Angels, Soldiers, Criminals

I'm Supposed to be a Hardened Criminal

"… it's just a labyrinth with dead people buried in the walls." River was telling Amy as the brunette approached quickly. Amy shot the older woman a disturbed glance and River winced. "OK, that was fairly bad. Right… give me your arm." She pushed the red-head's sleeve out of the way and pulled out a syringe. There was no needle attached to it though as the archaeologist activated it the object made a curious hissing sound. "This won't hurt a bit."

As River injected the liquid into Amy's arm, the young woman cried out in pain. "Oww!"

"There you see; I lied." River told her with no trace of remorse.

"She does that." Evie agreed with a shrug, pushing her hands into her pockets.

River smiled. "Shhh, you! Your turn next."

Evie groaned. "River… What is it?"

"It's a viro-stabiliser; stabilises your metabolism against radiation, drive burn, anything. You're going to need it when we get up to that ship." She explained, finishing Amy's injection and retrieving a second syringe from her pocket. Without giving the young woman a chance to react, River grasped Evie's forearm and plunged the injection into her arm.

"Son of a –" Evie gasped. "River!"

The archaeologist merely chuckled.

"So what's he like? In the future, I mean. 'Cos you know him in the future, don't you?" Amy asked the women. Exchanging a quick look with her mother, Evie shrugged nonchalantly.

"The Doctor?" River asked, although it was obvious who they were talking about. "Well, the Doctor's the Doctor."

"Oh, well that's very helpful. Mind if I write that down?" Amy asked sarcastically. Evie grinned, and looked down in an attempt to hide it. River rubbed the spot on her daughter's arm where she'd just injected the viro-stabiliser and turned on her torch, aiming it at the Doctor.

"Yes we are." She called.

He pretended not to know what she meant, suddenly incredibly interested in her hand-held device which he'd borrowed. "Sorry? What?"

"Talking about you." River continued, not in the least bit fooled.

"I wasn't listening. I'm busy."

River nodded slowly, smirking. "Ahh… the other way up."

He held the device slightly further away from him, looked at it carefully and then slowly rotated it so that it was facing the right way. Then the Doctor glanced at them, slightly embarrassed. "Oh yeah…"

River raised her eyebrows at the two younger women in amusement and Evie snorted with laughter.

"You're so his wife." Amy muttered, glancing at River, who barely blinked at her assumption. Evie, on the other hand, had to work hard to keep her face impassive, feeling a knot tighten in her stomach.

"Oh, Amy, Amy, Amy… this is the Doctor we're talking about. D'you really think it could be anything that simple?"

"Yep." The red-head said calmly, grinning at her.

"You're good." River said blandly a moment later, swinging the beam of her torch upwards and carefully looking at the stone statue it landed on. "I'm not saying you're right. But you are very good."

Amy giggled, obviously assuming that she was right, before turning her gaze on Evie. "Well? Any opinions?"

"How should I know?" The brunette shrugged. "Ask her, not me!"

Moving away, possibly to harass the Doctor on the matter, Amy left River and Evie alone. The younger woman tilted her head to one side, following her mother's gaze and looking at the row of statues high above them.

"That was close." She muttered. "You must give off some kind of Hello-I'm-the-Doctor's-wife vibe."

River laughed and shook her head. "And we found out where your sarcasm comes from."

"As if there was any doubt!" Her daughter replied with a laugh.

They moved towards the others once more, sending their torch beams into the dark corners and crevices around them. Evie shrieked as the light landed awkwardly, casting an odd shadow and tricking her mind into thinking something had moved. She was a little shaken but pulled herself together quickly, just in time to hear the crack of gunfire coming from the direction they'd come.

Sprinting back along the tunnels, they rounded a corner and arrived back in the chamber. Bob was standing on his own, his gun raised. He dropped it immediately as the others appeared in front of him.

"Sorry, sorry…" He apologised quickly. "I thought… I thought it looked at me. And then I heard a scream…"

"Yeah, sorry… my fault." Evie told him with a wince.

"We know what the Angel looks like." Father Octavian snapped at his soldier. "Is that the Angel?"

"No, sir." Bob muttered, ruefully. Evie felt sorry for him and glared at the Bishop who was standing over him threateningly.

"No, sir, it is not. According to the Doctor we are facing an enemy of unknowable power and infinite evil, so it would be good… it would be very good… if we could all remain calm in the presence of décor." Octavian said angrily.

"Oi, leave off." Evie snapped. "It was my fault for screaming."

"What's your name?" The Doctor asked, nodding at her slightly, before looking back at Bob.

"Bob, sir."

"Oh! That's a great name!" He replied enthusiastically. "I love Bob!"

"It's a sacred name." Octavian informed him. "We all have sacred names. They're given to us in the service of the Church."

"Sacred Bob." The Doctor said, moving to stand close to the two Clerics. "More like scared Bob now, eh?"

Evie's attempts at hearing more of the conversation were greatly impaired by River and Amy, who started chattering beside her. With a sigh, the young woman gave up. She ran her hand lightly over the statue, not sure why it made her feel uneasy. Perhaps it was the atmosphere in the catacombs, or maybe it was just because she knew there was a Weeping Angel on the loose.

"We'll be moving into the maze in two minutes." Father Octavian said loudly. He turned to Bob and Evie pricked up her ears to hear his words. "You stay with Christian and Angelo. Guard the approach."

As the Bishop moved away, Evie walked over to the soldier. He looked scared now. She smiled reassuringly at him. "Don't mind grumpy pants." She joked, nodding her head towards Father Octavian. "I'm bloody terrified and I'm supposed to be a hardened criminal!"

"You don't seem hardened to me." Bob said with a smile. "You seem sweet. And thanks for sticking up for me… not that it will do much good."

Evie shrugged and looked over her shoulder. River beckoned her, indicating that they were about to leave. "I better go… see you later."


"Isn't there a chance this lot's just going to collapse?" Amy asked as they made their way through the tunnels of the maze. The Doctor was leading the way, River and Amy behind him and Evie bringing up the rear. "There's a whole ship up there."

"Incredible builders, the Aplans." River said excitedly. Evie rolled her eyes knowing that her mother was about to start babbling about history and other such things. The brunette knew nothing about the species and didn't much care.

"Had dinner with their chief architect once." The Doctor announced, preventing her from continuing. "Two heads are better than one."

"What, you mean you helped him?" Amy asked, sounding incredulous.

"Err… no. I mean he had two heads. That book… at the very end, what did it say?"

Something about the Doctor's words agitated Evie's mind. There was something that he'd said that didn't seem quite right but she couldn't put her finger on what it was.

"Hang on…" River reached into her bag and pulled out the book she and the Doctor had been examining earlier.

"Read it to me." He ordered imperiously, not even turning around. Evie pulled a face at the back of his head and turned, shining her torch around the cavernous tunnels. Her mind was still grappling with what the Doctor had said and why she thought it sounded odd.

"'What if we had ideas that could think for themselves? What if one day our dreams no longer needed us? When these things occur and are held to be true, the time will be upon us; the time of Angels.'" River read aloud from the book.

She stopped, looking around warily. As she caught Evie's eye, the younger woman saw that River looked worried. Trying to reassure her, Evie winked and pushed forward to the front of the group.

"Come on… let's not hang around here. It's way too creepy."

"I'll go first!" The Doctor told her firmly, stressing the first word. "You stay out of the way."

"Eurgh… men!" The brunette snapped, rolling her eyes.

"And stay away from those soldiers!" He warned her, almost paternally, as he pushed past to take the lead. "They're… all soldiery."

"Exactly." Evie murmured, winking at Amy. "I think I can handle myself." The Doctor turned to stare at her ferociously and the young woman sighed. Over his shoulder she could see her mother smirking in amusement. "Alright, chill out DAD. I'll stay away from the big, bad soldiers."

"There's no need to be sarcastic." He muttered, pouting slightly. Evie just grinned.

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