Angels, Soldiers, Criminals


"Are we there yet?" Amy moaned as they continued trekking up through the maze. "It's a hell of a climb."

"The maze is on six levels representing the ascent of the soul. Only two levels to go." River told her casually. Evie groaned as well at this information.

"Lovely species, the Aplans." The Doctor threw in suddenly. "We should visit them some time."

Amy arched an eyebrow. "I thought they were all dead?"

"So's Virginia Woolf. I'm on her bowling team. Very relaxed, sort of cheerful; that's having two heads. You're never short of a snog with an extra head." He said casually, leaning closer to River.

Again the uneasy feeling hit Evie as the Doctor spoke and she tried to work out what had caused it. Certainly, the idea of kissing something with two heads was slightly disgusting, but surely that wasn't enough to make her feel like she was missing something important. As she glanced around the statues that filled the small chamber they were walking though she had an odd feeling that the answer was staring her in the face.

"Doctor, there's something. I don't know what it is..." River started, echoing her daughter's feelings. Evie stared at her, slightly alarmed. If her mother was getting a strange feeling as well, surely it couldn't be her imagination.

"Yeah, something wrong; don't know what it is yet either, working on it. Then they started having laws against self-marrying and what was that about? But that's the church for you. Erm, no offence, Bishop."

Octavian glanced at him as the Doctor removed his torch beam from shining directly into the Bishop's face. "Quite a lot taken, if that's all right, Doctor."

The Doctor pulled a face as the cleric walked away, heading further into the tunnels. Evie smirked slightly and then shivered as she glanced around and the uneasy feeling returned with a vengeance.

"Lowest point in the wreckage is only about 50 feet up from here. That way." Octavian stated.

Amy seemed to be the only one who didn't have a strange feeling that she was missing something. "Church had a point, if you think about it. The divorces must have been messy." She joked.

Evie stopped dead, staring horrified at a statue centimetres in front of her. The thing she'd been missing had just occurred to her; hitting her with a force equivalent to a Judoon ship crash-landing on her head. Her hand flew to her mouth and she stumbled backwards away from the stone figure. In her haste she dropped her torch and it rolled away with a clatter.

"Oh…" The Doctor breathed; his own gazed fixed on a statue and a similar expression on his face.

"Oh." River said seconds later. Evie guessed that she had just realised the same thing.

The Doctor and River stared at each other, their gaze flicking to Evie's horrified face before returning to each other. "Exactly."

"How could we not notice that?" The archaeologist hissed.

"Low level perception filter, or maybe we're thick." The Doctor almost snapped back.

Evie reached out to touch one of the statues. "I prefer the first option."

"Don't!" River commanded quickly before the brunette's fingertips could brush against the stone.

"What's wrong, sir?" Octavian demanded worriedly. No one had actually told them what was going on and yet the Doctor, Doctor Song and her daughter all seemed to know what the problem was.

The Time Lord was panicking slightly, desperately trying to keep his calm. "Nobody move. Everyone stay exactly where they are. Bishop, I am truly sorry. I've made a mistake and we are all in danger."

Evie froze on the spot. Then she moved a fraction, balancing herself properly on both feet before she fell over. From her position, she was isolated from the rest of the group; her mother to her right and Amy and Octavian to her left. The Doctor was a little way in front of her.

"What danger?" The Bishop asked, looking around nervously. The Doctor's panic seemed to be spreading and a feeling of paranoia had settled over everyone. All eyes were alert and darting around the dimly lit chamber for any hint of danger.

"The Aplans." River said.

Octavian grimaced in confusion. "The Aplans?" He repeated.

"They've got two heads."

"Yes, I get that. So?"

"So why don't the statues? Everyone, over there. Just move, don't ask questions, don't speak." They did as the Doctor ordered, gathering together in an open space. River grasped Evie's wrist as she reached her, dragging the young woman to her side and making sure she stayed close. Immediately everyone was on their guard, staring at the statues. "OK. I want you all to switch off your torches."

"Sir?" Octavian asked, surprised by the order. Amy, Evie and River exchanged a look, somewhere between fear and shock.

"Just do it!" He demanded. Everyone did as he said, reluctantly. "OK. I'm going to turn off this one too, just for a moment."

River glanced sideways at her daughter. "Are you sure about this?" She hissed.

"No." He admitted.

And then, for a split second, darkness fell. When the Doctor turned his torch back on the statues had moved. Evie instinctively reached out and grabbed her mother's hand. River was too shocked to react in any way other than squeezing it tightly.

"Oh my god!" Amy muttered. "They've moved."

If Evie hadn't been so freaked out she would have replied scathingly about her grandmother pointing out the obvious, but she couldn't. Her hearts hammered in her chest and she whirled around, not letting her eyes close for the smallest moment. The Doctor was running around, examining the statues closely.

They followed, slowing to a walk as they reached a statue on the ground in their way, reaching out towards them. Evie flattened herself against the wall as she passed; convinced it was going to grab hold of her.

"They're Angels." The Doctor announced needlessly. "All of them."

"They can't be!" River argued, not wanting to believe it. There was too much evidence, however, to doubt it.

"Clerics, keep watching them." He ordered, ignoring her. River, Evie and Amy followed him further along the path until he stopped, leaning forwards and peering down through a gap in the walkway. "Every statue in this maze, every single one, is a Weeping Angel. They're coming after us."

"Great, brilliant, perfect." Evie hissed under her breath, clenching her fists into balls.

"Shhh!" River murmured softly, running a hand over her arm and squeezing her shoulder reassuringly. Evie took a deep breath and nodded. "So, Doctor? What do we do?"

"How did they get here?" Evie asked, finding a new burst of courage and feeling a little embarrassed that she'd lost her head. She turned, aiming her torch along the path and seeing more of the Angels heading in their direction.

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