Evie and River head to the biggest library in the Universe... who else would they bump into? 10/10.

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Stop Acting Like A Spoilt Child

Hello darlings :)

Disclaimer – I don't own Doctor Who or anything related to it (except a Doctor/Donna poster, the first five series on DVD, an Adipose cuddly toy called Barry, a Donna action figure, a toy TARDIS and the DSi Game). I definitely don't own any of the characters except Evie Song who IS mine. I wish I owned them though...

This story is set during 'Silence in the Library' and 'Forest of the Dead'. Also, you don't have to have read Evie's Diary, but there might be mention of some of the stuff that happens in it in this. Also, if you haven't read any of the other parts of Evie's story it will probably be a little confusing!

So... this is the last long Evie fic. There might be a surprise in the works, but I'm not saying anything else about that at the moment! Also, Evie's Diary is on hold for a while until I get the chance to write more!

As usual, all speech that is directly from the episodes is in italics. I really hope you enjoy it!

Please leave me some reviews. You know how happy they make me! :D

Becki x

"You can't leave me behind!" Evie whined, leaning over the back of the sofa as her mother bustled around the kitchen of their small house in Ledworth. Her grandmother, who had popped over to show River something in one of her magazines, tutted and rolled her eyes.

"Evie Song!" She chastised her, not entirely seriously. "You're thirty-five years old, even if you look about twelve, so stop acting like a spoilt child!"


"Evie, I said no and I meant it!" River snapped, licking butter off her finger as she balanced the knife back on top of the butter tub. "This is an important research expedition for the University. It's not a fun day out – it's serious!"

"You've taken me on your University expeditions before… like all the time!" Evie moaned, refusing to give up on this issue. "Ohhh! But I forgot… you're a Professor now… you're far too important to have a daughter."

"She really is like her father, isn't she?" Amy asked, smirking and perching on one of the high stools at the breakfast bar. Evie stuck out her tongue, earning herself a glare from both older women.

"Don't even try that with me, Evie." River snapped. "You're not coming and that is that."

Her daughter scowled, flopping down into a seated position on the sofa and folding her arms, sulkily.


"I cannot believe you talked me into letting you come." The archaeologist growled in her daughter's ear as they stood in the foyer of a large, lavishly furnished manor house. Evie grinned, but had no time to answer before a short, stocky man approached.

"Strackman Lux." He said, glancing at them, his eyes flicking over their space suits. "You must be Professor Song."

"Mr Lux." River said smoothly, holding out her hand to shake his. "How nice to meet you. This is Evie, one of my students from the Luna University. She'll be accompanying us on this expedition."

"Very well… you know Dave, our pilot?" Mr Lux continued, pointing to another stocky man in a white space suit.

He raised a hand in greeting as Mum nodded and smiled warmly at him. "We've worked together before."

"That there, is Anita our navigator. And Other Dave; our engineer."

The remarkably pretty, dark-haired young woman hovering at Mr Lux's side smiled at them. "They're nicknamed Proper Dave and Other Dave for differentiating purposes. Proper Dave was part of the Felman Lux Corporation Crew first, which is why he's called Proper Dave and Other Dave is Other Dave." She explained as though reciting something she'd learnt.

"Thank you, Miss Evangelista." The man said, sighing exasperatedly. "Miss Evangelista, my personal assistant."

He turned and muttered something in her ear. She stared blankly for a moment, before her mouth formed into a small 'o' of comprehension and she hurried away quickly. When she returned, moments later, she handed a couple of sheets of paper to her boss.

"Professor Song. You and your… assistant… need to sign these forms, please." Mr Lux said, holding out forms to the two women.

Glancing quickly at each other, River and Evie each arched an eyebrow before ripping the paper in half and handing them back to the man, smiling sweetly.

"We don't do contracts, Mr Lux." The archaeologist explained. "We'll take our own chances, thanks." He looked stunned, but before the man could say anything, River turned to the rest of their crew. "Now, Proper Dave, Other Dave, Anita? We've got a library to explore."


The journey was long and dull. River and Lux spent most of their time deep in discussions – Evie was more inclined to describe them as arguments – about the library, Anita and the Daves joked with each other and discussed their past expeditions. They were friendly enough and involved Evie when they remembered, but she spent most of her time with Miss Evangelista, whose first name Evie had discovered to be Cassie.

The girl, despite being incredibly pretty, was quite stupid. Evie, however, didn't hold this against her. Instead she was patient, feeling sorry for the young woman who was the victim a lot of mocking from the rest of the crew – especially when she mistook the escape pod for the bathroom, twice, and they had to go back and rescue her. Each time she did something ridiculous, Evie was there to comfort her and assure her that it was a mistake anyone could have made.

"But they didn't, did they? It's always me." Cassie sniffled, rubbing her streaming eyes as the two of them lay on Evie's bunk watching holovids.

Later on the evening of the second time she'd got left behind, just to make her new friend feel better, Evie had deliberately made the same mistake, causing the crew to have to go and rescue her. River, knowing exactly what her intention had been, just smiled and shot her daughter a wink. The others teased her mercilessly for the rest of the journey.

Finally they arrived at the Library. Even Evie, who generally had no interest in such places, was astonished by the building. In fact, it was a planet. It was a planet-sized library which had been silent for a hundred years and no one knew why. That was why they were there.

"Helmets on." River ordered as they stepped out of their ship.

Immediately complying, the seven of them waited for River to complete a basic analysis of the area before following her through the shadowy hallways. Evie had no idea where they were heading, but River and Lux seemed to so she followed contentedly. Beside her Cassie seemed nervous and Evie chatted away, trying to put her more at ease.

"There are so many books! Just look at them… it's like the walls are made of books." She babbled, pointing up at the massive of books on the shelves lining the walls. "I don't really read books. They tend to bore me after a couple of pages. I think the last book I read was an Enid Blyton one when I was a kid. It was something about a tree and a moon or something. My Dad gave it to me… a classic, apparently."

"D'you mean the Faraway Tree Series?" Mr Lux asked, calling over his shoulder.

Evie was slightly surprised, but nodded. "Yeah, that was it. Wasn't there a character called Mr Whatshisface?"

"Mr Watzisname." The man corrected her, without even turning around. "He sleeps a lot."

"I didn't know he was into children's fairy tales." Evie whispered to Cassie, grinning. "Although, I suppose it comes with the territory…" Raising her voice, she addressed the man again. "I don't suppose there's a spare copy of it around here… I dunno where mine is."

"This is a library, not a book shop." Mr Lux snapped. "Besides we've got more important things to think about."

"Sorry…" She muttered, rolling her eyes. Cassie giggled.

River rolled her eyes; her daughter knew she was doing it even through the visor of her helmet. "Girls, concentrate! Now… we're nearing the main chamber… Ohh! Next to the little shop… Typical! It would be next to the little shop."

"Typical?" Mr Lux snapped, more harshly than was necessary. "What's typical? And what would be next to the little shop?"

"I'm getting readings showing that there are other life forms here, in the Library. Two other life forms, to be exact." River told him, a slight smirk on her face. Evie wondered why she was getting the feeling that her mother knew more than she was letting on.


"Possibly… probably." The archaeologist said vaguely. "Only one way to find out."

She stood back as Other Dave pointed the Denon Blaster at the door in front of them. With a blindingly bright flash of light and a loud bang the door flew open. Wondering whether there had really been any need for such theatrics, Evie followed her mother into the room, closely followed by the others.

As they got closer to the two figures standing in the centre of the room watching them advance, Evie suddenly understood her mother's eagerness to get to this room. Standing beside her, she rolled her eyes as River pressed a button on her visor, removing the blackout and smirked at the man in front of her.

"Hello, sweetie."

A/N: I know Miss Evangelista had no first name - and it is perfectly plausible that Evangelista is her first name anyway - but I decided that she looked like a Cassie! :P

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