kinda creamed it, didn't I?"

"So it was here?" River asked, before a full-scale argument could break out. "That was the Angel?"

The Doctor tucked the sonic screwdriver back into his jacket pocket and looked around seriously. "That was a projection of the Angel. It's reaching out, getting a good look at us." He lowered his voice and his tone. "It's no longer dormant."

Outside there was a massive explosion. The four of them exchanged a mixture of wary and bewildered looks, before rushing through the door to see what had happened. Evie caught Amy's hand as she went, squeezing it reassuringly and pulling the red-head with her. Father Octavian approached them swiftly, removing a pair of safety goggles.

"Doctor?" He called. "We're through."

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