Holding On

Classified Information

The Doctor nodded wordlessly, still trying to make connections in his mind. He followed Evie through the trees. The girl didn't seem to be waiting for him to catch her up; she was merely looking at the strap on her wrist and glancing around every now and then to make sure they were heading in the right direction. The Time Lord's brain was almost going into meltdown he was thinking so quickly as he tried to keep up with her. It was harder than he'd expected; chasing a teenage girl through a wood. Not that he did it all that often.

"Are we nearly there yet?" He asked. In front of him the girl took a deep breath and rolled her eyes upwards. He hadn't changed a bit, or wouldn't ever change; she had never been able to get her head around the boring and complicated parts of time travel such as timelines.

"Not far now. The coordinates are pretty specific." She murmured, looking at the device on her wrist once more. He grabbed her arm, making her cry out, half in surprise and half in outrage. "Get off me!"

"What is this?" The Doctor asked, ignoring her words. "Ahh! A modified Vortex Manipulator. But this is…" The technology on the watch-like device was far and away improved from the last one he'd seen. A quick scan with the sonic screwdriver told him that it included a form of satellite navigation, a communications device and the ability to record and transmit sounds, amongst other gadgets. "Wow!"

"Seriously, get off." The girl snapped, pulling her arm out of the Time Lord's grip. She turned and stared out through the trees. Not too far ahead a river was winding its way through the wood and according to the coordinates that was where she needed to be; on the far bank.

"What are we doing here, Evie Jones?" The Doctor asked, following as the female broke into a run, dodging and ducking instinctively as she went.

"Jones?" She asked, sounding amused. "I received a message telling me to be at the spot indicated by the coordinates at 20:02 on August 15th 2009."

"Who was the message from? Who are you? What's going on?" He asked, the questions bursting from him in a rushed babble. Evie turned to him and laughed.

"Can't tell you, Sweetie. Sorry." She said lightly, her gaze flicking up to the flat cap that was still perched on the top of his head at a jaunty angle. "But seriously, if there is the possibility that anyone is going to spot us together, you cannot wear that hat." Before he could stop her, Evie had grabbed it off his head and flung it away over her shoulder. It landed with a small splat in the river and was instantly carried away by the water.

"OI!" He complained, staring in annoyance at his headwear floating away.

"Sorry… but it just had to be done." The girl told him smirking and shrugging. She started walking away, looking for the easiest route across the fast flowing water. After a couple of seconds staring at her back, trying to decide whether he was annoyed or confused, the Doctor followed.

"Why can't you tell me?" He demanded.

Evie gritted her teeth, let out an exasperated sigh and clenched her fists. She almost whispered her answer. "Because it's classified information."

"Classified by who?"

"Classified by me. And seriously, if you don't shut up and let me concentrate then I will have to shut you up, Doctor or no Doctor. Because if we're late… I'm seriously blaming you." She warned. He considered arguing, but he saw her fingers twitching towards the gun in its holster and knew that she wasn't joking. Hopefully she'd remember to put it on the 'stun' setting first, but she would definitely use it. The Doctor decided to keep quiet; for now.


Back in the TARDIS Amy stared at the doors which had just been closed firmly behind the Doctor. He'd told her not to let Evie out under any circumstances. But why would he say that; because she was ill, or was there some other reason?

Unable to fight her curiosity, the young woman opened the doors and peered around to see what was outside. Whatever she'd been expecting it wasn't this. She appeared to be in a small village; not a million miles away from Leadworth looks wise. She could see the Doctor, now sporting some kind of hat, standing behind a tree, watching a scene unfolding in front of him. A tall, dark haired man was talking to a teenage girl sitting on a bench. As she watched the pair moved and went into a police box. The police box.

"Amy…?" Evie's voice called from behind her. Hastily closing the doors, she whirled around, fixing a smile on her face.

"How you feeling?" She asked anxiously.

"Much better. Where's his highness?"

"Oh…" Amy didn't want Evie to get suspicious. "He just popped out for a minute… for a cigarette."

Evie stared at her, instantly knowing that Amy was lying. The Doctor didn't smoke. He couldn't stand the habit. "What?"

"Damn." The red-head said pulling a face. "I'm rubbish at thinking on the spot."

The teenager grinned. "So… where is he really?"

"Out there." Amy said reluctantly. She knew that they were about to completely go against the Doctor's orders, but she had no chance of getting the feisty teenager to do what she was told. Even the Doctor hardly ever managed that.

"Right… so that's where we're going."

Throwing open the doors Evie looked down at her gun, which was back in its holster after she had realised the dangers of carrying it around in her waistband, checking that it was powered up. She'd taken about a dozen steps before she glanced around her.

"I… I know this place." She said in a low voice, trying to force the relevant memories to the front of her mind. "I used to live here."

"Here?" Amy asked curiously, "So… why are we back?"

"No idea. But that's what I'm going to find out." She turned and smirked at Amy, light dancing in her eyes excitedly. "Come on, Pond."

Knowing that they probably shouldn't, but unable to resist the adventure, Amy closed the TARDIS door and followed the younger girl quickly. They could still see the Doctor, following another figure at a distance and heading for a wood ahead of them. A couple of times, the Time Lord stopped and turned around. Evie's reflexes kicked in and she dived out of sight behind various objects, pulling Amy with her.

"Who's the girl?" Amy whispered as the Doctor stopped and the figure in front of him whirled around, seemingly pointing at him.

Not answering, Evie shook her head, something stirring in her mind. She couldn't put her finger on what it was but, suddenly, the Ood's words were ringing in her mind. 'Evie Jones. It is almost time for you to find out.'

"Evie… they're moving." Amy hissed.

Sure enough the female was leading the Doctor into the woods. Glancing quickly at each other Evie and Amy followed, ducking down behind the stone wall as the Time Lord whipped around. It was only for a split second and then he was off again, trying to keep up with his guide. His companions followed at a safe distance.

Clutching her laser blaster tightly, Evie blinked trying to get rid of the fuzziness in her mind. She shook her head slightly, the words that were haunting her echoing through her head. Stumbling slightly she stopped, glancing to her left.

The same Ood that had been in the TARDIS was standing between the trees watching them. Evie didn't know how she knew that it was the same one; she just knew that it was. Abruptly she stopped, staring at it in confusion. Amy stopped as well, turning and almost screaming as she clapped eyes on the creature.

"What is that?" She demanded pointing at the Ood.

"An Ood." Evie said taking a step towards it. The orb in the Ood's hand lit up suddenly, making Amy scream. Rolling her eyes, the younger girl stood still, listening intently.

"Evie Jones. The time is here." It said.

"Here? You mean I'm going to find out… whatever it is that it was almost time for when I saw you before?"

"The time is here. It is time to remember. Goodbye, Evie Jones."

"Goodbye? What d'you mean goodbye?"

"Goodbye, Evie Jones." It repeated looking at her for a moment or two before turning and making its way back through the trees.

"What did it mean goodbye?" Amy demanded. "Evie… what's going on?"

Two versions of Evie in one place? Surely that can NEVER be a good thing?

Thank you SO much everybody for reading, etc! :)

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