Holding On


Dear lovely people.

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This is the very last bit of Evie's story… and it's a flashback!

I hope you enjoy it, let me know. :D

Becki :) xxx


Evie was running for her life. Whenever she found herself in a situation which required running for her life she seemed to think of things that really shouldn't be important at that moment, but which suddenly really were. At that moment the teenager was wondering why she'd thought it would be a good idea to wear the high-heeled ankle-boots. River might be able to pull off running for her life in high-heels, but the teenager decided that she would personally try to do it slightly less often in future.

She slammed into the door in front of her, falling through and closing it tightly. That wouldn't hold the Dalek for long, she thought, whirling round and trying to work out her next move. Desperately she gazed around at the piles of crates and junk that littered the room. There was a tiny window in the wall opposite the door; a window that was almost definitely too small for the teenager to wriggle through.

Nevertheless, when the Dalek blasted its way through the wooden door, the window was swinging slightly on its hinges. As the creature moved slowly towards it, it's eyestalk moving agitatedly as it took in the fact that its enemy may have escaped through the hole, the teenager leapt out from her hiding place and sprinted back down the corridor she'd just run along.

There was a high-pitched sound behind her and a jet of light headed straight for the teenager, hitting the laser blaster in her hand and forcing her to drop the weapon just before it exploded. Evie shook her hand in annoyance, feeling the heat still on her flesh. She stared at it in outrage for a split second.

"Oh... you're SO going to regret doing that. That was a present from my mother." She said in a low threatening voice, turning to glare at the metal alien that was stationary about five large strides away from her.

The Dalek's eyestalk moved erratically as it tried to understand her tone. It wasn't fear, which the Dalek was used to, there was something else in her voice; the girl was annoyed. The metal creature did not understand what was happening and internally it began to panic, twitching its weapons worriedly.

Using its moment of hesitation to her advantage Evie turned and ran. She threw herself round corners looking for the exit. Finally she found it, still hearing the metallic voice screeching behind her. She sped up even more as she crossed the scrubland outside the factory building. Behind her, the Dalek was picking up speed as well, heading straight for her. Evie swore as she glanced over her shoulder and realised that it was catching her up quickly.

"Now would be a really good time for you to respond to the message I sent you!" She screamed into the empty air, looking around wildly.

Several hours earlier, the Doctor had arrived outside their Stormcage cell and, judging from the expression on his face as he looked at River it was pretty late on in his timeline. He had simply walked purposefully towards the cage, unlocked it and announced that he needed to borrow River for 'something'. Then he'd pulled her by the hand into the TARDIS.

Evie had rolled her eyes as she heard her mother's flirtatious laughter from inside the box as the door closed. She was used to being ignored and forgotten when the Doctor turned up in one of those moods. Most of the time this wasn't the case, but occasionally Evie just had to get on with whatever she'd been doing and wait.

The teenager had returned to opening River's TARDIS shaped diary – the Doctor Diary – at random pages and reading them, which was one of her favourite games. It was, however, like a very dangerous game of Russian roulette and she'd learnt some things about her mother, not to mention the Doctor, that she'd really rather not have known. Evie hadn't been able to look at a pair of handcuffs without shuddering since she was twelve.

River had another diary as well, a pink soft-covered book; her own private diary. Evie knew exactly where it was hidden – in the middle of a hollowed out dictionary on the bookshelf in their cell – and she also knew that the truth about the identity of her father was written in that book. Whenever the teenager was left on her own, the temptation to read that diary almost became too much. But, she also knew that if her mother found out she'd as much as touched that diary she would be in massive amounts of trouble. Besides, Evie didn't need a father; she had River – her mother and her very best friend.

So, alone in the cell, Evie had decided to do exactly the opposite of what the Doctor always said was rule number one; she was going to wander off. Without even bothering to change, explaining the high-heels, the teenager had set her Vortex Manipulator to random and headed out into the big wide universe.

Where she had met a Dalek.

Ten minutes after she'd arrived and discovered the lone Dalek, the Vortex Manipulator had malfunctioned, meaning that the teleportation setting wouldn't work. Taking a deep breath and making sure she didn't panic, Evie had quickly come up with a plan. Then she had decided that it wouldn't work and sent a distress message straight to the TARDIS but there was no sign of the little blue box.

Now, almost an hour later, the Dalek was gaining on her easily as she ran over the uneven grassland. Wondering whether she was actually going to die at the hands, or rather gunstick, of the metal mutant, Evie squeezed her eyes shut. She felt sick to the pit of her stomach.

The unmistakable sound of the TARDIS filled her ears and Evie started laughing with relief.


River screamed as she saw a jet of light and her daughter falling through the open doors of the TARDIS. She ran to the teenager as the doors slammed shut, dropping to the ground and cradling her daughter in her arms. Evie was taking quick, shallow breaths.

"DO SOMETHING!" River screamed at the Doctor who was looking panicky.

"Time… loop…" Evie whispered hoarsely, fighting to keep her eyes open and training her gaze on the man.

"Time loop?" River repeated, glancing up at the Doctor who was returning Evie's gaze. His face changed into a look of complete surprise as he thought about it in his head. Of course… Evie was eighteen, the same age as she'd been when he first met her. He had to put her into the time loop!

He moved around the console but, to his further surprise, the TARDIS seemed to be doing the things that were necessary to keep the teenager alive and in a time loop by herself. He watched numbers and letters flickering on the scanner display in awe and only looked away when River screamed again.

The teenager had vanished. There was no trace of Evie anywhere.

Before either River or the Doctor could open their mouths, there was a loud knocking on the doors. As far as the Doctor had been concerned, they were flying through the Vortex, heading back to Stormcage. So how could anyone be knocking on the doors?

Shooting the sobbing woman, who was still in a crumpled heap on the TARDIS floor, an anxious look as he passed the Time Lord flung open the doors. A teenager, dressed in a long white t-shirt, leggings and high-heeled boots, stood in the doorway, her hands on her hips. His mouth dropped open as he looked past her and saw that they were, in fact, in the Vortex. How was that possible? The Doctor turned his gaze on the teenager, about to demand answers.

"Hello, Doctor." Evie said smirking and pushing past the Time Lord into the TARDIS before pulling River to her feet. "Hello, Mum. I think I need to explain what just happened and where I've been for the last year."

Ahhh! That's it!

I'm gonna miss the Evie/River/Doctor/Amy relationships… I don't know if I can let go of them… :/ I know I invented her, but I half wish I hadn't… so if the Beeb want Evie it's fine with me! :P

OK… I've been persuaded to write another part of Evie story after all. I'm sure I can think of more to write about her and them… but I don't want to if you guys think it's not a great idea.

So… Would you read it? More importantly, would you enjoy reading it? Let me know and help me make up my mind! Please? :)

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